How to join "Debt"

How to join "Debt" - global modification to S.T.A.L.K.E.R .: Call of Pripyat. There is only one location - Military warehouses imported from CHN.


The player will play as a new recruit of the "Duty" group - the stalker Barbarian. He meets on the farm a detachment of debt workers led by Shulga. He offers the stalker to join the group. To prove her loyalty, Varvara will have to kill a free hostage. After that, he joins the ranks of the "Duty" and receives the appropriate equipment. Then he will have to secretly infiltrate the Svoboda base (which for some reason is located on a farm to the west of the warehouses) and free Mironyuk from captivity. Having crept up to the window of the barrack, they talk, deciding further actions. The barbarian finds a pistol with a silencer in a hiding place and, under cover of night, kills a freedom guard and pulls out a prisoner. Together they return to Shulga. Subsequently, Mironyuk will become Varvara's partner and companion. Soon a large-scale war breaks out in the warehouses. After several battles, the Dolgo special forces destroy all Svoboda members and take the base. The main tasks end, and mutants come, which were not there before.

In parallel, Varvara is invited to find the Debt and Svoboda warehouses and collect tools for the technician. A whole arsenal is found in the debt warehouse, and the player can safely take it for himself or sell it to Shulga (he plays the role of a merchant). He is obliged to hand over the Svobodovskie belongings, and then carry them to the Dolgoe roadblocks that hold back the wave of mutants. Soon the Duty special forces arrive by helicopter, but the helicopter makes an emergency landing near the Barrier. The barbarian needs to find them and help kill the pseudo-giant who attacked the squad. This concludes the storyline for "Debt".

After capturing the Svoboda base, the player can explore the location with impunity. Having found the fallen helicopter, he activates the storyline for the military.


  1. New plot:
    1. Missions are mainly of the "location skirmish" type. But there are also hidden object quests that improve the potential of the "Debt" faction.
    2. Added 2 achievements: "Friend of" Duty "" (reward: a subordinate who, on your order, will follow you, or will wait for him on the spot. Friendly relations with "Duty"). Pathfinder (reward: Friendship with the military) + static achievements.
    3. If you choose a bad end to the game, then the Sultan will be waiting for you at the military base, who offers a game like the "Arena".
    4. Shooting, defense, endless battles with mutants, sniper hollows and active assaults - that's what awaits you in this game.
  2. The location Military warehouses is fully populated:
    1. Eight anomalous zones (4 "frying", 2 "soda", 1 "electra", 1 gravitational).
    2. Many mutants if you go through the first five main missions.
    3. There are very few free stalkers (to be more precise, only at the end of the game a maximum of two squads or mercenaries will appear - depending on the choice of the ending).
    4. Static anomalies are not particularly common, but there are many radioactive foci.
    5. Small static caches + 10 caches (each of which is a lottery for good luck) personally from the developer.
  3. The difficulty of the game has become higher: for beginners it is better to choose the "beginner" level, while others will figure it out. Stay away from radiation: a really killer thing.
  4. The trading system has been reconfigured: ammunition (weapons, ammunition, medicines) for sale is twice cheaper, artifacts are ½. Accordingly, the prices of the goods have been increased.
  5. Emissions are completely absent, but artifacts still spawn, albeit extremely rarely and in stages.
  6. The Debt base is no different from Skadovsk or Yanov. He did not become wise: a medic, a merchant, a mechanic who constantly requires tools, some kind of men.
  7. The location map in the PDA is not a navigator.


  1. Read the tips on the screen (in the lower left corner), since the game is not particularly stable (about 5% is an error in logic, for example, the NPC sits on alert for a long time or starts attacking in front of the task in the dialogue). Usually, a simple reload of the last save or the save just made will fix the errors.
  2. Metal structures are very radioactive (I repeat once again), if you stay under the radiation for a few seconds, the health of the GG will rapidly begin to decrease. Have a lot of anti-radiation drugs with you, or the "Medusa" artifact (one is enough), and it is better to buy a "SEVA" suit.
  3. Before the assault on the mercenary base, purchase the "Striker" shotgun or an IED or SVD - this will open up new assault opportunities.


