How to make a matte gel polish manicure at home

How to make a matte gel polish manicure at home: a review of methods

How to make a matte gel polish? To make a matte shellac manicure, it is not necessary to sign up for a salon - you can easily cope with this procedure yourself. This will require:

  1. Basic coverage
  2. Gel polish of the selected color
  3. Degreaser
  4. Sticky layer remover
  5. UV or LED lamp
  6. Matte top for gel polish.

It is the use of a special top that allows you to make matte nails with shellac. It is good to know that there are products with a satin effect that provide a light matte finish - the coating retains a light shine, as well as with a velvety effect, which is also called velvet. The second option makes the surface slightly rough to the touch and provides a perfect matte finish.

How to apply matte top to gel polish?

How to make matte nails with gel polish? Everything is quite simple, a standard technology is used, which consists of several main stages:

  1. Process the nail plate. It is necessary to give the nails the desired shape and, if necessary, remove the length. Carefully remove the cuticle, clean, polish the surface with a buff.
  2. Degrease nails and apply a base on them, spreading the product over the entire surface, moving from the middle. Dry in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, 30-60 seconds in a LED lamp.
  3. Apply 2 coats of color gel polish in succession, removing excess with an orange stick and drying each of them.
  4. Use a matte finish for gel polish, which is applied and dried in the same way as a standard top (1 minute in LED and 2 in UV lamp). Remove the sticky layer with a special product.
  5. Apply cuticle oil to the skin - this is the final stage of the manicure.

Glossy drawings look very interesting on a matte finish - to create them, a gel polish of a suitable shade and a classic top for gloss are used. The pattern is applied immediately after the matting layer has dried, dried, covered with a top and re-fixed in the lamp. It is most convenient to work with a special thin design brush.

How to cover matte gel polish: video

The process of creating a matte manicure using the appropriate top is not difficult, but often novice masters make mistakes. We suggest watching a video about matte gel polish manicure, which will help you understand the main nuances and subtleties of this process, and make a flawless coating with a velvet effect.

Other ways to create a matte manicure

You can make matte shellac at home even in the absence of a special top. There are several different ways to do this:

  1. After applying a glossy top, use a grinding buff (the best option is abrasiveness 400 * 400).
  2. Perform a manicure with gel polish according to the classical technology, completing the procedure with applying a top coat. Apply acrylic powder to an undried layer and dry the surface in a lamp (double the time), remove the remaining powder around the nail with a brush.
  3. A standard manicure is performed according to the base-color-top scheme, all layers, including the last one, are thoroughly dried. The sticky layer is not removed - matte dust is rubbed onto it, and its excess is removed with a brush.

Advice! Dark shades for matte manicure are preferable not only because they look more advantageous. A rough surface gets dirty easily, so light shades quickly lose their beauty - you will need to constantly clean the coating, otherwise it will look sloppy.

How to remove a matte manicure?

It is important to know not only how to apply a matte top to gel polish, but also how to remove it in the future. The technology is traditional:

  • Apply the gel polish remover on cotton wipes, attach to the nail plate and fix with foil. After 8-12 minutes, remove the residue with a pusher and polish the nail.
  • Treat the surface with a nail file or router.

To speed up the procedure, you can carefully cut the top coat, and then apply cotton swabs. In terms of durability and durability, the matte top is identical to the glossy version, and therefore there are no difficulties with its removal.


We hope you find our tips on how to use a matte top for gel polish helpful. It's very simple, because the technology remains the same. The main thing is to choose the right quality products that will provide a persistent and durable effect.

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Matte manicure a distinctive feature French style ... This manicure is perfect for going out and for everyday office life. A matte finish is always good taste and sophisticated style. But in order to create it, you need to have on hand an anti-gloss or matte gel polish, acrylic, which, after drying, will acquire a rich color without shine. How to make a matte manicure at home if you do not have the coveted bottle of gel polish on hand, consider 3 popular methods.

Using a matte top

How to make a matte manicure at home: 3 simple techniques, new itemsThe easiest way to get a matte manicure is to use a top that removes shine. If you use such a finish, then any of the most brilliant gel polish, even from the Heleksi "Cat's Eye" series, will look restrained and stylish.

  1. We process the nail.
  2. We apply the base.
  3. We use any gel polish.
  4. Dry in a SED lamp.
  5. Apply a matte top.
  6. We enjoy the result.

Instead of a base, you can use oil-free nail polish remover or hand sanitizer. The main task of the base coat is to degrease the nail plate.

It is necessary to apply gel polish in two layers. It is better if for a matte manicure you choose a varnish with a regular finish. This color will be natural, unlike pearlescent metallic or glitter.


After you dry your nails in a lamp, take a close look at the gel coating, the matte top will not hide, but rather highlight all the imperfections in the shape. Therefore, if the surface has any unevenness, apply another layer of gel polish, then matte top in one layer.

Which matte top to choose

The most important thing you need to pay attention to when choosing a matte finish is the density of the top. The thicker the consistency of the product, the more “matte” the effect will be. Verified manufacturers:

  • Kodi Matte Top;
  • OXXI Matte Top;
  • Top Tertio.


How to do a matte manicure at home

And now we will tell you how to make a stylish matte manicure if you have neither the coveted bottle of matte varnish nor a matte top. We will need such products, the place of which is on the kitchen shelf, but not on the cosmetic table. What you need:

  • flour or loose powder;
  • sieve;
  • basic coverage;
  • a bowl of water;
  • very soft brush, donate from the cosmetic kit;
  • any gel polish.

matte manicure

This method removes gloss equally well from both acrylic and gel polish. But if the acrylic dries on its own, then final drying in a lamp will be required for the gel polish.

  1. I ask for flour, it should be like a powder.
  2. Apply the database and color coating.
  3. Type to a flour on the brush and spend on the nail. Flour stick to the nail surfaces There are no traces from the brush, it should be as soft as possible.
  4. Shake the flour from the finger, lower your finger into the water, if the flour remains on the marigold gently remove the chicks of the flowers.
  5. Dry manicure.

Matte manicure with a couple

Remove the gloss with a lacquer gel with a pair. It will take to boil the saucepan of water and put near yourself. Apply the base, color coating on the nail, dried. While gel varnish does not dry completely hold the marigolds over the ferry a few seconds, turning the finger so that the couples worked not only the central, but also the side parts of the note. Ready!


How to make a matte gel varnish yourself

If you firmly decided that you no longer want to see on the shelf here this bottle of glossy varnish, but would like to have exactly the same, but matte ... then this way is just for you. It will take:

  • Half of the bottle of gel varnish;
  • matte monotenia;
  • toothpick;
  • paper.

It will be necessary to pour out matte shadows on paper, it is good to stretch them and pour into a bottle. Form the funnel with paper and push the shadows into the neck of the toothpick. Shake a bottle well. Your glossy gel varnish turned into a matte. In order not to make a mistake with color and not get an unpredictable shade, choose the shadows suitable in color with varnish, in the extreme case, use white.

ombre manicure technique step by step

How to make the coating resistant

Matte manicure does not like to use top, it is the top that makes the lacquer even more glossy, and oils in the degreaser and a means for the cuticle. Therefore, if you do not use the top so that the manicure does not crack in a few days, remember simple rules.

  1. The best option remains the use of matte top.
  2. If there is no, then apply the gel varnish into three layers, each layer should be evenly dried.
  3. During the processing of the noggle, do not use the means for the cuticle, the skin with the content of oils.


Universal way to make a matte manicure with gel varnish

This method is suitable if there was no powder at hand, but in the kitchen flour. The only thing you need is a soft bagnik for grinding nail.

Need to do Standard manicure As you used to, apply the base, colored coating and top. Remove the sticky layer with a top and gently grind the buff's marigolds, then once again handle the nail to the stickiness to remove the stickiness or simple Degreaser . Here the top 10 best tools for Remove gel varnish.

And finally, the new season of the summer 2020 for a matte manicure. Do not stay indifferent, write, comment, send your photos of the original design. With warmth, the team "Our Authors".

collagenew itemsmattmatte summer 2020another



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Matte manicure gel-varnish It looks profitable all in the dark version: black, purple, blue, burgundy. In combination with him, stones and a variety of patterns look good.

In the online store You can purchase special matte top coatings for gel lacquer, which will create a beautiful velvet coating on the nails.

