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Since February 1, 2020, the prohibited zone for the entry of trucks has been expanded in Moscow and the surrounding area, and now their movement is carried out according to a new scheme. The ban applies to all vehicles with a permissible maximum weight of more than 2.5 tons.

The cargo frame is the division of the streets of the Moscow district into two zones:

  • cargo frame
  • residential development

On the streets of the cargo frame, free movement of trucks weighing over 2.5 tons is allowed. Movement on the streets of residential buildings is permitted in the event of:

  • travel to the place of residence or work
  • services to citizens and businesses located in the area

In this case, the truck driver must both leave the street of the load frame and return from the nearest intersection. In addition, you must have with you documents confirming the right to enter the residential area. And if the tonnage of a truck is higher than the one allowed to enter the city from 06:00 to 22:00, then, in order to avoid receiving a fine, you need to get a pass for the vehicle.

The list of cargo frame streets can be found on the official website of the Moscow Mayor. Also, streets included in the cargo frame are marked in red on the map of the Unified Transport Portal of Moscow. Trucks are allowed on these streets. On the streets, where the transit of trucks is limited, prohibitory signs are installed:

  • "Movement Prohibition"
  • "Vehicle type"
  • "Restriction of the permitted mass of 2.5 t"
  • "Direction of Action"

The Center for Traffic Management (TSODD) reported that truck drivers can build routes along the cargo frame in the navigator. To do this, you need to install an application on your gadget and enable a special setting in it. If the destination address is outside the cargo frame, the navigator will tell you where you can go and notify you that on further travel you need permits confirming the validity of the exit from the cargo frame.

What is a cargo frame for?

For many years, the passage and movement of trucks in Moscow was not regulated in any way, which entailed a huge burden on both the transport infrastructure and the environmental situation in the capital. As a result, there was an urgent need to eliminate these problems, and one of the decisions of the Moscow authorities was the cargo frame. As well as the introduction of an access system for trucks in the daytime, the cargo frame is designed to relieve and stabilize the situation on the roads, and to increase the environmental level in Moscow.

As an experiment, for the first time a cargo frame was introduced in the Eastern Administrative District (VAO). In this regard, the routes of freight companies began to be more thoroughly worked out, which led to the delimitation of space and the unloading of the roadway. As a result of the project of the Cargo cage in the HLW, the following results were obtained:

  • 86 streets in VAO were unloaded
  • noise in HLW has decreased by 10%
  • 30% cleaner air
  • the number of pedestrian collisions between trucks and pedestrians decreased by 61%
  • the number of violations of the rules of the exit from the load cage decreased by 84%

In addition, the portal "Active Citizen" interviewed about 24 thousand Muscovites who live in the VAO. The positive effect of the introduction of the cargo frame was noted by 53% of the respondents, while only 7% gave a negative assessment.

To date, in areas where a cargo frame operates (North, North-East, East, South, South-West and South-East administrative districts), the number of trucks moving through residential areas has decreased by an average of 22%.

Truck drivers

Based on the foregoing, let's summarize. According to the rules, you have the right to free travel if:

  • work or live in the load cage area
  • you serve businesses or citizens in the area outside the load cage

You should leave and return to the load cage only from the intersection closest to your destination. In this case, you must have supporting documents with you:

  • vehicle registration documents
  • insurance policy
  • driver's license
  • documents for the transported cargo
  • waybill
  • registration documents (for residents of the area)

Important! The movement of goods vehicles with an authorized maximum mass of less than 2.5 tons is not limited.

If you drive in the daytime, and the tonnage of the car exceeds the permissible norm for the city, then you need to issue a pass for a truck.

We draw your attention to the fact that the traffic police officers monitor compliance with the rules for the movement of trucks in Moscow. For drivers who ignore prohibitory signs at exits from the roads of the load frame, as well as who do not have a pass for a vehicle, it is provided an administrative penalty in the form of a fine of 5,000 rubles.

If you want to get a pass to the Moscow Ring Road, TTK or SK, then our specialists will be happy to advise you on all issues.

From August 1, the rules of the cargo frame will apply throughout Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road.

The official website of the Mayor of Moscow urged drivers to be more careful and familiarize themselves in advance with the new list of streets that are included in the cargo frame area. From August 1, new rules for the passage of heavy goods will begin to operate on the territory of three more Moscow districts: Central (CAD), Western (ZAO) and North-Western (SZAO). Thus, this system of freight transport will operate throughout Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road.

Now the rules of the cargo frame are in effect in 6 administrative districts: Vostochny (VAO), Severny (SAO), Northeast (SVAO), Southeast (YuVAO), Yuzhny (YuAO) and Southwest (YuZAO).

What is a “load frame” and what is it for?

Load frame Is a list of streets on which trucks (with a permissible maximum mass of more than 2.5 t) are allowed to move freely around the city. This system was introduced in order to exclude the movement of heavy vehicles through residential areas.

The load cage allows you to reduce:

-Congestion of roads

-Noise level

-Number of emissions

-Accident road traffic

-Number of traffic jams in residential areas

If the truck needs to move off the load cage

The movement of heavy vehicles outside the cargo frame zones is allowed only for the purpose of serving businesses or citizens (for example, delivery services and store maintenance).

* Entry and exit to such sections should be carried out along the shortest route.

* The driver must have documents confirming that the entry is justified.

These rules are also valid for drivers who live and / or work outside the load frame.

