How to call Youtube 😲: "YouTube" or "Yutyub"?

Although I love Russian with all my heart, it is still interesting to watch how new foreign words are being built into the system of our language.

Detail of a painting by Titian Vecellio
Detail of a painting by Titian Vecellio

The YouTube resource, and even this word, can no longer be called new, video hosting appeared back in 2005. Imagine this is almost 15 years ago! But how to call it correctly is still not clear to many.

I would like to say: write how you want. Igor Shtang came across an interesting picture of how a foreign word is adapted in Russian using the example of the lexeme "Internet".

How to call YouTube 😲: “YouTube” or “YouTube”?

The word YouTube is formed from you (you, you) + tube (trumpet, telly). In Russian, there are three ways to write this word.

Once the word YouTube was written only in Latin, now we already write it in Cyrillic and do not put it in quotes. According to Igor Shtang's scale, the word is approximately at the third stage of development. We try to write the word as close to pronunciation as possible.

Now the most preferred option is “youtube”, but for the Russian language this spelling is not at all familiar. It is recommended that the media write this way. There is an assumption that over time, the soft sign in the middle of this word will go away. The correct spelling will be either "YouTube", but most likely, it is "YouTube", let's see.

How to call YouTube 😲: “YouTube” or “YouTube”?

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Writing foreign words in Russian is a rather burning topic. If in oral speech significant errors in pronunciation are forgiven, especially in a conversation with a native speaker of a similar language, then in writing a blot is clearly striking. The article will focus on a word that is increasingly pronounced among young people. It will tell you how to spell it correctly: “YouTube” or “YouTube”. We will also offer examples of sentences with use, as well as pronunciation variations.

Illustration on the theme "YouTube" or "YouTube": how to spell "YouTube" in Russian

Spelled correctly

Like the overwhelming number of words in the Russian language, the previously voiced one has only the only correct spelling. And it's not just about the rules of the Russian language. We can definitely say that it is correct to write “YouTube”. Accordingly, any spelling using the Cyrillic alphabet is considered incorrect.

Now it is worth making a reservation. There is such a thing as transliteration. This is when any word of one alphabetic system is taken and transferred letter by letter to another. In simple language, the letter "U" is replaced by the Russian "U", and the English "L" - "L". In practice, "YouTube" looks extremely caricatured. For example, if you transliterate in accordance with GOST 7.79-2000, then the output will be "YoTube", and another GOST offers the option "YoTube".

What is the rule

Illustration on the theme "YouTube" or "YouTube": how to spell "YouTube" in Russian

The answer to the main question is given - the only correct spelling "YouTube" is to write it in the original, that is, in English. Even transliteration is powerless. Why is that? In the Russian language, words can be found everywhere, the origin of which does not imply the presence of Cyrillic letters, but they are perfectly adapted. Why has the world famous video hosting service not received such an honor? For many, the prevalence of the spelling "YouTube" or "YouTube" may seem strange. One of the listed options will become correct in the future, now it is too fresh, and it has not been entered into the dictionary.

It is worth making a reservation. “YouTube” or “YouTube” can be used in speech, but they are more for informal communication. This is the case when the word cannot be recognized as erroneous and completely correct.

Sample sentences

To reinforce the above, the following are suggestions using YouTube:

  1. The phone has the YouTube app installed.
  2. Do you watch YouTube?
  3. Where can I download YouTube to my phone?
  4. YouTube is a popular internet service.

In the first and third cases, the word is enclosed in quotation marks. Because in the context of the proposal, it is not about video hosting as a platform for publishing videos, but about the name of the application for a smartphone. Otherwise, there is no need to highlight, because it is written in English.

Illustration on the theme "YouTube" or "YouTube": how to spell "YouTube" in Russian

How to pronounce “YouTube”

And finally, let's touch on an equally interesting topic - how to pronounce “YouTube” correctly? It is not a dictionary in Russian, which means that there are no interpretations of the English-speaking pronunciation. Accordingly, in the conversation, "YouTube" will be correct, as they say directly in English-speaking countries. But we note that the conversational style does not imply compliance with the rules and regulations, and in communication with friends, you can even express yourself as you like.

