57 photos How to roll with your own hands for serving a table, step by step description of folding

How beautifully fold paper napkins?

Each hostess wants to create a real holiday when feast. At the same time, it should not be a solemn event. You can lift your family mood on the most ordinary weekday, laying out attractive paper napkins on the table. How to do this, you will learn from this article.


Beautifully fold paper napkins for serving - the task is not from the lungs. However, a little learned, you can skillfully create real works of art. Such a table serving item will help make an additional highlight to your usual meal. What advantages gives such a reception:

  • Aesthetic appeal. The beautiful view of your table is capable of giving paper napkins, elegantly folded into a variety of figures.
  • The opportunity to surprise guests, relatives and beloved people. You can also show all your fantasy, implementing new and stylish ideas every time. No need to fear experiments.
  • Availability . You can buy napkins from paper in almost any store. The availability of goods is an additional advantage.
  • Budget version for creating a creative table. You will not need to buy expensive decorations. You can create beauty with your own hands. It is worth practicing, starting with simple designs.
  • It is important to pick up napkins on tonality and texture. They must be combined with the overall style of the table or the items you have chosen. Making such paper decorations can be quickly, without applying additional efforts. Therefore, in any situation you can seem your skills.
  • Excellent mood. When guests will see a beautiful table serving, and even the napkins made in the form of a variety of figures, each will receive a charge of positive emotions. A good mood will be secured for a whole day.

How to Collapse: Step-by-step instructions

Before proceeding to work, it is worth choosing the desired color range of napkins, as well as explore the scheme you need.

A napkin Christmas tree will be the relevant option on the eve of the New Year holidays. Consider the stages of its manufacture:

  • Take 1 paper napkin of a specific shade. You can use not only green, but also scarlet, solar tint. Place the product so that the open corners of the product go down.
  • The next stage is the alternate folding of the parts of the napkin. It is worth getting up the corners upstairs that at the bottom, without bringing to the previous layer.
  • Then there is a similar procedure with the rest of the layers. Folding is not in a hurry and extremely neat.
  • After you folded all the layers, turn the napkin to the other side. We begin to the left right part of the workpiece, and then right.
  • Now we turn our future Christmas tree again. It is worth carefully wrapping the upper corners upstairs and refuel them under the previous ones.
  • That created a stylish Christmas tree. Such a handicraft will be originally decorating serving tables.

Popular feast decorations are flowers. Optional to buy them. You can independently create a napkin, for example, an attractive rose. Scheme is simple:

  • Initially, prepare two napkins - Aluu and Salad.
  • Take the paper of the salad shade and start turning it on the diagonal.
  • Then once again bending also diagonally. As a result, we get a triangular form workpiece. In the future, it will be the leaves of our flower.
  • Now you should decompose Aluu. By flexing it diagonally, forming a triangle, the lower angle of which bend up, we combine from the middle of the upper area.
  • Turn the product and begin to twist it into the roll, thereby creating a rose flower.
  • Now it is worth take two billets that we have turned out. Aluu napkin twisted into a roll should be put on a salad blank. Carefully roll up, forming an attractive flower, and put a rose into a glass.

By analogy with such a scheme, you can add mimosu, lotus and other flowers. Simple, but no less effective folding method will be a bow. It will take some seconds for its creation. It is worth taking your favorite napkin, make a triangle from it. Then you should wrap the bottom edge of the triangle to its base and roll the strip. Now take the ribbon and form a bow, tapping a strip in the middle.

For the wedding or on Valentine's Day, the napkins are relevant. Make them quite easily:

  • Initially, it is worth choosing a specific napkin of a suitable shade.
  • It is worth the square diagonally and fold it.
  • Now it follows the angle that on the right of the triangle, bend upstairs along the transverse axis. Similar manipulations and with the second part.
  • Then the right edge from above, get inside, like the left.
  • Turn the blank to the other side.
  • Then part that from above, flexing upstairs and turn the shape.

That's so simple you will get a symbol of love and passion - heart.

Easy, but no less spectacular option will be Fan from paper napkins. It will help to diversify the festive table.

It is worth playing with tonalities and make a product of two colors. You will need two napkins - more in size and smaller. Connect them together. Each napkin pre-fold twice. For example, Salad will be from below, and orange - from above. Now it is slow and gently form the edges of the napkins of the harmonica. We carry out the procedure to the middle line of the product. Then simult time turn over the workpiece.

It is worth the product so that the right is visible to the harmonica, and the left will remain free edge. Up the corner, that on the left at the top. Particle of the tip, which remained, is converted back and bend. The reference point is obtained for fuel. Spread the product and send a model on a serving saucer.

Creative will look like products in the form of fish. You need to take a simple napkin-square. It develops in two diagonals, and then unfolds. Then the edges of two regions are taken in the middle, following the outlined lines, routged together. We got a triangle. After, you should combine two areas on the transverse axis and turn them out. The edge of the right should be brought to this line and return back.

Such movements are done with the following area. The right angle is brought to the left diagonal, overlaps with the left edge of the triangle. Now you can deploy a triangle. You can make any number of similar fish.

Another attractive option is the turntable. All four corners of the napkins are connected together in the center. Then both areas of the square are similarly connected via the transverse axis. The next stage is the rotation of the rectangle to itself and flexing the part that below, in half. Then it is necessary to bend them twice and top. Swipe the top edge on the right and the left triangle up. Get the bottom right angle to the right. The angle that remained, let it be free.

It is noteworthy that such a turntable can be placed on a plate as a facial and invalid side. The figure will look unusual and attractive. The turntable will help to decorate any plate.

Be sure to take into account the tones of the paper napkin or the drawings that are depicted on it. All colors must reset a single concept, make a common style composition. Only so you can create the perfect holiday atmosphere.

Similar curious napkins are used as a stylish decor. You can simply lay out the product is not a plate or serve in a glass. In any case, it will look spectacular.

Also beautifully looks like a napkin pocket, where you can put the cutlery. So the product will be not only a decor, but also acquires a functional value. Start folding down the tips to the upper left edge, leaving more areas for the next fold. Now it is worth turning the napkin so that the layers are located face to the table. Both edges bend at right angles so that the pockets are formed. Turn over the product. There you can put spoons, forks. It looks stylish and fashionable.

It is worth noting that the napkins for devices are also in different variations. You can choose the scheme that will become more convenient for you and more attractive. For example, there is still a napkin tie. She will come by the way on the anniversary of her husband, son or on February 23. Napkin is located an angle down. Then the right and left parts are wrapped, and the upper corner is rejected to the side. Turn over the product. Using the top corner, we bind the plug or spoon. That's so easy to decorate a festive table.

You can serve the table with paper napkins if you are pre-trained in advance. You can create an attractive lily of burgundy napkins. To do this, form a square diagonally. Corners on the side should be turned to the middle as if the airplane. Corner below should be upstairs to remain a bit of place. Then the corners of some area of ​​the napkins fold down the book.

We fold the tube inside and lay the corners of each other. So you created a napkin candle. If you reap the corner of the upper area and lower them down, then the lily will appear before us.

You can also spin attractive roses or create an envelope where it is convenient to put any items. Need a 50 * 50 centimeters napkin. The napkin folds twice from the left region to the right, and then again also, only from top to bottom. Rhombick, which turned out, fold twice from left to right. Now we return the left side into place, take the right corner, which is from above, and summarize it to the middle.

We fold it again half. The same is done with the left side. Then the rhombus should be turned over, bend both squares of the square so that they come together in the center. Now turn the rectangle again. The resulting envelope is conveniently located on the dish. It will be possible to insert a knife, the plug, the spoon will look good.

