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What you need to know so that everything happens

  • The most difficult and responsible is to build contours. If at this stage you have worked carefully, the drawing will be at least not bad.
  • Your result is likely to be slightly different from the original picture: each has its own manner to draw.
  • Do not be afraid of mistakes: pretend that it was so conceived.
  • Execution techniques can be changed and combined: a picture intended for markers can be paint and paints, and pencils, and combine watercolor and gouache together. No strict rules!

How to draw Snow Maiden with Christmas Tomber

How to draw Snow Maiden with Christmas Tomber
Frame: Our cudders are all about everything / YouTube

What you need

  • White paper sheet;
  • Black marker or marker.

How to draw

Draw two semicircles with a strawster with a straight line below. It's eyes. Make round black pupils in them, leaving small white dots.

On the other hand, we do identical actions, but that the lines in a certain place come into contact, as indicated in the image.
Frame: Our cudders are all about everything / YouTube

Add three curved cilia over each eye, and from above - on eyebrow screenshot. Rounded tick mark the nose, under it smooth lines - a smile. Spend two arcs above the eyebrows. It will be a cheek. From it to lower the straight lines from both sides to the level of the Snow Maiden's eye. Do on the left side of the face rounding, denoting the cheek. Dorisinate the chin to the soft corner. Leave a free space for pigtails at the bottom right side.

Return to face. In the middle of the eyes, we draw two circumference of different sizes. We supply the entire contour of the head and hair of black helium paste, as shown in the picture. We also supply our eyes, draw cilia to them. I won't get everything with a black handle.
Frame: Our cudders are all about everything / YouTube

Draw a pigtail with lines similar to brackets. Put on the Snow Maiden Kokoshnik - a triangle on a wide, slightly curved base, decorated with patterns. Spend a rounded bar from the edge of Kokoshnik to the face, drawing the cheeky on the left. Add collar wavy lines.

Snow Maiden is drawn. You can add a snowman or a Christmas tree with a New Year's star. After studying our material, how to draw the Snow Maiden can easily begin the creative process. Recall that you all work fine, you need to follow the instructions. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the other articles and learn how to make New Year's crafts to school or kindergarten.
Frame: Our cudders are all about everything / YouTube

From the middle of the braids, spend the arc to the left, and in parallel to the left of it - the second arc smaller. It will be a sleeve. Draw a crawler cuff and add a mitten to it.

Picture right hand by analogy with the left: two parallel arches sleeves, cuff and mitten. Give the Snow Maiden in the left hand of the ball. From the ball to the right hand, spend the line to form the upper part of the body.

Draw the eyes
Frame: Our cudders are all about everything / YouTube

Finish braid, as shown in the figure. The fur coat of Snow Maiden consists of two smooth lines and expands the book, where it ends with a fur rumble of arcuate and wavy lines. Smooth check mark indicate the thoughts of one boot and the conditional line - the second.

Draw a person
Frame: Our cudders are all about everything / YouTube

Draw a shirt in the shape of a star. Please note that part of it is covered with the right hand of the Snow Maiden. Below, form an arbitrary lines of the tree outline. It consists of several tiers and expands the book.

Add hair and kokoshnik
Frame: Our cudders are all about everything / YouTube

Add balls on the tree. If you wish, paint the picture.

Better to figure out the instructions will help the video:

What else there are options

Cute Snow Maiden Drawn by Black Felt:

A quick way to portray the Snow Maiden, with which even children will be handy:

Snow Maiden pixel-art:

How to draw a snow maiden watercolor

How to draw a snow maiden watercolor
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

This method is suitable for those who already own a watercolor pattern.

What you need

  • Watercolor paper with a density of at least 200 g / m²;
  • draft for color check;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • Watercolor set;
  • Watercolor brushes;
  • glass with water;
  • palette.

How to draw

Approximately the center of the sheet, draw a figure similar to the egg. This is a blank for the head. Divide it into four parts with thin, slightly rounded horizontal and vertical lines. The lower half will divide another four parts.

Picture hands
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Note where there will be eyes, mouth and ear. Swipe exemplary neck and shoulders contours.

Add a fur coat
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Draw your eyes, eyebrows, nose and lips, as shown in the picture. Adjust the face outline: it is slightly narrowed near the right eye and closer to the chin.

Draw the tree
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Broad arc draw the Snow Maiden Kokoshnik. Note on the forehead the border of the cap and the cheek under it. From under the Kokoshnik, issue rounded lines. Mark the contours of the fur coat.

Draw an egg and divide into parts
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Specify the outlines of the eyes, add eyelashes. Decorate the hat with a diamond pattern with pearls at the intersection of lines.

Name the face and shoulders
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Sewing the cososhnik ornament, as shown below, or to your taste. Draw the suspension and bead edging caps. Check out the picture and erase the extra and auxiliary lines.

Draw a person
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Evenly fasten the hair with a pale yellow and transparent skin tone face and neck. You can get skin tone in different ways. For example, Mix red with okra and add more water. If the resulting tone does not suit, add brown, orange or yellow. Try options on the draft.

Next kokoshnik, hair and fur coat
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Apply paint on the eye frame, just do not paint the whole, and leave a place for highlights. Cover the translucent color of the lip, also not forgetting to make a glare. Create shadows on your face and neck using less diluted skin tone. You can add a lung blush. Give paint drying.

Dorisite eyelashes, hair and hat
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Draw eyebrows, nose and eyes, not forgetting to leave white glare on pupils. Add colors to lips, still shadows and a rumbling skin, giving the face volume.

Draw the tree
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

A wide brush, create an inhomogeneous blue background around the Snow Maiden, can be added a little purple. Worker hair brown and okra.

Sewer Kokoshnik ornament
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Coloring the cososhnik and a hat, as shown below. Let them dry before you continue to design them.

Start coloring face and hair
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

While Kokoshnik dries, pull the fur coat with shades of blue and purple, leaving a white space for patterns.

Create shadows on your face and neck
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Earn clothes and head removes, add contours patterns and suspension.

Skin the background and worker hair
Frame: Super Art School / YouTube

Check with video to clarify all stages:

What else there are options

Professional work watercolor:

How to draw a snow maiden gouache on a colored background

How to draw a snow maiden gouache on a colored background
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

What you need

  • Pastel paper or color cardboard;
  • Simple pencil or black marker;
  • eraser;
  • gouache;
  • brushes;
  • palette;
  • glass with water;
  • napkin.

How to draw

Picture a marker or pencil circle by retreating about a third of the top edge of the sheet. It will be head.

Coloring Kokoshnik and happy
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

Next round eyes with painted pupils, the nose is an inverted tick, a smile of a curved line, hair and a triangular kokoshnik. You can add a round blush on the cheeks.

Return to face. In the middle of the eyes, we draw two circumference of different sizes. We supply the entire contour of the head and hair of black helium paste, as shown in the picture. We also supply our eyes, draw cilia to them. I won't get everything with a black handle.
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

For the fur coat, you have two smoothly divergent lines from the face of the Snow Maiden. Light waves mark the fur in the center and at the bottom of the clothes. Add two lines on the sides, depicting the sleeves from the face. Complete them with a wavy sprinkler and semicircular mittens with a sticking finger.