How to get a matte manicure

Pros and cons of matte design


  • Incredible mounted velor texture on nails - it is very impressive;
  • The possibility of using a variety of decorations;
  • No special tools are required for application, only a matte top;


  • This coating is able to highlight the irregularities of the nails, so the texture and color must be selected correctly. Make sure that the gel polish (base and color) does not streak during application. This will help make your manicure perfect.

Before applying matte varnish, you need to carefully prepare. The cuticle is successful, the nails are given the desired shape and the gloss is removed with the help of a buff. Gently line up the nail plate. Only in this way will an unexpected effect be excluded.

To make a matte manicure at home, you need:

  • Base;
  • Matte top ;
  • Gel polish of the selected color;

Instead of your regular gel polish top, apply a matte (velor top). A simple trick and a matte long-lasting manicure is ready.

How to get a matte manicure

How to make a matte gloss gel polish

It is quite possible to achieve the desired effect by means of improvised means at home. You can get matte nails without a matte top using acrylic powder. You need a base coat and a color coat, a special acrylic powder with a velvet effect, a soft fan brush. A base coat is applied to the nails, and then a colored coat, each layer is dried. Next, the top is applied. The brush (always soft) is dipped into powder, and then it must be carried over the surface of the manicure. After everything settles, you should brush off the excess. Next, the nails are dried completely.

Another way to make a matte gel polish is to use a grinder with an abrasive of 240-300 grit. Degrease your nails. A base and colored coat is applied in 2 layers, each layer is dried. After applying the top and drying it is required to carefully cut off the glossy layer with a buff.

You can use a matte top for regular polish, just apply it over all layers of gel polish.

All the methods described above are used if you really want to do a matte manicure, but you don't have a matte top at hand. For the perfect matte gel polish manicure, buy a top and don't worry about anything!

How to get a matte manicure

Fashion trends matte manicure

Among the modern options, there are a lot of different ones using matte shades:

How to get a matte manicure
How to get a matte manicure
How to get a matte manicure
How to get a matte manicure
How to get a matte manicure

Can be used corduroy matte top on any surface for extraordinary results.

Colors and texture

The theme of a shade palette for a matte effect manicure is inextricably linked with the trends of the current season.

The most popular are the following tones of matte varnishes:

  • cream - beige / sand / ocher;
  • pink - includes not only light and dark shades of pink, but also raspberry, coral, fuchsia and salmon shades;

They are considered an excellent base for the further execution of many popular techniques, from ombre and geometry to the combination of a jacket with pictures, rhinestones, glitters and foil elements.

A monochromatic manicure in a matte color looks very beautiful and non-trivial, but drawings can make it even more spectacular. Of course, specialists with the skills of drawing on nails can cope with the application of decorative patterns easily, but for those who have not "filled" their hands, special stencils and interesting stickers have been created. They help to create a unique nail design that attracts the most rave reviews from friends and colleagues.

Among the basic directions, origami-style design is especially popular. These are geometric designs, patterns, imitation of animal skins, simple polka dots, mesh or openwork, made in contrasting shades.

French manicure always looks a win-win, it is especially popular as a wedding performance. This type of coating has enjoyed constant popularity for several decades, and not only its classic version is widespread, but also all sorts of tint interpretations.

In practice, there are quite a few ways to design a matte jacket. It looks great as a combination of a pastel foundation with a light smile line, but in recent years, a combination of a matte foundation and a glossy "smile" has been increasingly used. In this case, as a rule, preference is given to dark tones - black, blue, cherry, purple and maroon.

The gradient looks very stylish on nails. Traditionally, it is made glossy, but in a matte finish it is much brighter and more unusual. Ombre is best designed from a lighter tone to a darker one. On elongated nails, this coating option will look very elegant and expensive.

A matte background is often set off with a metallized ribbon, which looks quite impressive to highlight a hole or to design an abstract geometric pattern.

For romantic girls, a light covering of the nail with the tips highlighted with shimmer is suitable.

Nail industry experts also advise using acrylic powder. In order to make such a coating, it is necessary to carry out a set of standard manipulations: apply the base, then the color, and then the top. You do not need to dry it right away, but you should cover it with manicure powder-powder, and only then place your fingers in a manicure lamp. When the top is dry, you should gently sweep away the rest of the powder with a special brush.

Matte dust is used in a similar way. The stages of their application are almost identical, the only difference is that the dust must be applied to an already dried top, or more precisely, to a sticky coating. In this case, the manicure does not differ in durability and comes off rather quickly.

The lunar coverage has been unrivaled for many years. The black matte color applied to the wells of the nail plates looks especially stylish.

A matte manicure can be as variable as a glossy one. This option is optimal if you are bored with traditional classics and want to diversify your appearance. Fortunately, in recent years, quite a lot of decor methods have been invented and any girl will always be able to choose the best design option for the nail plates.

How to do a matte manicure at home

Gloss on nails is a timeless classic. But you always want to add something new, unusual to your manicure. One of the types of coatings that dilute the already boring design is matte.

There are several ways:

  • the use of a top coating with a matte effect;
  • applying steam to remove gloss;
  • use of flour.

What these three options have in common is that the applied varnish must be completely dry in order to achieve the expected effect. Let's deal with each of the methods, highlighting the pros and cons.

Top coverage

The easiest way is to cover your nails with matting varnish. This solution is available for both regular varnishes and gel varnishes. Manufacturers have long been presenting products of different price segments, even in an ordinary household store you can find a varnish with a matting effect.

First, you should apply the top, then cover your nails with varnish in one or two layers.

For gel polish, you must first remove the sticky layer from the nail so that the coating is as matte as possible. If the top has residual stickiness, then it is not necessary to remove it immediately, it is better to wait 3-5 minutes for the nails to cool completely, otherwise there is a risk of getting a cloudy coating.


  • доступно;
  • удобно;
  • не требует временных затрат.


  • не у всех есть специальный лак;
  • возможно их не продают в магазинах вашего города;
  • риск сделать мутное покрытие;
  • гель-лак стоит недёшево.

Применение пара

Самый незатратный способ — использование пара для создания матового покрытия. В таком случае вам понадобится лишь кастрюля с кипящей водой и терпение.

Нанесите на ногти базу, затем один тонкий слой цветного лака, подождите, пока он подсохнет, и нанесите второй слой. Процедуру нужно выполнять поочерёдно для каждого ногтя, чтобы лак не высыхал.

После нанесения второго слоя подержите ногти над паром так, чтобы не обжечься. Держать нужно примерно две минуты, чтобы покрытие успело схватиться и потерять глянец.

На такой маникюр уйдёт гораздо больше времени, нежели просто нанести топовое покрытие с матирующим эффектом.

Чтобы получить нужный эффект, ногти нужно держать над паром не менее 2–3 минут


  • можно сделать без использования дополнительных материалов: только база и цветной лак;
  • выглядит практически так же, как и с использованием матового финиша.


  • занимает много времени;
  • небезопасно;
  • может выглядеть неаккуратно, если быть невнимательным.

Использование муки

Для исполнения этого метода понадобится мука, сито, ёмкость и мягкая кисть для макияжа. Этот метод позволяет сделать матовыми сразу все ногти, поэтому времени уйдёт меньше, чем на предыдущий способ.

  1. Для начала нанесите цветное покрытие.
  2. Далее насыпьте немного муки в ёмкость и наберите средство пушистой, мягкой кистью, стряхнув излишки.
  3. Проведите кистью по ногтю, как бы втирая муку, но не сильно, иначе есть риск испортить покрытие.
  4. После этого опустите ноготь в воду, чтобы комочки муки растворились. Если они остались, аккуратно смахните их кистью, стараясь не повредить покрытие.
  5. Не наносите финишное покрытие, оно сделает покрытие снова глянцевым.


  • не нужно дополнительных средств, необходимое есть в каждом доме;
  • безопасно;
  • достаточно просто.


Последние два способа подходят только для обычных лаков, так как для высыхания гель-лака необходима ультрафиолетовая лампа. Проще и легче приобрести матовый финиш: с ним удобнее работать, он качественно справляется со своей задачей, дополнительно укрепляет ногти, делает покрытие более долговечным.

Видеобонус: как сделать матирующий эффект

Матовое покрытие может сделать каждая девушка. Такое покрытие выглядит сдержанно, но очень стильно и элегантно. Даже в домашних условиях можно создать такой эффект.

Матовый френч

Каждый сезон дизайнеры и мастера ногтевого сервиса предлагают женщинам новинки нейл-дизайна. В последние годы пальму первенства держит маникюр матовый френч. Для создания подобного вам понадобится специальное покрытие, придающее ногтям тот самый матовый эффект.