It is worth noting that Place a stylish napkin conveniently anywhere on the table . You can neatly put it on a saucer or accommodate it near it. An excellent way will be the rope of jewelry in the glass. Of course, everything will depend on the folding option and on the composition. It is important not to forget to pick up harmonious shades so that the decor is successfully combined with other products on the table.

Do not start with some complex figures. To begin with, it will be possible to simply learn to put paper napkins beautifully. You can do it on each other or apply a napanese for this.

Tips and recommendations

Every caring hostess, who seeks to surprise and please their guests, thinks about how it is better to fold the napkins. Here are some recommendations of specialists:

  • Pick the shape of paper napkins based on the festive reason, as well as the age of the guests.
  • It is worth noting that you should not make intricate and too complex figures. Everything should be as easy as possible so that the guests do not spend extra effort, trying to deploy another napkin.
  • Caution Take a shade. Select paper napkins follows from the color of the tablecloth, as well as items that are served your table. You can create a single holistic stylish composition.
  • As for the placement of such a decor, it can be completely diverse places. You can position the napkin on a plate or put in a glass, a napkin. From here and will flow out the option of addition.
  • Before folding products, they must be prepared. It is necessary to practice in advance to fill your hand and that this occupation does not take you all your free time.
  • Starting training costs from the most simplest additions. For example, you can simply roll the napkins into the tube, make a harmonic or add color accents.

Luxury examples and options

Each option that you create your own hands will already be unique and original. Training increasingly, you can constantly surprise your homemade in the new ways of the original addition of napkins from paper.

Interesting model - Easter bunny which can be put on the table. Such registration will be by the way not only for Easter, but also for different parties of children. You should take a napkin and deploy it so that the fold is visible from above. Now you should take the top of the top and get it up, aligning the edge. Similarly, accepted with another layer. We had a rectangle. You need to take the right edge and get up, forming a straight angle.

The same manipulation is repeated with the left. Corner on the right and on the left above wrapping down. We continue on such a scheme to flexing the corners. Next, the model turns over and turns 180 degrees. The top of the resulting rhombus bend down. I turn back the napkin and turn 180 degrees, folding in half along the longitudinal line.

To better fix our figurine, you can use the clip. Now it remains only to straighten the product, form a muzzle and bunny ears. Such an original impaired composition will certainly raise the mood to each guest.

Extractively folded paper napkins can every person. It is only a desire, patience and practice.

Even if you are a novice in this matter, then you should not be upset at the first unsuccessful attempts. Start with lighter things, gradually mastering new figures. So very soon you can easily make a table.

Do not be afraid to apply fantasy and imagination. They will help you express yourself, reveal the talent, as well as improve the mood. Decorate the table not only for holidays, but also for everyday dinners. Then every day you will be charged only with positive emotions.

About how beautifully folded paper napkins, look in the video below.

Options for adding napkins

There is such an anecdote: the client in the restaurant issues, why fatty napkins, and the waiter says, they say, I apologize, but you don't need pancakes.

Laughing with laughter, but once thin low-fat pancakes type Lavash were actually used as napkins. For the same purpose at different times, fig leaves were used, rice paper, sleeves of clothing and even hair of court boys.

The first fabric napkins appeared in the ancient Romans. Large rectangular panels protected from dirty beds (patricia trapes lying), they were wing lips and hands.

In Russia, to the use of these hygiene products stimulated by the Decree of Peter the first, since then it was impossible to wipe the sleeve or tablecloth. Paper napkins familiar to us were patented in the XIX century, and their streams began only in the 70s of the last century.

To date, when serving a banquet table, mothers and paper napkins are used. The first are called upon to protect clothes from pollution, wipe them fat hands or lips now is not accepted. Although it will properly flush the lip cloth after drinking or touch it slightly polluted fingers.

In order to create a festive mood and surprise guests, from square napkins, you can wrap and tighten the most incredible figures. Fabric after washing needed to starch - it is better to hold the form.

Impressive compositions are constructed in parcels and from ordinary paper products, cutlery wrapped in them, and in a cafe or restaurant, many young people strive to twist a napkin ross for their ladies.

The art of folding the original figures from paper - origami - was born in Japan. This skill was a sign of good tone and was mandatory for higher estates. According to one of the versions, origami dates back to the Asian art of tissue drapery for religious rituals.

We are not Japanese aristocrats, but decorate the table and raise the mood close in the state. We present you a variety of ways to fold the napkins with your own hands. Step-by-step instructions are attached. A little training - and you can give lessons to others.


Start with a simple scheme that does not require time and skill. Wrap the napkin tube (for convenience you can wrap on a pencil, then remove it) and put it in a glass or glass. Relevant registration of the home evening, New Year's holiday, dinner with a loved one. Quickly, easily and sophisticated, and guests do not have to guess how to deploy. By the way, if you arrange a master class to children - then they will be happy to take this feature on themselves.

Candle of fabric napkin, step-by-step addition


Beautifully fold napkins in different ways.

Coniferous tree - new year and christmas satellite. On the table will be beautifully looking out the Christmas tree from the napkins, make them easy. This option is suitable for the child's birthday celebrated in winter. Spread the Christmas tree in plates, and on top for decoration you can put a bow, or a cookie in the form of an asterisk.

Christmas tree made of wipes step by step

4 Color Addition Schemes: Lotus, Tulip, Rose, Lily

In any decor traditionally leads a floral topic, table setting is no exception. Try to "grow" in gradually for our recipes lotus, tulip, roset or lily. The table will be very elegant.


The flower, sacred in many religions, always retains flowers and leaves clean. The symbol of the Divine power (the Egyptian God of RA) was born from the lotus), purity, heartiness and fertility.

Lotus from napkin

The serving napkin thus folded will decorate any holiday. If the culprie is a man, select blue shades, if a woman is pink or lilac. For the wedding table, white or red lotuses are suitable. White color is generally universal, such "flowers" are good for business lunch.

Lotus from wipes Step-by-step addition


Symbol of spring, beauty, perfect love. According to the well-established custom, these flowers give women on March 8. Napkins in the form of tulips can be decorated and the table.

Tulip from Slippet.

White color Symbolizes purity of thoughts and trust - for business negotiations, decorate the table with the corresponding napkins as a sign of openness of their intentions.

Tulips of red color Mean love, passion and loyalty - use this symbolism in the table serving to the next anniversary of family life.

If you have decided to part with a partner and want to arrange a farewell dinner - please, here you are yellow tulips. Although in the east of yellow tulips attributed to another value - this is a compliment: "Your smile like the sun!"

Dark purple - Royal Blood, Veliability, nobility. Such tulips-napkins can accommodate a status table: on the occasion of a solid anniversary, receiving significant guests, markers of large projects with serious partners ...

Tulip from napkins Step-by-step addition

rose flower

Queen colors. In Ayurveda is considered a benevolent along with the lotus. Symbolizes divine ideals and earthly passion, innocence and fertility, the celebration of the life and the riddle of death.


Napkins folded in the form of roses will be a wonderful decoration of the wedding banquet, Valentine's Day, of any female holiday. The daughter will delight pink roses, the spouse will appreciate the red flowers, talking about the strength of your feelings. But the man does not stand at his celebration of roses, even from napkins.



In lily conflicting values. The Slavic Women's Charm, the European Royal Flower ... But in the era of the revival, the rulers knocked their emblem of criminals - probably, everyone remembers "Three Musketeers".

Lily from Slippet.