Coloring the fur coat
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

From the lower edge of the fur coat, spend two pairs of parallel lines - legs. Add boots on them. Put the square, decorated with dots and strips of the box with gifts of different sizes. Note the horizon.

Earn details
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

Christmas trees draw in the form of extended triangles. Decorate them with balls, arcuate garlands, and on the tops - stars.

Draw a circle
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

Mix on the palette bright blue or purple gouache with white. Moisten a brush, type the paint and pull the fur coat and the cososhnik Snow Maiden. In the tone, intended for the sleeves, add more blue so that the hands do not merge with the body. Draw white fur and snowflakes.

Draw a fur coat
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

For face Mix okhru or brown with white. Coloring hair, a couple of gifts and stars on Christmas trees with yellow gouache, and the trees themselves are green with the addition of white. First draw contours, and then paint.

Indicate legs, horizon and gifts
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

Use the same shade of green for some boxes with gifts. Pale blue color Draw drifts around the Snow Maiden.

Draw a Christmas tree
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

Coloring violet mittens, legs and boots. The same purple or with the addition of red paint can be applied for the remaining gifts, patterns on the fur coat and kokoshnik.

Color the fur coat and kokoshnik
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

Decorate the trees and gifts with multi-colored balls and garlands. Draw the Snow Maiden face.

Pain your eyes. We highlight eye pupils, sketching the fur coat, leave only white fur. Hair is painting a yellow pencil. Summing out the contours of the hair brown, as shown in the picture. Sharch the suitable face and hands.
Frame: draw at home / YouTube

If you wish, add decorative elements on Snow Maiden clothes, on tree or gifts. See ideas in video instructions:

What else there are options

Simple Snow Maiden, with whom children will cope:

Another example of a drawing, which can be repeated to everyone - Snow Maiden in the company Bunny:

But the option is white in black - very impressive:

How to draw a snow maiden with pencils

How to draw a snow maiden with pencils
Frame: papermaster! Draw together! / YouTube.

What you need

  • Paper;
  • simple pencil;
  • eraser;
  • colour pencils.

How to draw

Draw a circle in the upper half of the sheet with thin lines. Spend a line separating the upper third of the circle. Below add oval. This is the future head with a cheek and fur collar.

Coloring Christmas trees, hair and gifts
Frame: papermaster! Draw together! / YouTube.

Indicate the fields of the fur coat with lines smoothly driving down. In approximately in the middle between the collar and the bottom of the fur coat, spend an arc. Here will be hand. In continuation of the hand, make a conditional sketch of the coupling, about an equal collar in width.

How to draw Snow Maiden: Picture Sugges
Frame: papermaster! Draw together! / YouTube.

Draw the boots and make a face of the Snow Maiden. Under the two curved lines of the upper eyelids, you will depict round or oval eyes, do not forget to paint pupils in them. Recover the roar of the nose and arc - the upper lip. Add the bottom lip, wider. The direct line on the head will turn into a cheek.

Pain your eyes. We highlight eye pupils, sketching the fur coat, leave only white fur. Hair is painting a yellow pencil. Summing out the contours of the hair brown, as shown in the picture. Sharch the suitable face and hands.
Frame: papermaster! Draw together! / YouTube.

Add sticking on different sides of the pigtails and work all the drawing in more detail. Will erase extra and auxiliary lines.

How to draw Snow Maiden: Coloring Kokoshnik and Hat
Frame: papermaster! Draw together! / YouTube.

Coloring the Snow Maiden with colored pencils, as in the video:

What else there are options

Cute granddaughter of Santa Claus, painted with pencils:

Fantasy image of Snow Maiden - Winter Fairy:

Pencil drawing of Snow Maiden in a bright blue dress:

How to draw a snow maiden acrylic on a Christmas ball

How to draw a snow maiden acrylic on a Christmas ball
Frame: Rank_ Castlle_arts / YouTube

This complex version is suitable for advanced drawers.

What you need

  • Dark blue Christmas ball;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brushes;
  • palette;
  • glass with water;
  • napkin.

How to draw

Make a light tone on a bowl of approximate face outlines, hats and snow maiden coats.

Picture Sugro
Frame: Rank_ Castlle_arts / YouTube

Indicate where there will be hands and fur rod clothing. Bread your hair with yellow. Apply the face background more dense and give paint to dry completely.

How to draw Snow Maiden: Draw mittens, legs and boots
Frame: Rank_ Castlle_arts / YouTube

Indicate your eyes. The distance between them is about equal to the width of one eye. Continuous line running towards eyebrows, make a nose. On the bottom lip, leave a white glare so that it seemed more realistic.

Draw a person, gradually adding details and shadows. Do not worry if it fails to achieve such perfection, as in the photos - your ball will still be beautiful. Fill the background of blue paint.

Draw mittens, legs and boots
Frame: Rank_ Castlle_arts / YouTube

Modify your face, draw a hat, sleeves and hair. Create a blue and white game light on the fur coat and cap. Add white glare on a blue background.

Draw a head and collar
Frame: Rank_ Castlle_arts / YouTube

Decorate a ball with white snowflakes or ornament. Draw on the fur coat of snow maiden snowflakes.

Next contours
Frame: Rank_ Castlle_arts / YouTube

Understand the instructions will help the video:

On the eve of New Year holidays, children with parents traditionally draw thematic characters. The main applicants for this role are Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

In the previous lesson, we have already depicted Santa Claus. Let's make a grandfather company, and draw the Snow Maiden.

Step by step instructions of the average difficulty will demonstrate how to make a beautiful pattern with a pencil. Optionally, you can paint with paints. Good luck!


We denote the boundaries of the picture

Place the Snow Maiden in the center. Spend a vertically straight axis. Picture a rectangle, as shown in the picture. Within its limits and will draw.

At the end of the cell all sketchy elements. Therefore, do not press a pencil strongly.

Indicate hair, hands, fur coat

Color Next

Head and shoulders

In the form of a small oval draw a head. The curved line is smoothly moving to other parts of the body, draw shoulders.

Head and shoulders

Add a Christmas tree


Beautiful bend of thin lines we derive a pencil hand. At the end of the sleeve, add fur coat. Position it in the form of an oval of a small size.




Snow Maiden - Winter Character. She always carries a warm, beautiful coat. Dress her so that the beauty does not frozen. Draw upper clothes in the form of a trapezoid.


Do not forget to add fur to the second sleeve.



Erase line

You must have a figure of a fragile girl, without which the New Year holidays do not come. Now you can wash all extra lines, schematic figures. They will not need them anymore.

Erase line

second option

Elements of costume

Snow Maiden always dressed. She carries a fur coat. Add some items to clothing as shown in the figure.

Mandatory element of a festive costume of Snow Males from a fairy tale - Kokoshnik. His design resembles a semicircular shield.