В данном случае представлен матовый маникюр в двух цветах: черном и бирюзовом. Чтобы повторить его, воспользуйтесь тонкой кистью и бумажными полосками для френча. Наклеив полоску на высушенное нежно-розовое покрытие, тонкой кистью закрасьте половину кончика сначала бирюзовым, а потом черным лаком. Затем просушите под лампой и, покрыв матовым топом, снова высушите под лампой.

Про мифы о снятии гель лака аппаратом

При снятии гель лака аппаратом можно пропилить ноготь до мясаВ принципе можно оставить на ногте бороздку, но для этого мастеру нужно очень «постараться». Дело в том, что, снимая гель лак мастер старается снять только верхнее покрытие – собственно сам гель лак. А под гель лаком есть еще «база». Она и служит для мастера индикатором того, что пора останавливаться.Когда мы спиливаем гель лак, мы спиливаем его ровно до слоя базы, т.е. фреза не работает по ногтю, она контактирует только с искусственным покрытием. Далее мы шлифуем отросшую ногтевую пластину со стороны кутикулы и «подушку» мягким бафом который не уменьшает толщину ногтя. А как известно ноготь состоит из примерно 100 кератиновых пластин. При этом шлифовка пилкой 180 грит снимает 1 -2 слоя пластин. Следовательно, в каком состоянии он был в исходном варианте таким он и остался. В случае с размачиванием нам приходилось бы каждый раз шлифовать ноготь, что конечно не благоприятно для него. Одно дело пройтись бафом один раз, или раз в 2-4 недели, с учетом того что полная смена ногтевой пластины занимает до 6 месяцев, представьте сколько раз нам придется пилить и без того изможденный ноготь. Снятие гель лаком это больно и есть ощущение жженияЕсли вам снимает гель лак нормальный мастер, то этот процесс совершенно безболезненный. Когда я только начинала, и училась снимать гель лак аппаратом, то для того, чтобы прочувствовать что да как, я училась на себе. Основное ощущение, которое будет у вас во время снятия гель лака – это ощущение щекотки. Как будто вас по ногтю кто-то щекочет. Это ничуть не больно. Многим моим клиенткам даже нравится?Когда я первый раз взяла в руки аппарат для маникюра, и мне преподаватель сказал снимать гель лак, я тоже испугалась, что пропилю ноготь, но переборов свой страх сделала первое движение по ногтю. Дальше было легче?

To remove the gel polish with the apparatus, and not to injure the native nail, the master needs to follow some simple rules:

When removing gel polish, the elbow must be fixed, i.e. lie on the table, so as not to make an awkward movement, and thus not to remove the "extra" Remove the gel polish with stroking movements, touching the nail, and moving away from it. In about the same way, our teeth are drilled in the dental clinic. All this is done so that the nail does not overheat and you do not have any unpleasant sensations. Movements should be made only in the direction of travel of the cutter. The manicure machine can rotate both left and right. Accordingly, the master must also choose the direction of movement of the cutter. Otherwise, the cutter will slip off the nail.

Nothing terrible will happen in this case, but there is little good in this. It is important that DIFFERENT cutters should be used for hardware manicure and removing gel polish with the apparatus. If you do a hardware manicure with a cutter for removing gel polish, or vice versa, then nothing good will come of it.

Well, to make it even clearer, here's a short 30 second video showing the process of removing gel polish using an apparatus and a cutter:

Pay attention to how quickly and easily the gel polish is removed. After removing the gel polish, the nail looks completely natural and healthy.

And most importantly, after removing the coating, there is no inflamed cuticle, bruising, or painful sensations on the nail itself, which very often happens when cutting the gel polish with a file. And if you add to this the fact that now there is no need to "soak" your nails in acetone, and scrub them with an iron spatula, then you get beauty in general

After removing the gel polish, the nail looks completely natural and healthy. And most importantly, after removing the coating, there is no inflamed cuticle, bruising, or painful sensations on the nail itself, which very often happens when cutting the gel polish with a file. And if you add to this the fact that now there is no need to "soak" your nails in acetone, and scrub them with an iron spatula, then you get beauty in general

Now the coating with gel polish has passed from the category of smeared - dried, into a whole art. This is the alignment of the nail plate, and the strengthening of nails, the creation of a perfectly flat surface, i.e. strive for correct nail architecture. But at the same time, following all these modern trends, it is absolutely not necessary to sacrifice your nails. The phrase “beauty requires sacrifice” is no longer relevant for nail service. Therefore, creating beauty on your nails is very easy to keep their natural coverage strong and healthy. It is enough just to find a competent manicure master who will not only make a beautiful design, but also competently perform hardware manicure, and remove the gel polish coating just as competently and without any consequences for the nails.

What do you think about removing gel polish with a device?

2 How to make a matte nail polish: home remedies

If you don't have the desire to go to the store and buy a new varnish or gloss mask, you can experiment at home.

Water vapor

It will not be difficult to get water vapor at home - boiled water in a kettle or a saucepan and that's it. We use it to get a matte effect on the nails. Tip - to get an even tone of the coating, do not paint all your nails at once, but prepare 2 - 3 fingers at a time. So the steam will "lie" on them evenly and the coating will be more attractive.

  • Get a manicure, polish your nails thoroughly.
  • Degrease the nail plate.
  • Apply 1 or more coats of varnish to it - until you get the desired color intensity.
  • Next, an important point: without waiting for the varnish to dry, place your nails over the water vapor. You should not lower your hand too low - for a manicure, this factor does not matter, and you can burn yourself.
  • The duration of the procedure is 1 - 2 minutes. Then wait for the varnish to dry naturally.

Such a simple method will make you the owner of a beautiful matte nail polish. At this stage, you can stop, or you can decorate, for example, completing the manicure by applying glossy patterns to match.


If you find starch (potato or corn) at home, feel free to use it for creative experiments.

  • Prepare your nails for applying varnish - complete a manicure, polish and degrease the nail plate.
  • Put some starch in a bowl.
  • Apply a few drops of varnish to the palette and add starch to them. Make sure that the starch does not thicken the varnish, do not add too much of it.
  • Stir until smooth.
  • Apply the resulting product to your nails.
  • The varnish dries naturally.

It should be borne in mind that as a result of manipulation with starch, the shade of the coating becomes lighter.

Experiment not only with the color and shape of the nails, but also the texture of the coating, and then your nails will always be in the mind of fashionistas.

Degreasing agents

The last stage of preparing nails for covering with shilak is degreasing with lint-free napkins soaked in a special agent.

Final processing of the nail is designed to solve the following tasks:

  • degrease the surface;
  • wipe off excess moisture;
  • completely clean the surface from skin or nail particles formed during filing.

On the professional market there are separate solutions and 2 in 1 products - degreasing and dehydration. The second option is used by masters in salons to make a high-quality coated manicure. The best option is to purchase a professional nail polish before shellac. In this case, you can not be afraid for the quality of preparation, ease of application and make a neat shellac at home.

It is best to use napkins made of special non-woven fabric or thin linen. This is a prerequisite for the cleanliness of the nail plates.


A well-treated surface of nails is the key to a beautiful, and most importantly, neat manicure, when the varnish will lie evenly on the surface and the matte effect will be very expressive.

The matte surface immediately attracts attention with its uniqueness, therefore the nails and the hands themselves must be well-groomed, the nails must be of the same shape. And try to keep the nails oval, as on square nails, a matte manicure looks a little rough

After you have prepared your nails, you can move on to solving the question of how to make a beautiful matte manicure at home. You will spend a little time, up to half an hour, the key to success is a dried coating that you will not damage.

Do not forget that you will not be able to use the usual fixer that gives shine, as the matte effect will disappear, so dry the coating thoroughly and for the necessary time.

The advantages of a matte finish include:

  • Simple application of any way.
  • The presence of a variety of and rich palette of colors from different manufacturers.
  • The texture of the matte varnish is quite thick and dense and it contributes to a uniform distribution of the means over the entire surface of the nails.
  • Quickly dries.

The minus of the matte varnish is that he can quickly lose his beauty, because you will not be able to use the fixer. Therefore, if you prefer a matte nail coating, make sure that the hands are less in contact with aggressive substances, too hot water and other factors that contribute to rapidly damage.