White lilies symbolize purity and innocence, so they are often given to the wedding. But - and on mourning days, as these flowers also mean the life "on the other side" and the atonement of sins.

Accordingly, lilies napkins will be appropriate on the festive, and on the memorial table. If, among your relatives and loved ones, there are lily - decorate the table in her holiday with flowers-theses.

Lily from napkin gradual addition


The folding method is close to lily. Suitable for any event, just pick up the color in the appropriate style. By the way, if you have a napkin tone to the tone to the tablecloth, try to be from a thinner material - it will look more advantageous.

Crown of napkin gradual addition

A heart

Everything is clear here: love, Valentine's Day and just a way to say about your feelings to a partner, mom or child. See the sample how can you serve the table using this scheme.

Heart of fabric napkin - phased formulation


Universal option. Bright napkins are suitable for warm dinner in a friendly or related circle, a cheerful drawing can be put on the children's table, the whiteness will give solemnity. And these step-by-step photos - to help you!

Fan from the napkin - stages of addition


Accessory gentleman. Place a bowl on a plate by February 23 or a boy or man's birthday. If a representative of the strong half of humanity is severe and serious, choose a strict color.

Butterfly from Napkin - Scheme


Napkin bunnies

Rhine rag bunnies will delight children and adults, suitable for Easter, Valentine's Day (long ears are also in rabbits, and they are a symbol of breeding), and indeed for any holiday in the close circle. For official techniques and sad reasons, hares are of course inappropriate.

Napkin bunnies - addition scheme for steps

If complicated, look at the video instructions on which even a child will learn:

With a place under a guest card: 2 schemes

In napkins, rolled through the two following schemes, a place for a business card is provided. First of all, these options are good for business lunches and dinners: on some conferences, events, where many people unfamiliar with each other.


With a card

You can arrange with such napkins a large family celebration - an anniversary or a wedding if you are planning in advance who to plant with whom. You will be delighted and small guests at the kindergarten - only choose a bright color, and Instead of a business card, you can put a photo of a child and a candy.

for guests

With a nice ring

If you figure out how beautifully folded the napkins on the festive table along the very solemn occasion, - stop at this elegant version. Such a stylish decor is worthy and wedding, and anniversary, and prom, and even summit.

With a napkin cloth with a napkin

Previously, the napkins hung over the collar, now put on his knees. Moreover, it must be the first to make the owners, so they give a signal to the beginning of the meal.

"Under the appliances": kulok and envelope

In the last two schemes, paper napkins are used, from which the coacons and an envelope for a spoon, forks and a knife are folded.



The table where there is no tissue napkins is suitable for buffetting or informal meetings in the close circle.

A piece of paper, fabric or nonwoven material used to remove contaminants from the surface or skin of a person is called a napkin.

Main materials

With the assignment of the napkin more or less everything is clear. Now we will deal with the materials that are used for their manufacture.

Napkins made of paper are used during food intake. They are used to remove food residues. They are used to purify surfaces from food residues.

For the release of fabric (marral) napkins, cotton, linen, artificial materials are used.

Sideless essentially the same fabric, past processing, eliminating the pile from the surface.

In life there are napkins made of microfiber and asbestos

A bit of history

Any cafe or restaurant in its activities use paper napkins. If in the time immemorial, the napkin was called a handkerchief with the help of which the residues of food were removed from the lips - fat, sauce, etc.

In general, the history of this item has not one millennium. She began in ancient Greece. Figi leaves used to remove food residues. It was them slaves rubbed his owner's mouth. They were laid out on the table, but sometimes guests brought them with them.

Nowadays, paper napkins have become something ordinary. We apply them on "Automat". For everyday meals when we use white napkins, for solemn incidents are simulating the use of color products. Napkins are required where purity is demanded.

Application area

It is necessary to understand that the napkins have found their use not only at the table, depending on the source material and impregnation, they can be used in cleaning, wiping optical devices when servicing machines and mechanisms.

The napkins used for hygiene procedures are impregnated with deodorizing and disinfecting compositions.

Setting and napkins

You can safely say, the serving of the festive table is a separate science, the basics of which any housewife should know.

The solemn decoration of the dining table is significantly different. Often, there is enough dishes with an attractive appearance for the festive decoration. But, undoubtedly, festive and solemnity will add stylishly laid paper napkins. They always enliven the appearance of the table covered on the occasion of the celebration.

A person who is intense in the table setting rules may seem that the laying of the napkin is a completely simple business. But the situation is a little different. How beautifully folded the napkins on the table paper napkins can be found from specialized literature or Internet resources

Let's draw a master class - how beautiful to fold the paper napkin.

Classic - Farm in the Name

This is a typical method of laying napkins in a subllothy. Housewives prefer him because he is simple in the exercise and fits where you want the decoration.

To create a cut, you will need labored napkins in the corners so that the figure of the triangular shape is formed. They are installed in such a way that in the parcels there was frowning.

Surely, each of us has seen such a variation of design in low-cost catering facilities.

This design of the dinner is found in almost every home.

Lotus - some variety

This variation is a modified fan, described above, it looks like this:

The stand under the napkins is filled with products installed in one direction, then, the napkins in the other direction are installed nearby. As a result, two layers of multidirectional napkins are obtained.

Fan can be performed differently. At first, in the parcels create half of the future fuel, after that, the napkins in the mirror reflection are installed on the other half. In the middle of the ensemble, set napkins folded into the triangle, while one corner should be directed upwards.

As a result, a fan will be obtained, opening from the center in both directions.

Such an ensemble will look at a small napkin. This allows you to install it next to each guest.


This decor method is more suitable for the table, made in the spirit of grunge, modern or high-tech.

Brief design is at the proper level. To create a cascade, you will need a napkin to fold in half along the length of one of the parties. As a result, a rectangle is formed.

Folded rectangles must be laid in a pack. The collected pack is stacked in the pile. A short end must be turned down. As a result, it turns out a cascade, falling on the wall used, the appellations.

If there are no specialized dishes at hand, it is quite acceptable to use a shallow cup or a glass. You can be sure that the created composition will make a proper impression.

"Tie" and cutlery

It would seem that between them is common? But, this is exactly what is called one of the methods of laying napkins from paper. To lay them in this way, it is advisable to use products with bright colors, for example, in a strip or multicolored polka dot.

The order of the formation of a tie looks like this:

  • It is necessary to deploy it, putting it on the back side.
  • Get the corners located face to each other at an angle of 45
  • Duplicate operation.
  • Bend the vertex at a right angle to semi-finished product.
  • Turn the "tie" by the outside and put on it the device so that it is mostly located outside the prepared semi-finished product.
  • The resulting angle wrap the handle of the device, this will create the illusion of a tongue node.


The dreamy atmosphere of special celebrations for those who loving people will show "candles" made of napkins. This will imitate fire and form the atmosphere of heat and sincerity of the evening, intended only for two.

To obtain such a candle, it will be necessary:

  • It is necessary to turn the napkin, and then fold it along the diagonal, slightly - almost combining its edges.
  • The base located by the direction of the direct angle is required to be 50 - 100 mm and turn the resulting semi-finished flap to the table.
  • Diligently make a dense tube from the obtained billet, and the remaining end to fill in the pocket.
  • Loose the resulting "flame" and put on a prepared dish.
  • Beautifully folded paper napkins on the table undoubtedly an impression on a loved one.

The sun

Another widely used styling scheme is called the sun. To implement it, it will be necessary to decompose the napkin and form a pair of folds length of each no more than 2 cm, they must be located along the central axis. Fix the force is needed using an iron.

