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Well, all the same, I wanted to ask, that's how your devices will react if a fake will work with a stronger signal in proximity?

normally work

as an option from modem overheating)

AT ^ SYSCFGEX = "00", 3fffffff, 2,4,7fffffffffffffff ,, - Automatically.

AT ^ SYSCFGEX = "02", 3fffffff, 2,4,7fffffffffffffff ,, - 3G only.

AT ^ syscfgex = "02", 400000,2,4,7ffffffffffffffffffff ,, 3G (2100 MHz)

AT ^ syscfgex = "02", 2000000000000,2,4,40 ,, 3G (900 MHz)


AT ^ syscfgex = "0302", 3ffffffFF, 1,2,7ffffffffffffffffff ,, - 4G / 3G.

It consistently works when the settings coincide with the BS frequencies if the station is loaded, only an antenna with a modem setting to another BS will help

Not suitable for all models. You can use this method and, if something fails, refer to the Yandex search engine, indicating your model in the query.

Why do you need unlock? If you have a modem from the operator (which is most popular), the modem is sewn under the sims of this operator, which does not make it possible to use SIM cards from other operators.

What is needed by changing IMEI? If you have a tariff in SIM card only for a phone, then you will not be able to use Sims in a modem for distribution, and if you change the IMEI modem on the IMEI phone (not needed), then you can use the Internet on the modem, even if you have a phone number!

Unlocking the Huawei modem:

For unlocking you need:

  1. Go to website , enter IMEI modem and click on "CALC"
  2. Insert a modem with a different operator to a computer and enter the code. "V1 CODE" or "V2 Code" In a pop-up window!
Calculator screenshot
Calculator screenshot

After this procedure, you will no longer need to enter the code further.

Imei change:

For shifts you need:

  1. Download and install the DC-Unlocker program ( Ya.Disk )
  2. Insert a modem with SIM card into your computer and run the DC-Unlocker program, you must click on the magnifying glass icon to determine the modem
  3. As we see, the modem was determined at the bottom, without explicit design, there is a place to enter commands (under "================")
How to unlock the Huawei modem and change IMEI?

4. Now you need to enter the command AT ^ CIMEI = "IMEI "where IMEI - IMEI devices that you will not use, TC, if the phone and modem will work simultaneously in the same operator network, then the device is locked (from the operator).

If you have "OK", everyone has passed successfully!

How to unlock the Huawei modem and change IMEI?

Do you have any problems? Something went wrong? Write in the comments, I will try to answer everyone!

The network offers many ways to change IMEI on the modem to expand its capabilities and use the services of another operator. Most of the Pestrite instructions are complex terms and codes, which scares newcomers and makes them abandon them. In practice, the change of IMEI on the modem takes a minimum of time and does not require any special knowledge from the artist in programming.

How to change IMEI on Modem: Simple Instruction

Note that IMEI is a unique number consisting of 15 digits. It is provided for phones, USB modems and other devices. The presence of such a code allows the sim card to recognize the type of equipment and decide on the possibility of "cooperation". Simple words, this is an individual identifier of the device for which it can be found.

Now consider how to change the IMEI modem on the example of the product from Huaway. If you do work on given items, it will not be possible to change the individual code. The instruction is given for the E3372 model, but it can be used for other Huaway devices.

To change IMEI, make these steps:

  • Load the archive with the necessary programs to change IMEI on the modem. The software can be signed separately on the Internet or download Code from archive - 123.
  • Temporarily disconnect the antivirus if it is swearing to the Huawei Calculator.exe executive file. Without it, changing the module is impossible. Anti-virus reaction is clear, because it is a keygen file to which such software always reacts painfully.
  • Unpack the archive.
  • Install the SIM card in a USB modem, and insert the device itself into a laptop or computer. Here you can use any of the options.
  • Run the DC-unlocker.exe executive file. Before changing them on the modem, determine it by pressing the button of the same name. The program displays a USB-modem of the device and all data on it.
  • Find IMEI of your equipment. Highlight it and copy it in exchange.
  • Run Huawei Calculator.exe. In a special column, copy them, which is stored in the memory buffer, and then click the CALC button.

  • Copy the key to unlock. In many cases, the V201 Code is suitable. First try it, and after test other options, for example, V1 Code or V2 Code.

  • Log in to the DC-Unlocker program and insert the code in a special count. Here there should be a line at ^ datalock = "code." The word "code" must be changed on those data mentioned above.

  • Click input on PC. If everything is fine, the system issues an inscription OK. If an error occurs, try V1 or V2 options from Huawei Unlock Code Calculator.

This is only the first stage in the instructions, how to change the IMEI on the modem. Here you only managed to unlock the equipment. Now you can change the new set of characters. This information can be taken from any smartphone. The main thing is that the phone is not used in the future together with the modem in the provider's network. Otherwise, the operator can block the equipment. As an option - shift having on a modem to a numeric code taken from the old and no longer necessary phone.

