How to install Flash Player for Android

Many gadget users running the Android operating system would like (for one reason or another) to have a flash player on their phone or tablet. Unfortunately, the authors of Flash Player and Android stopped (starting with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean) development and integration of the flash player in this popular mobile platform.

However, if you strongly need to install a flash player on Android, still have some ways to do it. But keep in mind - the higher the Android version, the more difficult it is to achieve normal flash player on it.

Note 1: All the following manipulations you make and risk.

Note 2: To install distributions, it is not from the playmarket to be allowed in the settings of your device installation of applications from unknown sources. As a rule, the system will suggest this itself at the first such installation, but if this does not happen, then allow the installation in the device settings (as a rule, " Are common "->" Security "->" unknown sources ").

Installing a flash player on Android 2.x-4.x

If you are installed on your device android versions 2.x, 3.x or 4.x (up to 4.4) Installing Flash Player does not provide a lot of trouble. You only need to download the installer for the desired version and install it. For versions of the 2.x-3.x operating system, you need to download Flash Player version, and for Android 4.X-version

At the same time, the content you need will be displayed in all supported browsers. The regular browser will support flash playback depending on its version, firmware and settings.

Installing a flash player on Android 4.4 and above

Since for these versions of Android, the player support was discontinued, the craftsmen created a modified version It can also be downloaded on the download page for this mobile platform.

Unfortunately, in the standard browser, the flash player will not earn, but you can use other Internet navigators (UC Browser, Dolphin Browser, Mozilla Firefox). Although it will also have to be tinted with them - depending on the version of the android and browser, setting up the display of flash content may take from a few seconds to tens of minutes and more.

For example, in Dolphin Browser, you will need to go to the standard settings and enable Dolphin JetPack there. You also need to turn on the Pucht " Flash Player. " In chapter " Web content "

Dolphin Browser.

You can also download and install special browser (Puffin Web Browser, Photon Flash Player & Browser), which handle flash content on remote servers. For many users, this option will be optimal - Flash support in such programs is quite good, and the load on the system is minimal.

In Chromium browsers (Google Chrome, Yandex.Browser, Opera, etc.) Starting with Android 4.1 Flash does not work.

The capabilities of modern smartphones are amazed with each new generation, and if earlier, for example, we could only download videos from the Internet and watch them on your device, then at the moment it is all can be done on the network using streaming video. Almost all modern phones support the playback of rollers, animations and other media via the Internet, using only streaming data.

But, unfortunately, not all users have the opportunity to acquire new devices, and some of them still owns old Android-based phones, where the presence of Flash Player is required. And if you are one of those "lucky ones" or you just need to download a flash player to your phone, but do not know how, we recommend to read this material to the end.

What is Flash Player?

Back at the first stages of the development of Flash technology, Adobe has released its own player to support the reproduction of content in the browser. Initially, it was intended only for desktop versions, but with the advent of Android had to be released for this operating system, since the number of users constantly grew, and they all wanted to view rollers online. Flash Player Android

But in 2012, Flash support for Android ceased, as the plugin worked unstable, and HTML5 has shifted it, and later browsers appeared, in which all the necessary tools are already integrated to support the Flash on the smartphone. However, there are a large number of resources on the Internet that offer to download a flash player for your phone, explaining that it is just necessary to update it. But often it is malicious portals, which, after pressing this banner, will affect your device, as a result of which you will have to clean your phone from viruses or perform full reset settings.

In this article, we told how to download Flash Play to your smartphone and for which models, what can be replaced, and in which browsers there is a default flash support technology.

Flash Player for older versions of android

In 2013, on September 10, the latest version of Adobe Flash Player was released, namely, which is suitable for Android up to 4.0. If you have a later version of the operating system, then proceed to the next item, because the instruction is described only for older versions.

And so, if you have android 4.0 and below, and at the same time you somehow manage to watch videos on the Internet, you can install the player as follows:

  • Since there is no official application (plugin) on Google Play, you will have to be installed from the official website, and therefore it will have to be installed from other sources;
  • Come in the "Settings" of your device and go to "Security";
  • Next, find the item "Unknown Sources" and activate it.

unknown sources

Confirmation of unknown sources

Note that in different versions of the Android, these items may differ slightly, both by name and location. For example, it can be in the section "Administration", "Special Access" and other categories, depending on the version, assembly and model of the device. As soon as the preset will be completed, you will need to download the latest archive version from the Adobe site:

  • Go to the site, where all archival versions of the player are stored and sides down until you find the "Archives for Android" ; Archival version of Flash Player Android
  • Here download the latest version to your smartphone. Wait until the APK file is loaded to your smartphone;
  • Once the download is completed, start the file and wait for the installation.
  • If the procedure has been successful, when you go to the browser, you can browse the different content type on the Internet: rollers, game browser, correct display of advertising.