After the formation of the central fold, it is necessary to fold the "harmonic". Its step must lie in the range of 1.5 - 2 cm.

Press the center with the help of the thread to fasten the center, fold the free parts into the circle and fix them with the help of the clips at the end you will need to align the rays and gently put the finished composition on the plate.

How to choose?

When preparing for a feast, it is necessary to deal with many tasks and difficulties, one of them selection of acceptable napkins. What should be guided by this choice, the main thing is that the table with the decoration of their material look attractive and aesthetically.

To do this, you can follow several simple rules.

To begin with, it makes sense to choose a color palette of the solemn table. If a matinee is scheduled for children, most likely there will be a cake, fruit, juice on the table. In this case, bright tones are quite appropriate.

If the feast is dedicated to a close man, then the use of gentle romantic colors is permissible.

You can add - beautifully folded paper napkins in the parcel will have a positive impression on guests.

When choosing napkins, you can not forget about their purpose. You should not use too curious combinations. Nothing should prevent their use for direct intended. In particular, they should unfold without much effort. This will ensure the comfort of guests and will avoid delicate situations.

When choosing, it is necessary to remember that there are products made of multilayer material. It must be said that it is they are best suited for the manufacture of jewelry used at the table.

In addition, the hospitable owner should understand that in the manufacture of desktop decorations requires the use of certain skills, and before beautifully folded paper napkins on the festive table should be pretty pretty on a simpler material.

Normative base

Despite the external simplicity of paper napkins and their widespread distribution exists GOST R 52354-2005, which determines the technical requirements for such products.

All manufacturers of these products should be guided by the norms of this document and the technical documentation developed for a specific product.

By the way, all imported products must be responsible for domestic standards and rules.

Napkins are made in rolls or sheets. Products in the form of sheets can have a different form - rectangular, oval, with smooth or toothed or wavy edges.

Napkins can be made multiple or single-layer, with or without perforation.

By the way, it is multilayer napkins that are best suited for the manufacture of desktop compositions.

The surface of the napkin can be smooth or embossed. Products can be impregnated with different compositions, such as antiseptic.

Napkins are made only from materials chosen to use in the country.

Products should not have mechanical damage, holes, etc. Defects.

Photo of beautiful napkins can be seen on the sites dedicated to the table serving.

Rules of good tones

The use of napkins is provided by the rules of good tone. In principle, their observance will not be much difficulty.

So the napkins wipe the devices, if this is acceptable in catering conditions, then at a party such a gesture may be regarded by the insult of the hostess of the house, saying doubt clean the instruments.

It is unacceptable to use a napkin for wiping a face. It is needed in order to get into the lips and nothing more.

At the end of the lunch, the napkin is put with the right, next to the instruments. If the desire to throw out the used napkin, then you will have to disturb the hostess of the feast.

Stock Foto Tips how beautiful to fold a paper napkin

How beautifully fold paper napkinsUseful advice

Watch the video if too lazy to read

As a rule, a festive table decorate interesting dishes, beautiful glasses and cutlery, but all this perfectly complement the original napkins for guests.

Paper napkins can be folded in many different ways so that your table becomes more elegant and made a pleasant impression on everyone.

Here are the most interesting ways to fold paper napkins for any table and for any event:

How to quickly fold paper napkins


1. Place the folded napkin on the table so that the angle in which all the folds occur is above (see image).



2. Start bending the lower ends of the napkins up, but after each bent end leave a little space at the top.




3. When you bent all the ends of the napkins, turn it over.

4. Turn the napkin with the big end down - so that it is like a superman sign.


5. Fold the left and right side by a third, one on top of another.



6. Turn the napkin.


* If you wish, you can put a beautiful print on the tip of the napkin.

Beautifully folded paper napkins


1. Layout paper napkin fold in half and once again in half to get a small square.




2. Top layer of napkins Fold twice the diagonal and press gently.



3. Turn over the napkin and fold again (already another) upper layer diagonally.



4. The right side of the napkins bend to 1/3 and the left bend also to a third on top of the right.



5. Turn the napkin and you can add cutlery in formed pockets.


Beautiful paper napkins on the table: Double Fan


1. Put the unfolded napkin on the table.


2. Bend in half (bottom up).


3. Bend the top layer down (to the bottom edge).


4. Turn the napkin.

5. Bend the top layer down (to the bottom edge).

6. Rively fold the napkin by the harmonica.



7. Take a napkin in your hand so that there are 2 layers from above. Bend the first layer inside each inner part of the harmonica down (see image).




8. Gently straighten the napkin to get a fan.


Video instructions on the example of a cotton napkin:

Festive paper napkins: Astra in a plate


Below is a video instruction for a more detailed parsing.

1. Spread the napkin and put it on the table.

2. Bend the lower and top to the middle.



3. Turn the napkin so that it lay across the table. Fold the upper and lower part to the middle.



Press the bends well to save the form.

4. Expand the napkin to a rectangular shape (with two oncoming folds made in paragraph 2). You will receive 4 bends that separate the napkin on the 4 rectangle (2 on each side).


5. Now from 4 rectangles you need to make 8 (each of them will be in the future petal of Astra). Start smoothly fold the harmonic napkin. First flip the napkin and start from the bend to myself and then from myself.





6. Cooking Astra's petals. From all the folds need to be made of volume triangles. Work will take place with a quarter of folds.


Start filling the edges inwards, after which they need to be bent so to get triangles - paper flower petals.


7. When all the edges are folded into triangles, connect the extreme triangles with each other and the flower is ready. Put it on a plate.


Video instruction

Beautiful Paper Napkins on the table: turntable


1. Explore the napkin and put on the table.

2. Each close of a napkin bend to its center.

3. Fold the napkin in half.

4. Put the napkin so that it lay across the table, and fold the lower and top to the center.

5. Now you need to push the right upper triangle to the right. Next, extend the left triangle upstairs, then the right lower triangle to the right and the left lower triangle down.

How to festively folded paper napkins: tie

6-1.jpg.6-2.jpg. 6-3.jpg.6-4.jpg 6-5.jpg.6-6.jpg. 6-7.jpg.6-8.jpg. 6-0.jpg.

Square Paper Napkins (Scheme)

Ideal for any event.


How to fold a paper napkin for a festive table: starfish

Such a paper sea star can be decorate any festive table.


As folded Paper Napkin in the shape of the sun (diagram)

Decorate with such a paper sun any dining table.


Setting paper napkins in the form of a candle

The candle napkin is ideal for a party in honor of the birthday or anniversary.


Paper napkins in the form of the Sydney Opera House (photo)

The napkin resembles the famous Sydney Opera House, as well as a nice skirt. Perfect for any festive table, especially for a wedding table or a table, decorated in honor of the birthday.


Paper Napkins (Video)

Decoration Paper wipes in french

How to fold a paper napkin in the form of a swan (for serving)

Pictures on request for folding napkins

Original folded napkins give an additional charm table setting. They can decorate your casual or solemn table to create a cozy and festive feast atmosphere.

1. "Clay"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. Fold the nickname diagonally. 2. Align the left and right corners of the triangle with its vertex. 3. Fold the figure relative to the horizontal axis in half. 4. Right corner Connect with left back napkins and laid one to another. 5. Turn the figure. Watching up sharp corners pull out respectively and left and left. Put the napkin vertically.

2. "Lily"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. Fold the nickname diagonally. 2. Align the left and right corners from the vertex of the triangle. 3. Fold the napkin in half along the horizontal axis. 4. Bend the top of the top triangle.

