I strongly welcome all fans of thick armor and large calibers.

Today, I wanted to tell you about three ways to get free Tier 8 premium tanks. Let's go!

Most likely, players who follow what is happening in the game know about these methods of getting bonuses, but there are also players who have no idea about this, and this article exists for them.

The first way. Passing the front line.

It will not be easy for those who have not completed the LF at all, since the last episode remains, which will be around November and you will need to score at least 6 Valor points for the cheapest tank, this is STA-2. And in order to score 6 points of valor, you will need to complete 4 LF circles, that is, you will need to pump from level 1 to 30 as much as 4 times. It's not so difficult if you have time, for example, I was able to complete 6 LF laps in 1 week, but I played from morning to evening and almost always took the general.

How to get a tier 8 prem tank for free. Three ways. WOT.

But now you can go through the LF faster, since WG, one might say, distributes personal reserves a week before the LF, for performing very light LBZ, like "destroy 4 enemy vehicles in an unlimited number of battles." Well, this personal reserve gives you X2 front-line experience, for which your valor is pumped.

In short, you have every chance of snatching yourself a level 8 premier tank for LF, if you have not even played this mode.

Second way. Passage of the referral program.

The essence of the referral program is that you invite a new person to the game or invite a player who has not played the game for more than 2 months. And after that you play platoons with him, while receiving bonuses for silver and experience. Of course, a recruit can play alone, but the progress of the referral program will take longer. Better to play in a platoon.

And as a result, when you have completed the referral program, a recruit can choose a level 6-7 tank, and you can take a level 8 tank for yourself. Only tanks you will choose the ones that WG offer you.

Commander's main award
Commander's main award
Recruit's main reward.
Commander's main award
Third way. Passing marathons.

It seems to me that this is the easiest way to get a premium tank, since you do not need any special skill, and you do not need to sit at the computer 24/7 if you at least have an idea of ​​the game. WG have already done marathons for Tier 8 tanks and there were a lot of them, I don't remember exactly, but there were more than 5. The last two were on EBR 75 and TS-5.

How to get a tier 8 prem tank for free. Three ways. WOT.
How to get a tier 8 prem tank for free. Three ways. WOT.

And the last marathons could be passed through skill or perseverance. If you go through the skill, the tasks will be more difficult, but if you know how to play, you will go through the marathon faster than if you were playing for perseverance. But perseverance tasks are suitable for weak players and artists. So if you are an artificer or a weak player, welcome to the marathon adventure through persistence.

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Registration in World of Tanks!

Many Word of Tanks players are wondering how to get a premium for free and what needs to be done for this. In this article, we will consider the question of wot how to get a premium, as well as what methods of obtaining it exist.

Premium account

First, let us explain what prem. Prem account is a standard account that gets an improvement by activating a special function.

This activated function provides a 50% increase in such parameters as: • Profitability of combat vehicles; • The amount of experience gained by the crew; • The amount of free experience. A premium account allows you to get increased profitability at absolutely any tier of combat vehicles, which means with activated premium you can accumulate silver by playing on high-tier vehicles and without purchasing special premium combat vehicles.

Ways to get a premium account:

In the presented game, there are two available ways to get a premium account: buying for real money and getting it for free. In this article, we will consider how to get a premium account in Wot for free.

If you are a newly registered player, you can get up to eight days of prema by completing simple training tasks in the process of pumping researchable vehicles. Wargaming regularly grants the right to get 1 day of wot premium account for free by completing tasks. Usually, actions are timed to all kinds of military and civil holidays.

To receive a free premium, you can participate in all kinds of sweepstakes, tournaments, competitions, marathons and other similar events organized by Wargaming itself or under its auspices. By participating in events, you get the so-called invite - codes that, by entering into a special field in your personal account, activate bonus buns.

If you are a listener of the Internet radio Wargaming.fm, then there is a chance during the day to "catch" an invite code for three days of a premium account. To do this, you need to enter the numbers and letters dictated by the Internet host in a special field in your personal account. The main task is to enter this combination first. Also, soon you can get a premium account for 1 day for free on our website. The promotion is being prepared, so stay tuned.

This section covered the main points of how to get 1 day of wot premium account.

Ways to get a free premium tank

As in the case of a premium account, as well as to obtain a tank with an increased silver yield, there are several available methods:

To get a premium combat vehicle of a high level, you need to participate in marathons that are launched by representatives of the game, for example, in such as the Pilot Hunt. Completing personal combat missions, you also acquire unique combat vehicles for free. With all kinds of draws and participation in tournaments, when taking a certain prize, there is also the possibility of getting a premium tank.