Elements of costume



Our heroine has long hair. She loves to braid her hair in a beautiful, long braid. The festive type of hairstyle gives a big, cute bow.

Draw a face, squeeze the background

Crying 2.


Facial features Snow Maiden Draw expressive, big eyes, Long Cilia, Round cheeks, bows sponges and rosal sponges.




So that the handles do not froze in cold weather, "dressed" on their mittens.



Latest strokes

Watch out for changes in the figure. Add a few strokes, and drawing ready.

Latest strokes



Optionally, pull out the drawing. Snow Maiden in color looks truly winter and fabulous.

How to draw Snow Maiden: Add Light

Try to color Snow Maid in online mode. Play with flowers so that the drawing is interesting.

Choose as you want to paint.



Add lightness

If you have seen a mistake, please select a fragment of the text and click Ctrl + Enter. .

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Draw the Snow Maiden Stepted With Children

Author: Artist Natalia.

Complexity: (3 out of 5).

Age: From 4 years.

More recently, we drew Santa Claus, and now learn to draw his granddaughter - Snow Maiden.

We need:

  • Tight paper sheet
  • Paints (gouache, watercolor)
  • Simple pencil and eraser
  • wax crayons (piece of candles)

Materials lesson

Draw snowflakes Draw snowflakes

Download materials lesson


Draw oval faces. Then make a bang.

Draw snowflakes

Now boldly draw the eyes, nose and sponge, brow. The eyes will be round (do not forget the cilia), the nose is a small ovalchik.

Draw snowflakes

What kind of snow maiden without a beautiful kokoshnik walks? Right! All real snow maiders wear a luxurious headdress (we will color it later).

Draw snowflakes

The next step will be outfit. Long fur coat (similar to the bell). Now the sleeves, of which mittens stick out.

Draw snowflakes

Of course, we decorate the fur coat. And draw a braid. It should be every Russian beauty.

Draw snowflakes

Now you can simply decorate it, or take a white wax chalk (instead you can use a candle) and they draw snowflakes on the clothes.

Then we break the watercolor in the palette and put the paint on the shape. Where snowflakes were drawn, water will roll.

Draw snowflakes

The baby will definitely get a cute Snow Maiden! Santa Claus will be very happy with such granddaughter!


Let's plunge into creativity and depicting the winter girl. Of course, we are talking about a cute Snow Maiden, who is the granddaughter of his beloved Santa Claus. Remember how in childhood we waited for these heroes, sitting under the Christmas tree? Wrote letters and taught poems. I remember. Therefore, in advance prepared templates for you that can be used when writing appeal to the grandfather.

As an idea, attach to the letter, a cute drawing of his granddaughter drawn by a childish trusting hand.

Below you will find a wonderful selection. Part of today's master classes were found on the Internet. And the part is drawn on their own. They are divided by chapters to make it easier to navigate the article.

Do not be surprised that the Snow Maiden itself can be different ages. After all, no one knows how old she is. Someone seems to be a girl whom to someone baby.

The color palette is cold. We use all shades of blue. We will be needed. Festivity Picture will add red and yellow paints, which parts depict Christmas balls and gifts.

Of course, the most important thing is to show each step of creating a picture. So that any child can repeat. The clearer and drawn the image will be, the more difficult to draw it. But, with a small diurn, everything is possible.

And also information for lovers to srink pictures. Especially for you below describes the options as it can be done faster. I will reveal the secret: one master class, will show the handling instructions from the monitor screen. And the second is the transfer of the pattern using the mesh. You will definitely succeed.

For small children, simpler options are specially selected. Eyes-buttons, sundress - triangle. But at the same time all actions are shown in detail. The kid will understand everything.

Let's start.

How to statenly draw the Snow Maiden with a pencil (+ sketches of eyes and heads)

The first thing is always a pencil sketch. Not everyone can do without it. Therefore, let's start with the drawing of all the outlines by the usual pencil. It is patching it in advance so that the lines are thin and neat.

Master class No. 1. Let's start with the famous Masha girl, who boldly tried on the Snow Maiden costume.

Step 1. Take the album sheet. Speakingly find him the middle and put the point. Through it, we will hold the arc to the lower edge of the sheet. You do not need to bring to the edge. Then retreat from the line 4-5 cm and spend parallel to the first line arc. We carry out the necessary compounds and the outlines of the Kokoshnik ready.

Step 2. Now inside the head remove you need to draw a small oval. Look at the picture, it can be seen that the chin paid attention. It turns out a little sharper than the top of the oval.

Step 3. Now draw face. In the middle of the face horizontally, we celebrate two paired arcs under the eyes. Between them put the outline of the nose. Draw your mouth and hair. Eyebrows also remove arcs.

Step 4. An integral attribute of the fabulous machine is handkerchief. It draws it under Kokoshnik.

Step 5. From the edge of the handker, we carry out the line for the collar. And under it will depict hands in the mittens. For beauty, I propose to make frost patterns on the Kokoshnik. Here you can make curls or snowflakes.

Step 6. It remains to fill the flower pattern at its discretion. It turns out something like that.

Master class No. 2. Next tried in detail to give the instruction of naughty snow maiden. Used a regular pencil. When drawing elements, do not be afraid to relax hand. It happens that new lines may appear. But it is not scary. After you approve the sketch, extra drops are easily erased with a pencil. The main thing is not to put pressure on the stylus.

Step 1. Let's start our masterpiece from the contour of the face. We will not make it a familiar oval. We have a fabulous girl, albeit the outlines will be the same, unusual.

In the middle of the sheet we drive a concave line. In place of the chin make a sharp corner. It turns out so.

Step 2. Arbitrarily close the front pair of lines. So the hair probor will turn out. The outlines are already clear.

Step 3. I propose to decorate the head of the Kokoshnik. It can be replaced with a golk or cap. Our Snow Maiden can also wear them. But it seemed to me that the first version of the Uraz is more celebrating.

Step 4. We will deal with the face itself. We visually divide it on the floor and horizontally make notches. In these places there will be eyes. Between them, make a tick - nose. Under it will carry out a line, in the center of which will be a small circle. That's so easily turned out.

The top of the eye is easily done with two curls.

Circles make pupils and darken them. It remains to make a brow. It turns out a very pretty girl.

Step 5. We continue further. Finish the hairstyle. For this, on the one hand, we make curls. And on the other hand, the braid. Neck make an uneven framing. Intermittent lines create a fur effect. At the same time with droplets decorate the headdress.

Step 6. Sarafan is drawn very simple. It has the shape of a trapezium, expands the book. In the center vertically carry out the furs line. And on the sides we draw sleeves.

Step 7. Hands go symmetrically along the edges of the body. Since the sweets and palms are difficult to draw, they put them in the mittens.

Step 8. Add a landscape behind the back of the girl. There is a dressed tree. Snowflakes and serpentine fly in the air.

If desired, the resulting picture can be painted with paints or markers.

Master class number 3. The next simple way to portray the famous frost relative is. Steps are also detailed. Here you also do not use complex patterns. It is important that everyone can repeat the artists.

