TOP 9 best - horseback riding in the Moscow region and Moscow inexpensively with a discount, prices 2021

The best equestrian clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region offer horseback riding and carriage rides (sleighs, carriages), horse riding training, hiking and show programs. We offer our clients the best horses for corporate events, birthday parties, and weddings. A pony for a children's birthday, a photo session, a walk through the picturesque places of the Moscow region. Horse riding is a fun, useful and interesting thing for adults and children.

TOP 9 best places for horseback riding in the Moscow region and Moscow with a discount in 2021

1. "Horses Dzerzhinsky"

Official website:

The horse farm "Horses Dzerzhinsky" is located 2 km from Moscow, in the town of Dzerzhinsky. The reliefs, panoramas, vegetation of the surrounding area are beautiful, unusual for the Moscow region. Near the farm you can see the Tomilinsky forest, the Dzerzhinsky sand quarries (Lake Ritsa recently), flooded with water between the mountains. The Tomilinskaya green zone is protected by federal authorities, 25 species of birds nest in the forest, there are 300 types of plants, many are listed in the Red Book. An unforgettable delight!

Services "Horses Dzerzhinsky"

The horse farm makes preliminary booking for horseback riding in the forest, horse riding training, horse rental, photo sessions. It offers visitors beautiful, well-groomed animals - multiple winners of International and Russian exhibitions. The guests of the farm successfully take staged shots, take pictures with the horses while riding. Horse riding routes cover the most beautiful places in the Moscow region: sand pits, forests, fields.

The farm provides the best service for one or two guests, organizes group horse riding. Small animals are offered to young riders. After horseback riding, many will wish to visit a reindeer farm. With permission, adults and children will touch the pets, look at the houses of the peoples of the north, try on clothes. Sledding with deer and husky dogs is also possible.

Gift certificates, prices

It is possible to order a gift certificate for skiing in the Moscow region, Moscow from 1500 rubles, riding lessons or photo sessions. The cost of horseback riding is from 1500 rubles, a photo session will cost 3000 rubles / hour. Children riding horses will incur expenses of 300 rubles / circle. Individual training in horseback riding - from 1800 rubles / hour. Renting the best yurt with barbecue, reindeer riding - from 450 rubles.

2. "Farm"

Location: Moscow region, Angelovo village, Central street, possession 2, building 1

Official website:

Children and adults will like the "Khutor", especially those in love. Especially for romantic meetings, the equestrian club has prepared unique programs of walks against the backdrop of the magnificent landscapes of the Moscow region. A good opportunity to be alone, enjoy warm emotions, offer your hand and heart. The atmosphere of a real village reigns on "Khutor": a courtyard, a household, a farm. Seekers of unusual sensations will be able to ride a tractor or take part in sports fishing (service price 300 rubles, coupon discount - 50%).

Equestrian services

Horseback riding in a forested area for beginners and professionals. Little riders have access to ponies. Horseback riding is a good way to relax in nature, keep fit, and communicate with interesting people.

Horse riding training. Skating is carried out under the guidance of experienced instructors. Before riding, students must perform a series of physical exercises that develop muscle strength and improve coordination. Compliance with the rules of behavior with animals and the teacher's recommendations will allow you to easily and quickly get used to the saddle already in the first lesson. Most of the students of the club stay after classes to look after their pets.

A photo. Horses or little ponies will be the best addition to your outdoor photo shoot. The program is ideal for a wedding, Love Story, birthday, anniversary, family photo album or a gift for yourself and loved ones. The guests of the equestrian club choose a horse by color and breed. Horses are trained and prepared for a photo session, filming a film, advertising, video.

Prices 2021

Hourly horseback riding - 1400 rubles, inexpensive price for holders of club coupons - 616 rubles.

Romantic walk (1 hour) - 3500 rubles, 57% coupon discount.

Horseback riding for children 8-14 years old - 1800 rubles, the cost of a ride with the coupon of the Khutor club is 900 rubles.

Photo session with horses - 1500 rubles, 50% coupon savings.

Skating for kids aged 3-7 years - 1000 rubles, maximum discount of 50%.

Quest walk - 1600 rubles / person, possible 50% discount.

50% discount here

The quest-walk takes place in the form of an exciting live game for a team of vacationers in nature. Participants complete a specific task lasting 60-120 minutes. The plot of the game is based on works of art, popular films, computer games or ideas of the authors. The length of the route is 5 km. Upon successful completion of the quest, the skating participants are offered a drawing of a mini-photo session on the territory of the "Farm", a romantic walk, an extension of the quest, and a barbecue as a gift.