On significant holidays, such as: Tanker's Day, Victory Day, New Year, after completing a simple combat mission, you get a unique low-level (usually level 2 or, in rare cases, level 3) tank.

Another way to get a premium tank of the eighth level T - 44 -100 (R) is the connection from Rostelecom of the special tariff plan "Game". By connecting it and entering the game nickname in a special field of your personal account from Rostelecom, you will receive a tank on your account, it will be in the hangar exactly as long as this tariff plan is active. But you also get a premium, the action of which is also limited by the validity period of this tariff.

To get an American tank T95E2 you need to do the following: in your personal account on the wargaming.net website, select the "invite a friend" tab and send an invitation to your friends who want to play this and the game. And as soon as the player you invited unloads his first level ten combat vehicle and acquires it, then this combat vehicle will be credited to your account.

These are all the available methods that can be provided when answering the question, wot how to get a premium tank for free.

In this article, methods were considered, wot how to get a premium account for free, as well as methods for the free purchase of premium combat vehicles.

One of the most desirable types of combat vehicles in WoT is Premium tanks, but for novice players such a vehicle is an expensive investment. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to get a tank for free in worlds of tanks, provided you are willing to put in a little effort. Developers from Wargaming have provided a number of opportunities to purchase upgraded vehicles without using in-game gold.

How to get a premium tank for free in World of Tanks
How to get a premium tank for free in World of Tanks

Referral program

There is a special program to attract new gamers to your platoon. The squad leader invites recruits to complete individual or general missions. After the successful completion of the stages, each of the event participants will receive guaranteed prizes, among which there will be pumped vehicles.

Free premium tank of level 8 in WoT according to the referral program
Free premium tank of level 8 in WoT according to the referral program

This season, the developers have provided conditions as a final bonus - for a recruit there is a choice of a level 6-7 vehicle, and the commander takes a level 8 premier tank.

For participating in marathons

One of the most common ways to get a free tank in World of Tanks is to take part in the monthly marathon. Quests consist of several in-game missions, and you can complete them a fixed number of times.

Free premium tank from World of Tanks for participating in marathons
Free premium tank from World of Tanks for participating in marathons

Each time a quest is completed, points are earned. At the end of the event, they are exchanged for prizes. Accumulate enough points and are guaranteed to qualify for a premium tank without spending a dime!

How to get a tank for free for completing LBZ

In quests for personal combat missions, the hero can add a free armored vehicle to the collection. The idea is to complete seven operations, each of which is divided into 15 additional stages.

How to get a free premium tank for completing a personal combat mission
How to get a free premium tank for completing a personal combat mission

In total, you need to complete more than a hundred missions in 5 combat vehicles. The process is not fast, but believe me, it's worth it. A large number of battles will help to collect a lot of parts, and from them it will already be possible to create a pumped-up tank.

Through an affiliate program with Burger King

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that it is difficult to carry out successful battles against enemy equipment on an empty stomach. Thanks to the support of the Burger King restaurant chain, gamers receive great promotions.

How to get a free tank from BurgerKing
How to get a free tank from BurgerKing

When ordering a special tank burger (depending on the amount of bonuses), you can become the owner, for example:

  1. premier tank with a slot, 100% crew plus unique style;
  2. an invitation code (invite) for a fixed number of days for a premium account;
  3. a certain amount of gold and other chips.

To get a tank for free in world of tanks, you need to go to the "Promotions" section on the company's official website and follow the recommendations.

According to Beltelecom and Rostelecom tariffs

Fans of the wot game from Belarus, when connected to the Yasna Igrovoy tariff (Beltelecom), will receive for the entire period of its validity:

  • unlimited premium account;
  • a slot in the "Hangar" and a Soviet tank with a fully upgraded crew;
  • 3 camouflage kits.
Free premium account World of Tanks from Beltelecom
Free premium account World of Tanks from Beltelecom

Subscribers of the operator Rostelecom immediately after activating the "Game" tariff using the "Wargaming Games" option will earn:

  • a trained crew in full combat readiness;
  • premium account;
  • exclusive premium tank T-44.
Free premium tank T-44 from Rostelecom
Free premium tank T-44 from Rostelecom

Companies have made sure that internet speed is a priority and they guarantee a consistently low ping.

How to get a premium tank for free 2020 for the holidays

How to get premium tanks for free in World of Tanks 🔥

It is useful for a large number of WoT fans to know that Wargaming has a good tradition of making surprises for special events. Make it a rule to check the news before holiday events (for example, New Years, February 23rd, May 9th, etc.).