Attention ! Never download Flash Player with third-party unknown sites, as a huge amount of malicious resources is still widespread, after downloading files on which your phone will pick up the virus into the file system.

Flash Player for new versions of android

There is no need to download a flash player for new versions of Android, as Google has changed the approach to the content of content reproduction on the Internet. The built-in browser is most likely already has a component to support this technology.

As you understand, all you need is to simply change the browser if the standard browser does not support this technology on your device.

Browsers with Flash Player

Here is a list of browsers having Flash default:

  • Google Chrome;
  • Yandex Browser;
  • Opera;
  • Dolphin Browser;
  • Mozilla Firefox and others.

We will look at the example of the Dolphin browser.

  • Go Google Play and download Dolphin to your phone;
  • Run the application and try to reproduce some roller on the Internet; Dolphin Granting Rights
  • If everything works correctly, you already have a default Flash Player. If it does not work, you will need to change some parameters in the settings;
  • Go to the "Settings" of the browser; Dolphin SettingsDolphin Settings tab
  • In the "Web Content" section you need to find the Flash Player item and activate it; Dolphin Activation Flash Player
  • Restart the device and try again to view content on the Internet.

Dolphin for new versions Android no longer contains such a setup with Flash support. The same Google Chrome, Opera and other popular browsers are displayed by default 99% of the content without any problems, so you can safely load one of these browsers and use it complete.

be careful ! If you come from an old Internet device, for example, the same Android 4.0, you will most likely be displayed on some websites banners that you need to update the flash. In no case, do not press them, otherwise the automatic installation of the APK file will start, only it will be a disguised virus! From 2013 there will be no updates for Flash Player, so this technology works in your phone as it is, and can stop functioning at any time, as most sites have even passed onto HTML5.

How to check if I installed Flash Player

Adobe still has a separate page on the site, allowing you to quickly determine whether the player has installed on your device or not. Basically, this service is used on computers, but it can be used on phones: Flash Player Check on the site

  • Go to and sign down to paragraph number 5; Flash Player Additional check
  • If you see the picture in front of which the tree is depicted with the clouds, it means that you have a player. If it is not, then this technology does not work on your phone.

In general, you should understand that smartphones are on average updated 2-4 years, and after this time you will no longer receive any updates. Over time, most applications will also stop updated, and the phone functionality will be narrowed. In this case, only a new purchase will help you. The benefit is now providing budget options that are not inferior in quality and capacity to the premium segment of smartphones. Share links:

How to install Flash Player on Android

When buying a mobile device, be it a smartphone or tablet, we want to use its resources at full power, but sometimes faced with the fact that the video is not played on our favorite site or the game does not start. A message appears in the player window that the launch of the application is not possible since there is no flash player. The problem is that in the android and play marketing of this player simply do not have what to do in this case?

Installation Flash Player for Android

To play Flash animation, browser games, streaming video in Android devices requires the installation of Adobe Flash Player. But since 2012, his support for android was discontinued. Instead of it in mobile devices based on this OS, starting with version 4, browsers use HTML5 technology. Nevertheless, there is a solution - you can install Flash Player from the archive on the official Adobe website. This will require some manipulations. Just follow the step-by-step instructions below.

Step 1: Android Setup

To start in the phone or tablet, you need to make some changes in the settings so that you can install applications not only from Play Market.

  1. Click on the settings button in the form of a gear. Or sign in "Menu" > "Settings" .
  2. Find "Security" And activate item "Unknown sources" .

    Enabling installation from unknown sources on Android

    Depending on the version of the OS, the setup location may differ slightly. It can be found in:

    • "Settings" > "Additionally" > "Confidentiality" ;
    • "Advanced settings" > "Confidentiality" > "Device Administration" ;
    • "Applications and Notifications" > "Advanced settings" > "Special access" .

Stage 2: Download Adobe Flash Player

Further to install the player, you need to go to the section on the official website of Adobe "Archive version of Flash Player" . The list is quite long, because all the releases of the flash players are collected here as desktop versions and mobile. Scroll to mobile editions and download the appropriate version.