Most popular manufacturers of matte varnish:

  • Opi. - High-quality varnishes, quickly dry, have an affordable cost and rich color palette.
  • Orly - Affordable price category, a huge selection of color matte and glossy varnish, excellent texture.
  • LCM Direct. - Some of the most popular varnishes that the company produces large collections with a variety of shades.

What is Shellak, his advantages

Shellac is the name of the most popular product from CND. It was this brand first to invented a semi-liquid, but resistant coating for manicure. It combined ordinary varnish and gel. The composition was kept in the secret for a long time, the company mentioned only about natural resins. Later, gel varnishes appeared on the market from different manufacturers, and the word "shellac" from the name of a particular product turned into a nominal name.

Shellac is often called conventional gel varnishes or manicure itself, in which they were used. Some brands, such as Bluesky, even put the "Shellac" mark on the packaging, but the composition with the original CND does not coincide.

The main advantage is that for strength you do not need to cut a nail plate, replace with another material. Material and without it merges with natural nail. Manicure looks naturally, thick and high bumps are not formed.


Shellac resistance is on average for two weeks, but often it increases to 20-25 days. When compliance with technology, careful application, the use of high-quality materials during this time there should not be cracks, chips, detachments. By the end of wearing, it can only fade the top layer, a small scratching will appear on it over time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Shellaka has many advantages, material comfortable in applying, wearing.


  • Suitable for nails of different lengths and thickness;
  • You can give any shape to the tips;
  • gives space for designs;
  • The coating does not require much time, enough 2 - 3 hours;
  • convenient to use;
  • worn 14 - 20 days;
  • rich palette of shades;
  • makes thin nails thicker, increases strength;
  • The means in the bubble does not dry, does not deteriorate.

What should be a manicure

If there is a desire to perform a shellac at home, automatically the need to pre-make manicure.

Among the variety of technician and approaches to the manicure are distinguished:

  • classic (edged);
  • hardware;
  • European;
  • combined.

For myself, every girl should understand that the classic manicure gives the perfect purity of the cuticle and sinuses, allows you to perfectly clean all the skinny skin cells. It is the most unsafe due to the threat of infection in the blood. The hardware manicure is good because it allows you to treat skin rollers on the sides of the nail plate. Requires special equipment. Often combine hardware and edged manicure.

European manicure is the most gentle. It provides for the softening and removal of only dead cuticle tissue. A “live” cuticle remains on the finger, which frames the nail bed in a thin layer. If necessary, the cuticle is soaked and pushed back from the nail with an orange stick or a special metal spatula. Safe manicure is gaining popularity due to the lack of the ability to injure the fingers. Shellac at home can be applied step by step on any of the described types of manicure.

How to make a matte varnish with improvised means?

In addition to special coatings, which still belong to professional cosmetics, any girl can resort to alternative options for turning a glossy manicure into a matte one with the help of available tools that everyone has at home.

Hot steam

This is the easiest method, but slightly extreme, since hot steam or water can be very scalded. Are you ready to take the risk? Then just hold your hands over the hot steam from the boiling water while the nail polish is still wet. The glossy finish will instantly acquire a beautiful velvety texture; all you have to do is let the varnish dry.

Nail polishing

The finished glossy manicure can be easily turned into the desired matte finish using a regular grinder. You can use a buff or a milling cutter. With their help, remove part of the top coat, gently walking over the nail plate. After processing, wipe your nails with a disinfectant sponge.

Corn or potato starch

A bag of starch can instantly transform a shiny lacquer finish into a fashionable velvety with a sandy effect. This method, like the option described below, is suitable for regular varnish, but not for gel. First, the nails are processed in preparation for manicure procedures, then a base coat is applied. After that, the varnish of the selected shade is mixed with potato or corn starch on a palette or in a suitable container. To begin with, you should take a small amount of varnish, sufficient to apply one or two layers to all nails. A pinch of starch is added to the varnish, thoroughly but quickly mixed and applied to the nails. The substance obtained by mixing should be homogeneous, without lumps.

Baking soda

With the help of baking soda, regular nail polish is easily transformed into a matte finish, although this procedure requires some preparation and will take more time than all described above. You will need: baking soda, a fine sieve, nail polish and base coat, and a very soft bristled makeup brush. The procedure for creating a magical velvet manicure using soda includes the following steps:

  • soda must be sifted, removing all lumps;
  • a base coat is applied to the nails of one hand, let it dry;
  • a glossy varnish is applied over the base without drying;
  • gently, with a brush, smear the liquid varnish with soda;
  • soda is left on the nails for a few seconds for a reaction to occur;
  • the remains of soda are removed with the same brush or rinsed in a bath with water;
  • the procedure is repeated on the other hand.

Step-by-step processing of two hands in turn is needed so that the varnish on the second hand does not have time to dry while you apply baking soda to the nails of the first hand.

If you are satisfied with the result of treating your nails with soda and starch, make a bottle of matte varnish of one or more of your favorite shades for yourself at home. To do this, mix the popped varnish (no more than two-thirds of the liquid should remain in the bottle) with starch and stir well. Let the bottle brew for a day and use as directed. In the same way, you can make a matte transparent glossy finish. Want to experiment with color? Add matte eyeshadow to the starch and stir well to test the resulting shade.

Differences between primer, bondex, and cleanser from each other

Shellac terminology is full of unfamiliar words, the meaning of which a novice manicure master can only guess. At least some of them should be considered. Below is a step-by-step comparison of the three key agents in shellac.

  • The primer is used to prepare the nail for adhesion, but does not adhere anything by itself, but only removes everything unnecessary on the plate. It can be compared to priming the walls under the wallpaper. It restores the pH of the nail plate, cleans everything so that the product lays down as correctly and firmly as possible. The degreasing primer does not require additional drying under an ultraviolet lamp.
  • Bondex is a gel-like substance used to increase the adhesion between the nail plate and shellac. Thanks to this tool, the nails do not flake off, and the artificial material stays on the nail plate for as long as possible. Its action can be compared to double-sided tape, when it tightens both the nail and shellac. Bondex should not be applied to the skin and cuticles, if the drug gets on the fingers, they should be rinsed with running water. These two products (bondex and primer) are often confused.
  • Klinser is a water-alcohol solution with fragrances and oils. Removes the sticky layer at the very end of the gel nail polish at home, the fixer, although it can replace the primer if necessary, since it is a good antiseptic.

These three different manicure products are a must have for any woman who cares for her nails, rather than mindlessly trying to build them up. If possible, you should purchase them of the same brand, for example, Ingarden, Bluesky, so that there is no chemical incompatibility and deterioration of the adhesion. Proper care guarantees healthy nails and beautiful shellac appearance.

Shellac application technique

The process of applying Shellac requires care when performing step-by-step sequential actions. If you do everything without mistakes, then the coverage will delight you for a long time.

You can apply Shellac on any nails (extended, natural or coated with biogel), however, when using it on existing coatings, you should be more careful, as improper actions can lead to shellac peeling.

Shellac application stages

  1. Manicure. The procedure for its implementation is standard: soften the cuticle, move it back, remove excess and give the nail the desired shape.

Pre-treatment of the nail. It is produced with the help of a buff by removing the shine from the nail plate with light, gentle movements.

In no case does the surface of the nail need to be filed off, just light sanding is enough to obtain a matte shade.

Cleaning the nail plates after sanding with a small brush or cotton swab from dust.

Degreasing. The nail plate must be degreased using a special tool - a dehydrator, and in its absence - a disinfectant, alcohol or nail polish remover.

For better adhesion of subsequent layers to the surface of the nail, you can apply a layer of primer over the dehydrator. When choosing a primer, you should pay attention to acid-free formulations.

The next stage is advisory in nature. This is a treatment and strengthening according to the IBX system, which works in a complex way, having a positive effect on the nail plates. Penetrating deep into the structure of the nail, the IBX preparation not only fills in all irregularities and cracks, but also glues exfoliating parts, restoring the structure of the nail plate from the inside.

Basic coverage. Apply the base layer as close to the cuticle as possible, but at the same time not reaching it by 1-2 mm. The base cures for about two minutes in a UV lamp.

Most basecoats do not need to be removed from the sticky layer. We recommend that you carefully read the manufacturer's recommendations for the use of funds before a shellac manicure.

Apply the first coat of Shellac, grasping the edge of the nail, but avoiding the lateral ridges and cuticles. Seal the free edge of the nail with a brush with a small amount of varnish and fix the Shellac under a UV device (about two minutes) or an LED lamp (half a minute is enough).