How to get premium tanks for free in World of Tanks 🔥

In honor of the 75th anniversary of Victory Day - the road to Berlin

Military confrontations unfold in 4 locations, among them there is a completely new map "Berlin". According to the rules, players need to successfully complete 5 stages, but after the 4th mission, the lucky ones will get a free battle tank (shielded IS-2), and one slot in the Hangar for it. A good reward for not too difficult tasks, isn't it?

How to get premium tanks for free in World of Tanks 🔥

Do not forget about affiliate programs from various organizations and retail chains, which often offer options on how to get a free tank. In M.Video, after purchasing any product, they gave out bonuses with in-game currency, which could be used to buy a good fighting vehicle.

How to get premium tanks for free in World of Tanks 🔥

Holders of the "Visa" card received from + 10-20% bonus to game gold for a one-time payment. All kinds of draws and events are held throughout the year. Follow the ads, keep your nose to the wind and luck will definitely smile on you!

The game World of Tanks, once again pleases, publishes the bonus codes WOT March 2021, for premium tanks, gold, days of premium accounts, and other goodies.

World of Tanks Bonus Codes for March 2021

TANKOLET - we enter during registration

Prem III level "T-127" forever + slot; four premas - SU-122-44 and VK 45.03 (Tier VII), Type 64 and Strv m / 42-57 (Tier VI) for rent for 10 battles for each + 100% crew for them ; and 7 days of premium.

CALLUPMAY2020 - we enter during registration

7 days PA + 500 gold

Bonus codes are the main and most popular method of improving and strengthening your tank. Today you can find a huge offer on them from various thematic Internet resources, portals, social networks.

A very part of the developers of the famous game provide the opportunity to get new prizes in March 2021.

ILOVEWARSHIPS - we enter during registration

Regardless of which link you choose to register, specify the ILOVEWARSHIPS invite code when creating your account. This will help you activate your free premium account for a period of 7 days.

Bonus code POPMECHWOT for T2 Light Tank

It gives very bold (LONG time this has not happened): Prem T2 Light Tank (forever) and a week of premium account. And some are given 400,000 silver on top (the criterion is not clear).

Compensation goes in gold + slot, if the tank is on the account: Compensation for T2 Light Tank in gold 💰750. Added slots: 1

Bonus code for the Lansen C tank Swedish tier 8

Enter here: ru.wargaming.net/shop/bonus/

Gives: 3 days of prema and a Lansen C tank for 3 days of full lease + 100% crew.

World Of Tanks Bonus Codes March 2021

It is not yet known what bonuses and promotions Wargaming has planned for players in WOT for March, stay tuned for the information in this section, as soon as something becomes known we will definitely publish it. In the meantime, we suggest using a unique invite code.

Bonus codes for 3 days of WOT Premium Account in March 2021


In addition, bonuses are distributed in other months, in which there are significant dates for the popular game project, holidays in the country. You can always find out about all the news, the main events in WOT on the official web portals, verified Internet resources. You can get information about promo codes, the rest of the products you need, in our premium store.

Fans of WOT are constantly waiting for promotions and gifts from the company. Each gamer gets a chance to activate the code, get various prizes: gold, new equipment, a premium account for a couple of days.

In addition, there are other rewards that the player can receive after activating the bonus code. In many cases, the code can be used more than once.

This is a serious advantage for the player over other WOT fans. Therefore, it is very important to constantly keep abreast of news from the Wargaming portal, to follow the promotions carried out by the site.

Then you will be the first to get the long-awaited code. In addition, you need to constantly check for updates from famous game bloggers.

So, blogger Jove has given his subscribers prize codes many times.

Gold for World of Tank as a gift from Braun

Purchase Braun products by March 31, 2021 and receive a promo code for free gold in World of Tanks.

Gold for World of Tank as a gift from Braun

WOT Bonus Codes for March 2021

On March 1, 2021, Wargaming decided to make an unexpected gift to all fans of its project.

The bonuses presented by the company can be used every day. Thanks to this promotion, many gamers won rare prizes.

These codes can be considered endless. They can be entered and played even today. A large number of players still receive real tanks, gold, other awards and prizes.

  1. B5F35-8F836-423FB-A5136 - the bonus will be on the MKA tank (not activated for everyone);
  2. 5B8AEB9CD42 - bonus for a day of premium account;
  3. 984D6-43A1D-BVA21-CC17D - another free code for MKA (Activated on accounts over 2 years old);
  4. B39CDD4F9B7 - a unique code for 50 gold. You can activate it once.