Download archive version of Flash Player for Android

You can download the APK file directly directly from the phone via any browser or in the computer's memory, and then transfer it to your mobile device.

  1. Install Flash Player - To do this, open the file manager and go to the section "Downloads" .
  2. Adobe Flash Player online downloads

  3. Find APK flash player and click on it.
  4. Installing will start, wait for the end and click "Ready" .
  5. Installing Adobe Flash Player on Android

Flash Player will work in all supported browsers and in a regular web browser depending on the firmware.

Stage 3: Installing a browser with Flash support

Now you need to download one of the web browsers supporting flash technology. For example, Dolphin Browser.

See also: Install applications on Android

Download Dolphin Browser from Play Market

  1. We go to Play Market and download this browser to your phone or use the link above. Install it as a regular application.
  2. In a web browser, you need to make some changes in the settings by including Flash technology.

    Log in to the Dolphin browser menu on Android

    Click on the menu button in the form of a dolphin, then go to the settings.

  3. Entry to the Dolphin browser settings on Android

  4. In the Web content section, switch the launch of the flash player to the position "Always incl." .
  5. Enabling Flash Player in Dolphin browser on Android

But remember, the higher the version of the android device, the more difficult it is to achieve normal work in it flash player.

Not all web browsers support work with flash, for example, browsers like: Google Chrome, Opera, Yandex.Browser. But in the play markete there are still enough alternatives in which this opportunity is still present:

  • Dolphin Browser;
  • UC Browser;
  • Puffin Browser;
  • Mozilla Firefox;
  • Boat Browser;
  • FlashFox;
  • Lightning Browser;
  • Baidu Browser;
  • Skyfire Browser.

READ ALSO: The fastest browsers for Android

Flash player update

When installing Flash Player in the mobile device from the Adobe archive, it will not be updated automatically, in view of the fact that the development of new versions has been discontinued in 2012. If a message appears on some site that to play multimedia content you need to update the flash player with a proposal to go through the link, this means that the site is infected with a virus or dangerous software. And the link is nothing but a malicious application that is trying to get into your smartphone or tablet.

Be vigilant, mobile versions of the flash player are not updated and will not be updated.

As we see, even after stopping the support of Adobe, flash players for Android still can be solved the problem with playing this content. But gradually, and this opportunity will be unavailable, since Flash technology is obsolete, and developers of sites, applications, games are gradually moving to HTML5.

CloseWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. CloseDescribe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


The Adobe Flash Player plugin is not supported by the Android platform from version 11.1, so if you want to view flash content, then you need to use a third-party browser with support for this technology. We wrote a detailed instruction how to install a flash player on Android 7.0, 7.1 Nougat and earlier versions. It works for smartphones and SAMSUNG Galaxy, Sony Xperia, Xiaomi, Huawei, as well as for any other device brands running the Android operating system.

Instruction How to install Flash player on Android

Method No. 1: Puffin Browser

This Internet browser has two advantages over others, such as Dolphin Browser and FlashFox. It is regularly updated, providing a user with the most up-to-date version of the plugin, which positively affects safety. And it can emulate the mouse and the keyboard navigation keys, which is useful for some flash games.

Instruction How to install Flash player on Android

The Puffin browser processes flash content in the cloud, which is why the process can be intermittent (although performance does not cause discomfort), as it sends data to the server. If you have problems with this, then we recommend lower than the Flash quality in the application settings.

Puffin Browser is a practically ideal solution to the flash playback on smartphones and tablets. It is completely free and very comfortable.

Method # 2: FlashFox

The FlashFox browser works less stable on some devices, but many users consider it very fast. It does not have the same good set of features and capabilities as Puffin. In essence, this is the same Firefox, but only with Flash support.

Method No. 3: Dolphin Video - Flash Player

This program can work perfectly with a flash player. If none of the above applications approached you for any reason, then be sure to try Dolphin Video. The application has a flash support of such formats as FLV and SWF.

Attention! Some websites may offer you to download APK file that will install on your Adobe Flash Player on your smartphone, but never should do this, because in 99% of cases it is malicious software. The only work and safe way to enable Flash in Android OS is to install an Internet browser from Google Play Market, which we described above.

Questions and Answers Flash Installation on Android

- Can I install Flash for Chrome or standard Samsung Galaxy browser?