Cover the nail with a second layer of gel polish, repeating the application algorithm for the first layer.

Apply a top coat, sealing the free edge of the nail and curing for 1-2 minutes, depending on the type of drying agent and device.

Remove the top sticky layer. Carry out a cuticle care procedure using medicated oils.

There are single-phase gel polishes, the application procedure of which is much easier and more suitable for home use. When using a single-phase coating, the manicure will be carried out in the same way as when using three-phase compositions (points 1 to 5).

And the rest of the manicure with a single-phase coating is distinguished by its simplicity: you need to apply one or two layers of varnish, polymerizing each under an ICE or UV device and remove the sticky layer.

See a step-by-step tutorial on how to apply Shellac:

Useful Tips

  • Treat cuticles well, this will ensure an even coating and aesthetics of its shape.
  • Thoroughly degrease the nail plate and side rollers.
  • Do not apply gel polish on all fingers at the same time, start from the thumb and, in order, follow the sequence towards the little finger.
  • When applying shellac to your nails, be careful not to get the product on the cuticles or side ridges.
  • To prevent the gel polish from spreading and be without streaks, you must strictly follow the technique of its application and not violate the sequence of overlaying layers.
  • Beware of getting your fingers wet for 2 hours after a manicure.
  • Rest your nails between shellac treatments, and treat them with IBX or other treatments in between.

If you want to use Shellac on your own, then you should purchase a UV lamp or LED curing machine, tools, gel polishes, learn the technology for applying this coating and professional tricks. Doing everything right, you will definitely enjoy the beauty and strength of your marigolds.

Acrylic Powder

Allows you to get not only the desired effect, the created structure will be rough, like velvet fabric. This method will help to hide the irregularities of the plate, but unfortunately it will not take long to admire such a manicure, due to the lack of a finishing agent at the last stage. You also need to choose a material without glitters, and the color palette of acrylic does not limit decor ideas. The technology is as follows:

  • the base is applied and dried;
  • then a turn of helium coating, preferably in 2 layers, each is fixed in the lamp separately;
  • distribute top varnish, gently evenly distribute acrylic powder with a fan brush, if you want to get a deep shade, choose a colored powder accordingly, ordinary white will help to muffle shellac;
  • when all the marigolds are processed in this way, you can send them to the lamp for fixation, 3-5 minutes are enough;
  • then walk with a clean brush, removing excess acrylic material.

We decorate shellac with patterns

For a change, you can decorate shellac with patterns and drawings.

This pattern looks good on contrasting varnish colors.

To make such a drawing, follow these steps:

  1. Apply the base to the prepared nails and dry it under a UV lamp.
  2. We choose a base varnish, for example, pink, and apply it to the nails.
  3. Dry for 2 minutes.
  4. If necessary, apply a second layer and dry it.
  5. We paint a deep jacket with white varnish and dry it.
  6. With the help of dots, we apply multi-colored dots to the coating.

  7. Dry them under a lamp for 1 minute.
  8. Apply a top coat.
  9. Remove the sticky layer.

Lace pattern on nails is very popular lately. It is done over a base coat dried under a lamp, for example, beige. For decoration, use a very thin brush of size 0 or 00 and dots. Lace is painted with white shellac on all nails or only on the ring finger. On the rest of the nails, you can perform a simple jacket. The applied pattern is dried under a lamp for 1 minute and a top is applied, which must also be dried. You can decorate your manicure with rhinestones.

Lace patterns are especially popular with brides

matte shellacRelatively recently, regular clients of beauty salons have tested a new development on themselves - a resistant varnish, also known as gel polish or Shellac.

Its distinctive features, such as a long wear period and the ability to quickly grow its own marigolds under the coating, instantly made it popular among women.

Gel polish has become fashionable, as have various options its design ... One of the most popular is matte manicure - when the covering of the marigold is devoid of its characteristic velvet sheen. You will learn about what matte Shellac is, how to make it at home and how to decorate it additionally, from this article.

Features of matte shellac

matte moon shellacIn order to understand what is matte gel polish , let's briefly analyze the basic procedure for applying gel polish to nails. The standard scheme looks like this.

Preparing the nail for applying the first layer of the system - degreasing and processing with a primer, which improves the adhesion of the material to the nail plate; then base coat application, lamp drying (it is important to remember that gel polish does not dry in air, only in a UV or hybrid lamp!); applying directly color gel polish in several layers, to obtain the desired pigmentation and coating density, and at the end - application of the finishing coat - top .

Regular top for gel polish gives long-lasting glossy shine for several weeks, and protects the coating from minor damage. The idea of ​​a matte manicure is the absence of shine on the nail plate, the coating with this design option is really matte, velvety.

Matte manicure more resistant, but has one unpleasant feature - on light shades of gel polish, the matte coating quickly gets dirty.

Even with the first experience of wearing such a design, a girl may be surprised by the rough surface of a marigold, this is not familiar to everyone and sometimes causes certain psychological discomfort.

In general, matte "Shellac" rightfully holds one of the leading positions among the design of marigolds. Such a manicure looks expensive, looks great with dark shades of varnish, is suitable for office workers, and at the same time remains in trend for a long time. If you have never tried such a manicure before, you are sure that after the first experience you will truly love it.

How to make matte shellac: all the ways

matte shellac manicureNow let's move on to the most interesting part. Let's talk about how to make a matte manicure easy and hassle-free. These methods are suitable for both nail masters and girls who do gel polish on their own.

Total options to achieve a matte finish, there is three : special matte top; sawdust the glossy top with a buff or a file with soft abrasiveness and the use of acrylic powder.

The last option simplest in performance, and gives not just a matte finish, but the effect of real velvet on the nails. Hence its second name - "velvet manicure", or "velvet sand".

Matte topThe easiest way to get a matte finish is to use special top. The best manufacturers are KODI and Masura, the top coatings of the E.MI and Canni line have also proven themselves positively. The usual budget Bluesky, despite the loud promises of the manufacturer, still gives a satin finish, which cannot be called truly matte with full confidence.

The greatest love among the masters was the technique of performing a matte manicure using acrylic powder. Why? You will find out by reading the section below.

Home techniques

Now let's take a closer look at each of the described methods, starting with the easiest.

Matte Shellac with buff

matte shellac with buffIn order to do using buff a matte manicure, you will need the buff itself - if you already have a finish on the nails and a glossy top is applied. Buff - a file in the shape of a rectangle with a soft abrasiveness, designed to remove shine from natural nails. Sold in any nail shop.

If the cover is ready, you only need remove the shine from the top with a buff. This is done with light movements, in the direction from the cuticle to the free edge of the nail.

You do not need to be very zealous to get the desired result, it is enough to lightly go over the surface of the top with a nail file.

Cutting too hard will not only remove the gloss from the final coat, but also damage the gel polish itself.

Disadvantage of the method: time-consuming, it is easy to damage the coating itself.

Matte manicure with acrylic powder

Matte manicure with acrylic powder heartThe ideal method, according to the author's preconceived opinion. For it, you will need any transparent acrylic powder, even a Chinese one from AliExpress for 50 rubles. The jar lasts for a very long time, the consumption is economical.

Follow the standard steps for applying gel polish:

  • degrease the nail, cover with a primer;
  • apply the base in a thin layer, cure in a lamp for 1 to 3 minutes (1 minute for hybrid and LED lamps, 3 minutes - in a 36 W UV lamp);
  • without removing the sticky layer from the base, apply the first layer of gel polish and dry;
  • apply the required amount of gel polish on the nails, remembering to seal the end of the nail, dry each layer;
  • apply a regular top with a sticky layer, and - ATTENTION! , - do not dry it.

applying acrylic powder to shellacNow, in fact, herself application technology acrylic powder on top. Open the jar and grab a pusher or tips, something you can use to scoop up the right amount of acrylic powder. Place your finger over the jar to avoid wasting acrylic.

Sprinkle a generous amount of powder over the nail, repeat with all fingers of one hand. Send the marigolds to the lamp for 1-3 minutes. Brush off the rest of the powder - either a regular brush for makeup or a fan brush for nail design will do. All! Your matte design is ready.

An even easier way to use acrylic is simply dip a nail into acrylic powder, making sure that the entire surface is evenly covered with powder.

We do the same with the second hand. The perfect velvet manicure is ready! It works the first time even for beginners.

Matte Shellac with Matte Top

Matte top applicationUsing this method even easier. For it, you need a special matte finish instead of the usual top coat. You can buy it in any store with materials for nails and nail designs. It is better to buy a high-quality top coating, as it will not cause you problems and will be resistant to wear. The ideal option is KODI.