3. KSK "Ballada"

Address: Moscow region, Solnechnogorsk district, village Novinki

Official website: http: //xskballada.rf

KSK "Ballada" is located on the flat terrain of the Solnechnogorsk region near the town of Zelenograd. The own territory of the zoological farm covers 18 hectares (two huge fields surrounded by forest and ponds). The stable has 60 horses of 12 breeds, of various colors and sizes. There is a petting zoo, an amusement park, a Zamok cafe, and the best catering service. The KSK arsenal includes a variety of costumes and bright outfits for themed photo shoots.

Horse riding programs will appeal to both adults and children. Visitors are invited to:

  1. Horse riding training by certified specialists.
  2. Horseback riding.
  3. Walking in carriages, carriages and carts.
  4. Unique horse shows with circus tricks, Cossack horse riding.
  5. Costumes and makeup for photo shoots, thematic events.

Riding prices in 2021

Inexpensive group walks - 1100 rubles / hour for adults, 750 rubles / hour for children.

Individual horseback riding lessons - 1000 rubles for 45 minutes of horseback riding on the platz / field.

Subscription for 8 lessons with an instructor - 6000 rubles for 45 minutes. The subscription is valid for 1.5 months, 2 transfers are possible.

Horseback riding trips with accommodation and accommodation in the village of Staroe (village houses) - 3500 rubles per person per day.

Skating with a crew lasting 40 minutes - 1,500 rubles. Equestrian show with elements of dressage, training, show jumping, horse riding. Performances take place on weekends and holidays, during Pancake Week.

Gift certificates of various formats: horseback riding in the forest park for two - 4350, riding in a one-horse carriage on a painted sleigh with bells - 5700 rubles, horse riding lessons for children and adults in the arena of KSK "Ballada" - 9000 rubles.

Departure to the customer's place, horseback riding, sleigh rides and a carriage, donkey - 15,000 rubles.

Photo sessions on horseback, in a team, in club costumes - 500… 2500 rubles.

"At night" - 3500 rubles. The program includes meals, adjustment of ammunition, instructions, boarding, evening and morning walks under the supervision of the best instructor of the club.

Additional service of KSK "Ballada": catering, banquets for up to 300 people, culinary animations for guests, barbecue menu, inexpensive rental of detached tents. Discounts on coupons will allow you to save 50% of the cost of services.

50% discount here

4. "Tandem"

Address: Moscow region, Abramtsevo village, Khomutovo quarter, building 31a

Official website:

Equestrian club "Tandem" conducts horse rides, romantic meetings, teaches horse riding for adults and children. There are 6 horses of various colors and breeds in the stable.

Club branches

The complex was founded in 2013 and is divided into 2 zones: amateur and sports. The amateur base offers one-time horse rental for riding and horseback riding for groups of people lasting 1-2 hours.

The sports sect provides for a group of initial training and show jumping. In the first case, the guests of the club learn to master the horse well in various situations, at different gaits, and overcome obstacles. Having reached a certain level of professionalism, students are assigned to show jumping or dressage groups. Competitive training requires passing routes, overcoming various obstacles in the course of group or individual lessons. Pupils of the groups regularly participate in competitions and demonstration performances, fulfill the category standards.

The dressage department allows you to practice dressage horses and take part in competitions, to increase the categories. Classes are also conducted in groups or individually.

Tandem club prices 2021:

  1. Horseback riding in the forest, in the field - 1600 or 2000 rubles for 1 or 2 academic hours of 45 minutes.
  2. Horse riding training - 1200 rubles / hour.
  3. Individual training - 1500 rubles / hour.
  4. Special horse riding lessons - 1600 rubles / hour. The service includes a short instruction, a test ride on the parade ground (15 minutes), a walk in the forest (45 minutes). The participant has the right to choose the type of activity - show jumping, dressage, vaulting.

  1. Subscription without renting a horse - 4000 rubles (4 times / month), with rent - 6000 rubles.
  2. Riding in a carriage - 20,000 rubles / hour.
  3. Ordering a horse or pony for the holidays - 5000 rubles / hour.
  4. Excursion "On a visit to the horses" - 2600 rubles. The conditions of the program include a walk through the stables, horseback riding, a master class on cleaning, saddling animals.
  5. Additional opportunities: treats for a horse and a goat - 100 rubles, feeding a kid from a bottle - 100 rubles, a photo session with a stable camera - 500 rubles.

When ordering services, coupon bearers are provided with 50-58% discounts.