Only one flight was noticed, which happens and does not happen (the first meeting with the military, and the case after the first dialogue with them - there was a problem (or remained)).


How to join "Debt" in Stalker

How to enter into debt in StalkerPlayers who are interested in how join "Debt" in Stalker , it is necessary to take into account the peculiarities of the series of the game in which they play. For example, in the series The shadow of Chernobyl to join the "Debt" will have to go through a number of different side quests. So the series is of decisive importance, because for each entry into the grouping has its own characteristics.

  • How to go into debt in the Shadow of Chernobyl

  • You will not be able to take quests for entry right away - for this you will have to complete many missions in accordance with the plot. And the group will not just accept you - it needs to be assisted in every possible way, for example, get a revolver-type grenade launcher, or save the life of a long-term soldier, or kill a sniper at the Svoboda base, or help carry out a truly suicidal attack on the same base. As a result, after all this smut, you will be able to talk with the commander of the "Duty", and you will have a chance to join the group.

    With all this, do not forget that joining the "Duty" automatically turns you into an enemy of "Freedom". And this group, by and large, is quite friendly, but its members are well armed. In addition, there is a wonderful merchant at the Svoboda base, who has a bunch of useful items, and the repairs on the base are quite good. So think carefully about whether you need to go against the Svobodists. All of the above applies to other parts of the Stalker.

  • Joining the group in Stalker "Clear Sky"

  • In the Clear Sky part, the process of joining a group - and any - is much more loyal and flexible, however, even here it will not let you into the group just like that. If we talk about the "Duty", then in this case it is necessary, again, to complete the mission in accordance with the plot. In this mission, you will need to organize the flooding of the dungeons at the Agroprom Research Institute - so that the mutants stop crawling out to the surface from there.

    Then you just have to come to the base of the "Duty" grouping in "Agroprom" and go up to the last floor - the commander is located there. While conducting a dialogue with him, you will see a line in which you need to enter your desire to join the organization. When you pass the aforementioned mission and express your desire to join the group, you will be accepted there without any problems, and even given good equipment.

    Video: go into debt in a stalker clear sky

  • Borrowing in Call of Pripyat

  • In the Call of Pripyat part, there is no technical possibility to join the "Duty" grouping, but there is such an achievement as "Friend of" Duty ". To get it, you need to complete many side tasks and, based on the results of their completion, make your choice in favor of "Duty".

    In fact, friendship with Duty has a number of negative consequences, such as clashes with Freedom, a group that is friendly and by default kind towards your character. And the fact that the Hawaiian - a merchant on Yanov - sympathizes with "Svoboda" is also important, because, having become an enemy of this group, you will make purchases from him at an increased cost. Although Technician Azot prefers Debt, you can get a discount from him. Therefore, think carefully about everything before joining the group, so that you do not regret later, we hope we were able to answer the question how to enter into debt in a stalker .

    Video about the "Duty" grouping in Call of Pripyat

    We start near the farm with soldiers from the 'Duty' group. We run to Lieutenant Colonel Shulga and talk to him.

    After the conversation, he gives us a Desert Deagle and tells us to kill the captive freeman. We run into the building opposite and kill the svobodist.

    After the Svoboda activist was killed, we report to the lieutenant colonel and he gives a new assignment. Before completing the task, you need to look into the barn, there is equipment and a sight lies on the roof of the barn. In the same place, near the barn, on high slabs there is an RPG-7 and a charge to it. We collect everything we need and go to the farm near the base of freedom.

    As soon as we reach the farm, we run to the window from the side of the anomalies and a dialogue with Mironyuk opens there. He asks to kill the guard at 1 am with a weapon with a silencer. We run to the truck without tarpaulin and there we take the PB. To complete the task, you need to kill the Svobodist at one in the morning. In order not to wait, we go there into the building (where the prisoner is) and go to bed (there is a place to sleep). As soon as we wake up, we run again to the window and speak with Mironyuk. He starts to peck off the guard and then we kill him. We go together with the prisoner to the Duty base.