List of required documents for the exit from the load cage

1.Driving license for the right to drive a car of the corresponding category

2. Registration documents for this vehicle

3.Insurance policy

4.Travel sheet

5.Documents for the transported cargo

6. Registration documents (for residents of the area) - if the truck driver is heading home.

Control over the observance of the rules for the movement of freight transport in Moscow is carried out by employees of the State Traffic Inspectorate. 5,000 rubles

Memo for a heavy truck driver in Moscow:

1.Explore the interactive map of the cargo skeleton

2. Prepare the necessary travel documents

3. Build a route through the city using Yandex.Navigator. The application has a function of building a route according to the rules of the cargo frame. If the destination is outside the frame, the service will warn you to which street you can drive “with impunity” and remind you that further documents are needed to confirm the validity of travel.

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At the end of autumn, announcements appeared on electronic information boards over the highways of the capital: "A cargo frame is being put into operation in the HLW of Moscow." We couldn't believe our eyes: maybe a typo? And then another announcement came on, about special places for parking trucks in the center of the capital. So we decided to check what kind of frame it is and how the "cargo parking" works.

МOskov authorities imposed restrictions on truck drivers like wolves with flags: on the Moscow Ring Road - exclusively at night, within the Third Ring - only with a carrying capacity of less than a ton ... And now there is also a "cargo frame". It was introduced in the Eastern Administrative District: this is the most "warehouse" district of Moscow, where it is full of trucks, and the essence of the innovation is as follows.

"Frame" is a grid of 86 streets and highways, along which trucks with a total mass of more than 2.5 tons can move freely. But at the entrance to the rest of the streets and driveways inside the district, signs "No traffic" are installed, supplemented by signs with a picture of a truck and an indication of the mass - 2.5 tons. Are "cargo trucks" not allowed to enter these streets? No, you can, but only if necessary!

This means that the driver of a van or truck, being stopped by a traffic police inspector, must explain why he is driving here. Good reasons are considered "servicing enterprises and / or citizens who are in the zone indicated by the sign", the driver's following to his home or work, as well as blocking the streets of the "frame" for one reason or another. In this case, it is necessary to leave the "frame" along the shortest route, and explanations must be supported by documents - for example, a waybill. The fine for unreasonable travel is 5,000 rubles.

Passage under the sign prohibiting the exit from the "frame" - "Russian roulette": either they will stop, or not, or they will be fined, or you will "smear yourself". But the traffic police post, near which this sign stands, is closed ...

It is clear that the intentions of the legislators are good (who is pleased when trucks rumble under the windows of houses?), But many questions arise. What machines does the innovation concern? Judging by the plate under the sign - only those whose registration certificate says "cargo". That is, there are no questions about a minibus, if its gross weight exceeds 2.5 tons, but pickups registered as trucks “fell under the decree”! What are they guilty of?

For a reason, the total weight is limited to exactly 2.5 tons: even small vans, such as the Volkswagen Transporter, fall under this ban. The total mass of "monochromatic" - as a rule, 2.8 tons, "one and a half" like Gazelles - 3.5 tons.

But how to navigate through the "frame"? After all, we did not see permanent information boards on the streets of the district! The Moscow Department of Transport website dt.mos.ru has a list of streets and a map, but drivers may not even try to download it to their phones. When we loaded the map with great difficulty on the editorial computer, it turned out that it was simply gigantic (if printed - 2.5 x 1.5 m), and the file weighs 1.6 gigabytes (this is not a typo!). So who needs it like this?

And it seems that the majority of truck drivers with such a serious "informational support" do not even suspect about any "skeleton"! Before our eyes, Gazelles, vans, and hefty trucks were passing "under the signs": you can't put a traffic police in every pass ... There is talk about the possible introduction of automatic fixing of the exit from the "frame" the legislators themselves represent.

Streets of the "frame", on which all trucks can drive, are marked with sign 6.15.1 (truck on a blue background)

Meanwhile, in the center of the capital, it was decided, on the contrary, to make life easier for truck drivers by identifying parking spaces where they can unload. Of course, not free: the first half hour of parking costs a symbolic 30 or 40 rubles (depending on the location of the place - to the Boulevard Ring or inside it) and the tariff is per minute. But every next half hour will cost 500 rubles - and the money will be withdrawn every 15 minutes.

Such an avalanche-like tariffication is made so that the cars are unloaded as quickly as possible. At the same time, several parking lots are designed for two parking spaces (that is, their length is not 11, but 22 m).

What if you park the truck at the designated spot, but don't pay for the parking? Then the fine is 2500 rubles. The same applies to car drivers: they are not allowed to get up here! But, according to the road signs, the ban does not apply to any cars registered as trucks and with a gross weight of more than 1.5 tons.

By the way, the website of the Department of Transport indicates that there are 14 parking lots in total and they can accommodate 17 trucks, but there is one less address on the list. But according to the latest information from the site "Moscow Parking", there are already 19 addresses, and they have 22 parking spaces.

I drove around most of the "cargo" parking lots in the center ... But I did not find a truck in any of them. But on these places there were cars! It is possible that their owners simply did not pay attention to the "cargo" sign under the sign (as, for example, the girl on the Mini Cooper, whom I managed to warn in time). Hence the conclusion: the places of "cargo" parking are not clearly marked.

Freight parking lots are located in "areas of high commercial activity" - for example, at the beginning of pedestrian streets (http://parking.mos.ru/). 22 meters forward - space for trucks only. But it is completely occupied by cars. Be careful: parking lots with numbers starting with "50" are "freight"!

On Chistoprudny Boulevard, a wonderful picture was revealed at all: two cars were parked in the "cargo" place, and a van waiting for unloading stood in front, and even in the second row, blinking "emergency lights". His driver only shrugged his shoulders in response to my questions: they say, I don't know about any special places for trucks.

But even a truck driver who is lucky enough to get to the designated spot can find it difficult to pay for parking. This cannot be done through parking meters - only with the help of a mobile phone or tablet. In this case, you will first have to register at parkingcab.mos.ru. However, it is not difficult to do this: for the sake of experiment, we even created a “virtual” Gazelle with an invented number.