At the final stage, log in to the DC Unlocker program and enter the AT ^ CIMEI = »Code command, enter the new IMEI number. Now click on the input. If OK appeared, it means that the work is done correctly, and you managed to change the email on the modem. Restart the device (get and insert it again). From this point on, the operator sees no longer "its" usb modem, but a mobile phone.

Why change IMEI on a modem?

Today, almost all operators offer unlimited tariffs. The most favorable offers are at Yota, Beeline, MTS and other operators. Minus only one. You can only use the tariff in the phone, but it may not work in the modem. Here we are approaching the problem of the question, why change the IMEI modem.

Consider an example. The man bought the tariff of one of the providers to gain access to the unlimited Internet. He inserts a map in the modem and uses it to work on the Internet. After that, the operator binds to the client and asks to rearrange the sim in the phone. In this case, the Internet disappears, and for further use it comes to change the tariff. The cost of connection is much higher.

In this case, you can change the modem and thereby solve the problem. Similar yield is relevant for those cases when it is necessary to use the tariff plan of another operator, and the USB modem is "stitched". In other words, IMEI replacement allows you to expand the capabilities of the equipment and take away from the company's restrictions. For example, if you need to get around the restriction on the distribution of the Internet with the "unlimited" MTS.

This instruction will be useful to you if you decide to use the modem as a phone.

How to find out the modem?

In the given instructions, we noted that at hand there should be their device. But the question arises, how to find out the IMEI modem, if necessary. As a rule, this information can be found on the box with a device, but many immediately throw them out, which makes it look for the necessary data in other places. Another convenient option is to see the sticker, which is provided on the device.

If the methods considered are not suitable, you can find out the modem code using the Unlocker program, which was mentioned above. Another option is also suitable with PC:

  • Connect the device to the PC and install the desired program to work with the equipment.
  • Enter the Start menu, and then select the computer and click the Office command. Next, log in to the Device Manager. To avoid so long steps, click on the Win + R combination, and then suck the DevmGMT.msc command.

  • Select the Model section and find your Huaway, the IMEI of which you plan to change. Click on it right mouse button, and then select Properties.
  • In the window that appears, select the Diagnostics section. Here, click the Sign Modem button and get the necessary information.

After receiving the code, you can change the data, namely, to change the new ones on the modem. Instructions, how to change IMEI, we considered higher.

Possible problems and ways to solve them

The first difficulties, as a rule, appear at the installation phase of programs. Anti-virus software can recognize software as a virus and does not allow it to be installed on a PC or laptop. In this case, the antivirus is better disconnected. There is another reason that does not allow you to change the modem. For example, when the DC Unlocker program does not see the modem or COM port for some reason. Observe with the reasons why it can happen, and take the following steps:

  1. Check by. It should not be open. When working in the background, the program submits the command to the COM port, which is why difficulties occur.
  2. Enter the task manager and close excess processes with the software mention.

If the specified actions did not give the result, and the replacement of the imaging on the modem is not possible, go to the Internet and find the official firmware for the model you are interested. Next, close the DC Unlocker and run the firmware. At the stage where you want to specify a flash code, do not prescribe it, but simply close the software or press the cancel button. The program must define the Comport. Log in the next step in DC Unlocker and try to change IMEI again. There should be no difficulty.


Having at hand to know the IMEI modem and change it, you are no longer tied to a specific operator and the tariff plan. Now you can use a USB modem with a phone sim card, not experiencing about the locking device or translation to a more expensive tariff.

Hello everyone! Many mobile operators (MTS, Beeline, Yota) have advantageous unlimited tariffs with low cost, for example, Smart Unlimited from MTS. They have one minus - you can use such a tariff in your smartphone, in a USB modem / router it will not work.

Today's article on will be about how to measure the greed of mobile Internet providers, and make the unlimited tariff on your USB GSM mode. The modem you can either insert into the laptop or in a Wi-Fi router to distribute the Internet to several computers.

How to connect to the operator's closed tariff to significantly reduce the cost of unlimited Internet? [Advertising]

Friends, there is the possibility of connecting closed mobile tariffs. These are tariffs that cellular operators are connected to large enterprises in which 1000+ people running. In the usual salon, such tariffs cannot be issued. And what's the salt, you ask? Reply - Data Unlimited Tariff plans Significantly cheaper of those available "simple mortals" . (Tariff, unlimited and other). Savings on the Internet / calls is very noticeable. And most importantly - no problems with the distribution of the Internet, and using modems.

In order to learn more about these tariffs and about connecting to them, you need to write a message Nicholas: . Man works through Guarantee -Service, which negates any risks for receiving the tariff. It will receive money from you only when you insert a SIM card into the phone, and make sure that the tariff meets the stated characteristics. If you are in St. Petersburg, then delivery is possible to the subway.