3. MegaFon

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. Fold the napkin in half. 2. Re-fold the napkin in the same direction. 3. Both sides of a narrow rectangle symmetrically bend down. 4. Turn the face with the front side of myself and from the ends of the curlers. "Couples". Couples with each other.

4. "Southern Cross"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 1. Put the napkin with the involving side up. 2. All corners are loaded in turns to the center. 3. Turn the napkin. 4. Bend all the angles to the center again. 5. Turn the napkin. 6. And once again, get each corner to the center. 7. Pull out the upper right corner. 8. Then all other angles. Slide the napkin slightly.

5. "Johnka"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. Fold the napkin in half (fold on the right). 2. Place the rectangle once again in half. 3. Bend the lower half diagonally upwards. 4. Left corner Bend forward. Right corner also bend forward. 5. Both protruding corners cheape back. 6. Fold the napkin on the longitudinal axis back. 7. Holding the bent angles by hand, pull the edge of the Sails napkins in turn.


6. "Handbag"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. Fold the napkin vertically in half (fold right). 2. And once again fold down in half upwards. 3. Two layers of the upper left corner are lowered to the center. 4. Bend to the center the upper right corner. 5. The resulting triangle bent down the line just below the middle. 6. Right and left upper angles. Generate to the middle. 7. The resulting triangle bent down to the first triangle.

7. "Artichok"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. Put the napkin with the involving side up. All of her four corners are lowered to the center. 2. Get all the corners to the center again. 3. Turn the napkin. 4. Bend all the angles to the center again. 5. Pull the tip of the napkin, which turned out inside the quadrangle. 6. Pull the rest of the tips. 7. The remaining four corners pull out under the folded figure

8. "Sea Yozh"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. Fold the napkin "accordion" in six strips, of which the top should be directed from you. 2. The right upper angle lay inside. 3. Do the same with two corners underly below it. 4. Similarly, lay all three corners on the left side. 5. The third part of the figure on the left, bend right. 6. Half of the curved part, move back to the left. 7. The same operations (p.5 and 6) are repeated with the right side. Lift the corners from above.

9. Everest

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. The napkin is harvested in half horizontally (fold from above). 2. The upper corners diagonally fold to the middle. 3. The side sides of the triangle align so that their sharp corners are downstairs. 4a. Turn the shape and adjust the ends that will be supported for it. 4b. Bend the vertical axis of the folds inside. 5. Put the napkin vertically.

10. "Asian Fan"

10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo 10 ways of folding wipes-step-by-step photo

1. The original napkin lies with the involving side down. Approximately 1/4 tops down. 2. Turn the napkin. Approximately 1/3 bottom bottom. Bend. 3. Fold the napkin in half from the bottom up. 4. Fold the "harmonic" the resulting figure so that there are five uniform folds. 5. Pulling the open side in your hand, pull out the tops in the top in the depths in the opposite sides and lock them. 6. Ray "Fan".

Napkin etiquette from prehistoric times to this day

At the official reception or in the country of friends - you will certainly meet HER .

It can appear in front of you chic, large, small, bright colorful or elegant snow-white.

But even this does not let you feel if you remember the rule: linen or paper, napkin It has the main purpose of centuries, to protect your clothes from spots. Even if you have a box with pulling pieces that are sent directly to the garbage basket, and in this case should not be neglected adopted in society etiquette Rule 1: If you gave you a napkin, use it. Do not leave it on the table untouched. The napkin is given to wipe her hands and mouth, as well as protect the clothes from possible spots. The fact that the person does not use it, gives out that he is somewhat. Rule 2: Wait until the owner of the table turns his napkin. Only then accept for your. Rule 3: If the napkin is too big and falls from the knees, roll it up to the desired size. Rule 4: In a decent society at the table, it is not customary to make sharp sweeping movements. Do not aggressively shake the napkin to expand it. Do not wipe out the napkin, as if it is a towel for morning mosquito. Just lightly blocked your mouth. Rule 5: Do not rush to deploy the napkin, wait for when the dish is brought. Rule 6: If you need to leave the table, leave the napkin on the chair or to the left of the plate. After eating, put the napkin also to the left of the plate, but in no case in the plate. Rule 7: Where is the place of napkins? On your knees. Neither the belt, nor for the collar. Although, if you are in a society, where such behavior is permissible, feel free to follow him. For example, in the south of Italy or in New Jersey, spaghetti is served under a wonderful seafood sauce. It is better to enjoy such a dish without worrying about red spots on a shirt and trousers. Many Italians and Americans and Americans from Italy plug out a napkin for a collar, perceiving it as an integral part of the dish. In their society, you can act in the same way. And what about the waiters with a napkin through the hand? It is convenient from the practical side in case of incidents with stains - the napkin is always at hand. This practice originated for several centuries ago in France, where the wear of the napkins was determined what would be for lunch. At all, Napkins are used for thousands of years . Perhaps still cave people enjoyed the skins of shaggy mammoths to wipe the remnants of a successful barbecue - although we do not reliably reliably. But it is just known that in the bronze age in different parts of the world, people used something like napkins. The first mention of napkins was Ancient Romans . Imagine a sort of ancient Roman amateur to eat Buffet alkanetus which, after a rapid meal stretches through the table behind his ancient Roman cloth - in those days, served for this purpose Raw dough . The dough was applied to the face, and the remains of food adhered to it. Then, it could be baked and eat his napkin along with the residues of the meal. In later times for dinners Each Ancient Roman sotraznik brought with her woven napkin. Some of the napkins brought were embroidered with gold. Alexander North, not too loved pomp, enjoyed woven napkins, which were made specifically for him. Trimalchyon, Nice Gourmet, Petroniem, enjoyed with no linen napkins, but woolen towels. Gelichabal used painted napkins. Trevilly Polyion reports that Cornelius Gall used only tablecloths and napkins, embroidered with golden threads. After Falls of Rome Europe entered the dense Christian times known for their ugly baronis and unwashed princesses . The napkins were in oblivion, because wiped in those days with a dress or sleeves. The chronicle is silent as Knights in iron armor managed to do it. In times Renaissance in France It went into use large, the size of the entire table, the napkin. She was public, and each at the table could wipe her hands and face. Probably it was a ancestor Modern tablecloth . Over time, the ancestor was becoming less and less in size until everyone received his personal napkin. In 1700 French aristocracy Proclaimed rules Napkin etiquette , we observe some of them today. For example, at the table we do not wipe your nose with your napkin or a napkin of a neighbor.

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How beautifully folded paper napkins for a festive table: master class + 55 photos


Festive table setting is always different from everyday. Sometimes it is dishes with a beautiful ornament, sometimes - candles and panels from the living colors, and sometimes - just beautiful and stylishly folded napkins. Moreover, the last to perform the easiest way! Beautiful paper napkins are always able to revive and make a "hollow note" for your table. Using the same piece of fabric - you can get the most amazing results!

The content of this article:

Laying napkins in vases and stands

It is interesting: Beautiful and proper serving of the festive table at home: dishes, napkins, decor + 165 photos

Festive table

Festive table

The napkin is a special cutlery, which besides its functionality, can bring a hop of a holiday and luxury on a dining table. Materials manufacturing options large amounts. And this is another way to express one or another style of decoration of the festive table. One who is characterized by special avant-gardens attitude to the formation of serving can take advantage of several types of napkins holders at once. The combination of crystal and forged metal on a white tablecloth will look nontrivial. And the composition of wooden appliances and clay products will perfectly fit into the style of Rustic.