50% discount here

5. "Manor"

Official website:

The private equestrian club "Usadba" is located in the village of Marfino, an ancient architectural monument, surrounded by picturesque fields and forests of the Moscow region. Guests of the club are offered fascinating photography, horseback riding in the Mytishchi district.

There are horses of various colors and characters in the stable. Inexperienced riders, children are waiting for a calm stallion named Disk. The horse is easy to control. Zhdana, a heavy draft breed, is suitable for heavy riders. Black handsome Arzid looks good in the pictures. The time spent in the chariot will also bring positive emotions. Current promotions allow you to rent a horse at a discount. Visitors to the Marfino sanatorium, the club provides the best conditions for active recreation.

Riding programs and prices in the Moscow region

Horseback riding is carried out by appointment by phone with the indication of contact information, number of guests, level of training, date and time, coupon availability. Equestrian club services in the Moscow region are charged as follows:

  1. Training and learning to ride horses will cost 2,000 rubles. Coupon prices will be reduced by 51-56%.
  2. Photo sessions against the backdrop of the picturesque landscapes of the Moscow Region - 1500 rubles.
  3. Food and accommodation. The best business lunches in a cozy cafe near Moscow. For accommodation there are separate rooms, cottages. The cost of the reservation is 370 rubles.
  4. Children's entertainment. Birthdays, quests, sleigh rides, animations, farm tours will leave an unforgettable experience. The minimum cost of the service is 500 rubles.
  5. Gift certificates on the club's letterhead, registered and numbered - 200 rubles.
  6. Horseback excursions to the count's estate. The skiing route is laid through the field, forest, natural reservoirs of the Moscow region. The starting price is 4000 rubles for 4 hours. Coupon discount - 52 ... 53%.
  7. Hiking with swimming, without, night and day - 4000 rubles.

50% discount here

Additional services, prices in rubles:

  • horseback riding on the parade ground 20 minutes - 500;
  • hippotherapy (rehabilitation through adaptive riding) 25 minutes - 600;
  • sleigh rides 2 hours - 5000;
  • full horse rental for a month - 12,000;
  • subscription for horse riding training 3 lessons / week - 8000;
  • subscription for 50 lessons - 20,000;

Important! One hour is considered academic = 45 minutes.

Visitors have the opportunity to buy farm products on the spot. For horse riding, children under 12 years old with an additional accompanying person are allowed. For older children, the need for personal accompaniment is considered individually. Driving in alcoholic intoxication is prohibited. Also, the restriction to horseback riding is valid for non-residents of the Russian Federation.

6. "Bee"

Official website:

25 km from Moscow in a picturesque corner of the Krasnogorsk district (for the navigator - Novorizhskoe highway 1vl1) on the shore of the lake, there is a new family-type horse club "Pchelka". The recreation area occupies a huge territory of 16 hectares on the picturesque fields and forests of Moscow. The club has created the best conditions for a comfortable pastime with the whole family.

Description of programs

Equestrian club "Pchelka" has prepared many entertainment programs for a comfortable stay near Moscow:

  1. Individual and group horseback riding. The guests of the equestrian club drive a black horse, overcoming the boundaries of the equestrian club, enjoying magnificent landscapes. The location of the stable will allow you to enjoy pure nature, walking along the fields and lakes. During the route, tourists are accompanied by experienced instructors who help them get comfortable in the saddle.
  2. Carriage rental. Nice music, drinks bar, ringing of hooves and bells will turn the celebration into a fairy tale.
  3. Corporate walks. The club provides many good programs for companies of 10-60 people.
  4. Excursions to the stable for two - lovers will expect 20 horses of various colors and breeds. Blacks can be fed with cooked fruits or vegetables.
  5. Photoshoot. Horses, little ponies will be a great addition to photography.

The best horses of the Pchelka equestrian club will provide a sea of ​​emotions, impressions, vivid photos, as well as a charge of vivacity and energy.

Prices, coupon discounts

The rates of the Pchelka club are determined by the duration of horse riding, on the day of the week:

  1. Children's programs. Half an hour pony ride for one child - 900 rubles. Coupon holders have a 64% discount.
  2. Individual walk + instruction on a weekday - 1800 rubles / hour. On weekends - 2300 rubles. A coupon discount will allow you to order skiing 64 ... 71% cheaper.
  3. Horseback riding for two on weekdays is also inexpensive - 3600 rubles / hour. On weekends - 4600 rubles. Coupon holders will pay 70-74% less.
  4. Romantic program in a phaeton pulled by a horse in a ceremonial harness, a photo session, tea for two - 6500 rubles. A 74% discount coupon will help you save on the service.
  5. Photo session - 1500 rubles / hour.