Step 1. As a head, the protrusion circle. In the left lower part points allocate eyes. Tick ​​is a nose. Arbitrarily depicting hair.

Step 2. From the round head goes neck body. Hands comfortably draw straight. Let the Kokoshnik be on top.

Step 3. We will pay attention to the bottom of the girl. "Give" a lush short skirt. And add two legs. We will try to draw fingers and cuffs. You can not seek to obtain an ideal palm. Just remember that we have five fingers.

If you wish, you can pour a picture. At the same time, I remember that we have a winter heroin, and therefore, in the blue and blue colors.

Master class No. 4. Next will go a selection of schemes. They are simple and detailed. Made with computer graphics. But even better - see each line.

Now let's start with the fact that we find the center of the sheet. From it symmetrically draw a circle at the top. Let's leave a little place for the neck. Add a triangle as a body. Only the tops will not do is not sharp, but the rounded one. Next, we note the place of eyes, ears and hair. Approximately noting where the hands will be.

Next, we make the drawing of braids and caps. We will pay attention to eyes and nose. Add a collar and coupling. All remaining schematic lines can be erased by eraser.

It turns out something like that. Sponges appear on the face. Fur reservoir appears at the fur coat. If desired, paint the pattern color.

Next we see another similar master class. Also at the base is the fold line. As a head, also draw a circle. When the body is depicted, try to pay attention to the waist. After all, here we should get a slender girl. Add braid and decorations and everything is ready.

The following option is more realistic. And it will be more difficult to repeat it. Here you no longer need to drive yourself into the frame and make different symmetrical lines. The hand should be relaxed and making smooth outlines. First create sketch. His task to determine the location of the head, hands and clothing. Next, begin to connect lines, drawing the entire silhouette.

Below in detail showing a pattern of creating a pattern. This option is also more fabulous. It shows only the overall similarity with the girl. No bends and smooth lines. All image is built with smooth geometry.

Since the person began to draw a person, it is impossible to pass by a detailed description of the head drawing. So, she has an oval, a little resembles an egg. The narrowed part is located below. Thin lines divide it with two perpendicular. On the horizontal strip will be placed. The top of the forehead will take eyebrows and hair. The bottom of the face remains the floor of the nose and lips.

If you do not know how to draw your eyes. I came up with a few simple options. Look at the image. Pluses marked the easiest to repetition.

On this, of course, do not finish. We continue to consider master classes and notice different ideas.

Drawing Snow Maiden for children 7-8 years old watercolor - quickly and just

Pupils of primary school are already well represented how to draw a person. In a row, they were in a row in a row in a row. You can get acquainted with them by reading this article.

But, with all the understanding, they have no hand yet. And all lines can be received not even. This is not to be afraid. After all, it is important for us. Each time it will get better and better.

Master class No. 1. Let's start with the phased instruction, where the pencil sketch is first made.

We will not complicate and show your head in the form of a circle. It needs to be located in the top of the sheet so that the bottom is left for the bottom.

Short parallel lines show the place of the collar. This fur and villi will be filmed in different directions.

Next, we note where the body and bottom of the fur coat. Also draw the bottom mehovushka.

Add your hands with fur cuffs and mittens. Silhouette ready. Next, we will deal with smaller work - draw your eyes and mouth.

In the center of the face with small arcs, we note the nose and eyelids of the eyes.

Draw pupils and cilia. Rotik is done by a check mark. For greater similarity, add hair.

That's what a nice and kind snowy girl turns out. You can leave everything as now.

And you can paint watercolor. To do this, you need to take white and blue colors. In the palette we mix both shades until it turns out blue. They paint the hair and the fur. Next to the obtained shade, I will add soft and fill the cap and cheeks.

How paint dries. You need to take a blue color and highlight the main lines of the silhouette for contrast. Next, take your cotton wand and put it blue dots around the silhouette.

It will be snowfall. So that the whole drawing does not get boring, you can add golden or yellow snowflakes to it. As if they reflect sunlight and flash a little.

By the way, any of the master classes given here can be painted with watercolor paints. Perhaps the child another drawing will seem easier or prettier. This variant is given for example.

How to easily and beautifully draw the Snow Maiden in the cells

And now the promised version for easy sketch. The whole idea is to draw two identical meshes with cells. In Odoy, you have a favorite image. In the second, already perverted. It is very comfortable. Because it is decomposed on cells and it is easier to determine how the line goes.

I bring an example. I liked such a young lady.

I painted thin cells on it and numbered them so as not to get confused. And nearly created exactly the same grid.

Now I choose a cell from which will begin to lead the line. I see to what edge closer or below the line goes and carry it into the same place on the empty part. Like that.

It turns out almost identical image. This method is very convenient to preserve the proportions. In the older school I liked so creating portraits of famous people. True, I referred from ordinary calendars. And, if you use a photo, then the mesh must be applied to polyethylene and cover the photo. So we will not spoil anything.

On the notebook cells draw very schematic and symmetric pictures. But need complete concentration and accuracy.

First, in the left lower part of the sheet you need to put a point. From her will go a pyramid of dual cells. Each time lifting up. It is necessary to move on the cage to the right. In the photo, everything is shown.

Next, repeat the entire scheme. like on a picture. Cells are painted symmetrically, so it is difficult to make a mistake.

Next, you can add colors and take red and blue marksters. We will already finish the drawing.

It turns out such a beauty.

For convenience, give a detailed master class in video format. So you can follow the artist gradually. At the right moments. You can stop the video to do the job carefully.

Perhaps you will have a little different image. And that's fine. All masterpieces are unique in kind.

We portray the Snow Maiden together with Santa Claus and Christmas Tree

And here are our favorite heroes together. After all, the holiday of the new year will not be full, if there is no one character. Therefore, most often Santa Claus comes with his granddaughter to the elegant Christmas tree.

For convenience, I bring a detailed image diagram of a grandfather and girls. Each step is shown in detail and understandable.

For kids, I propose to take the coloring basis. On them our heroes together. You can fully print the picture. And you can consider them all and take some separate items for drawing.

Santa Claus must have a lush beard. The expression of the face is kind and having. But the girl can be different. After all, we do not know how much the snowmobile years. Someone paints her adult girl. For someone, she is a cute mischievous girl 7-9 years old.

But an interesting picture, when the grandfather reads children's letters with requests and promises. Granddaughter helps him understand mail. We also know that before December 31, they write more than a million children. Imagine how much work!

And on this coloring already collected gifts for children.

Then the characters are distributed. The grandfather sat down on the penets and is ready to delight forest beast. According to EIM pictures, you can write a whole fairy tale.

Offer the child to fill these pictures not watercolor, but plasticine. Instead of drawing, it turns out a handicraft.

Draw the most beautiful Snow Maiden with Kokoshnik do it yourself.

Below for you, two master classes, how to draw a beautiful girl in Kokoshnik. The form of this head remove can be different. Someone draws, gently, someone is sharp. To someone like big, and someone is small. In general, the above images are just an example. You rely on your own preferences. You can go into the details, and according to its edge draw the thread of pearls or snowflakes. After all, before, all this was embroidered manually.