Stylists, designers and experts on the design of solemn ceremonies offer a large number of cloth design options. They can be presented together with a plate, beautify beautifully in the cloth, and you can simply put under the dish. There is no limit fantasy here. The main thing is that everything looked harmoniously.

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Classic Fan in Stand

This is the easiest and most classic way of designing napkins in the stand. His mistress loves him for ease in the performance and for ensuring that this option flawlessly fit into any style of design.

Formation of a fan:

  • Folded napkins bend in half diagonally so that the triangle is obtained;
  • Such triangles fill in the cloth in one direction so that the fan turned out.
One-sided fan

One-sided fan

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"Lotus form" or bilateral fan - a little variety in life

This option is performed on the basis of the previous one and is as follows. The holder for napkins is filled with folded triangles first in one direction, then repeat the procedure in the opposite. Thus, it turns out 2 counter "movements". This option is suitable for 'active' and 'expressive' serving of the festive table.

A double-sided fan may look a little different:

  • First, half of the fans are formed from triangular napkins in the stand;
  • Then fill in the second part of the cloth mirror;
  • After the middle of the triangles is formed, one of the corners of which 'looks' up.

As a result, a fan is obtained, which opens from the center in both directions. This option will look harmoniously in a narrow and small stand, which will allow them to put them on the table by almost every guest. Thus, everyone will be comfortable and enjoy dinner.

"Crown" from napkins or counter fan

"Crown" from napkins or counter fan

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Waterfall in a cup or in a glass

A simple and modern way of designing napkins for a festive table. This option is more suitable for decoration of grunge style, modern or high-tech. After all, the conciseness of the composition "At the height".

We form "Waterfall":

  • Napkins need to be folded along one side. You have to get a rectangle;
  • Then these strips from the napkins fold into the stack;
  • In a not very high special pile insert rectangles with a short end down. According to the final, a cascade or a waterfall from napkins, which fall onto the wall of the vase. In the absence of special dishes, the pile can be changed into a shallow cup or a glass. By the way, in a crystal glass on the leg, such a composition will look very impressive.
Simple but very stylish table setting

Simple but very stylish table setting

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Flower in a glass or big bouquet in a vase

Flowers glad eye, raise the mood and give the feeling of the holiday. Bouquets and compositions on the festive table may not only be from the living colors. Some designers produce whole range of artificial table decorations. But other stylists came to the fact that this option decoration can be made from napkins. Yes, from ordinary napkins for guests. They can be like fabric, and can - and simple paper. In the hands of a skilled man 'reveal' pleasant color can all.

"Engineering" napkins:

  • Deploy a napkin. Then begin to fold it into a strip of about 4-5 cm wide and we do it, starting from the corner;
  • Then from the resulting strip twist the roller. We form a middle and "reveal" petals. Thus, you will have a gentle rose bud.

This flower can be placed in a small glass and put near each guest. And you can go to another way. And to build a whole Ekibano from roses buds in a large and wide plates. If desired, the composition can be supplemented with alive twigs of olives, coffee, needle or other plants. The combination will be very ordinary.

We make rose from napkins

We make rose from napkins

Bud roses from napkin

Bud roses from napkin

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Spanish fan in a glass

For pompous and sacred table setting, you can fold the napkins in the form of Spanish Vevey. Waying this element in a glass or fuaster, you can get a powerful dynamic tool for forming volume on the holiday table.

How to make a Spanish fan. Simple steps for a grand result:

  • The folded napkin must be deployed once so that it turned out a rectangle;
  • Starting from the long side, we put the napkin of the harmonica;
  • Click the tip of the resulting accordion so that the fan holds. Insert the napkin into a glass with the same end, and the top is revealed. Voila! Spanish fan passion ready. Bon Appetit!
Solemn decoration of the table

Solemn decoration of the table

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Decorating the table - layout of napkins in plates and options for combinations with devices

In addition to napkins in the stands, napkins must be present on the table, which are decomposed near each guest. They serve as a "frame" for a plate, delimit the seat and help in serving cutlery.

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Playful bow with rings

Many firms that produce kitchen utensils produce special rings for napkins. By skipping through such a ring, the napkin will already look more accurately. But if you do not classically enter and make an unusual figure - the table will look even much more attractive.

Step-by-step bow creation:

  • Expand the napkin. Then fold it diagonally;
  • Wrap a little corner so that it does not get out of a bow. Wrap the napkin from the long side to the folded corner;
  • The resulting strip from the napkin visually divide into 3 parts. 2 extreme fold on the central;
  • Autumn neatly, the bow is still "alive", skip the napkin through the ring;
  • Spread the bow of the bow and take down its tips. Playful table decoration is ready!
Step-by-step photo-instruction for the manufacture of a bow

Step-by-step photo-instruction for the manufacture of a bow

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"Butterfly" with satin ribbon - dress code for table

This embodiment of the napkin will have to do with avoible needlewomen and craftsmen. It requires a little more effort than a similar option with a ring. In addition to the tissue napkin, you will need tapes. You can also use various braided cords and twine and decorate the butterfly by beads.

How to tie a "butterfly" for your plate:

  • Fold the edges of the napkin in the direction of the center;
  • Once again, fold the napkin in half so that the edges remain inside the coast;
  • The resulting strip mentally divide into 3 parts and the extreme 2 fold to the central;
  • Tie the middle of the "butterfly" satin ribbon or other braid. Strict, but very pretty "butterfly" is ready!
We form a "butterfly"

We form a "butterfly"

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Heraldic Lily blossomed in a plate

Under the classic design of the festive table, you must select the appropriate design and method for decorating the napkins. After all, not only color and tone in the elements should coincide. Curra, style, model and design undoubtedly play an important role. Volumetric heraldic lily treats who forms that will win-win not only in the classic style, but in the Gothic style, in modern style, and even - in Scandinavian style.

To create lilies, in addition to a special ring for napkins and napkins, you will need some time and patience. This is not the easiest element in the execution.

Step by the instructions:

  • Fold the napkin in half;
  • Then the top corners bend to the center;
  • Now repeat the procedures with bottom corners and bend them to the central corner. You must have a rhombus;
  • The upper edges that were bent for the last time, must be bent on 1/4 of the total rhombus. Thus, it turns out blanks for heraldic lily. So that the flower 'has revealed' needs to wear a ring for napkins. Make it need from the bottom of the workpiece. After you can straighten a bit of petals. And the flower is ready!
Beautiful lily in 4 moves

Beautiful lily in 4 moves

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One move, but as stylish - "Tie" for fork

This option is more like a playful decoration for cutlery, rather than serving napkins in a classical understanding. This design of plates and plugs is more suitable for a modern stylistic solution for the design of the festive table. A pair of light movements and grunge decor ready.

Knit a beautiful "tie":

  • Expand the napkin and fold the opposite ends from the center to the middle;
  • Fold the rectangle in half so that the free edges remain inside;
  • Fold the napkin again in half, but already short edges to each other;
  • On bending a rectangle forms a loop, in which free edges needed. And the main thing is not to forget to wake up the plug, a knife or spoon in the nodule. Thus, it will be "tie" for the device. Stylish, simple and very original!
The napkin turns the napkin turns into a stylish tie

The napkin turns the napkin turns into a stylish tie

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Envelope or something from a restaurant on your desk

This method will perfectly fit into almost any stylistic direction. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it carries and functional load. It can be put on it cutlery and thus make them serving. You can also add a registered card, alive colors and other decor elements.