But through the Internet application "Parking Moscow", previously downloaded to a smartphone or tablet, you will be able to pay no more than half an hour. But if you book a place by sending an SMS to 7757, you can pay for an hour or an hour and a half. The main thing is not to forget in time to "beat off" the end of parking with one more SMS.

And the conclusion will be bleak: both the "cargo frame" and the "cargo parking" do not really work - at least not yet. And there is a suspicion that both innovations will lead not so much to streamlining the traffic, but to "washing" money out of the pockets of drivers and truck owners, as has already happened with the "freight" passes to the Moscow Ring Road and to the city center. Enterprising businessmen from nameless firms offer to arrange them on the Internet, without getting up from the computer: any pass for any car for six months - from 18 thousand rubles. Marked as completely legal and 100% guaranteed. The only thing missing is the line: "Conspiracy from the evil eye of the traffic cop" ...

From August 1, 2020, the Cargo cage begins to operate throughout Moscow. Recall that this system was gradually introduced in different districts of the capital and eventually spread to its entire territory.

About the project

The cargo frame is the division of city streets into 2 zones: the “cargo frame” itself and “residential buildings”. The cargo frame operates within the Moscow Ring Road. On the streets of the cargo frame, the movement of trucks is permissible. In the residential area, the movement of trucks with a permissible maximum weight of more than 2.5 tons is allowed only for the purpose of servicing enterprises or citizens, entry and exit to which will be carried out along the shortest route and only with supporting documents.

Cargo cage in Moscow
Cargo cage in Moscow
The specified sections of the cargo frame include the Moscow Ring Road, the Third Transport Ring, the Garden Ring, radial departure highways, streets located far from objects sensitive to high traffic intensity (residential areas, educational institutions, etc.), as well as streets that significantly reduce the over-mileage of trucks.

The purpose of the load frame is to reduce the transit of trucks through residential areas.

How to understand that a given street is included in the load frame?

On those streets where the transit passage of trucks is limited, a set of road signs is installed:

- sign 3.2 "No traffic";

- plate 8.4.1 "Type of vehicle";

- plate 8.11 "Limitation of the permissible maximum weight" (with the text "2.5 t");

- plate 8.3.1 / 8.3.2 / 8.3.3 "Direction of action".

Traffic signs to mark the living area and load frame
Traffic signs to mark the living area and load frame

Drivers' rights and obligations

Exit and return to the cargo frame at the intersection closest to the destination.

Control over the observance of the rules of the movement of freight transport is carried out by the traffic police officers. For those drivers who ignore the road signs installed at the ramps from the load frame, administrative measures will be applied in the form of a fine of 5 thousand rubles.

You have the right to free travel if:

  • You live or work in the load frame area. According to the rules, you can proceed to your place of work or residence.
  • You serve citizens or businesses located in the area outside the load cage.

In both cases, it is necessary to leave and return to the load cage from the intersection closest to the destination. The driver must have supporting documents.

The movement of trucks with an authorized maximum mass of less than 2.5 tons is not limited.

List of required documents:

  • Driver's license for the right to drive a car of the corresponding category
  • Registration documents for this vehicle
  • Insurance policy
  • Waybill
  • Documents for the transported cargo
  • Registration documents (for residents of the area)
Entrance to a residential building from a load cage, indicated by road signs
Entrance to a residential building from a load cage, indicated by road signs

Streets included in the cargo frame

Eastern Administrative District

  1. 1st Irtyshsky passage
  2. 1st passage Perov Fields
  3. 1st Rybinsk
  4. 1st Enthusiasts
  5. 2nd Irtysh passage
  6. 2nd passage Perov Fields
  7. 2nd Electrozavodsky lane from Preobrazhenskaya emb. to Electrozavodskaya st.
  8. 2nd Volny Lane
  9. 2nd Enthusiasts
  10. 3rd passage Perov Fields
  11. 3rd Podbelsky passage from 4th Podbelsky avenue to the railway
  12. 3rd Sokolinaya Gora from st. Burakov to Budyonny Avenue
  13. 4th passage Podbelsky
  14. 5th Podbelsky passage from 4th Podbelsky pr. To 6th Podbelsky pr.
  15. 6th Podbelsky passage from 5th Podbelsky pr. To 7th Podbelsky pr.
  16. 7th Podbelsky passage from st. Ivanteevskaya to 6th Podbelsky Avenue
  17. 9th Falcon Mountain
  18. 16th Park
  19. Amurskaya from Shchelkovskoye sh. to st. Irkutsk
  20. Amursky lane
  21. Anosova
  22. Baikalskaya from st. Biryusinka to Chernitsynsky ave.
  23. White stone highway from st. Bogatyrsky Most to st. Losinoostrovskaya
  24. Biryusinka
  25. Bogatyrsky Most from st. Krasnobogatyrskaya to Belokamenny sh.
  26. Bogorodskoe highway from st. Krasnobogatyrskaya to emb. Gannushkina
  27. Bolshaya Semyonovskaya
  28. Bolshaya Cherkizovskaya
  29. Bolshoi Kupavensky passage
  30. Budyonny prospect
  31. Burakova
  32. Verbnaya from st. Nikolay Khimushin to 6 on the street. Verbnoy
  33. Vernissage, previously projected passage N 890
  34. Free
  35. Gannushkina embankment
  36. Garage
  37. Gastello from building 30 to building 44 building 1
  38. Zhebrunova
  39. Gold
  40. Ivanteevskaya from 7th Podbelsky ave. To Otkrytoye sh.
  41. Izmailovsky Val
  42. Izmailovskoe highway from st. Izmailovsky Val to ave. Budyonny
  43. Irkutsk
  44. Ketcherskaya
  45. Brick
  46. Krasnobogatyrskaya
  47. Kuskovskaya
  48. Kuskovsky deadlock
  49. Lobachika
  50. Losinoostrovskaya, sections from Belokamenny sh. to house 40 and from house 1 on the street. Permskaya to Otkrytoye sh.
  51. Malaya Semyonovskaya
  52. Malenkovskaya from 30 to 42
  53. Editing room from Shchelkovskoe sh. to st. Nikolay Khimushin
  54. Nikolay Khimushin
  55. Novogireevsky overpass
  56. Novoteterki
  57. District passage
  58. Open highway from Tyumensky prospect to st. Tagil
  59. Perm
  60. Perovskaya, plots from the street. Anosov to Zeleny Avenue, from Polymernaya st. to Svobodny Ave.
  61. Plekhanov from sh. Enthusiasts to Perovskaya st.
  62. Preobrazhenskaya embankment
  63. Preobrazhenskaya
  64. Preobrazhensky Val
  65. Rostokinsky passage
  66. Rusakovskaya
  67. Rusakovskaya embankment
  68. Semyonovsky passage
  69. Sokolnichesky Val from building 1 to building 6k1
  70. Stalevarov, with the exception of the section between the street. Stalevarov and st. Molostovs
  71. Stromynka
  72. Tagilskaya
  73. Third Transport Ring
  74. Tyumenskaya from Tyumensky prospect to the railway
  75. Tyumensky passage
  76. Utkin
  77. Fryazevskaya
  78. Chernitsynsky passage
  79. Northeast Expressway
  80. Shumkin from 12 to 26A, bldg. 5
  81. Shchelkovskoe highway from st. B. Cherkizovskaya to MKAD
  82. Electrode
  83. Electrode lane
  84. Electrode passage
  85. Electrozavodskaya from houses 1 to 2-y Elektrozavodskiy per.
  86. Enthusiasts of the highway from the Dangauer overpass to
  87. MKAD
  88. Adolescence