Unfortunately no. Neither Chrome nor Samsung's browser has Flash support, so you can't do it.

- This manual works only for Samsung smartphones?

As we wrote at the very beginning, it is not tied to some kind of manufacturer, and perfectly work both on Samsung gadgets and other brands.

We personally tested this method on the following devices:
  • Meizu Pro 6 Plus and Meizu M5
  • ASUS Zenfone 3.
  • Huawei Honor 8.
  • Xiaomi Mi 5 and Xiaomi Redmi 3
  • Galaxy A3, A5 and A7 2016

But again, this does not mean this hack will work only on them. You can also write in the comments model of your smartphone on which you received positive result, and we will add it to the list.

- How to install a flash player for Android 6 Marshmallow?

If an older version of Android is installed on your smartphone or tablet, then you will also have to install third-party Internet browser. There is no other way to view flash content on Android.

- Do I need root-right for this?

No, everything works fine with them, and without them.

- Why should I install Flash?

This one is only needed if you have the need to interact with sites that are built on this technology. Now they are already less and less, but still some people are still needed.

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To first find out news from the world of Samsung and Android.

How to install a flash player on Android - launch instructions

By purchasing an expensive and powerful mobile device, the owner wants to use all its functionality. However, cases are sufficiently disseminated when it is not possible, for example, play a video or game on a specific site. A notification is displayed on the gadget screen that the application cannot be launched due to the lack of flashplaceer. Installing it on the phone or tablet in a standard way is also not possible, since the player is missing on the Play Market platform.

What is a flash player on android

Before you begin to understand how to enable flash on android, you need to find out what it is. This is a program designed to play video and animation from pages of various sites viewed from browsers. This software also allows you to run browser games and applications.

Application logo Adobe Flash Player

Note! For Android devices, Adobe Flash Player support was discontinued in 2012. Instead of this technology, another - HTML5 is used.

However, the protocols used by the flashplayer allow you to play high quality video and perform the following functions:

  • Displaying sites created on the basis of flash technologies;
  • Running browser online games.

Today, the relevance of the flash player is noticeably faded, because it came to replace another good application that allows you to view the video, play games, and at the same time updated yourself.

How to install Flash Player for Android

Difficulties in how to install a flash player on android for an ordinary user should not arise, the main thing is to strictly follow the step-by-step algorithm of action. Flash player is required on Android to play streaming video, browser games and applications, as well as flash animations. Since the application is missing on the official Google platform, it is possible to establish its last version on the official website of the Adobe developers.

Setting up Android OS.

Pre-in the device settings it is necessary to make some changes to download and install applications from any sources, not just Play Market.

Instructions, how to update the flash player on android, looks like this:

  1. You must go to the settings. This section is usually on the desktop, the icon has a kind of gear.
  2. Going to "Settings", you need to go to the Safety tab and activate the "Unknown Sources" section.

Setting up Android OS to install flashlight

It is also worth adding that, depending on the version of the installed operating system, the name and location of the menu items may differ slightly. The most common ways:

  • "Settings" - "Applications and Notifications" - "Advanced Settings" - "Special Access".
  • "Settings" - "Advanced Settings" - "Privacy" - "Device Administration".
  • "Settings" - "Advanced" - "Privacy".

Difficulties in the process of implementing this item rarely occur, to find sections can even be intuitive.

Installing Adobe Flash Player

Next, it is necessary on the official website of the ADOBE developers to go to the "Archive Versions Flash Player" tab. The list will be displayed quite extensive, since it is listed both mobile and desktop version of the application. It is easy to get confused, but still you need to find mobile versions and a suitable "put" to your phone.

Note! ARC Format Installation File can be downloaded for computer memory, and after transfer to a mobile device, or immediately into the phone's memory.

Step-by-step instruction looks like this:

  1. Install on the device Flash Player. To do this, just open the file manager.
  2. At the end of the download, go to the "Downloads" section.
  3. Find the extension installation file (.apk) and click on it to start.
  4. Soon the installation will start, it is necessary to wait for it to end and tap the "Finish" button.

Archive Version Flash Player

Flash player will function in all browsers that use it, as well as in a regular web browser, depending on the version of the operating system.

How to turn on the flash player in the browser

To enable and update the program you need to download one of the existing web browsers that support this technology. Most popular in solving this issue uses the Dolphin Browser utility.