Instructions for creating pockets:

  • Expand the napkin. Bend the right upper corner and the left lower direction towards the center. But pay attention to the fact that the top corner must be wrapped a little less lower;
  • Gently impose the right half (from the center) to the left;
  • Then remove the left lower corner;
  • Match the napkin again in half. Only this time from the bottom up. At the same time, be extremely neat - the corners that were bent, should remain so. You have to get a square with a bevelled corner on the left at the top;
  • Turn the square face down. Fold it in half - right to left;
  • Turn over the product again. According to the result, you will have a rectangle with beveled cuts, in which you can insert cutlery or a branch of lavender or olive. And please Guests!
Step-by-step instructions for creating an envelope

Step-by-step instructions for creating an envelope

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Options that create additional volume and individual compositions on the holiday table

Volume options from napkins can be used as one of the elements that will set the "temp" and a composite "movement" of your table. Such forms can be candles from napkins, and heraldic lilies, and can also bulk flowers in plates and side. It already depends on your imagination.

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Star, flower or snowflake - Call how you want this beauty

The flower theme is traced in the design of clothes, in the interiors and does not bypass the side of the table. On the table, the flowers are present, both in a living in compositions and in artificial: panels and even roses and lily from napkins. In the continuation of this topic, napkins on the festive table can be folded in the form of a lotus flower or unusual snowflakes.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • Expand the napkin. Fold the corners to the center so that the rhombus turned out;
  • Gently turn the rhombus face down;
  • Match the corners again to the center so that the square is. On the corners of the napkin will see the cuts;
  • Very carefully with the back side, pull out the last corners of the napkins on the front side. They must "look" up. Pull all 4 tips. Thus, it turns out the perfect fantastic flower or a diamondy snowflake.
The first steps

The first steps

Creating a flower

Creating a flower

Ready product

Ready product

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Perfect flower for each guest

This option is one of the most difficult. It requires a lot of effort and time. Also need to be patient. But the result will delight and surprise guests.

Step-by-step instructions for "manufacturing" Astra from napkin:

  • Turn the napkin. Then we make 2 opposite warehouses - along the central fold;
  • We repeat manipulations on short sides. Smooth the flex line fingers. This is a blank with the laid lines;
  • We deploy the foundation until the first 2 oncoming warehouses. On top and bottom from the central fold will be 4 squares;
  • It is necessary to make 8 from 4 squares. To do this, bend the short side towards yourself, then we make a "harmonic" from ourselves and leave. On the other hand, we repeat the manipulation;
  • We form petals. For this, the edges of the "harmonica" wrap inside and smooth the folds of the fingers. Only we dress not all edge, and it is part of it;
  • We connect the extreme ribs among themselves - "open" the Astra. Fix the flower with your fingers and lay out on the plate. Now your guests will rejoice not only to a delicious food and a pleasant company, but also receive aesthetic pleasure from the decoration of the festive table. Create with a soul!
Step number 1.

Step number 1.

Step number 2.

Step number 2.

Step number 4.

Step number 4.

Item No. 5.

Item No. 5.

Next move

Next move

Making "Harmonic"

Making "Harmonic"

Form future petals

Form future petals

Next step

Next step

Something similar to a bow

Something similar to a bow

Crawd petals

Crawd petals

A little more and flower Ready

A little more and flower Ready

Voila! Astra revealed

Voila! Astra revealed

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Video: How to fold the paper napkin

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Gallery: ideas for decoring a festive table with paper napkins

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If you want to decorate the festive table with your own hands, you can do it with paper napkins. It will not be much difficulty, just follow the advice from the master class. If you do not agree with the ranking of the article, then simply put your estimates and argue them in the comments. Your opinion is very important for our readers.

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  • Paper napkins are sold everywhere
  • Can be folded in different ways
  • Budget way to decorate the table


  • For complex jewelry from the napkins, you will need time and training
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Fan from the napkin

There are many schemes as beautifully folded paper napkins on a festive table. Creative approach to design will help to set a color gamut, the mood of the celebration, and also to make accents. To beautifully fold ordinary napkins, you do not need special equipment or skills. Everyone will learn how to make a lot of interesting design schemes: from simple, to complex.

Methods for layouts in the napkin

The easiest way is to fold the napkins triangle. The resulting corners must be placed in the holder in one of two ways: in a single or double fan. In the first case, the fan is laid out towards each other, in the second - from the center to the edges. These two ways are good because, if necessary, the napkin gets, without destroying the integrity of the composition.

Fold napkins in the napkin

Another simple, but beautiful option is a double-sided waterfall. For its manufacture you will need a cup. Napkins are folded in half, forming flat stripes. Making twenty blanks, fold them on each other. Burn the middle and placed in a cup. There are other, more original layout methods, for decorating a festive table.

Fold the napkin waterfall

Bird with a multicolored tail

This option is easy to execute, but I like the guests. The layout starts with the tail of the bird. To do this, it is necessary to pick up bright, saturated colors of napkins. Monophonic will also fit, but the bird looks less effectively. Production sequence:

  • Each napkin is bent two parallel corners. The napkin is folded in half. There is a trapezium - one tail item. Continue to work until these parts are the right amount;
  • Make head and neck. To do this, the napkin needs to be folded several times, forming a flat tube. The tube needs to be adjusted to the upper part, forming a head;
  • All items are placed in the holder.
How to fold napkins in the napkin

This interesting method of layout is suitable for any celebration. Bird symbolizes heat, homemade comfort. Especially relevant such a figure in the celebration of the new year, whose symbol is the rooster. Juicy colors will also decorate a festive table at the birthday of a child. Bright closets will attract the attention of young guests and delight the birthday girl.

On a note!

Before looking for layouts for folding napkins, it is necessary to determine the place of placement. It can be a cloth, a glass, plate. Based on this, the option of addition will be selected.

Schemes at plates

To emphasize the importance of the event will help beautifully decorated napkins at the plate. They can be located in a glass, on the dish. Envelopes under cutlery look solid, and fan and roses give romance. You can surprise the guests an unusual addition scheme - under the ring. It is interesting and very elegant. And the scarf on the plug, albeit simpler, but it looks playfully and self-sufficient.

Fan and rose in a glass

To make a fan, you need to straighten the napkin and fold out the harmonica from it. The resulting billet bends in half and placed in a glass. Just and beautiful.

Fold the napkin fan in a glassNapkin fan

Very exquisitely looks a flower in a glass. There are several options for making roses. The most simple includes the following steps:

  • The napkin is deployed and folded into a flat tube from the angle;
  • The upper corner is sweeping, and the tube is folded into the bud;
  • "Petals" of the resulting flower is slightly rejected;
  • You can wrap the flower with a green cloth, imitating rose leaves;
  • The resulting composition is placed in a glass of suitable size.
Rose in a glass of napkinsRosette from napkinFold the leaves of roses from napkin

To make a festive table more colorful, you need to make bright colorful roses. Instead of glasses, paper flowers can be placed in a wide shallow bowl, forming a bouquet. In this case, it is important to ensure that the floral buds are tightly twisted and have not disengaged.

Three fold schemes for a ring and a scarf on a plug

Rings are a good idea for tissue napkins. In the first two cases make an elegant bow. To do this, the napkin is bent, forming a strip. The edges fell into the middle, slightly overlapping each other. The resulting part is made in the ring, which serves as a middle bow. The edges slightly pull out. Graceful bow ready.

Banta from Slippet.How to fold a bow from a napkin

In the second embodiment, instead of the ring uses a monochrome satin ribbon. She is tightened by the middle. Instead of rings and tapes, you can use a solid foil strip. She reliably fixes the workpiece without giving a fabric figure to deform.

Banta from Slippet.