North-Eastern Administrative District

  • 1st Botanical Passage from Lazorevy Passage to Serebryakov Passage
  • 1st passage Leonov
  • 1st Mytischinskaya
  • 1st Leonova
  • 13th passage Maryina Roscha from st. Sheremetyevskaya to st. Vetkina
  • 14th passage Maryina Roscha
  • 17th passage Maryina Roscha
  • 2nd Mytishchinskaya
  • 3rd Mytishchinskaya from Kulakov Lane to Grafsky Lane
  • 8th passage Maryina Roscha
  • Academician Korolev, except for the site from the street. Kashenkin Lug to st. Botanical
  • Altufevskoe highway
  • Altufevskoe highway (backup)
  • Annenskaya
  • Annensky passage
  • Argunovskaya
  • Birch alley, except for the site from the end of the street. to Otradny passage
  • Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya
  • Boris Galushkin, except for the section from Prospekt Mira to Longitudinal passage
  • Botanical
  • Butyrskaya
  • Vetkin passage
  • Vetkina
  • Vilyuiskaya
  • Wilhelm Pieck from Serebryakova passage to st. Agricultural
  • Godovikova
  • Grafsky lane
  • Dvintsev from Polkovaya st. to st. Warehouse
  • Decembrists from st. Olonetskaya to st. Agricultural
  • Dezhneva travel
  • Dobrolyubova lane
  • Dobrolyubova travel
  • Dobrolyubova from the beginning of st. to lane. Dobrolyubova
  • Dokukin
  • Dubrovaya Roscha
  • Oak grove passage
  • Star Boulevard from st. Godovika to st. Argunovskaya
  • Yenisei
  • Ilimsk
  • Kalibrovskaya from st. Sheremetyevskaya to Murmanskiy
  • Divisional commander Orlova overpass
  • Divisional commander Orlova, except for the section from the street. Hotel to sh. Altufevskoe
  • Red pine
  • Kulakov lane
  • Kuchin lane
  • Lazoreviy proezd from 1st Botanicheskiy proezd to st. Snowy
  • Leskov
  • Lianozovsky passage
  • Medvedkovskoe highway
  • Menzhinsky from the end of st. to st. Yenisei
  • Milashenkova
  • MKAD
  • Molodtsov from Yasny proezd to st. Polar
  • Murmansk passage
  • Mussorgsky
  • Mytishchinsky passage
  • Nikolaev impasse
  • Novovladykinsky passage
  • Novodachnoye Highway from Dmitrovskoye Highway to the Moscow Ring Road
  • Novodmitrovskaya
  • Novomoskovskaya, except for the section from the 1st Ostankinskaya street. to st. Academician Korolev
  • Ogorodny Proezd
  • Olonetskaya
  • Ostankinsky passage, except for the section from the 1st Ostankinskaya street.
  • to st. Academician Queen
  • Ostashkovskaya from MKAD to Shokalsky passage
  • Polyarnaya from Dezhnev passage to st. Wide
  • Polyarny passage, except for the section from Polyarnaya st. to building number 39s1
  • Pomeranian
  • Pomorsky passage
  • Projected passage No. 922
  • Projected passage No. 2257
  • Projected passage No. 4651
  • Projected passage No. 4875
  • Projected passage No. 5444
  • Prospect Mira (including understudies)
  • Riga overpass
  • Rimsky-Korsakov
  • Rustaveli from the projected passage No. 922 to Ogorodny passage
  • Savelovskaya line
  • Northern Boulevard, except for the section from the street. Decembrists to building number 9
  • Severyaninsky passage
  • Severyaninsky overpass
  • Agricultural
  • Serebryakova travel
  • Signal passage
  • Warehouse
  • Fold dead end
  • Snezhnaya from Lazorevy Passage to Serebryakov Passage
  • Soviet army
  • Suschevsky Val
  • Third Transport Ring
  • Uglichskaya from Ilimskaya st. to st. Cherepovetskaya
  • Khachaturian
  • Cherepovetskaya
  • Chermyanskaya
  • Chermyansky passage
  • Sheremetyevskaya
  • Wide, except for the area from the street. Ostashkovskaya to st. Starting
  • Shokalskogo travel from the end of st. to st. Ostashkovskaya
  • Yurlovsky passage
  • Yaroslavl highway
  • Yaroslavl highway (dubler) towards the region from d. 2 to d. 12 on the Yaroslavl highway
  • Yaroslavl highway (dubler) towards the center from d. 19c1 on the Yaroslavl highway to merger with Yaroslavl highway