Instructions, how to enable Flash Player on Android, looks like this:

  1. On the mobile device to go to Play Market, find there an application called Dolphin Browser. Install it as a regular application.
  2. After installation, the program is immediately started and some changes are introduced in its settings. Be sure to activate the work of Flash technology.
  3. Next, you must click on the menu button, which visually resembles a dolphin, and then go to the settings.
  4. Already in the browser menu, you must switch the Flash Player launch to the "always-inclusive" position.

Dolphin Browser Web Observer Supports Flash

Note! The newer version of the Android operating system, the more difficult it is to achieve a more correct work of Flash Player.

How to play flash games for android

Any fundamental requirements and features on how to play android in flash games are missing. It is enough to prepare the OS to install a program that is not supported by Google, then download it on the official website and install. Next you need to download a browser that supports flash.

In the process of controlling the game in the overwhelming majority of cases, two icons are activated - gamepad and mouse. Find them easily, since they are located at the bottom of the screen. Play on smartphones and tablets as easy as on PC. The only inconvenience can deliver a small expansion of the screen.

An example of how flash games on Android look like

Difficulties in how to enable and update the application should not be promoted or a novice user. Today, the owners of the devices on the OS android rarely have acute need in this application, but sometimes sometimes it can not do without it. Fortunately, the problem, how to install it on the gadget, is solved easily.

How to install Flash Player for Android

& NBSP Internet | mobile devices

How to install Flash Player on AndroidOne of the enough frequent problems faced by users of the Android devices - installation of a flash player, which would allow to play flash on various sites. The question of where to download and how to install Flash Player has become relevant after the Android has disappeared support for this technology - now find Flash plugin for this operating system on the Adobe website will not work, as well as in the Google Play store, however ways to install it Still available.

In this manual (updated in 2016) - in detail how to download and install Flash Player on Android 5, 6 or Android 4.4.4 and make it work when playing flash videos or games, as well as some nuances when installing and on working capacity plug-in on the latest versions of Android. See also: Does not display video on Android.

Installing Flash Player on Android and activation of the plug-in in the browser

The first method allows you to install Flash on Android 4.4.4, 5 and Android 6, using only official sources APK and, perhaps, is the easiest and most efficient.

The first step - Download Flash Player APK in the last version for Android from the official Adobe site. To do this, go to the archive versions of the after which in the list find the Flash Player for Android 4 section and download the top copy APK (version 11.1) from the list.

Download Flash for Android from Adobe

Before installing, you should also enable in the device settings in the Security section, the ability to install applications from unknown sources (not from the Play Market).

The downloaded file must be set without any problems, the corresponding item appears in the Android application list, but it will not work - a browser is required that supports the work of the plug-in Flash.

Install Flash for Android

From modern and continuing to update browsers - this is a Dolphin Browser, install which can be from Play Market from the official page - Dolphin browser

After installing the browser, go to the settings and check the two items:

  1. Dolphin JetPack must be enabled in the Standard Settings section.
  2. In the "Web Content" section, click on the "Flash Player" and set the "always enabled".
Enabling Flash in Dolphin

After that, you can try to open any page for the work of Flash work on Android, I have, on Android 6 (Nexus 5) everything worked successfully.

Also via Dolphin you can open and change the Flash settings for Android (called the relevant application on your phone or tablet).

Settings Flash Player for Android

Note: For some reviews, Flash APK from the official Adobe site may not work on some devices. In this case, you can try to download the changed Flash plugin from the site. In the Apps (APK) section and install it, before removing the original Adobe plugin. The remaining steps will be the same.

Using Photon Flash Player and Browser

One of the frequent recommendations that can be found to play Flash on Android latest versions - to use the PHOTON Flash Player and Browser browser. At the same time, the reviews say that someone works.

Photon Flash Player and Browser

In my verification, this option did not work and the corresponding content was not played with this browser, however, you can try to download this option Flash Player from the official page on Play Market - Photon Flash Player and Browser

Fast and easy way to install Flash Player

Update: Unfortunately, this method no longer works, see additional solutions in the next section.

In general, in order to install Adobe Flash Player on Android, follows:

  • Find where to download suitable for your processor and OS version
  • Set
  • Run a number of settings

By the way, it is worth noting that the above-described method is associated with certain risks: since Adobe Flash Player has been removed from the Google store, on many sites under its view hidden various kinds of viruses and malware, which can send paid SMS from the device or do Something is not very pleasant. In general, for the novice user android I recommend using the website to search for the necessary programs, and not by search engines, in the latter case you can easily get caught something with not very pleasant consequences.