In the third version of the folds - the manufacture of a classic flower. A rhombus fold out of the napkin. Free edges are slightly rejected by forming petals. The bottom of the flower is drawn in the ring.

Napkin Flower with Ring

The simplest, but spectacular solution - scarf on the plug. For its manufacture, the tissue napkin turns into striped. Striped fold in half. The plug is placed on top of the workpiece, the edges of which turn around around the table appliance and are drawn in the resulting loop. Slightly tighten. Simple and elegant scarf ready.

Tie a napkin on the plug

On a note!

No need to invent too complex folding options. Especially if this is a children's holiday. Guests may have difficulty when unfolding the napkin, which will spoil them mood.

Three envelopes under cutlery

Any of the envelope folding schemes allows you to beautifully issue a festive table. The difference lies in the difficulty of manufacture. Choosing the most convenient scheme, you can practice in advance, folding your pocket. Having gained experience, you can quickly make an original and practical decoration for a festive table:

  1. The napkin is straightened and placed face down. Fold diagonally, forming a triangle. Feed the left side of the triangle to the opposite, not reaching the angle of several centimeters. Next, flex the right side to the left. The corner released over the edges is sweeping under the bottom of the shapes. Envelope is ready. Envelope from Slippet.
  2. The napkin is folded in four, the front side inside. The top corner of the upper layer is rejected down, diagonally. The next layer is rejected in the same direction, not reaching the previous corner of the napkin a couple of centimeters. The corner of the second layer is filled with pockets formed from the previous layer. The third layer is rejected and refuel under the second. The design is turned over, both sides are sweeping into the center. The envelope turns over and put on it cutlery. Fold the napkin under cutlery
  3. The napkin is folded in half, forming a rectangle. The upper part of one side twice bent into two centimeters. The billet is turned over. The upper right corner is bended to the middle, forming a rectangular trapezium. Again bend to the midline. The same actions repeat on the other side of the workpiece. It turned out a double-sided envelope. If you deploy it with a sharp end, two table appliances will fit it. Turning the envelope to the other side, you can place three instruments in it.
Napkins Culk

Instead of cutlery in beautiful pockets, you can put postcards with wishes, a card with the name of the invited guest, a spruce twig. Envelopes are better folded from monophonic napkins. The drawing will distract, and the altitude of the material, on the contrary, will help to emphasize the elegance and skill of the manufacture of an envelope.

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Volumetric Candle and Crown Figures

Flat figures are easy to manufacture. But there are also volumetric figures - a candle and crown - which can be done in a couple of minutes. The candle will fit well for a romantic dinner or a New Year's party, and the crown will perform the rods for the branches of ate or flowers. For the crown it is better to take a napkin with openwork edges. Such an exercise will look solemnly.

  1. Candle. The napkin is a triangle, shifting the edge to one centimeter inside. For a steady base: five centimeters of the lower part of the triangle are folded with a tube. Turn over the napkin, holding the fold with your fingers. From any angle begin to ride the tube. The free end of the fabric is fixed in the previous fold. The candle is put on the saucer and decorated wick. To do this, the outer edge of the fabric is bent outward, and the internal twist. Candle from cloth
  2. Crown. The napkin is folded by a triangle from which the rhombus is formed. Rhombus turn over the back side and bend the lower part, folding the triangle from it. The corners of the triangle bend back, refueling one in another. The crown is stripped and put on a beautiful stand. Crown of napkin

On a note!

To secure the edges of the figure and facilitate execution, you can use the stationery clip. But it must be remembered that paper products are easy to break. Therefore, it should work carefully.

Crown of napkin

Napkins decorated in this way adorn the table and give it an aesthetic appearance. It is easy to make them, so you can attract the process of making children. They will enjoy the skill of creating volumetric figures from napkins. This is a fascinating occupation, the result of which will delight the owners of the holiday and guests.

How to fold napkins for a festive table

Choosing materials

Choosing paper napkins, you need to take into account their color. Bright, saturated colors are suitable for a fun holiday, children's birthday. White napkins and a white tablecloth on the table - emphasize the atmosphere of special solemnity. When choosing tissue napkins, it is better to take those whose dense texture: linen, cotton, viscose. They keep the form better, do not impenet and look solid.

Start working out the art of folding is better with simple schemes. After examining them, you can take for more complex. On the eve of the holiday, it is necessary to fold the selected figures. In this case, you do not have to do it in a hurry, before the arrival of guests. It will be necessary to just reach the finished products and beautifully decompose on the table.

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Other design schemes

Having mastered simple schemes, you can proceed to the creation of more complex figures. Thematic images will emphasize the importance of the event and cause delight among the guests. Figures of animals are a good choice for the design of a children's holiday, flowers - for a wedding celebration and a romantic evening. First you need to determine the color gamut of the napkins, and then start creating bizarre figures:

  1. Christmas tree. The corners folded square napkins begin to bend, not reaching the previous layer. When the corners of all layers are bent, the workpiece turns over. Right and left side bend to the middle. Roll over the workpiece and wrap the corners, refueling them under the previous ones. Christmas tree made of napkins
  2. Lotus. First make a stand. To do this, you will need twelve gaps of green. The napkin is a triangle. Then the angles are bended to the middle, from the top of the triangle to the lower edge. The billet turn over and sweep the corners. The workpiece is folded, hiding corners. The first part is ready. By analogy, more eleven parts are manufactured. Form the base, tightening the details of the thread. The second stage is the manufacture of petals. They are also made, only change the color of the napkins to a brighter. Total will need ninety-six details. The last stage is a flower assembly. With the help of a spoon, the angle of pink petal in two modules of green, bonding them. All will work out eight layers. After assembling the edge of the petals frame. Lotus from napkin
  3. Tulip. A rectangle is folded from the napkin. The edges are tightened by forming a tube. Several centimeters retreating from the edge, tightly twist the paper, forming the stem. In the middle of the workpiece form a leaf and chew the remaining tube. Tulip from Slippet.
  4. A heart. The napkin is a triangle, a rhombus form out of it. The workpiece is turned over, the angle is flexing down. The left corner of the lower layer is rejected on the diagonal to the left, the right one is right. All corners bend inside and turn the workpiece. Heart of napkins
  5. Butterfly. There are several techniques for the formation of a figure. The easiest: the napkin is painted and placed face down. The parties bend to the middle, forming a rectangle. The corners of the workpiece are flexing, the napkin is folded with the harmonica and fix the middle. Figure wings cut. Butterfly
  6. Bunnies. Option for Easter Celebration. The sides of the napkins are folded to the middle, forming a rectangle. The middle line of the workpiece folds corners, turn over and repeat the procedure. The preparation is folded in half, along. The lower corner of the workpiece is sweeping. The preparation is folded, the corners are hiding in pockets. Run ears at the bunny. Bunnies from napkins

On a note!

If colors are selected for the table, you need to pick up different shades of napkins for execution. The monophonic gamma is also permissible, but guests will be more pleasant to see "their" color. Thus, you will emphasize the individuality and importance of each guest.

Folding paper napkins is one of the origami varieties. You can find a lot of interesting schemes that will help to issue a festive table. Unusual figures, luxury flowers, elegant envelopes - a lot of options. Decor with napkins makes it focus on the style and the subject of the celebration.


Creating bizarre figures from napkins helps to decorate a festive table without making great efforts. The color scheme must be combined with the overall style, then the beautiful design will enjoy guests. Putting a shade of napkins for tablecloth and cutlery, you can create a single harmonious composition. You can decorate the table not only on holidays. On weekdays, the beautiful design of the table will make it possible to demonstrate your love and care of your relatives.

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