Northern Administrative District

  • 1st Botkin Travel
  • 1st trunk
  • 2nd Botkinsky passage, except for the site from the 1st Botkin fare to the designed pass number 6368
  • 2nd Likhachevsky Lane
  • 3rd Likhachevsky lane from the automotive st. to Onega st.
  • 3rd Nizhnelichobory Travel
  • 3rd main
  • 4th Likhachevsky 4th Alley
  • 4th Novomikhalkovsky Travel
  • 4th main from the good highway to the Zvenigorod highway
  • 5th main from the 1st main st. up to the 2nd Comb
  • Avant-garde
  • Automotive
  • Admiral Makarova
  • Alalala
  • Alabian Baltic Tunnel
  • Running
  • Belomorskaya
  • Library passage
  • Big academic
  • Beadsin Gorka
  • Beadovsky passage
  • Butyrskaya
  • Carontal
  • Verbilkovsky passage
  • Valaamskaya
  • Verkhneilichoborskaya
  • Voikov
  • volokolamskoe highway
  • Volokolamsk Highway (Double)
  • Vyborgskaya
  • Golovinskoye Highway
  • Dmitrov highway
  • Dubninskaya from Dmitrovskoye highway to Verbilkovsky passage
  • Dubninsky passage
  • Dybenko
  • Zvenigorodskoe highway
  • Zorge.
  • Izhorskaya
  • Izhora Drive
  • Ilmensky passage
  • Korovinskoe highway
  • Krasnopolyanskaya
  • Kronstadt Boulevard
  • Lavochkin from the fleet ul. to the Belomorskaya st.
  • Left Bank from coastal travel to Belomorskaya st.
  • Leningrad Avenue
  • Leningrad Prospekt (Double)
  • Leningrad Highway
  • Lines of the October Railway, except for the site from the 3rd of Nizhnelichobor to locomotive travel
  • Lichoborsk embankment
  • Lobnenskaya, except for the plot from the Izhora Lane to the Dmitrovskoye highway
  • Locomotive travel from station st. up to the 3rd Nizhnelichobor
  • Main Lane
  • Marghelova from Khoroshevsky w. Before the designed pass No. 6368
  • MKAD
  • Lower Maslovka
  • Nizhny
  • New Basilovka
  • Onega from the Warehouse Highway to the Fleet Street.
  • Warehouse Highway
  • Coastal travel from Leningrad highway to ul. Left Bank
  • Designed passage number 1087
  • Designed pass No. 1285
  • Designed pass No. 5265
  • Designed pass No. 6368
  • Pathic from Pyazovskaya ul. to ul. Ivan Susanina
  • Piphaskaya
  • Savelovskaya Estakada
  • Northeast Expressway
  • Signal passage
  • Skink
  • Solnechnogorsk from Onega st. to ul. Voikov
  • Station from start to locomotive travel
  • Taldomskaya from festival st. to Korovinsky highway
  • Third Transport Ring
  • Hugo Chávez
  • Festival from northeastern chord to Taldomskaya st.
  • Fleet from avant-garde st. to Onega st.
  • Khoroshevskoe highway

Northwest Administrative District

  • Large Volokolamsky Drive
  • Vodkov
  • Volokolamsky passage
  • Volokolamsk highway (excluding a double from d. 52k1c1 to the congress to the main move)
  • Medical passage
  • Gabrichevsky
  • Head Mosmos Travel
  • Zvenigorodskoe highway
  • Krasnogorsk 1th passage
  • Krasnogorsk 2nd passage
  • Krasnogorsk 3rd
  • Krasnogorsk 4th passage
  • Lantoye
  • Marshal Zhukova Avenue (excluding the sites of lateral travel from the B-RG General Karbyshev to Karamyshevsky Pr-yes (in the region) and from Karamyshevsky pr-Da d. 59 (to the center), as well as a plot from the street. Folk militia to ul. 3 -I'm good)
  • MKAD
  • Many people
  • Folk militia
  • Nizhny mnemynones
  • Polessian passage
  • Designed pass No. 3959
  • Designed pass No. 5219
  • Designed passage number 5484
  • Designed pass No. 5503
  • Freedom (excluding stunt doubles)
  • Silicate 1st passage
  • Silicate 2nd passage
  • Silicatny 3rd passage excluding the section from 8A to Karamyshevskaya embankment
  • Stratonavtov passage
  • Skhodnensky deadlock
  • Shenogin st.