    As soon as the prisoner was brought to the base, we speak with the lieutenant colonel and take on the task of killing the Svobodists.

    We go out on the road and wait for the detachment. As soon as the detachment approached, we move to the trailer on the hill, talk to Lavrik and make an ambush there. We kill 3 svobodovtsa and return to Shulga. We report on the completed assignment and go to storm the base.

    Near the farm we talk with Major Chepurny and move out with his detachment to the village. In the village we meet a detachment of Svobodists. With the soldier of Duty, we go around the shooting and you need to find a sniper. We run to the sniper on the hill and kill him.

    After that we destroy the rest of the forces of freedom in the village and speak with Major Chepurny. We save, restart the save and again talk to Major Chupyrny. After the conversation, we go to the hill where the sniper was sitting and wait for the command. After the command, we destroy the Svoboda people in the lobby and attack their base.

    We kill all svobodovtsy and their leader remains. Let's go while he comes out. It is best to stay further, because he is crazy and comes out with a bulldog. We shoot him from the distance and speak with the Major.

    The major gives the task to find the Freedom warehouse. We run to the Army base and there we run to the kitchen. In one of the rooms we take 3 boxes with cartridges.

    Before leaving, there are tools for rough work in one of the barracks. We take them and run to the main building in the warehouses.

    We rise to the second floor of the main building and there we take away the blue box.

    After taking this box, a bloodsucker spawns in the building. We kill him (if you want) and run to the base of the debt.

    At the base we speak with the technician Kondratenko, give him the tools for rough work and ask him to open the box.

    We speak with Lieutenant Colonel Shulga and begin to carry ammunition.

    First, we give the cartridges to the checkpoint, which is located not far from the base. After that, we give the cartridges to two more checkpoints. This is the lobby camp and the Freedom base.

    After we handed out cartridges and repulsed the attack of the mutants at the checkpoints, we run to the fallen helicopter near the anomaly and get the task.

    We speak with Lieutenant Colonel Shulga about the helicopter and its crew. After the conversation, we run to the hillock near the Duty base.

    There, on a hillock among the stones, where dogs are running, we find Lieutenant Kravchenko's PDA.

    We find the second PDA of Lieutenant Tereshchenko near the house in the swamp, near the corpse of the soldier.

    We run into a building on the outskirts of the village and there we take away tools for fine work. We return to Shulga and tell him about the military. We return the tools for fine work to the technician and go to the village, in one of the houses, in the basement of the Debt warehouse. We go down to the debt warehouse and teleports us. We run to the Duty base and talk to Lieutenant Colonel Shulga there. He gives a task to find a warehouse.

    We run back to the basement and teleport us to the house in the swamp, where all the equipment of the Debt lies. We take the essentials and run back to the Duty base. There we report that the warehouse has been found.

    After that, we follow the helicopter and speak with the Duty squad. We help to kill the pseudo-giant on the barrier. At the Duty base, we talk with Shulga and go to a meeting with the military.

    We speak with the military and go to the camp on the road. There we speak with their leader and take on the task of stealing documents from the mercenary base. It is best to complete the task from 00:00 to 05:00, because at this time the enemy does not see you well and you can easily enter the building.


    As soon as the documents were taken on the second floor, we go back in the same way and return the documents.

    Now you need to capture the Army base. We speak with the military and go to the base. We kill the mercenaries and speak with the military.

    After talking with the military, we run to the barracks and a task appears there. We speak with Umerov through the window.

    We kill monoliths on the barrier and try to open the container.

    In the village (where there were tools for fine work) we kill the monoliths and in the corpse on the table we take the key.

    The second key lies in the box at the crossroads where the skulls are.

    After collecting 2 keys, we take the teleportator and give it to Umerov. As we were given away, we run to the Duty base and see that we are not allowed there.

    We run up the hill near the helicopter and talk to Kondratenko there. We teleport to the village where the monolith was killed and instead of the corpses of the monolith we find the corpses of free stalkers.

    We meet with Umerov near the crashed helicopter and he invites us to join him. We are faced with 2 choices: to join the neo-monolithic movement or to join the military movement. Let's go through the neo-monolithic movement to begin with.