Valid and working bonus codes for World of Tank for March 2021


Bonus code from Wargaming radio

The above three main codes can still be activated. The game developer does not hide this information. It is believed that in order to receive bonuses, you need to play more than 10 successful games at once in one day. After that, the tanker's experience will double by 5 new battles.

Additionally, you can get promo code FEBRUARYRADIOBONUS from Wargaming radio, which can be used many times even now.

The game code for WOT 2019 allows you to become the owner of pleasant surprises. The first thousand tankers can use it. Don't miss your chance to claim this bonus!

Since March last year, a large number of prizes and promotions from Wargaming have been operating. Any gamer can check the performance of each bonus himself, get free resources. In March, the company presented the following promo codes to tankers:

  1. 183G1-43AA6-84DA9-B6G89 - promo code for the L-60 tank;
  2. 0803DC42965 - wrote that gold falls out, the quantity is not known.
  3. 3R98M-HGV53-9MVH9-7G35M - on it you can get the Tetrarch tank. Not active for every gamer.
  4. NN458NYG84 - the bonus will be available after entering;
  5. 48YFN-G8E48-0YVVE-54V64 - he gives a premium account for a certain time;
  6. U46INC6I - Allows you to get 100 gold, free experience.

Getting bonuses is not an easy task. Some tankers may be lucky enough to find them during festivals and promotions.

The received promo codes are a unique chance to get the necessary resources very quickly. You can find all the prizes in the verified bonus store.

More than a thousand tankers have already visited this store and found the desired promo codes. All WOT fans are constantly monitoring new arrivals in the store, they are the first to buy new items.

How to activate the bonus code WOT

A player who has not received bonus codes before may face certain problems when activating them. This process must be carried out on the official gaming site. There are two types of bonuses for tankers in WOT: a promo code and an invite. Let's consider how these concepts differ.

The bonus code can only be obtained by real professional gamers. Thanks to him, they get additional gaming opportunities.

The invite code is provided only to new tankers. This is an invitation for novice gamers.

The invite code must be activated during registration at WOT. And the bonus code can be entered in the current game account. First you need to visit the official game portal, go to your personal account, and indicate your personal information.

After that, you need to find your nickname in the upper right corner, and in the list presented later, click on “Activate code”. Then a line will appear in which you need to specify the promo code. Then it becomes available for use. It is possible to become the proud owner of gaming bonuses not only in March 2021.

New World of Tanks players are often faced with the question of how to get premium tanks for free. We decided to collect all the information in one article and tell you about all the known, as well as current (2021) ways to get free premium equipment from level 7 and above.

1. Referral program

World of Tanks referral program

The first way is to go through the referral program. The advantage of this method is that you are completely autonomous. That is, you can create a second account for yourself, invite him as a recruit, complete the program yourself and choose a premium tank that you like. Of the minuses, it can be noted that you have to get confused and spend some time playing on an almost bare account.

2. Workshop

World of Tanks workshop

To fulfill the conditions, you need to be a member of a clan. About once every six months, an event takes place on the global map, where in the workshop you can collect premium vehicles from spare parts that you get by playing on the global map, respectively, for free. On average, in order to collect a level 8 vehicle, you need to play about 100 battles with a win rate of 50% or more. Premium vehicles are rare here and often not the worst.

For this method, you need an account with level 10 tanks. Otherwise, you will simply not be taken to the clan that plays the global map. And, of course, you need to have team playing skills, otherwise you will not be taken with them into battles.

3. Marathon

Marathon World of Tanks

A marathon is held 3 times a year, in which you need to complete various tasks. There are 2 ways to complete this marathon. If you are a skill player, you can choose a faster, but more difficult method. For average players, a longer and more persistent option is provided, but the tasks there are an order of magnitude easier. Among the premium tanks that are offered for completing events, there are many rare specimens that cannot be obtained by other means. The only negative is that you have to spend a lot of time and play a lot.

4. Boom shop

Boom shop World of Tanks

There is a boon store in World of Tanks where you can also buy premium tanks. This is not exactly a free method, but since vouchers are not donated currency from the premium store, we decided to add this method of getting free premium tanks. Bonds are earned by playing at various events, events, ranked battles, and so on.

5. Black market

Black market World of Tanks

In the first half of each year, a black market appears in the game, where most often an interesting premium tank appears as the first slot for silver. Well, throughout the entire black market, it is also possible to purchase any premium equipment for silver.

6. Participation in game testing

The last way is to apply for a super test, where players, while testing the game, earn points, which are subsequently exchanged for absolutely any technique. You can get rare unique and even imbibed tanks. Of the minuses, we note that it is very difficult to get into the ranks of testers.