South-Eastern Administrative District

  • 1st Vyazovsky passage
  • 1st Graivoronovsky passage
  • 1st Cable passage
  • 1st Karacharovsky passage
  • 1st Yuzhnoportovy passage
  • 1st Cable
  • 1st Karacharovskaya
  • 1st Milling
  • 2nd Vyazovsky passage
  • 2nd Graivoronovsky passage
  • 2nd Cable passage
  • 2nd Kapotninsky passage
  • 2nd Ugreshsky passage
  • 2nd Yuzhnoportoy passage
  • 2nd Karacharovskaya
  • 2nd Milling
  • 3rd Ugreshsky passage
  • 2nd Cable from the street. Aviamotornaya to 2nd Cable passage
  • 3rd Cable
  • 4th Cable
  • 5th Cable
  • Aviamotornaya from highway Entuziastov to bld. 75, bldg. 5
  • Academician Skryabin from Ryazansky Avenue to Volgogradsky Avenue
  • Andronovskoe highway
  • Andropov prospect
  • Basovskaya
  • Bataysky passage
  • Batyuninsky passage
  • Velozavodskaya
  • Upper Fields from 12 to st. Maryinsky Park to the Moscow Ring Road
  • Volgogradskiy Prospekt, excluding sections of alternatives from building 54 to building 146 (to the region) and from building 169 to building 97k1 (to the center)
  • Volzhsky Boulevard, from st. Young Leninsev to st. Krasnodonskaya
  • Gas holder
  • General Yakovlev
  • Golovacheva
  • Golovinskaya embankment
  • Hospital embankment
  • Graivoronovskaya from Lyublinskaya st. to 2nd Graivoronovsky passage
  • Guryanov from st. Yuzhnoportovaya to st. Polbina
  • Donetskaya from Kuryanovskaya emb. to Bataysky passage
  • Dushinskaya
  • Zolotorozhskaya embankment
  • Kapotnya
  • Karacharovskoe highway
  • Kolomnikov
  • Krasnodonskaya
  • Krasnokazarmennaya embankment
  • Kuryanovskaya embankment
  • Lublinskaya, excluding the sections of the backup from the street Break to Novocherkassky Boulevard
  • Maryinsky Park, from the projected passage number 3863 to st. Belorechenskaya
  • MKAD
  • Nizhny Novgorod
  • Lower Khokhlovka
  • Novokhokhlovskaya
  • Ostapovsky passage
  • Perovsky passage
  • Perovskoe highway
  • Sand quarry
  • Lifting
  • Polbina
  • Projected passage No. 1422
  • Projected passage No. 1423
  • Projected passage No. 1481
  • Projected passage No. 3683
  • Projected passage No. 3712
  • Projected passage No. 3863
  • Projected passage No. 4294
  • Projected passage No. 4950
  • Projected passage No. 5112
  • Projected passage No. 5384
  • Pond-Keys
  • Rogozhsky Settlement
  • Ryazansky Prospect, excluding sections of alternatives from building 63 to building 45k1 (to the center) and from building 22 to building 38 (to the region)
  • Saykina
  • Simonovsky Val
  • Smirnovskaya
  • Sormovskaya from st. Fergana to Tashkent st.
  • Sormovsky passage
  • Stavropolskaya from st. Chaginskaya to the projected passage No. 3863
  • Old Believer
  • Stakhanovskaya
  • Sursky passage
  • Tashkentskaya from Volgogradsky avenue to Sormovskaya st.
  • Trofimova
  • Third Transport Ring
  • Ugreshskaya
  • Fergana from st. Academician Skryabin to Sormovskaya st.
  • Fraser passage
  • Fraser highway from Perovskoe sh. to 1st Frezernaya st.
  • Chaginskaya
  • Highway passage
  • Shosseynaya from st. Polbin to the projected passage 4294 and from Volgogradsky avenue to st. Guryanova
  • Highway enthusiasts
  • Young Leninsev from st. Lublinskaya to Volzhsky boulevard
  • Yuzhnoportovaya