    Passage of quests of the neo-monolithic movement:

    We speak with Umerov and agree to join him. We run to kill the military in the warehouses. We kill the military and return to Umerov. Now you need to kill the stalkers. We are thrown onto the warehouse tower and stalkers enter through the main entrance. We kill them and return to Umerov.

    Here we are waiting for a surprise. He decides to kill us. We speak to him and kill him. We run to Kondratenko and tell him everything. Then we go to the mainland.

    Passage of quests of the military movement:

    After talking with Umerov, we run to Kondratenko in the village (where there were tools for fine work)

    We run to Kondratenko and talk to him. We leave for the military at the Army base. There we talk with their leader and go to Umerov.

    We shoot at Umerov and he teleports. We run back to the military and at the entrance we are attacked by 3 monoliths. We kill them and we run further. After talking with the leader of the military, more Monoliths spawn. We kill them, talk to the leader of the military and get in touch with Umerov.

    Stalker is an incredible game in which the world is completely open for you to explore. You get virtually unlimited opportunities to explore the surroundings and distant regions, you can complete a huge number of side quests, or just go about your business, hunt for supplies or destroy monsters. However, you should definitely pay attention to the fact that in all three parts of the series there are different organizations, each of which has its own goals, motivations and characteristics. Some of them will not be a problem to get into, while some of them may cause certain difficulties. For example, many gamers ask how to join "Debt" in "Stalker", because this group there is one of the most difficult, but at the same time the most exciting.

    Groupings in "Stalker"

    how to get into debt in a stalker

    When you first start playing Stalker, you may have a wide variety of questions regarding factions. There are quite a few of them - in just three parts, you can count more than fifteen pieces. Some of them can be entered almost immediately, others will have to tinker with, well, there are those that generally act as secondary ones, that is, you cannot get into them. Most gamers have a question about how to join "Debt" in "Stalker", since in this game this particular group is the largest and leading. This grouping belongs to those that are not too easy to get into. As an example, you should also indicate the most popular simple grouping - "Freedom". And, of course, do not forget about the "Monolith", which you will not be able to get into (without installing certain modifications), since it is your main opponent throughout all three episodes of the game. In this article, you will learn how to enter into "Debt" in "Stalker".

    Grouping "Debt"

    stalker call of pripyat how to get into debt

    Before you figure out how to enter Debt in Stalker, you need to know a little more about this faction. To begin with, this is a clearly militarized militarist group, which was founded by former military, united and constantly developing their community. At the moment, it is "Debt" that is considered one of the most influential and powerful groups, so many may be interested in joining its ranks. However, you need to understand that the "Duty" has one specific and unchanging goal - to protect the world from the creatures of the Zone, so you will need to constantly fight the mutants in all available ways, even if this includes a certain cruelty. That is why "Duty" has among its sworn enemies not only "Monolith", but even "Svoboda", which adheres to more peacemaking views. Well, now it's time to find out about joining this group in all parts of the game, including the episode "Stalker: Call of Pripyat". How to join "Debt"? Now you will find out about it.

    Features of the entry

    stalker shadow of chernobyl how to get into debt

    So, first of all, you need to pay attention to which part of the series you are playing - "Shadow of Chernobyl", "Clear Sky" or "Stalker: Call of Pripyat". How do you enter into "Debt" in each of these parts? Many gamers make a common mistake - they try to figure out the first episode, and then apply the same intro mechanic to the rest of the episodes. Naturally, this doesn't work. The fact is that each part of the game has its own quests, organizations are at different stages of development, they may even have different members. Accordingly, you need to immediately understand that you will not be able to join the group you need in other episodes the way you did in the part "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl". How to enter into "Debt" in this part? You will find the answer to this question below.