We carry out all the steps for applying gel polish, at the end instead of the usual top apply matte ... Dry thoroughly in the lamp - from 1 to 4 minutes (1 minute for hybrid and LED, 4 minutes for 36 W UV lamps). Remove the sticky layer, and voila! Matte manicure is ready.

As you can see, nothing complicated.

Pattern and Design Ideas for Matte Shellac

If desired and with the necessary tools and materials, matte marigolds can be additionally decorate ... The following techniques work well to create a spectacular manicure: Matte manicure with acrylic powder blue

  • monograms (made with acrylic or gel paint);
  • casting (it will require a special foil);
  • decoration with rhinestones;
  • stamping (insane variety of patterns, for a matte finish it is better to use acrylic paints for stamping);
  • liquid stones.

Not compatible with matte manicure sliders - they must be applied under a glossy top coat. You should also give up mirror rubbing and "broken glass".

Otherwise, you should include imagination and create! Although the advantage of matte gel polish is definitely the fact that even without additional decorations it looks insanely stylish and aesthetically pleasing.

acrylic powder manicure

Matte manicure with acrylic powder options

Matte manicure with acrylic powder ideas

Matte manicure design

Matte manicure ideas

Matte manicure pink and blue

Matte manicure with a pattern

Matte manicure blue ideas

Matte dark manicure

matte shellac geometry

Brushed shellac design

Matte shellac drawing ideas

matte shellac ideas

The nail industry last year introduced the world to a new type of manicure with a matte surface. The design quickly gained popularity, the fashion for matte manicure is rapidly gaining momentum.

The unusual satin finish of the gel polish looks incredibly delicate and looks beautiful on both short and long nails. It is not so difficult to make a velvety coating; you only need special materials and tools.

Pros of matte nail texture

The huge popularity of matte manicure is due to a number of advantages:

• Compatibility with any image and wardrobe (suitable for all without exception). • Easy to apply patterns (monograms, stripes, dots do not spread). • Long-lasting (2-3 weeks). • Possibility of combining glossy and matte motifs in design. • Nails pleasant to the touch. • The technique is applicable to any color. • Owners of a matte manicure are always in trend.

Interesting fact : on a matte finish, you can paint not only with professional gel paints or stamping. It is acceptable to use the tools at hand, such as a gel pen or marker.

Cons of unconventional coverage

Matte manicure has only one, but quite a significant disadvantage. The manicurist always warns the client that such a coating gets dirty. With prolonged wear of light shades of varnishes, the marigolds darken and acquire the effect of a gray bloom. Therefore, it is preferable to use a matte top in dark colors.

Required materials and tools

To create an attractive and trendy matte manicure, you need to have the following tools:

  1. UV or LED lamp for UV gel polish curing (minimum power 36 W).
  2. Base coat, color gel polish.
  3. Matte top.
  4. Manicure accessories (nippers, scissors, pusher, nail files, orange stick).
  5. Liquids for dehydration, degreasing and dispersion removal.
  6. Lint-free napkins.
  7. Cuticle oil.

How to choose a quality matte top?

The acquisition of a top finish for a matte manicure should be taken very seriously. The final result will depend on its properties. Unfortunately, not all brands represent quality products. When choosing a top, you need to pay attention to how it fits on the nail. If the product does not stretch well over the surface of the nail plate or lays down with bald spots, such a finish is not worth buying.

It is important to know! The texture of the matte top should be thick and pliable, the color should be slightly opaque. The brush should pick up and hold a large drop, the consistency cannot be very thin.

Matte coating stages

To achieve the desired result, when creating a manicure, you must strictly adhere to the following steps:

1. Hygienic preparation of the nail plate.

Before the main painting procedure, you must first shape the nails and clean them. It is imperative to remove the cuticle and polish well the edges of the plate near the matrix. Most often, fatty impregnation remains in this zone, which will prevent the gel polish from adhering well to the nail. Next, the plate must be carefully polished with a fine-grained buff so as not to damage or disrupt the structure of the nail.

2. Application of gel polish.

Dry prepared nails must be wiped with a lint-free cloth soaked in a degreasing liquid. This will dry the plate and give the future coating a good adhesion. In the absence of lint-free wipes, you can use ordinary cotton wool, but in this case, you need to wipe the nail in only one direction - from the base to the tip, so that the pile bristles as little as possible.

The base is applied in one thin layer. You should evenly distribute the product with a brush, first from the middle of the nail to the tip, then from beginning to end. So the coating will be easily leveled and there will be no hump at the base. The base does not have to be dyed very close to the cuticle - this does not affect the quality of the socks. The first layer is dried in a UV lamp for 2 minutes, in ICE - 30 seconds.

The colored coating is applied in 2 layers, each is dried in a lamp. The first layer should be thin, it also does not have to be brought very close to the cuticle. The second can be made thicker and as close to the skin as possible, but care must be taken that the varnish does not flow under the cuticle. Otherwise, the manicure will turn out to be sloppy.

On a note. If the color of the gel polish turns out to be unsaturated in 2 layers, a three-time coating is allowed. This does not affect the functional features of the manicure, and brightness and contrast will be added.

3. Stage of covering with a matte top.

The final layer is made with a matte finish in one layer and cured in an ultraviolet lamp. It is better to shake the bottle before using the product. After drying, the dispersed layer is removed with a liquid to remove stickiness. If the top has satin properties, the finish is pleasant and velvety to the touch. The final touch of a manicure is to moisturize the cuticle with oil.

Other ways to achieve a similar matte effect

What if there is no matte finish available, but you want to get just such a surface of the nails? Salon masters use several options to achieve a similar result. To this end, you can:

  • Cover the nails with a glossy top and walk over the plates with a polishing file in different directions. It is better to use a buff with a spraying abrasiveness of 400 * 400 grit.

  • Use clear acrylic powder. To do this, powder is poured onto the glossy undried top, the excess is shaken off. With this option, it is necessary to dry the marigolds in a lamp not 2, but 4 minutes. The finish will not be as smooth as with a matte top, but a little rough.

How to remove matte varnish?

Removal of the coating is carried out in the same way as usual. You can cut it with a file, a milling cutter or dissolve for a while with a gel polish remover. The dissolution method is considered to be more gentle, while the plate is not damaged.

Professional secret. To hasten the process of removing the manicure, you can cut off the top layer of the top, then apply cotton wool soaked in the remover. This will dissolve the old coating faster.

Design features with matte top

The velvety coating of nails allows you to show your imagination and bring your wildest whims to life. Here you can apply sequins, rhinestones and all kinds of glitters.

A very contrasting combination of matte effect with gloss is obtained.

Sometimes special tape, strips or a brush are used for this. The necessary elements are drawn on top of the matte finish.

The "invisible jacket" is especially beautiful. To do this, a glossy top is applied to the tips of the nails.

Fashion trends

World nail studios develop thousands of designs, but avid lovers of new products still predetermine some of the rules and canons of manicure fashion.

Shades of ripe cherries or burgundy tones combined with gold and silver are considered consistently refined and modern. Shimmery sequins and Christmas motifs are popular on the nails for the New Year holidays.

The black color on the nails remains unchanged in the trend. The symbiosis of white and black is a sign of adherence to the classics, which always remains in demand among clients.

The "nude" style in manicure has confidently booked its place in the popularity rating for several years. It emphasizes the femininity and tenderness of its owner.

Tapered metal elements on nails are now used not only by designers and their models on the catwalks. With the advent of matte manicure technologies, any girl can express such a decisive challenge to fashion.

Matte manicure has appeared relatively recently, it allows you to introduce the most daring desires to give your hands an even more well-groomed look. This coating is a great way to express your own personality, and it is not difficult to make it.

Hands can be called the hallmark of every woman. To make your nails not just neat, but also look stylish, you have to follow fashion trends. In 2018, most fashionable manicure designs involve gel polish on nails. You can effectively highlight your manicure with a matte finish. To do this, you do not have to visit the salon and lay out a decent amount. You can make matte marigolds at home with your own hands, if you know the peculiarity of the procedure.

Beautiful matte manicure

Beautiful matte manicure

Using a matte top

The easiest and fastest way to make a matte gel polish manicure is to purchase a matte top coat. This tool is of several types. It allows you to imitate satin with a slight sheen or velvet, rough to the touch. The matte top for gel polish is produced by many famous companies such as OPI and Masura.