Southern Administrative District

  • 1st Varshavsky passage
  • 1st Road passage
  • 1st Kotlyakovsky lane
  • 1st Nagatinsky passage
  • 2nd Varshavsky passage
  • 2nd Kozhukhovsky passage
  • 2nd Kotlyakovsky lane
  • 2nd Nagatinsky passage
  • 2nd Tulsky per.
  • 2nd Pokrovskaya
  • 3rd Road passage
  • 3rd Nagatinsky passage
  • 4th Zagorodny passage
  • 5th Kozhukhovskaya
  • 6th Radial from st. Lipetskaya to 7
  • Academician Millionshchikov
  • Baku
  • Balaklavsky prospect
  • Besedinskoe highway
  • Biryulevskaya
  • Boychuk
  • Bolshaya Tulskaya
  • Borisovskie ponds from Kashirskoe highway to Khordovoy proezd
  • Bulatnikovskaya from st. Nikopolskaya to Projected passage No. 5450
  • Warsaw highway
  • Velozavodskaya
  • High
  • Gas pipeline
  • Danilovskaya embankment
  • Business from st. Promyshlennaya up to 18
  • Derbenevskaya embankment
  • Dnepropetrovsk passage
  • Donbass
  • Road
  • Arc
  • Country Highway
  • Zagoryevskaya from st. Biryulevskaya to Lipetskaya st.
  • Zagorievsky passage
  • Green Mountains
  • Kavkazsky Boulevard from Proletarsky Avenue to Promyshlennaya Street.
  • Kanatchikovsky passage
  • Kantemirovskaya from Projected passage No. 5159 to Proletarsky prospect
  • Kasimovskaya
  • Kashirsky passage
  • Kashirskoe highway
  • Brick Cutouts
  • Kolobashkin
  • Kolomensky passage
  • Kolomenskoe highway
  • Kotlyakovskaya
  • Kotlyakovsky passage
  • Red meadow
  • Lebedyanskaya from st. Mikhnevskaya to Lipetskaya st.
  • Leninsky prospect
  • Lipetsk
  • Lyusinovskaya
  • Marshal Shestopalov from Kashirskoye highway to st. Moskvorechye
  • Melitopol
  • Mikhnevskaya
  • Mikhnevsky passage
  • MKAD
  • Moskvorechye from Kotlyakovsky passage to Proletarsky prospect
  • Mosstroyput
  • Mytnaya
  • Nagatinskaya Embankment from Danilovsky Bridge to Andropov Avenue
  • Nagatinskaya
  • Nagatinsky Boulevard
  • Nakhimovsky prospect
  • Nikopolskaya
  • Novodanilovskaya embankment
  • Novodanilovskiy passage
  • Paveletskaya embankment
  • Pavlovskaya, from st. Pavel Andreev to 8
  • Pedagogical
  • Podolsk Cadets
  • Podolskoe highway
  • Projected passage No. 257
  • Projected passage No. 259
  • Projected passage No. 262
  • Projected passage No. 439
  • Projected passage No. 475
  • Projected passage No. 714
  • Projected passage number 891
  • Projected passage No. 892
  • Projected passage No. 1250
  • Projected passage No. 1809
  • Projected passage number 1819
  • Projected passage No. 2147A
  • Projected passage No. 3664
  • Projected passage No. 3692
  • Projected passage No. 4423
  • Projected passage No. 4578
  • Projected passage No. 4579
  • Projected passage No. 4628
  • Projected passage No. 4902
  • Projected passage No. 5102
  • Projected passage No. 5108
  • Projected passage No. 5109
  • Projected passage No. 5150
  • Projected passage No. 5159
  • Projected passage No. 5402
  • Projected passage No. 5449
  • Projected passage No. 5450
  • Projected passage No. 5453
  • Projected passage No. 6414
  • Projected passage No. 6443
  • Projected passage No. 6444
  • Projected passage No. 6445
  • Projected passage number 6630
  • Projected passage number 6631
  • Projected passage No. 6214
  • Proletarsky prospect
  • Promyshlennaya from Kavkazsky Boulevard to st. Business
  • Andropov Avenue
  • Rossoshanskaya
  • Rossoshansky passage
  • Ryazhskaya
  • Gardeners
  • Saykina
  • Sverzhevsky
  • Sevastopolsky prospect
  • Simonovsky Val
  • Starokashirskoe highway
  • Staropokrovsky passage
  • Stupinsky passage
  • Tarny passage
  • Trofimova
  • Third Transport Ring
  • Khlebozavodsky passage
  • Khordovy passage from the side of building 21 along Brateevskaya st. and 18 on the street. Borisovskie Ponds
  • Elevator
  • Elevator lane
  • Berry

South-Western Administrative District

  • 5th Zagorodny passage
  • Aivazovsky
  • B. Cheremushkinskaya from 5th Zagorodny avenue to st. Sverzhevsky
  • Balaklavsky prospect
  • Golubinskaya from st. Tarusa to Karamzin Avenue
  • Kakhovka from Sevastopol Ave. to st. Nametkina
  • Leninsky Prospect from MKAD to st. Obrucheva
  • Lomonosovsky prospect
  • MKAD
  • Nametkina from st. Kakhovka to Profsoyuznaya st.
  • Scientific passage
  • Nakhimovsky prospect
  • Obrucheva
  • Karamzin's passage from avenue No. 5063 to Golubinskaya street
  • Projected passage No. 5063
  • Projected passage No. 6666
  • Prospect 60th anniversary of October
  • Trade union
  • Sevastopolsky prospect
  • Tarusa
  • Third Transport Ring
  • Bakery passage
  • Yasnogorskaya

Western Administrative District

  • 1st Setunsky proezd from TTK to Vorobyovskoe highway
  • Aminevskoe highway
  • Bagritsky from Vereiskaya street to 29s55B
  • Berezhkovskaya embankment
  • Bozhenko
  • Bolshaya Filevskaya from Shelepikhinsky bridge to Minskaya street
  • Borodinsky bridge
  • Vereiskaya
  • Vitebsk
  • Vokzalnaya
  • Vorobievskoe highway
  • Vyazemskaya
  • General Dorokhov Avenue
  • General Dorokhov
  • Gorbunova
  • Ivan Franko from d.48s6 to Bozhenko street
  • Cuban
  • Lobachevsky
  • Lomonosovskiy prospect (except for the sections of back-ups from 29 building 3 to Vernadsky avenue, from Vernadsky prospect to 28, and from 32 to 36s1)
  • Malaya Ochakovskaya
  • Minsk
  • Michurinsky prospekt
  • MKAD
  • Mozhaisk highway (including backup)
  • Molodogvardeyskaya from MKAD to Yartsevskaya street
  • Mosfilmovskaya from the projected passage No. 6095 to Vorobievskoe highway
  • Taras Shevchenko Embankment from Kutuzovsky Prospect to Berezhkovskaya Embankment
  • Nikulinskaya from Ryabinovaya street to Michurinsky prospect (including backup)
  • Novoarbatskiy bridge
  • Ozernaya from MKAD to Nikulinskaya street
  • Ochakovsky overpass
  • Ochakovskoe highway from General Dorokhova street to the Stroykombinat passage
  • passage of the Construction Plant
  • projected passage No. 1439
  • Projected passage No. 3631
  • Projected passage No. 5287
  • Projected passage No. 5320
  • Projected passage No. 5321
  • Projected passage No. 5822
  • Projected passage No. 6095
  • Projected passage No. 6330
  • Marshal Zhukov Avenue
  • Rowan
  • Skolkovskoe highway from MKAD to Projected passage No. 6330
  • Troekurovsky passage
  • TTK
  • Krylatskaya from 23A to 17k1, and from Nizhniye Mnevniki street to Rublevskoye highway
  • Nizhniye Mnevniki
  • Potylikha
  • Shelepikhinsky bridge
  • Yartsevskaya st.