For kids, a tooth will be useful will understand how to simply highlight the face and hair line. That hands go out of the shoulders, and the head sits on the neck.

Option 1. In the upper part of the sheet they donate seized. He is eager to bottom.

We mark the hair line on top of the forehead.

And complete the head of the semicircle. To preserve proportions, it is wider below.

As Kokoshnik, choose such a simple form.

Then with thin lines, we note the approximate location of the eyes, nose and lips. At the level of the eye add neat ears.

Now draw a face. I will not rush to show how to draw eyes. Upper eyelids are two smooth curls. The edges hurt up are eyelashes.

In the curls we draw two circles. Above them note eyebrows.

The girl we get very pretty. Snow Maiden always carries a long braid. Therefore, add it.

Next, draw the bank and collar coat. To portray fur, you need to draw long vests in different directions.

Now we decorate the Kokoshnik with stars and snowflakes. You can draw small Christmas trees, bumps and droplets. As well as different frosty patterns in the form of curls. Also a pencil stitching places where there is a shadow. This will give the pattern of volume and originality.

Option 2. Another idea. And here I will start the drawing from the Kokoshnik himself. He will be pointed. His base is half a challenge, we do not have a square head of the head.

Next, draw some of the hair and draw eyes.

Add brow and spout. Here the nose is depicted smoky ridden in the form of an arch.

Testing braids and beautiful sucker.

The fur coat is short, from under it you can see the legs in the boots.

In the pencil version it turned out such a winter beauty. You can leave so. But you can make it in color.

Like this. For a clear contour, circle the whole drawing with a black marker.

Write in the comments. Which options you liked more and could easily repeat.

Snow Maiden for middle group children in kindergarten

And the most simplified master classes are collected in this chapter. They are designed for the smallest cute preschool.

Babies already understand what you need. Already can repeat the master not difficult movements and lines. Therefore, I propose two simple step-by-step instructions as an idea.

Instruction 1. Let's start with an image of the face. But we will not pay attention to the right oval or the chin. Just do almost square seized. For some reason, it is his kids often like to depict.

We cover the face of a line that covers the first.

Arbitrarily draw a headdress. Here we have a pointed one. Let each kid come up with his shape.

We show that under your head there is a neck, bought in the collar. And from it we drive two divergent lines to the bottom. We show that the fur coat has a bottom, so both side end needs to be connected.

Next, draw the hairs. Kosh will be able to portrait not all, but let's try. In the middle of the face, nose arched. Under the podol, two semicircles of the boots. And on the sides of the sleeves with mittens. Lines are simple and arbitrary. Show that your hands must end up approximately in the middle of the body.

Eye let them be round. They have iris with pupils. Rotik smiles.

The tutor can show that you can decorate the Kokoshnik. What around can be added serpentine and snowflakes. That the fur coat can also be patterns. Let it get into their fantasy and will give me from the soul. Instead of an ordinary pencil, you can use color. It turns out bright and colorfully.

Option 2. Next, another option for kids. Approximately, as in the first workshop, they painted seized.

From above the outline of the headdress. It can be just semicircular.

Eyes - dots. Rotik - hook.

Arbitrarily draw hairstyle. Hair can find on the forehead, then the bang will turn out.

We remember about the braid at the Snow Maiden and try to portray it.

From the neck there is a chub. Clothing ends with a line from below.

At the edges, a schematic image of hands and boots.

Now, paint everything with wax or watercolor crayons.

Show children that the heroine does not fly in the air, but stands on the ground. For this, a little place at the feet need to be made dark. And explain that any person or subject is a shadow. Let them pay attention to it.

Snow Maiden pictures for coloring or drawing (12 coloring)

Below are the beautiful coloring with a cute and beautiful Snow Maiden.

To save the drawing on your computer, you need to do the following steps. 1. Press the right mouse button on the picture. 2. Select the "Save image as" command. 3. Select the location where the image will be stored. Everything. Then open the folder with the coloring room. Print it yourself or relate to the Copy Center on the Electronic Media (Flashka).


Here, bullfinch supports New Year's theme.

Snow Maiden in the form of a beautiful girl. There are no braids here, and a beautiful hairstyle from loose hair. The outfit will really like all girls.

An easier option for kids. You can paint plasticine.

An idea with bullfights and snowfall.

This option can be used as an extentant.

And here is a dance with forest animals.

Elegant beauty for those who love many details.

Snegiri, flying snowball and squirrel in the header. Very cute picture.

And here is the legendary sleigh. It's time to delight the kids.

Still coloring for kids. You can cut it down the contour.

Another kind image. Snow Maiden love everything and are waiting every year.

Around the characters you can manually portray the Christmas tree, drifts and gifts. After all, they support the topic of the winter holiday.

How quickly and just draw the Snow Maiden Gouache, master classes for beginners

In this chapter, all master classes are created with the use of Guachi. Steps are simple and perfectly suitable for those who are just beginning their path of the artist. They are so understandable that can be given to repeat and children in kindergarten.

Option 1. We open the gouache, take the middle tassel and a jar with water. It will be better if there is a non-breaking. Tassel should be good, not plastic bristles. If the tassels have a good pile, such as a protein or column, then the lines will be beautiful.

We start to immediately draw a trapezoid coat with blue. Either mix blue with Bellyl. Either blue is well diluted with water.

White color indicate fur on clothes. We highlight the collar, cuff and bottom of the hem. So that the masks were more realistic, sharp movements press the grip to the paper and pull up up.

Mix yellow, red and white. It turns out the color approached to the skin shade. I draw an oval. This is a head.

On the sides of ocra or brown, we denote your hair with a pigtail. Head warm with a hat.

On the sleeves add mittens. And on the face of Belis, we note the eye proteins. We give time to dry paint.

In the meantime, add boots and snow. Snowflakes will also be appropriate.

According to dried paint, a thin brush is drawing the details. Eyes, edges of fur. In the back background, an elegant Christmas tree may appear. We show that you draw a day, because the sun shines over the girl.

Here is such a masterpiece can work out. The main thing is the effort.

Option 2. We use another technique. Draw an oval and outlines of hair. This idea will help those who do not find a braid at all.

Round eyes and cheeks are easiest to make round. Smile - line. And the nose is arched.

Denote the place of Kokoshnik and Sarafan. Let it be not very smooth. You create, and not drawing.

Add sleeves with mittens. Detailing clothes.

The legs can be labeled with chopsticks, and you can simply make a peeled boots from under the heater.

Side let them settle gifts. These are squares with bows.

Further, if you wish, let the Christmas tree appear. Schematically, they can be denoted by triangles.

And now the sketch must be painted. Use a blue shade for fur coat and kokoshnik. Let the hair be rusia or yellow.

Add color to details and it turns out quite a cute drawing.

Of course, you can not use the gouache, but fill the sketch with pencils or shallow. But for more interest, I advise you to buy a separate pearlescent gouache for festive pictures. She looks very beautiful on a sheet.