Dark matte manicure

Dark matte manicure

Before carrying out the procedure, it is necessary to prepare all tools and consumables:

Author's matte manicure

Author's matte manicure

The creation of matte marigolds occurs using standard technology:

Removing the cover by cutting

Pre-treatment of nails

  1. Nail treatment. It includes pushing back the cuticle, removing its lower layer (pterygium), polishing with a buff. If necessary, you need to remove the length a little. A matte manicure will look good not only on long but also on short nails.
  2. Degreasing. Without this stage, the gel polish will not be able to stay on the nails for a long time.
  3. Base coat application. It needs to be distributed over the entire surface of each nail, moving from the center. The base on the nails is dried for about 1 min. in an LED lamp and about 2 min. in a UV lamp.
  4. Application of gel polish in two layers. Each layer is polymerized under the lamp, the excess is removed with an orange stick.
  5. Using a matte top. It is applied and dried in the same way as a standard top coat. It is imperative to remove the sticky layer.
  6. Smear the area around the nails with cuticle oil.
Base application

Base application

The procedure for creating a matte manicure based on gel polish can be seen in the video.

Grinder application

A slightly longer way to make gel polish matte is to use a grinder. Its degree of abrasiveness should be in the range of 180-220. Working with the tool takes a little practice.

You need to dry the coating well

You need to dry the coating well

The process of creating a manicure should follow the standard scenario: base-gel-varnish-top. After removing the stickiness from the top, use a grinder. Use the tool to get rid of the shine. However, do not rub for too long. If you accidentally remove the top coat, you can significantly reduce the duration of wearing a manicure.

Advice! To reduce the risk of cutting the top coat, it is recommended to apply it in two coats.

Create a velvety effect

A matte manicure can be obtained using acrylic powder. First you need to cover the nails with a base, and after drying - with a gel polish of the selected color. Then a top is applied to the nails and immediately, without drying, a transparent acrylic powder is sprinkled on top. It is recommended to use a fan brush for this.

Velvety effect

Velvety effect

When the acrylic powder has covered all the nails, place your hand under a UV lamp to cure. After complete drying, excess powder must be removed with a brush. The resulting manicure will have a velvety effect.

Using colored dust

You can make a matte manicure at home without using colored gel polish using matte dust. First you need to apply the base, dry it, then spread the nails with a top coat, dry it and apply colored dust on top with a brush. Excess dust is brushed off with a dry brush.

Powder for rubbing

Powder for rubbing

To get a rich shade, you should mix a few drops of topcoat and colored dust, apply the mixture over the base. After that, the nails are dried and covered with a top. At the final stage, rub in another layer of dust.

Applying a matte top for regular varnish

You can make a matte manicure with gel polish using a product designed for ordinary varnishes. First you need to apply the base, color coat and top, and then remove the stickiness and apply a matte varnish coat. In a few minutes, a beautiful manicure will be ready.

Color Trends 2018

A matte finish looks best in bright colors. The undisputed leader of 2018 is blue and all its shades: turquoise, blue, heavenly and others. It looks spectacular on the nails in a dark blue, almost black color. You can apply matte blue gel polish on both long and short nails.

Fashion trends in manicure

Fashion trends in manicure

The color red does not lose its high positions either. According to experts, he will always be at the height of fashion. If a girl does not like the traditional red color, she can choose one of its many shades: carrot, wine, burgundy or other.

The classic black color on the nails looks stylish and confident. Visually, a matte black manicure looks like velvet. He is able to emphasize the sophistication of its owner.

Fashionable black manicure

Fashionable black manicure

Lovers of pastel colors can paint their nails with gray, beige, light lilac or cream gel polish. Monochrome matte gel polish design will create a discreet image of a successful and self-confident woman. An interesting version of a matte beige manicure on short nails can be seen in the photo.

Decor on matte nails

Patterns, ornaments and designs on the nails allow you to show your individuality. Any images on the nails can be done by hand. For this, both professional and handy tools are used: stencils, tape, toothpicks, hairpins, brushes, needles and more.

Necessary tools for manicure

Necessary tools for manicure

Mixing gloss and matte elements on the nails looks stylish. The woman herself can choose whether to make a matte color as a background or to depict a drawing with it.

White or black color on nails can serve as an excellent backdrop for various bright patterns and designs. Matte black manicure with a 3D effect will look original. Matte black gel polish for short nails is recommended for girls who want to move away from boredom and banality, to emphasize the beautiful shape of the nails. But do not be limited to black and white, mixing bright colors in three-dimensional drawings looks very positive.

Today, the trend is the decor in the form of lace. It looks refined, elegant and unusual, especially if it is made with black or white lacquer. In addition to lace, you can implement a gradient on your nails, the effect of foil, broken glass, water drops or marble. An unusual design of a matte manicure is shown in the photo.

Choosing a varnish

Using a quality gel polish

The abundance of decor on the nails can look bulky and tasteless. To avoid this, not all nails can be decorated. Laconic patterns and drawings in a minimalistic style look restrained and elegant. A few hearts or stripes, a twig or flower on the nails will add a piquant zest to any look.

The choice of a manicure design mainly depends on personal preferences, the created image, mood. However, fashion dictates its own rules. To look stylish and modern, you have to listen to modern trends. At the peak of fashion in 2018 - matte manicure.

We make a manicure with gel polish

How to make a matte gel polish manicure?

How to make a matte gel polish manicure?

Gloss on nails is recognized as an insufficiently expensive and luxurious way to decorate them. Today, a matte coating devoid of excess shine is in fashion, resembling velvet or suede in texture, and sometimes completely similar to river sand or eggs of rare fish. Moreover, designers advise to apply the original coating on gel forms. , allowing to ensure the greatest visual appeal of the entire decor. But is it possible to make a matte gel polish manicure on your own or with the help of a master? This application technique has its own application characteristics. How to properly apply a top with a matte effect at home and what are the rules for securing the result - all these points require the most careful consideration.

Features and benefits of coating

The desire to make gel polish matte today is expressed not only by leading stylists, but also by women of fashion who want to follow the most current trends. However, if the gloss easily hides many of the "flaws" of an inexperienced master, a base for a manicure without excess shine requires more thorough preparation. Irregularities in the nail plate can be corrected with the correct color and texture of the composition. In addition, it is imperative to carefully monitor the quality of the work, otherwise there will be no need to talk about the durability of the coating.

The selection of colors is also considered an unspoken rule. For summer, they choose sunny sandy, natural and light colors. In autumn and winter, deep, rich shades are appropriate. In the spring, the flower range reigns supreme.

Among the obvious advantages of a matte gel polish-based manicure are:

  • original design solution;
  • a wide selection of additional decorative elements;
  • wide range of colors;
  • easy application without effort;
  • high resistance to mechanical damage, subject to technology.

How to prepare the nail plate

When deciding to do nails using gel polish, it is very important to make sure that they will really be ready for a change. Careful grooming is not everything. It is very important to remove the cuticle in a timely manner so that it does not interfere with the formation of the decorative coating. In addition, it is imperative to pre-process the nail edge to give the desired shape. The surface of the plate is treated with a buff, degreased with a special primer. This completes the preparation for the formation of a matte coating.

Features of applying the top

If a matte finish is formed for the first time, then it would be more correct to follow a certain sequence of actions already developed by the masters.

  • Ultrabond is applied to the degreased and sanded nail plate.
  • The base is laid over it, sealing the edge. All applied layers are dried.
  • Gel polish is applied to the surface with mandatory distribution to the end. Undergoes polymerization.
  • After the curing process is completed, one or two coats of decorative varnish are applied. The number of layers depends on the density of the coating.
  • Applying a matte top. It is evenly distributed over the surface of the nail, dried under a lamp. To add a little playfulness to the decor, drawing a glossy line with a finishing gel of the usual type helps.
  • After the final drying cycle, the resulting coating is carefully processed, including at the junction of the cuticle.

The gel polish holds, if all the steps were carried out correctly, up to 4 weeks, without requiring renewal, while maintaining the given texture.

Original design at home

How to make a unique matte gel polish manicure at home? The first thing you should pay attention to is stamping or placement of stamps. On a light surface, contrasting dark patterns look very expressive and allow you to achieve a fashionable effect even for those who have no artistic skills. The matte jacket looks no less original, especially in combination with the tips of the nails in metallic shades. Suitable for use in combination with a matte base and moon manicure - it is often done with different textures, but mainly in nude shades, emphasizing the depth of the main color.