Many players dream of playing for premium vehicles in WOT, but not everyone has the money to buy a tank, especially due to the dollar exchange rate. Therefore, we have collected for you ways to help you get a premium tank for free or almost free.

3 ways to get a premium tank in World of Tanks for free.

1. Referral system

One of the easiest ways to get a free Tier 8 Premium Tank is through a referral system. You need to invite people using a special link, and in order to get a tank, your referrals must earn a total of 1 million experience. (your experience also counts if you play with a referral in a platoon).

Crazy figure you think. However, we will tell you how you can do it quickly.

If you have 2 friends who are playing WOT. You can agree with them to make each one a premium tank on the main account. Here's what to do:

  • 2 of your friends are registering new accounts using your link.
  • All of you buy a premium tank Valentine 2, you can also find invite codes for 10 rubles, which give 7 days of premium and the tank Valentine 2. (the tank itself costs about 120-250 rubles, depending on the shares).
  • You play platoon

Let's make a calculation. For 1 battle, you can get an average of 800 experience. 800 * 3 = 2400 experience.

1,000,000/2400 = 416. That is, to get a tank, you need to play 416 battles with your friends. In addition to the tank itself, you will receive 100,000 silver and a 100% upgraded crew.

2. Official contests from Wargaming

Wargaming constantly holds all kinds of contests with partners. Here is some of them:

1. Connection to the Internet provider "Rostelecom". For this you can get the T-44-100 (R) premium tank.

3 ways to get a premium tank in World of Tanks for free.

2. Tankbureg. The burger king fast food chain has ongoing promotions with WOT. At the moment, the "Tankoburger" promotion is taking place, where when you buy a burger for 200 rubles, you get a bonus code. In which you can drop Object 252u.

3 ways to get a premium tank in World of Tanks for free.

3. Personal combat missions and marathons.

One of the most affordable ways to get some premium tanks for free is to complete personal combat missions (LBZ). At this stage of the game, for LBZ you can get tanks for free: Stug IV, T28 HTC, T-55A, Object 260.

Also, so-called marathons are held several times a year. Where you can get a premium tank for completing tasks. Most recently, one such tank was awarded to receive a premium tank of level 8 T25 Pilot Number.

We have analyzed the most affordable ways to get premium tanks almost for free. Until next time.

World of tanks

There are only a few ways to get a tank for free at WOT. Most of them will take time and effort. What are the options?

Buying a pumpable tank

Pumped vehicle tree World of Tanks

The most obvious way. The difficulty lies in the fact that in order to buy the necessary equipment, you must first research it in the branch of a certain nation. For this, in turn, you need to play a lot. The process of pumping to rank 10 sometimes takes months. The plus is that the method does not require cash investments. Cons: long pumping, low profitability of pumped tanks.

Getting a tank with a bonus code or promotional code

Gift with the promo code WOT

There are quite a few bonus gift codes on the Internet. If you enter them during registration in a special field, your account will be credited with a reward in the form of gold, a premium account or a premium tank. World of Tanks invite codes and links can be found in a separate article. Unfortunately, each code has its own expiration date, so they quickly become outdated.

Getting a tank under the referral program

World of Tanks has a referral program. It lies in the fact that any user can invite a new player to the WOT, who will become his recruit. When playing together, both players will receive experience and credits bonuses per battle.

WOT Operations Map

Also, both players receive referral points that fill the progress bar of their referral contract. When the 3rd stage passes, both the commander (invited) and the recruit (invited) will have the opportunity to choose free premium tank VIII и VI Vii levels respectively. You can read more about recruiting in our separate article.

Реферальные танки командиру

Free tank for LBZ

Personal combat missions are another way to get whole ones for free. 7 tanks ... To do this, you need to go 7 campaigns , in each of which you will have to complete 15 tasks for each of the 5 classes of vehicles. it 75 escape rooms for each tank or 525 in total. It’s not fast, but worthwhile. You can read more about personal combat missions and the procedure for completing them in a separate article.

Карта операций WOT

"Free" tank for donation

The last method is probably the simplest and most effective one. It consists in making money on the Internet and using it to buy any premium tank you need. This method also requires a lot of time, not money, so it can be classified as free. Moreover, such an approach is usually many times more productive than the extraction of values ​​in a strictly playful way.

How can you make money? There are many options. The network now pays for likes on social networks, and for subscribing to channels / publics, and for writing articles, and for completing simple tasks, and even just for visiting sites. For example, you could start your own "tank blog" on YouTube, post interesting videos and make money from advertising. The resulting profit would easily cover the cost of donation.

At the moment, these are all known ways to get a tank in World of Tanks for free. If new ones appear, the post will be updated.

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