Snow Maiden on the window for the new year toothpaste (sample)

Most often, the window is stuck out. They may be templates. It is easy for this to make it apply to the glass and circle watercolor or paste. I just wanted to create a drawing on the window.

The only thing I did not take into account is a large number of lamps outside the window. And the photos did not get clear. I ask for for forgiveness. But for inspiration and ideas they will rise.

I painted with usual pasta and cotton wand. Snow Maiden decided to portray in profile for a variety.

Start from the forehead line. I make a recess in the place of the eyes and pointed the nose line. Sponges do not take a lot, but I highlight the chin. And the line goes into the neck.

Drawing Kokoshnik and head. She is not flat. This is seen in the photo. Add ears.

Draw snowflakes and fur on a raincoat.

Add one nostril one nostril. In the edges, let there be curls of blizzards or serpentine. And on the back background of the tree.

Here the face and proportion is visible.

How do you like the idea? On the tooth paste you can pour sparkles. They stick and will beautifully decorate the drawing.

And after the new year it is not at all difficult to wash the glass with a damp cloth. Divorces does not remain and scrape nothing.

Quick way to draw the Snow Maiden

The promised second way to draw is very simple. You need to find a picture and translate it to paper.

Previously, we simply apply it to the window in daylight. They put the sheet and transferred lines. No copyage is needed. Just keep stronger so that nothing shifted.

Or you can choose a picture. Apply a sheet to the monitor. How well everything can be seen.

Then take a soft pencil and carry lines. Movements should be very easy without effort.

It is impossible to put pressure on the screen!

It remains only to transfer the Kokoshnik.

And here is the picture. On the translating, only a couple of minutes have passed the waist of the extra lines so that it is more neat.

Try to repeat this method in this picture.

Also bring an example that the Snow Maiden may be in the handkerchief, like the fairy tale of the same name. On this illustration everything is visible.

I understand that the article turned big. And it's great. You have something to choose. You can take separate items from each master class. For example, see where you like the drawing eye or lips. And repeat it. I wish success in creativity.

Thank you for your attention and effort. All the best!

We indicate the place of the Snow Maiden on the sheetHimerka.


3 years ago

Draw the Snow Maiden with a pencil start with a rectangle. Next, we carry out a vertical axial line. And & it is in the top of the rectangle circle, this is the head of the future Snow Maiden. Next draw shoulders and hands. Then the hem of Kaftan and erase the auxiliary lines. We proceed to draw the details of clothing and faces.


We draw the coostor and the edge on the sleeves, the nipper and the collar. Draw mittens and braid. Eyes, spout, cheeks and mouth.

Another simple way to statenly draw the Snow Maiden:

We also carry out as in the first case, the axial line and draw an oval head and triangle-outfit. And then everything is simple. On both sides of the triangle draw sleeves and mittens. On the head of the crown, over the braid shoulder.


Maria Muzja.


At the Snow Maiden blue outfit (usually), so it is necessary to check in stock a blue and blue color of pencils and paints.

Draw the Snow Maiden is not difficult, you can start the drawing from my head.

We draw oval head schematically, spend a line from the head to the belt, it will be our future braid.

Draw a long fur coat of the Snow Maiden, shockless to the floor, slightly split form.

Draw a fur collar and draw a face, nose / eyes and mouth.

Draw a fur on the sleeves of Snow Maiden fur coats.

We draw snowflakes on the fur coat, draw her a cooster or a hat, scatter our Snow Maiden. Spit can be long, you can draw a bow.



2 years ago

Drawing is a fairly useful session for the development of small motility in a child. Therefore, he is paid a lot of time in preschool age.

Often drawings are timed to some holiday.

New Year's topics - no exception.

All kids know the main heroes of the New Year.

Surely, they will be interested in portray them.

Just do not doubt that such work will be difficult for them.

According to the diagram below, even the kid has every 4th, everything will turn out


How to draw a snow maiden step by step

Start with oval, it will be head

How to draw a snow maiden step by step


How to draw a snow maiden step by step

Making a face

How to draw a snow maiden step by step

Add a headdress, all lines are simple

How to draw a snow maiden step by step

Dress and hands, with the shape of the triangle kids are already familiar

How to draw a snow maiden step by step

Add Details: Finishing and Spit Final Stage - Coloring



[46.5K] We all know that the Snow Maiden, it's a girl, grandfather's grandparents. Therefore, we will draw it young and beautiful. At the Snow Maiden long hair, which are braided in one or in two pigtails. Let's start with the construction of the figure. Be sure to observe the proportion of the head and body. Snow Maiden in our fur coat, hat, heads. In the first drawing, I painted it with a flour. On the alert, on the Basque and on the edge of the cap we draw the fur. On the fur coat, you can draw patterns at will, like on the window, if it is difficult for you, you can draw ordinary snowflakes. In the second drawing, I showed how to draw a Christmas ball in the hands of Snow Maiden. Below is a phased drawing, we repeat everything as on it, and then you have everything.


Murochka in striped


Draw the Snow Maiden is quite difficult, especially if I want it to work out as elegant as possible.

To begin with, we draw a common picture, by the way, the Snow Maiden is like a Christmas tree.

Next, draw a beautiful fur on the skirt and the fur coat so that the Snow Maiden's outfit seemed more lush and elegant.

The next step: we will deal with details, draw a beautiful and long pigtail, pay attention to the hands and legs that will be quite a bit seen from under the long skirt.

Further, we pay attention to the face of the Snow Maiden, we highlight on it: sponges, nose, eyes, also paint the outfit of the Snow Maiden with various waves and curls.

Well, now you can paint the Snow Maiden.

First draw the lines of the cross and the outlines of the head removal of the Snow Maiden. Following tearing the expressive eyes of the girl, the nose, lips, hair, handkerchief, a large fur collar and the outline of fur coats, as well as two hands. Please note that one hand is bent and holds a spruce branch with a shishk, and the other stretched out. The fur coat is drawn down, and to the bottom, on the contrary, the sleeves are coil and with a fur edge, the sleeves are wide.

Now you need to detail our drawing with small details - folds on clothes, belt, fasteners on the fur coat. Under the fur coat, Dorisus Snow Maiden's Shoe. When finished with a pencil sketch, corresponding to color, as in the photo example.


We indicate the place of the Snow Maiden on the sheet[27.1k] 7 years ago

Now you need to detail our drawing with small details - folds on clothes, belt, fasteners on the fur coat. Under the fur coat, Dorisus Snow Maiden's Shoe. When finished with a pencil sketch, corresponding to color, as in the photo example.

We indicate the place of the Snow Maiden on the sheet

Draw granddaughter Santa Claus - the Snow Maiden is not at all difficult. To do this, first draw my head, hands and basic outlines of the figure. Then teeve the collar, pocket and bottom of the Snow Maiden coats. After that, we draw a face, braid, mittens and fur on the fur coat. Deactivate the drawing and Snow Maiden ready.