How is YouTube spelled?

youtube or youtube

How is it spelled correctly?

The word "YouTube" is written both through the letter "y" and through "u" - youtube и youtube .

Etymology of the word

Before turning to the question of the correct spelling of the word “ youtube »It is necessary to learn about its main meaning and origin. This lexical unit appeared in the Russian language relatively recently. It is of English origin, and is the name of a well-known site that provides storage and playback services for any video.

According to the rule and foreign names are not translated into Russian, and their transition from one language to another is carried out using transcription or transliteration ... The analyzed word consists of two: you - "you, you", tube - "pipe, TV". If, when transmitting a word, transliteration is used - the transfer of a graphic image of a word, then it is written as “ youtube ". If the transcription is the transmission of the sound image of the word, then it will be correct “ youtube ". Therefore, both spellings are correct.

Examples of

  • On the site " Youtube »Users can upload the video, view, share it with other people, comment or rate.
  • On the site " Youtube "A new interesting video about dog training has appeared.
  • He was sure that the site “ Youtube »Very few good video works.

Do you know..

Which option is correct? (according to statistics from last week, only 29% answered correctly)

This word can be heard in different variations, and all due to the fact that differences in pronunciation can be found all over the world. So, how is it right, YouTube, YouTube, or is it YouTube? We'll figure out…

100% correct

How do you spell YouTube or YouTube, or maybe even YouTube? If there is no single norm in the sound, then it is unlikely to be found in the writing.

Answer: ⇓

So our advice to everyone who are worried about literacy: write YouTube - so you definitely can't go wrong !!!

It is not correct to write this word in Cyrillic for official documents!

What does this word mean:

Interesting to know : when we talked about the rules, we completely forgot about the meaning. By the way, the name itself is a synthesis of two words. “You” is you, and “Tube” is a tube, the colloquial name for television and television. Thus, it can be deciphered as "your own television", or "you make TV yourself."

How to pronounce

Lack of knowledge of the English language is a reason to contact a translator. To be sure, let's take the two most popular ones, from Google and from Yandex:

Interesting fact : If you start typing any form of writing into a Google or Yandex search engine, the first result will always be a link to the main site

Hear how to pronounce this word in English ⇓

1. Google. The voice assistant pronounces the word in the English variation as “youtube”, and into Russian it does not translate it at all, leaving the spelling in Latin as well. However, in the Russian interpretation, the voice says “YouTube”.

2. Yandex. In English he pronounces "youtube", and into Russian he translates this word as "youtube", and pronounces it as well. In the examples of using this term, the service gives all three translation options.

Interesting video friends smile

By the way, Google translator gives one more meaning for reference. In English, this is both a noun (site name) and a verb that denotes the process of publishing a video on a video hosting site.

Even popular translation services cannot agree on this issue, how can you say and write YouTube, YouTube or YouTube correctly?

What is the salt

The main confusion arises in the differences between classic English and American languages. Although these languages ​​are very similar, they differ significantly in spelling and pronunciation.

YouTube is the correct pronunciation in English. It was this option that was initially considered the most correct. Sometimes it is softened by saying “youtube”.

The version of "YouTube" is in the American manner. It is more familiar to our ears. After all, it's easier for us to say by reading the letters, not paying attention to the rules.

But how to pronounce YouTube, YouTube or YouTube correctly - it doesn't really matter. The Russian sound is closer to the "YouTube" variant, but the foreign pronunciation has a right to exist. Even Wikipedia admits that all three sounds are well established and can be freely used.

Lost in translation

Globalization brings elements of other cultures, holidays and traditions into our lives, and adds new words to languages. Now it is no longer necessary to explain that there is a site with many videos from professional authors and amateurs. For this there is a name that has long been known to everyone - youtube. There have been no problems in his understanding for a long time, in contrast to the correct pronunciation.

All foreign language terms, settling in everyday use, go through a series of transformations. They are pronounced according to the rules of the source language, in their own manner, or taking into account generally accepted norms. At the same time, the canonical, only correct spelling and pronunciation does not appear immediately. It happened by yutub.

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