    Entry into "Duty" in "Shadow of Chernobyl"

    stalker how to get into debt tools

    So, the very first part of the series is "Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl". How do I enter Debt in this game? To begin with, please note that you are not given the opportunity to join the group from the very beginning of the game - you will need to go through an impressive segment of the storyline campaign so that you can even talk about joining the "Duty". However, this is not all - you will also have to contribute a lot to this group, perform certain tasks, for example, bring a special grenade launcher to the leader or rescue a wounded member of the "Duty" from the Zone. Only after you have spent an impressive amount of time helping the "debtors" will you be able to talk to the leader of the group and join it in order to then pursue all the same goals as its members. Now you will be able to answer one of the most important questions of the first part of the game "Stalker" - how to enter into "Debt"? You have the tools for this - you just have to patiently wait for the right moment and then act as the game requires of you.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    stalker mod how to get into debt

    Naturally, first of all, you will need to weigh all the pros and cons of this particular organization, since then it will be quite difficult to change something. The biggest question in this case is whether you want to go against Svoboda, the second most powerful organization in the game. After all, as soon as you become a member of the "Duty", you turn into an enemy of "Freedom", and this group has powerful guns and a very attractive merchant of items that you otherwise would not be able to find. In this case, by the way, you don't even need a "stalker" mod. You can also learn how to enter into "Debt" with its help, but in fact it is not necessary, since the process of entering is quite lengthy, but not so difficult.

    Entry into "Duty" in "Clear Sky"

    stalker game how to get into debt

    What will the Stalker game give you in this matter? How to enter into "Debt" in "Clear Sky"? In fact, everything is much simpler here than in the first part, since the mechanism for joining groupings has been simplified. But the principle remained the same. First, you will need to wait for a certain point in the development of the storyline. More specifically, everything will be decided in the process of completing the assignment at the Agroprom Research Institute. There you will need to make a decision regarding the dungeons, from which mutants from the Zone are constantly selected. If you want to join "Debt", then you need to flood this dungeon so that no mutant can ever get outside. Now you know the secret of the game "Stalker: Clear Sky" (how to enter into "Debt"). However, you have just completed the necessary task so far - now you need to consider directly the process of joining the grouping itself.

    Conversation with the manager

    stalker clear skies how to get into debt

    As you can see, there is nothing complicated in one of the riddles of the game "Stalker" (how to enter into "Debt"). The "Debt" warehouse in the second part of the game is located right in the building of the Agroprom Research Institute, and if you go up to the top floor, you can find the head. It is to him that you can tell about the completion of the assignment, and also talk on abstract topics. But at the same time, do not miss a moment in the dialogue when you will be offered an answer option, which is responsible for the possibility of joining the grouping. Be sure to select it - and that's it. You become a full member of the "Debt". You can perform tasks that the commander and other members will give you. Also, note that in the second part, everything is exactly the same as in the first - as soon as you become a member of the "Duty", you automatically turn into an enemy of Freedom.

    Entry into "Duty" in "Call of Pripyat"

    Well, the last part of the game remains, which in terms of joining the "Debt" grouping will disappoint you a little. The fact is that you cannot join this one, no matter how hard you try - it remains for you only accessible for contacts, but you will not become a full-fledged member in any way. The only thing you can do is get the achievement "Friend of Duty", which is given to you if you complete missions with branched endings, making a choice in favor of this particular faction. However, in doing so, you need to think about whether you really want to. The fact is that even this achievement turns you into an enemy of "Freedom", and this will make your life much more difficult. First, note that Liberty is initially a friendly grouping towards your character, so you need to consider whether you want to break this bond, which you got nowhere easier, but at the same time brings a lot of benefits. For example, one of the key merchants in the game, the Yamacian, very strongly supports Freedom, so you cannot buy half of the things from him, and he will sell the other half to you at double the cost. However, it should be noted that the same technician Azot is an ardent supporter of "Debt", so you can use his services cheaper than usual. In general, you will have something to think about before making a final decision.


    Naturally, gamers tried to correct the injustice, so there are modifications for "Call of Pripyat" that allow you to get access to the "Duty" grouping by workarounds. So if you really want to be a part of the "Duty" in the third part of the game, then you need to download one of these modifications and install it. But at the same time, you should take into account that some elements can be removed from the game that could "conflict" with the fact that you are a member of this group.

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