We indicate the place of the Snow Maiden on the sheet

S in ё n k a

We indicate the place of the Snow Maiden on the sheet


Let's try to portray the simplest snow maiden in the picture. I think the drawing of the contour at the first stage will not be very difficult.

At the second stage, we draw a face, and if there is a desire, a small bird in the hand of Snow Maiden.

At the third stage, slightly decorate the braid, the cap, and the drawing is ready.

We indicate the place of the Snow Maiden on the sheetElena-Kh.


8 years ago

Snow Maiden draw enough enough for beginners, but if you are to be patient and do not regret the time, you can paint and Snow Maiden, and Santo next, and yourself, and mother with dad. Here is one Snow Maiden scheme:



4 years ago

Collage with Snow Maiden Drawing Stations

You can draw the Snow Maiden with a child. Picture auxiliary figures. Start drawing from the head, then smoothly go to the body. Draw clothes with a fur rim. Then proceed to face. And do not forget about the crown. How easy to draw a snow maiden

Do you know the answer?

Draw Snow Maiden Pencils: Step-by-step instructions with photos

August 29, 2019.

Averyanova Light

Draw the Snow Maiden stepmate

On the eve of New Year's days, children often ask to show how to draw the Snow Maiden. This is not surprising: a fabulous girl is the embodiment of purity, beauty and adolescence. Her presence makes the holiday with fun, joyful and light.

Figure Snow Maiden begins with the idea. You need to think about what will be its features, mood, setting around. A suit in creating an image of a girl playing a suit. As a rule, a snowy beauty is depicted in ancient Russian clothing, for example, in a sundress and a short fur coat. Committed headdress - Kokoshnik, Crown or fur hat.

Snow Maid can be depicted as an adult girl and a little girl. Depending on the age, the proportions of the figures will be different. The physique of the child is characterized by a longer torso, short hands and legs, a big head.

Showing text

From this article you will learn

Draw a girl Snow Maide from a fairy tale

The story of a revived girl created from snow is used in folk folklore and works of Russian writers. For reading in kindergarten in the process of nodes, the kids 5-7 years old are recommended a tale of V. Daly "Girl-Snow Maiden". In the plot, a little beauty is thrown into the forest of girlfriends, and the faithful dog bug saves her out of trouble.

How to draw a snow maiden with pencils and paints in stages

Step 1

The phased image of the girl begins with the construction of the figure. Draw an oval head, then the upper part of the body cracked in the pellerine cape. Complete the suit skirt to the floor of the trapezoid form. This type of clothing was popular in the old days. Cape edges and skirts. Make rounded. Note the hand line.

how to draw a snow maiden step by step

Step 2.

Oval Linte Line Snow Maides, draw a polygonal kokoshnik.

Main photo

Highlight hands.

Step 3.

first option

Now let's start detailing the image: Wavy lines highlight the hair strands, make a collar and a sprinkle of the pellerine and skirts. Out inline the waveguide edge of the Kokoshnik so that the angles were pointed.

Step 4.

step 1

Draw a bird in his hand at the Snow Maiden. Add a suite decor in the form of geometric shapes or simple items so that it is more elegant. Draw feathers. Perform the details of the cososhnik in the form of pointed elements. It is easy to do, cutting out the templates of folded twice.

Step 5.


The color gamut drawing is cold, it means that blue, blue and purple color should prevail. The blue-green pencil is suitable - this is a shade of ice.

Step 6.

Step 3.

Combine dark and light tones, highlighting the color of clothing. The face is painted with light movements, barely pressing a pencil.

Step 7.

If desired, the Snow Maiden can be depicted next to the Christmas tree in the forest. How to draw a Christmas tree, we have already told.

Step 4.

Step 8.

It is better to use erased colored pencils, it will help experiment with different shades.

Figure Snow Maiden begins with the idea. You need to think about what will be its features, mood, setting around. A suit in creating an image of a girl playing a suit. As a rule, a snowy beauty is depicted in ancient Russian clothing, for example, in a sundress and a short fur coat. Committed headdress - Kokoshnik, Crown or fur hat.

Such a composition is quite forces for beginner artists from the preparatory group. A child can add a picture optionally, draw the Christmas tree, gifts. Snow Maiden can be portrayed with Santa Claus.


From this article you will learn

In the older group, the pattern scheme can be made simple: Kokoshnik draw without detail, and clothes - without flute. In the middle group in the classroom, you can invite paint a ready-made template with a snowy girl figure. In this case, the occupation is carried out step by step, each stage of painting is negotiated separately.

Color Next

Step 1

The second version of the drawing with pencils

Add a Christmas tree

Step 2.

School children in the lesson can be introduced with the plot of the play by A. Ostrovsky. Due to the popularity of the literary work and the opera of the same name, the snow beauty has become an indispensable attribute of the new year and children's matinees.


Highlight hands.

In grade 1, read the fairy tale to the kids is difficult, but they will probably like the wonderful Soviet cartoon "Snow Maiden".


Now let's start detailing the image: Wavy lines highlight the hair strands, make a collar and a sprinkle of the pellerine and skirts. Out inline the waveguide edge of the Kokoshnik so that the angles were pointed.

A step-by-step picture of the figure of the girl begins with an outline - quick drawing of the figure. Take your head, neck short line and torso with a skirt diverging from waist.

second option

Draw a bird in his hand at the Snow Maiden. Add a suite decor in the form of geometric shapes or simple items so that it is more elegant. Draw feathers. Perform the details of the cososhnik in the form of pointed elements. It is easy to do, cutting out the templates of folded twice.

Two lines back the direction of the hands.


The color gamut drawing is cold, it means that blue, blue and purple color should prevail. The blue-green pencil is suitable - this is a shade of ice.

Draw your hair, give the hands the necessary thickness.

Step 3.

Dress the Snow Maiden in a short fur coat with sleeves expanding the book. Draw a fur coil, cuffs on shirt sleeves. On your head, depicting a hat with a wide throat. Make an outline of a squirrel sitting on a girl's hand.

Just below the caps run the eyebrow line. Distance from this line to the chin divide in half and draw the tip of the nose with two points. Recover your eyes and mouth.







Sriska 1.


Crying 2.  ten

eleven  12

Draw detail features: eyebrows, lips, pupils. Auxiliary lines erase. Do not forget about the protein: depict eyes, ears and tail.

Make Snow Maiden's clothes more elegant: Draw a beautiful decorative pattern along the clashing line, add earrings in the form of snowflakes, and on a hat - a crown from rounded elements.

Carefully and beautifully color Snow Maiden costume in the cold range. It is not necessary to use color pencils, you can use any drawing technique.

Snow Maiden Options

Here you can download Snow Maiden Templates and use them for drawing (click on the picture - it will increase, and download): Drawing video tutorials Option 1

Option 2. Option 3. !