Deep black, blue, purple, wine matte finish - an ideal field for fashionable experiments with manicure. Here you can use manicure tape to create stripes, stencil paper. Mixing a glossy and matte top with an ombre transition to the tip of the nail looks no less impressive. The gradient is created using a special brush, by mixing shades on the palette. For the greatest effect, the coating is not used on all five fingers, but on one or two nails, combined with monochrome solutions.

What color should I choose for a matte effect?

To make the matte finish of the gel polish look the most impressive, you should pay attention to the current fashion trends in this area. Among the most impressive design delights here are deep blacks and dazzling whites. They allow you to successfully experiment with the implementation of the most daring design fantasies, and also mask the flaws of the coating quite well. Another favorite is the ultramarine color - from Prussian blue to cornflowers. The owner of fair skin suits the lightness of a turquoise hue.

The matte effect also looks great in combination with rich dessert, spicy and wine shades. Noble burgundy, mocha and chocolate, tones of cinnamon or saffron look incredibly impressive in this embodiment, they are very suitable for those with a sultry appearance and dark skin. For Scandinavian blondes, experiments with matte tops are also quite affordable - they are encouraged to try on themselves the shine of diamonds and the sunny color scheme of shades used to decorate the nail plate.

How to turn a glossy finish to a matte finish

Making a fashionable matte finish out of glossy gel polish is not difficult if you choose the right consumables. The simplest solution is to use abrasive grinding. The coating is applied in the classical way, after which, after removing the sticky layer, its surface is processed with a file 180-220. In this way, excessive gloss is eliminated. And in order not to risk durability, the topcoat can be applied in two layers.

An equally popular solution to achieve a matte effect is to use a special acrylic powder. It does not have its own color, but gives a velvety effect to the finished coating. Apply the composition over a dry top using a fan brush. Excess powder is removed after polymerization, leaving no residue. Moreover, the result obtained even at home will be very impressive.

Can I use regular varnish?

The use of gel polish in combination with an ordinary varnish coating and an original matte top is quite acceptable if all the necessary requirements and rules are met. The procedure in this case will be as follows:

  1. applying a colored coating to the nail plate, formed using gel polish;
  2. fixing the selected color coating with a top composition;
  3. removing the remaining stickiness;
  4. application of a matte top designed for classic varnish.

Modern trends in the field of nail design allow you to achieve a salon effect even when using budget funds. If there is no way to buy a matte varnish, you should try to make it yourself. To do this, the nail is covered with a base, then a mixture of varnish and corn starch is applied to it (the color will turn out lighter). After hardening, the coating will acquire the desired matt finish. But experimenting with a steam bath is not recommended - the durability of the result will be low. In addition, in this case, there are high risks of skin burns.

It is no coincidence that the original and spectacular matte manicure was at the peak of popularity. It provides a high level of durability due to the use of gel polish as a base, it looks incredibly impressive without significant effort. A variety of textures, depth of color, and unusual design solutions - this is what absolutely every modern fashionista who decides to try on herself the current trends in the field of nail design can get.

How to make a matte manicure, see the video below.

Green matte manicure

Fashionable design of bright matte manicure

Not so long ago, beauty salons began to offer their clients gel polish, or as it is also called, Shellac. Many girls have already tried it. Its positive aspects: durability, the ability to grow nails under the coating. This made manicure popular. Gel polish not only became fashionable, but many variations of it appeared. Matte nails are the most popular shellac option. They are distinguished by the absence of the usual shine. Read below how to make matte shellac at home and how to add some extra embellishments to it.

There are nuances when working with shellac. A matte shade emphasizes the flaws and imperfections of the nail, if any. Therefore, you need to choose the color that suits the girl perfectly. The application technology requires strict adherence so that a marriage does not occur. Otherwise, the manicure will be irreparably damaged.

Blue nail manicure

Advantages of a matte finish:

  1. ample opportunities to choose the method of additional decorating manicure
  2. large color palette - from glitter varnish to silky shades;
  3. application to the nails without special tools.

Negative sides:

  • capricious coverage;
  • the complexity of correcting the marriage - therefore you need to carefully apply matte shellac, because sometimes it is impossible to correct the error.

Additional Information! Matte gel polish is more resistant to wear and tear. But light matte tones have an unpleasant drawback - the coating tends to get dirty quickly.

Exemplary matte finish

Step-by-step description of how to make a matte manicure with gel polish:

  1. Training. The cuticle is removed and the nail is reshaped. Degrease the nails so that the coating adheres securely. For this, a primer is used.
  2. Ultrabond is applied.
  3. Base. The base coat is applied in a thin layer. The edges of the nail plate are sealed. Allow time for the coating to dry.
  4. Apply gel polish. The color you like is applied to the nails. For thin coatings, apply 2 coats. Then the decor is made and the manicure is dried under a UV lamp.
  5. Completion. The sticky layer is removed, the cuticle is treated.

The first experience will surprise not only the girl, but also her environment. Rough manicure looks unusual. Sometimes it even makes the girl uncomfortable. Didn't you have such an experience? You need to try and the first time you will love the matte gel polish.

Additional Information! Matte shellac has already taken the lead. It has an expensive look, looks great in formal business style. For these reasons, this type of manicure is popular with office workers.

Alternative options

Methods of how to make gel polish matte with the use of additional tools are considered.

  1. Grinding. A non-standard way, requires skills. The gel polish is applied in the usual way. Then sand the shiny coating in the right place. The top is not touched. An abrasive of about 300 grit is suitable for work. In order not to damage the top, it can be laid in 2 layers.
  2. Acrylic Powder. Apply gel polish and then top that doesn't need to dry. Acrylic powder is sprinkled on it. It is advisable to fan the nails with powder. Then the marigolds are dried under a UV lamp. Excess powder can be brushed off - it will not stick in any way.
  3. Matte dust. You will have to purchase it additionally. The method is similar to applying acrylic powder, only matte dust is applied with a brush directly to the top, even gel polish can not be used. After applying matte dust, the nails dry out under a UV lamp.

More options for creating a matte shade

Burgundy manicure

Using a matte top. Apply the base, then the finish with the desired color, and then the matte top.

  • Finished matt varnish. Beauty shops sell a large number of ready-made gel polish with a matte shade. Professionals advise to fix the gel polish with a top - this way the coating will last longer.
  • Corn starch. The base is applied, but the matte finish is created by mixing varnish with a small amount of starch. The finished mixture is applied to the nails.
  • Steam bath. Its minus - water and high temperature affect the coating. As a result, it loses its stamina. The applied top is placed in a steam bath. A few minutes are enough - after drying, the coating will become dull.

Note! The use of a steam bath will worsen the durability of the coating - it will deteriorate faster. This radical method is used only as an experiment.

The presented options for creating a matte texture will allow you to get out in situations where the necessary tools or materials are not available. Some will like it, some will not - every girl will find the perfect way for herself to create a matte finish. This is not to say that you have to use a steam bath every time, or use cornstarch. These methods are radical.

Who are matte nails for?

Matte shellac will suit any girl. But the point is how to wear it: matte shellac can be plain or decorated with additional decor. Serve as decorations:

  • glossy texture;
  • shades of different colors;
  • rhinestones, patterns.

How to apply the decor depends on the event for which matte shellac is used.

For everyday use, the choice of discreet colors of gel polish and the absence of additional decorations, or their simple design, are suitable. This is how they create a manicure for any occasion for any style of clothing. In addition, it will last more than 3 weeks.

Additional Information! For greater restraint, it is advisable to decorate only a few marigolds.

Dark tones of matte shellac look better in the cold season. They are perfect for girls with pale skin who like to wear leather or fur. In summer, a light coating looks more harmonious.

Decor options

If there is a doing and opportunity, then matte nails are additionally decorated. Techniques are suitable for this:

  1. monograms - with acrylic;
  2. casting - using foil;
  3. rhinestones;
  4. stamping - many patterns that are applied with acrylic paint;
  5. liquid stone.

Note! Sliders cannot be applied to matte manicure - they are used only with gloss. The same goes for broken glass.

Even without additional decor, matte manicure looks stylish. At the same time, the girl looks strict, just what is needed in an official business style. During parties, this will emphasize the seriousness of the girl. Matte shellac is easy to apply, several techniques are possible. Even with a glossy varnish, they create a matte finish.

Photo of covering nails with matte gel polish

More photos on the link: Matte gel polish photo.

Master class video

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