However, right during the writing of this manual came across the application just posted on Google Play, which allows partially automating this process (and, apparently, the application appeared only today - this is the coincidence). You can download the Flash Player Install application by reference (the link does not work anymore, below in the article there is information where else to download Flash)

After installation, run the Flash Player Install, the application will automatically determine which version of Flash Player is required for your device and allow you to download and install it. After installing the application, you can view FLVH and video in FLV format in the browser, play flash games and enjoy other functions for which Adobe Flash Player is required.

Flash Player Installation Process

To work the application, you will need to enable the use of unknown sources in the Android phone or tablet settings - it is required not so much to work the program itself, as for the possibility of installing Flash Player, because, naturally, it is not loaded from Google Play, it's simply not .

In addition, the author of the application marks the following points:

  • Best Flash Player works with Firefox browser for Android, which can be downloaded in the official store
  • When using the default browser, you must first delete all temporal files and cookies, after installing the flash, go to the browser settings and turn it on.

Where to download APK with Adobe Flash Player for Android

Considering the fact that the above version stopped working, I give links to the proven APK with Flash for Android 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 ICS, which are suitable for Android 5 and 6.

Below is the listing of some problems related to Flash Player for Android and how to solve them.

After upgrading to Android 4.1 or 4.2 Flash Player stopped working

In this case, before installing the installation described above, you first delete the Flash Player in the Flash system and then adjust the installation.

Installed a flash player, but the video and other flash content is still not shown

Make sure that the browser you use enabled support for JavaScript and plugins. Check if you have a flash player and whether you can work on the special page If you see the Flash Player version when you open this address from Android, it means it is installed on the device and works. If an icon is displayed instead that the flash player needs to download, then something went wrong.

I hope this way will help you achieve the playback of the Flash content on the device.

And what if it will be interesting:

A little about Flash Player

Adobe stopped supporting the flash on android, so not in all modern devices on the Android operating system installed Adobe Flash Player, the developers replace it with other video playback technologies for example HTML5. Install the flash player in the usual way from Google Market also fails, because He is missing there.

Most browsers, in Android devices no longer support the playback of Flash animation for safety reasons (for Flash Player does not come out under Android). And Flash Player is simply necessary to play video on your favorite site. And you break your head over the question. Is it possible and how to install Adobe Flash Player for Android phone or tablet. Next, we will try to make out in detail the process of installing Adobe Flash Player on Android.

Video: how to install a flash player on android

Installation Flash Player for Android


Adobe Flash Player LogoSo, in order to play Flash, we need from the market to install Boat Browser browser, it supports work with Flash. You may find other browsers with Flash support, but we will focus on this browser. So set the BOOT BROWSER browser from Play Market:

Boat Browser for Android Boat Browser for Android

Installing Adobe Flash Player will not be made from the market therefore it is necessary to allow installing applications from unknown sources. Our source is reliable - this is the official website of Macromedia , Companies that produces a flash player on Android, you will be sure when downloading

To do this, on the Android device we go into the settings, the item Security and exhibit a tick in the Unknown Sources Point: Flash Player for Android Installation

Now download the latest supported version of the flash player for your Android version from the ADOBE version archive, for this, in the device's browser, go to one of the links, you can use the newly installed browser:

To download the flash player for Android, select the link you want:

Adobe Flash Player for Android 2.x and Android 3.x Adobe Flash Player for Android 4.x Run the downloaded file and install Adobe Flash Player starts Install Flash for AndroidAt the end of the installation of Adobe Flash Player is ready to work. Now it remains to activate Flash in the BOOT BROWSER browser settings: We go to the settings, web content settings, enable Flash plugin, always include: Enable Flash in Boat Browser

All now on the site you need will be displayed Flash content

Turn off unknown sources

Now for security, we will disable the possibility of installing applications from unknown sources, to do this in the settings in the security item, remove the checkbox from the unknown sources:


Despite the fact that Flash Player can still be installed on Android, it is better to search for sites using HTML5 to play. HTML5 support almost all browsers and will not need to install additional applications. In addition, due to the fact that the official support of Adobe Flash Player on Android is discontinued, it may be unrefined vulnerabilities.


If flash does not work or have errors

After writing the article, a puffin browser came out, try it as an option. In most cases, he solves the problem with a flash player on Android 5, as well as on many sites:

Puffin Web Browser. Puffin Web Browser.

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