IMPORTANT ! * When copying materials to the article, be sure to specify an active reference to the original source:


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  2. How to draw a snow maiden stepwise
  3. The main character of the New Year holidays, not only Santa Claus is considered, but his beautiful granddaughter Snow Maiden. Many, depicting these characters on paper, draw only one of them. There are different reasons for it, maybe someone does not know how to draw another character, some simply do not want. Our article for those who do not know how to draw the Snow Maiden, but I would like to portray her with Santa Claus. We will tell how to draw the Snow Maiden stepmate.
  4. Phased example of drawing
  5. If you have already learned to draw Santa Claus, then the drawing is full, we suggest drawing his granddaughter. How to draw the Snow Maiden: Sriska 5.
  6. Armed with a subtle pencil, proceed to creativity. On paper, the first thing we put a small tick, retreating a little to the side, depict your mouth. In the upper part, teach your eyes. Part of the eye are painted with a pencil or felt-tip pen. We complement them with cilia, as shown in the picture. Get the face of the Snow Maiden.

Now, draw a hat. Vertical dashes highlight hair. Next, at the bottom of the head we depict the droplet, we get the neck. To the edge of the neck tear a thick worm. A little retreating down, depict the arc. In the middle of the arc, we draw a mittens, and connect your hand with a vertical black collar. We connect and the second side of the only drawn image with a collar. So, you learned how to draw half-car stages.

We continue the drawing. We depict the second sleeve with the fur, as shown in the picture. Take a mitten to it.

From the sizes of the sleeves with a collar black, a little tilt lines, towards down. Connect them with an arcuate segment. We complement another arc, but more and connect them between themselves.

We carry out some oblique lines down. Connect them with each other. Dorify a little protruding boot, as shown in the picture. And we complement the skirt with the second boot. We decorate the cap, the fur coat and skirt with snowflakes, the fur decorate invask. Sriska 8.

  1. Getting painting. Blue pencil paint skirt and cap, blue, covering a fur coat, but the fur does not touch. Red draw mittens. Yellow pencil paint hair.
  2. Snow Maiden is ready. Now, you know which drawing can be drawn for the new year. But this is not the only option that the child can draw. 8
  3. Drawing Snow Maides Paints for feeding
  4. Continuing the topic of drawings, about granddaughter Santa Claus, we suggest learning to draw the Snow Maiden with paints. If you thought that the drawing is complex, you are mistaken, since the technique of execution with him will completely cope with children of preschool age. For work, paints will be required, tassels, water capacity to rinse the previous used paints, rag. Phased sample drawing (step 1)
  5. How to draw a snow maiden stepmall using paints:
  6. Armed with a brush, recruit purple paint, it cover the upper left corner and top of the sheet. Washing a brush in the water, we recruit the paint of blue, continue to paint the sheet, heading gradually down. We recruit the violet paint again and cover on the sheet. We continue similar actions, with the change of colors until the sheet is completely painted. Upon completion, we wait until our background will dry out for the drawing, and you can continue to start work. Phased sample drawing (step 2)
  7. Washing and wiped the brush, pick up a white paint, and put her points on top of the background. At the bottom of the sheet we make an azzles. Dorify snowflakes throughout the background. The background is prepared, now we will tell how to draw the Snow Maiden.

On the palette we mix yellow with white, we get bull. We depict a circle that should be painted. Now mix on the red palette with white to get pink. Slightly below the circle draw a sink-coat Snow Maiden. Add to the image of the sleeve. Wash the brush.

Pale yellow paints, depict the Snow Maiden cap, as shown in our image. Pain it with the same color. Dorify the book drawing boots. Wipe your brush.

Mix white, brown and yellow on the palette. Draw the Snow Maiden Hair. We complement them, long oblique. Blue paints depicting on the face of eyes. Core color draw lips and cheeks.

Phased sample drawing (step 3)

  1. Wash and wipe the brush. We recruit white paint. We supplement the fur coat fur. Draw a line near the head, on the sleeves and at the bottom of the fur coat. We spend the same color vertical line in the middle of the fur coats.
  2. Near the Snow Maiden, draw two large circles. At the top circle, we depict the bunny ears, as shown in the picture. Take the paws and tail. On the contour of the caps, we put the white dots, depict snowflakes. We decorate with small points of white coat, draw snowflakes there. We supplement the hare with eyes and nose. I draw him carrots, as shown in the picture. On boots and legs depict skates. Saving a black cilia in the Snow Maiden and a hare. Bunny draw a mustache.
  3. At this stage, the drawing is completed. If there is a desire, you can make beautiful snowflakes. You learned how to draw the Snow Maiden easily, using paints. Drawing paints for preschool (step 1)
  4. Snow Maiden Pencils and Watercolor
  5. We continue the topic about the drawings of the Snow Maiden. Now Megamaster.info offers to connect the two previous options and draw a character with a pencil, and make paint paint. As a result, we will have a wonderful drawing on the topic of the new year. The drawing is simple, as well as the previous options, so that children will cope with the creative process. The main thing from you is required is to adhere to step-by-step instructions and follow the procedure: Drawing paints for preschool (step 2)
  6. Recovering the top of the sheet, draw a semicircle. Complete its arcuate feature. Now we depict the fur hat and teamed it with a handicuit. In the middle of the drawn image draw eyes. We complement their eyebrows.

From the middle of the face draw the nose. Below the nose portraying lips. Starting from the place of connecting the header with the face, we draw a semicircle, it should be completed at around the middle of the head.

Next, we carry out vertical lines down, as shown in the picture. We complement the silhouette of the sleeves. At the end of the sleeves we make a visible fur, and reinstall the mittens. This is shown in the image.

Starting from a fluffy collar draw a strip, she heads the book of fur coats. Low fur coats with a fur, depict boots. Take a long braid to the head, at the end of which a bow. How to draw the Snow Maiden Phased Pencil, figured out, now, let's paint it with watercolor paints.

We paint the fur coat, mittens, boots and top caps. Yellow paint braid. After drying the paints, they are armed with a blue pencil. We need to circle all parts of blue by contour and highlight folds on the sleeves. You can even on top of the paint apply a pencil stroke. Now, to give white fur fur, on the perimeter of fur from all sides there are many small lines.

Drawing with paints for preschool (step 3)

  1. Black pencil, we highlight the contour of the face, highlight the eyes, eyelashes, spout and lips. Face covering corporal color. We highlight the lips, in the eyes draw glare and pupils.
  2. Here's how to draw the Snow Maiden easily. The main thing is to adhere to the instructions and everything will turn out.
  3. Cute Snow Maiden
  4. We continue to study the material about the drawings of the Snow Maiden, cute Snow Maiden. We will draw with a simple pencil, and decorate with gel handles. Drawing with paints for preschool (step 4)
  5. How else can you draw this snow maiden:
  6. We depict several connected elongated droplets. Upon completion of the image of the droplets, below the black-made line. As a result, we get the outline of the face. Snow Maiden Pencils and Watercolor (Step 1)
  7. In the middle of the image, draw round eyes. Making a smile. From two sides, ranging from the end of the previously drawn hair, we depict long braids, as shown in our picture.

From the bottom of the head show the location of the fluffy collar. From his edge, we begin to draw a vertical line, it should be closer to the book, we continue the line, wrapping it upstairs.

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