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Anyone who does not live on their own island with a bunch of guards or in a castle like Windsor, with thousands of acres of surrounding land, is familiar with this problem. Neighbors! Noisy, unceremonious, annoying, curious ... They appear at the most inopportune moment and turn our life into a big and small (as lucky as anyone!) Hell. If you are also aware of what is at stake, rejoice - we know how to help you. Our new section contains all the parts of an online game about how to get a neighbor quickly and technically competently - so that you won't find fault.

We start a special operation

So, first you need to decide where the object lives: in a busy high-rise building or in a private house. Depending on this, our mega cool and funny toys offer different recipes for how to get a neighbor, in just a couple of minutes, bringing him to white heat. The methods are completely different, non-trivial and unexpected. There is only one thing that unites them - the goal will be guaranteed to be achieved and the question of how to get a neighbor forever, having made him completely forget about your existence, will never worry you again.

True, in real life, without preparation, only the owner of iron nerves is capable of doing something similar (for example, pouring it over with boiling water, locking it in a booth for three days with an unfed dog, tying it to a bed, etc.). And if you are not too confident in yours, feel free to start playing the game How to get a neighbor - you can't think of a better workout.

Games How to get a neighbor

Of course, the situations that this section offers to sort out are rare in real life. And not because such impudent neighbors, which are waiting for you on the computer screen, in fact do not exist. Rather, on the contrary, in life they are much more disgusting. Although they do not look like real villains. And it is considered indecent to repulse an insolent person in the form of a frail old woman, hung with children by a mother, or a balding clerk from a nearby bank, who always parks at random. It is not accepted by well-educated people, although they no longer have the strength to endure their antics. Start playing the game of how to get a neighbor and get rid of unnecessary sentiment forever. Believe me, the ability to defend your personal space is worth a lot and will always come in handy.

And even if you get a cool lottery ticket, and everyone living within a kilometer from your house is harmless pink cute, don't rush to close the page - you will also like playing quests about how to get a neighbor. At least because it is extremely exciting and fun - you will have fun.

Many residents of high-rise buildings or even private houses are not lucky with those who live nearby. Sometimes they didn’t share something, there was a conflict situation, or there was just such a type of people whom you didn’t want to meet or see at all. It's good that game developers have created excellent applications where everyone can show all their skills, dexterity and ingenuity in order to play a trick on a virtual neighbor.

Each situation in the plot is very confusing, for a successful passage you will need to come up with different ways to joke with the character all the time. And anything like the neighbor's love for punchers, endless repairs around the clock, or just loud singing (this is for those whose nerves are just at the limit) can push on such tricks. In the virtual world, you can throw eggs at someone living next to you, bang a frying pan or fire a firecracker right in the middle of the room. And more cunning people like to invent more sophisticated surprises for the hero, who is fed up with the order. Flash drives in this genre will perfectly cope with the accumulated anger, stress and amuse.

What is the secret of the popularity of the project "How to get a neighbor"

At the moment, the planet is home to about seven and a half billion people and it is difficult to imagine at least someone who would not come across neighbors. There are times when such a stay becomes not the most pleasant one. At least once in a lifetime, every person has faced a similar situation. Sometimes such an environment wants to take revenge in earnest and show how difficult it is to live with such “well-wishers”. All boiling emotions can be thrown out in an excellent selection of games "How to get a neighbor". Thanks to the interesting design, dynamically developing plot, difficult tasks and very funny consequences, all versions have become incredibly popular among gamers.

The topic of these computer entertainment touches on the sore, gets rid of bad emotions thanks to a humorous solution. The virtual neighbor is a dim-witted man, while he is rather boring and stupid. The protagonist is a young guy with a great sense of humor, who is tired of the old man, so he sneaks into the house and begins to figure out how to play a trick on him. Naturally, the character's tricks are wildly annoying to the hero, which makes the game so funny. Of course, not a single well-mannered and prudent person can afford such a thing in real life, so entertainment and attractive that you can laugh heartily while sitting at the computer.

Many tricks will require you to be smart, it is important to think over each step in order not to get caught by the enemy. It is unlikely that he will be glad to meet a man who made his way into his house and sets traps. Despite the fact that some moments are rather difficult in the passage of the application, it is still incredibly funny and funny, after which a positive mood is guaranteed to any user. In the house of an elderly hero, gamers will be able to find different items and use them to achieve the goal. Arranging various intrigues (from standard to original), you can hide in rooms, closets or under the bed, and quietly watch as the neighbor once again fell for the bait.

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Game How to Get a Neighbor

Game How to get a NeighborNeighbors from Hell: A localization known as How to Get a Neighbor is a computer arcade game. The main goal of the game is to take revenge on your neighbor. The hero must find objects and use them to harm his neighbor. There are 14 episodes in this game, divided into 3 main seasons + there are 3 additional seasons of varying difficulty, and before them there are three pilot episodes, allowing the player to better understand all the nuances of the game. The first part consists of 6 episodes. In it, the player has access to the kitchen, living room and bathroom. There are only 4 episodes in the second season, the player's bedroom and balcony are open. The third part, consists of 4 episodes, when the player opens the office and basement. In each episode, the player controlling Woody's actions using the left mouse button must find a house in which he finds useful items, and then use them to use his dirty tricks. And many of these dirty tricks (like sawing the legs of a chair or throwing a banana peel on the floor) in real life can cause serious damage to property and health, sometimes with fatal consequences. On our site you can play How to Get a Neighbor Part 1 or Part 2 online, as well as download all versions of the game to your computer. If you liked the game, be sure to repost it for your friends.