Unlimited Internet for a laptop through a 4G-modem - how to get around the operator's blocking?

Today a person with such a problem appealed to me. He bought MTS Tariff "SMART Unlimited" To use it through a modem in a laptop.

MTS You use a tariff plan that is not intended for the modemAccording to him, for some time he used unlimited Internet for 12.9 rubles a day, but then the operator politely asked him to establish a sim card into a smartphone for further use. The Internet disappeared, and in the personal account began to pop up such a message:

"You use a tariff plan that is not intended for the modem. Install the SIM card into the smartphone to continue to use the Internet within the fare. "

To use the SIM card on the modem, it was proposed to go to a more expensive tariff:

"If you want to access a modem, go to the recommended tariff" MTS Connect-4 "

Running on the Internet, I found a way to help him! The problem is solved by changing IMEI (Identification number) modem. This is done so that the SIM card thought it was inserted into the phone, not in a 4G modem, and allowed to use unlimited Internet on your laptop.

Next, I will describe the step-by-step instructions for changing IMEI in the 4G modems of the company Huawei. Instruction is easier than it may seem at first glance. Just do everything on items, it should be done even from a person far from computers.

Easy way to change IMEI on Huawei USB modems

In my case was a modem MTS 827F. (Huawei E3372), but the next Expert Instructions IMEI suitable for most modems Huawei. .Change IMEI Huawei E3372 (MTS 827F)So for starters Download the archive with the modem modem necessary for firmware. Password on the archive - "123" . I'll say right away, some antiviruses can start swearing to the Huawei Calculator.exe file. In essence, this file is Keygen`om, so this is a normal reaction. I advise you to turn off the antivirus so that it does not interfere with the modem manipulation.

After you download and unpack the archive, follow the next step by step instructions:

  1. Insert your SIM card in the modem And the modem itself is in a laptop / computer.
  2. Run the file. DC-unlocker.exe. Click the " Determine the modem ". The program should display your modem model, and all information on it. DC Unlocker Determine the modem
  3. Among the information, find the current IMEI of your modem. Highlight it and copy to the clipboard.
  4. Now run the program Huawei Calculator.exe. Insert the IMEI of your modem to the corresponding field and click the " Calc. ": Unlocking Modem Huawei.
  5. Copy the unlock code. For my MTS modem approached V201 Code. . Try it and you first. If you do not run - try V1 or V2 Code.
  6. Go back to the DC-Unlocker program, and insert code in the input field

    AT ^ Datalock = "THE CODE "

    Where instead of the code insert the code copied in the last step. Click ENTER, see the inscription ok. If it gives an error - try v1 and v2 codes from Huawei Unlock Code Calculator. Unlock 4G modem for changing IMEI

  7. So, you unlocked the modem - now you can flash the new IMEI into it. Where to take it? From any phone. But, you must be sure that this phone will not be used simultaneously with the modem in the network of one operator, otherwise the opsos can block the device. I took IMEI from my old Sony Ericsson W880i button. At one time it was the thinnest phone! 🙂 Sony W880i IMEI.IMEI, as a rule, is under the phone battery and is a 15-digit digital code.
  8. So, in the DC Unlocker program we write the team:

    AT ^ CIMEI = "THE CODE "

    Where instead of the code insert your new IMEI. Click the Enter key. If everything went fine - you will see the inscription ok. This means that IMEI modem has been successfully changed! Change IMEI on MTS Modem 827F

  9. Restart the modem (pull-insert).
  10. Ready! Now no operator will be able to distinguish your modem from a cell phone!

After executing all the items of the instructions, we try to connect to the Internet. Hurray - earned!

MTS Unlimited Modem

As you can see, in the change of IMEI code on the 3G-4G Huawei modem there is nothing complicated! If something remains incomprehensible - see the video below, as I did it.

How to change IMEI on a 4G modem to use an unlimited tariff in a laptop. [Video]

MTS removes 30 - 50 rubles a day for the "distribution of the Internet" to other devices. How to get around?

After some time, MTS, perhaps, will start SATING SMS, that you, they say, distribute the Internet to other devices. At the same time, it will take off the balance of 30 rubles per day (and from the summer of 2017 - 50). Do not be upset, you just need to do another simple operation - Change the "Default TLL" parameter of your laptop .

By the way, this method will also help you if you distribute the Internet to a laptop from a smartphone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or USB!

Video on the topic of shift TTL You will find on my channel on YouTube "COMPBLOG". Sign up!

Topic in the VKontakte group , where you can Discuss the MTS tariff "Unlimited" . Come in, comment, ask questions!

If the modem gives an error - try to flash it. For E3372 modems, MegaFon M150-2, MTS 827F, Tele2 I removed the detailed instruction on the firmware.

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