The tightening of the rules for the passage of trucks in Moscow within the framework of the Cargo Frame began in 2014. The experiment showed an improvement in the ecological and transport situation in the Eastern District, after which restrictions were gradually introduced in all districts of the capital.

In this article, we will tell you how drivers can plan a route along the wireframe so as not to receive a fine and what documents are required for this.

What is a cargo frame

The streets of Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road were divided into two zones - "residential development" and "cargo frame".

The load frame is the streets along which trucks must move.

The frame included ring highways (MKAD, TTK, SK), radial departure highways, streets located far from residential areas and social facilities, and streets that significantly shorten the path of trucks.

Cargo cage road signs set

Which cars fell under the restrictions of the cargo frame

The restrictions apply to trucks weighing more than 2.5 tons. They should move around the capital only along the streets of the frame. It is prohibited to pass this category of transport in residential areas.

There are exceptions when a truck can enter a prohibited area:

  1. When the driver is driving to his home or work;
  2. To serve businesses, shops and citizens who are there.

In this case, the driver must leave the permitted street and return to it from the intersection closest to the destination.

Why have a cargo frame been introduced?

The transit of trucks through the city was restricted to reduce transport and environmental pressure in residential areas:

  • reduce the noise level;
  • reduce the concentration of harmful substances in the air;
  • reduce the number of accidents;
  • reduce traffic jams.

The initiative came from the Muscovites themselves - they asked the government to protect the sleeping areas from noise and exhaust emissions.

Research by the Center for Traffic Management showed that the project met its goals. For example, in the Northern District:

  • the number of truck accidents decreased by 19%;
  • the death rate in road accidents has decreased by 64%. 30% - the number of wounded;
  • the concentration of nitrogen oxide in the air decreased 2.3 times;
  • reduced carbon monoxide and noise levels.

Polls showed that 73% of district residents support the introduction of a cargo cage and believe that it will improve the environmental situation.

The research results in other districts can be viewed on the Unified Transport Portal of Moscow.

Cargo carcass map from August 1, 2020

Earlier we wrote that from August 1, 2020, the rules of the cargo frame will be introduced in the remaining three districts of Moscow: Central, Western and North-Western. In other areas, they began to operate earlier:

  • in the Eastern District - since 2014;
  • in the North and North-East - from December 2016;
  • in South-East - from December 2019;
  • in Yuzhny - from February 2020.

Now the new rules for trucks are in effect throughout Moscow within the Moscow Ring Road.

A specific list of streets that make up the cargo frame has been established. The map can be viewed on the Unified Transport Portal of Moscow.

How to create a route using a cargo frame in Yandex.Navigator

In order not to get lost in the streets of the frame and drive the shortest way, you can use Yandex.Navigator. The application is able to create routes specifically for trucks. To do this, in the navigator settings, enable the option "Routes by cargo frame".

When this option is enabled, the car icon will change to a truck. The function can only be used online, in the absence of the Internet, the route will be built without taking into account the cargo frame. If the destination is outside the frame, the navigator will warn you from what point supporting documents will be needed.

Information about the streets included in the wireframe gets into the application

from the Center for Traffic Management in Moscow.

How to legally move off the load cage

According to the rules, trucks cannot drive through the territory of the residential area. But, if the driver lives or works on a closed street, or you need to drive for loading / unloading, then you can go.

  • For the congress to be legal, it is imperative to have documents confirming the purpose of the trip with you. This could be:
  • passport with registration;
  • certificate of registration at the place of stay;


If there are no such documents, you cannot go.

Recall that there are general restrictions on the movement of trucks in Moscow. More on this in our separate article.

Penalty for violation of the rules of the load frame

Compliance with the rules of the movement of freight transport is monitored by traffic police officers and cameras. For ignoring road signs that prescribe the movement of freight vehicles, a fine of 5,000 rubles is provided (part 7, article 12.16 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation). Trucks belonging to foreigners are delayed until the fine is paid.

You can pay the fine with a 50% discount within 20 days from the date of the order.

In order not to miss these deadlines and not overpay for fines, use the onlinegibdd.ru service. The service informs you of all fines issued to you as soon as they appear.

Checking penalties for legal entities persons

Do you want to control fines, receive a daily report on new found fines and pay them?

Opinions of carriers about the cargo frame

Following the results of the pilot project in the Eastern District, the carriers supported the idea of ​​expanding the frame. Kommersant has published the opinions of the heads of transport companies. Transport Director FM Logistic Alexander Dyakonov

believes that the unorganized movement of trucks is a problem for Moscow, which requires regulation - not all the streets of the capital are adapted to truck maneuvers. In his opinion, the changes may cause temporary inconvenience in logistics and require additional instructions for drivers and dispatchers. Transport and forwarding company PEK the new restrictions did not create obstacles to work. “Drivers work on the basis of applications and route sheets, which indicate the addresses of clients. This gives the driver the right to deliver the goods to a prohibited street, ”the director of the delivery department commented on the situation. .

Sergey Grebenshchikov “For the delivery time of goods to stores Disks the cargo frame did not affect in any way "- the data center publishes the opinion .

Director of Transport Operations Ilya Nikitin Valeriy Voytko, chairman of the "Truckers" trade union

, commenting on the results of the introduction of the framework in the HLW, said that everyone gradually adapted to the change of routes.

We sent by mail a selection of interesting articles about important changes in legislation

So, in order to move along the cargo frame of Moscow without violations, it is better to plan a route in advance using a map, or use Yandex.Navigator. If there is a need to move off the frame in order to get to your home, work or place of unloading of goods, be sure to carry documents confirming the purpose of travel with you.

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