How to get a neighbor - all parts of the game

The whole series is collected in order in a single list. The best opportunity to download complete anthology for free. Fascinating adventures about the guidelines of the main character became popular many years ago. The game remains a well-known for a long time, this unique atmosphere of humor and fun greatly raises the mood. We offer a unique chance to download games how to get a neighbor for free full versions on the computer. Use torrent is not required, all references are direct and have a high boot speed. Only Russian versions of the game you can download without registration are presented. Some seasons are provided from Alawar, so you do not have to doubt the Russian language. The Great Lesson Woody returns to computers, play, enjoy fun and jumped!

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Reprinting a popular old game that you can now pass in the updated schedule. Such a classic will like many!

How to get a neighbor 4: on vacation

A joint cruise of former friends will be terrible, you make efforts to undermine a good mood. Create special jokes!

How to get a neighbor 3: in the office

Merry logic game with eternal draws. Try to bring the partner to work to the nervous breakdown and dismissal.

How to get boss 2

Continuation of the game of jokes over colleagues at work. Throw to pieces, break the usual calm of local people and just having fun.

How to get boss

Funny Arcade, where to deal with the head and colleagues. Create a disgrace in the workplace, bring everyone to the limit!

How to get a neighbor: Sweet revenge

The most favorite part that many take place several times. Try bringing your neighbor to madness, and there will be many methods.

Excellent opportunity to go through all seasons of your favorite game on a computer. On the weekend you always want to sleep, but there are loud sounds from the neighbor behind the wall. The beginning of the day is spoiled, the mood disappears instantly, I want to take revenge on a bad neighbor who does not give rest. It was this topic that became central in the famous Arcade, which thousands of people around the world are now adracted. Developers have opened the opportunity to accomplish the long-awaited revenge in virtual mode, where there will be no restrictions. Have you found a wonderful way to pump a naskom neighbor? - Great, begin to fulfill your cunning plan. After a few seconds it will be possible to enjoy the trait done, and receive the unraded to pleasure. Many wonder: "How many parts of the game came out?" It contains 10 official seasons in Russian.

How to get a neighbor: Sweet revenge

The best part among all seasons. Download the first part of the game today they want many, and you can do it for free. The game came out in 2003 and immediately gathered a lot of gamers who really wanted to break away on their neighbors. Developers creators a pleasant atmosphere, where you can perform numerous tricks and observe their result. The rules of passage are quite simple, but there are many ways to achieve a goal. Do not limit your fantasy, act original and unpredictable.

Game How to get a neighbor

To date, there have been many parts of such a popular arcade, but The first part remains the best . Many players prefer to re-download exactly the "sweet revenge", with which everything began. There is a simple schedule, but the animation is made so cool that it can constantly admire it. The levels themselves are very diverse, to perform a mission in different ways. It is necessary to use their observation and smelting, this is how good practices are created, from which a neighbor goes crazy.

How to Get a Student: Dorm Rush

The actions of the next part of the game go to the hostel. The problem with the neighborhood is especially relevant here, because strangers live nearby. You have to get used to the presence of a stranger, adapt to his habits and establish communication with him. This happens in real life, where people try to behave culturally, but in the game we can change the rules in our favor.

The developers have provided a large hostel where players can use all available methods to harm a neighbor. You will have to act in different situations and sometimes use relatively rude tricks, because the new neighbor turned out to be an extremely harmful person. The process of passing is filled with wonderful humor, where you become its creator, inventing various dirty tricks. Download the game "How to get a student: Trouble in the hostel" is now free. The site has direct download links available without registration.


The last part of the game How to get a neighbor: oligarch's vacation, the actions of which will unfold in a large mansion of a rich man. The season is presented by the Alavar company with the Russian language. The oligarch rebuilt himself a huge palace, where many large and expensive rooms were made. Great, because there are even more territories and opportunities for antics. Use available tools to harm your neighbor. Do not hesitate to spoil expensive items, because such problems are not significant for an oligarch. In general, the developers have presented the players with great opportunities for tricks. You can download the game for free using special links that are available without registration. You get full version and you can immediately go through it on your computer.

It's not easy to put up with annoying neighbors behind the wall. But what if life around them becomes unbearable? The answer to this question was found by the protagonist of the games, which are called "How to get a neighbor"! This student comes up with different jokes and pisses off a neighbor. What for? So that he doesn't bother him anymore.

Games How To Get A Neighbor

§ How to get a neighbor: bad advice from games

Sometimes these people spoil our lives. Drill, quarrels, scandals and loud music, as well as games turned on to the maximum - this is not a complete list of what the residents of the metropolis face. This hell can go on at night. Maybe you should think about how to get your neighbor to stop making noise?

Sometimes the remarks about noise are true, sometimes not. And if you are knocked on the ceiling due to the fact that you rustled the package a little at night, this is already wrong. How to deal with stress after such things? The games of the section "How to get a neighbor" will help you with this.

§ Mission Impossible, or Big City Survival

How to get a neighbor? A lot of videos have been filmed about this, in which pranks alternate with very tough practical jokes. But how to get to a neighbor, while avoiding the visit of police officers? It's simple. Replace the real showdown with the virtual "How to Get a Neighbor"! Together with the games of the section "How to get a neighbor" you can calm down, and at the same time do a lot of dirty tricks.

The methods described in these games are not suitable for real life. However, within the game, they only cause laughter and gloating: finally, this person will get what he deserves! Games of the section "How to get a neighbor" will allow you to take out all your anger without harm to others. To survive at any cost, to play a dirty trick and not to catch the eye of a neighbor - this is the main goal of games called "How to get a neighbor."

§ How to get to a neighbor? Students, into battle!

Here students will give a considerable head start to any prankster. Often they are the ones who have to share the room with each other, so there is a place for passions and hostility. It was within the walls of student hostels that evil jokes over a neighbor appeared.

Can't you believe it? Ask any nonresident student about it! The first of April, according to them, happens there every day. The freshman quickly masters, and learns all the jokes like "how to get a neighbor" from the old-timers, not forgetting about the study. The students know how to get at their neighbors, but their jokes are not cruel. Do you want to feel like a young student? Then the games of the section "How to get a neighbor" are waiting for you!

Games How To Get A Neighbor

§ Antistress games: pros instead of cons

What if you need to relax and unwind? The best solution would be an anti-stress game. Such games include "How to get a neighbor": here, in the form of a game, you can get positive emotions. Do whatever your heart desires with the harmful neighbor: thanks to the games of the section "How to get a neighbor" everything is possible. Make your evening enjoyable and cheer yourself up with our browser-based How To Get A Neighbor!

A couple of centuries ago there was no such thing as a high-rise building. People lived in spacious houses, with large plots at a decent distance from one another. Therefore, everyone could do anything on his estate, make noise and not worry about disturbing the residents in the neighborhood. The planet's population is growing rapidly, living and living conditions are changing, as are needs.

Games how to get a neighbor to play for free online

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Therefore, apartment buildings have become the norm. Rather, even in the center of large metropolitan areas, you will only meet them, and frequent mansions are located mainly in certain areas. So, if you ask a resident of some skyscraper “how to get a neighbor,” he will easily answer it. Of course, not everyone is at enmity with the inhabitants of neighboring apartments. But, such cases are quite frequent.

Sometimes, indeed, there is something to complain about, and sometimes there are exceptionally harmful specimens, which seem to have loud sounds and noises, which in fact do not exist. Among grandmothers, such persons with an obsession with someone to have a fight and invent an excuse are no longer an exception. And what do we propose to do in the games how to get a neighbor? We will not endure someone's mockery, we will go on the offensive on our own.

Tricks and gimmicks in the name of humor and revenge

Similar funny arcade games like Neighbors from Hell cannot but evoke positive emotions. They will help diversify leisure time on the computer, recharge a positive attitude, exercise gyrus and even relieve stress. These are the flash drives with a very promising name. There are several parts and storylines, broken down into episodes. And in the main roles of cool games - a character named Woody.

Games how to get a neighbor

By itself, not completely not aggressive, but circumstances force him to take drastic measures. Let's support the guy in his endeavors and help him figure out with a practical method in games how to get a neighbor and force him to beg for mercy. The first antagonist will be Mr. Rottweiler, he mocked our timid hero for a long time and woke up the beast in that. It's time to play by his rules. There will be 14 tests ahead, during each it will be necessary to use numerous improvised means in order to maximally harm the evil uncle.

But let's not stop there. Yes, the enemy has been punished and he has definitely learned his lesson. But our avenger liked the game how to get a neighbor so much that he does not want to stop there. Therefore, he decides to go on vacation after his foe and his mother and arrange a hell of a vacation for the couple. For boys, the adventure of games how to get a neighbor will be an excellent attraction of enthusiasm and extreme.

Mocking puzzles

The locations of the game will change regularly so that the passage does not get bored. But the management principle remains virtually unchanged. The task of the gamer, regardless of android, he decided to go through quests or on a PC - to collect all the suitable items and then with their help organize a virtuoso trap for our victim. Gradually, the task will become more difficult. And here's another feature is that in games how to get a neighbor, you should not be caught on a hot one.

So, it is very important to remember about vigilance and caution. You want to get all the awards for the best antics and mischief? Then you will have to use your brains and come up with ideal and indestructible tactics. How to get to a neighbor who used to harass everyone around him? Accumulate emotions and act.

Let the constantly changing conditions and the mass of various additional bonuses and rewards stimulate you. They cannot be downloaded like mods, here you will have to fight for the title of legendary "pester" and the pursuer. Do not hit your face in the dirt and make the former offender tremble with fear!

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