50% discount here

The cost of a horse ride includes:

  • acquaintance with horses;
  • instruction in the management of the crow;
  • warm-up on the parade ground;
  • walking tour accompanied by an instructor in the field, forest;
  • photography;
  • unsaddling horses, refreshments upon arrival at the stable;
  • tea party as a gift.

There are no restrictions on the weight category. The club has draft horses. It is important to stock up on comfortable sportswear and shoes. When ordering a photo session, you should also stock up on a flash card with a volume of more than 2 GB. Arriving for a walk in the village of Golyevo should be 20 minutes before the start of the briefing. Horseback riding on the outskirts of Moscow is prohibited for persons under the influence of alcohol.

7. "Guard"

Address: Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district, Ivanovskoe village

VK group:

Horse base "Gvardia" offers a ride along the picturesque forest or field paths of the Moscow region. It helps beginner riders to spend cognitive time in an equipped arena under the supervision of an instructor.

Crew for a wedding

A carriage drawn by 1-6 horses, driven by a smart coachman, will become an original alternative to a festive car. Club "Guard" offers carriage rental for every taste:

  • open carriages for the summer period;
  • closed carriages that create an atmosphere of privacy;
  • convertible carriages in case of light rain or bright sun.

Riding in a carriage

Horse carriages of the "Guard" company allow you to look at the world through the eyes of representatives of different classes.

  1. One-horse phaeton (cab) - a lightweight sports four-wheeled carriage, a crew with a convertible top. The carriage is designed for 3-4 people, it is considered a mass and affordable means of transportation in the 19th century.
  2. The European phaeton, harnessed by two horses, adds sophistication to the ride. The horse-drawn carriage is of a sturdy construction and is driven by a pair or four horses. The cart is ideal for a company of 4-5 people.
  3. Traditional Russian sledges will provide a comfortable ride on any off-road. The carriage accommodates 4 people.

Horseback riding in the forest

Horseback riding will be a wonderful recreation, a source of pleasure and health. In the old forest of the Moscow Region, there are wide roads that allow you to hold hands with your loved one while driving, ride with friends like three musketeers. During the ride, riders will enjoy the beauty of a picturesque forest, planting with small pines, natural sources of energy. In the morning, you will be able to watch hares, foxes, beautiful roe deer. When choosing a long ride, guests often encounter wild boars.

Show jumping lessons

Jumping lessons allow you to improve existing skills or learn sports skating from scratch, regularly attending classes on the arena. Base "Gvardiya" has a full set of obstacles, easily destructible and safe.

Affordable prices of the "Guard" club in 2021:

  • horse rental for the holidays with delivery in Moscow - 2000 rubles;
  • horse riding lessons for children and adults - 1,500 rubles;
  • horseback riding - 1500 rubles / hour;
  • photo session on a carriage and on horseback (with the club's photographer, without) - 1500 rubles.

Coupon holders receive a 52-68% discount.

50% discount here

8. "Epona"

Address: Moscow region, Astratsovo village

Official website:

Equestrian club "Epona" invites children from 10 years old and adults to riding lessons, and the smallest riders (from four years old) to health and developing equestrian therapy. Horseback riding takes place on an individual basis, then small groups are formed according to the degree of the rider's skills and abilities. Riders are being trained for competitions in Moscow according to the programs: dressage, show jumping, vaulting.

The location of the base also allows horseback riding, surrounded by pure nature, paving the route along fields, forests and lakes. Throughout the journey, riders are accompanied by instructors and help them get used to the saddle. Horse walking trips for beginners, long hikes for experienced riders, children's riding will add color and unforgettable sensations to life. Equestrian club "Epona" offers to celebrate the holiday, to hold a photo session on the territory or on the road in Moscow. The sports complex is ready to organize interesting excursions for class teachers and parental committees.

Ippo fitness - special exercises for riding a horse, help to tighten muscles, lose weight, and recharge with vivid emotions. The program maintains physical fitness without overloading the joints. Hippotherapy and therapeutic horse riding instructors are certified specialists.

Equestrian sport for the disabled is gaining momentum. The Epona Club is developing a new kind of sport for Moscow in several directions:

  1. Paralympic dressage. Participants in the program are athletes with varying degrees and patterns of physical disabilities.
  2. Special Olympiad. The direction was created for people with mental retardation who are ready to compete in Moscow under the Work Trail and Manezhnaya Riding programs.

The cost of paid services:

  • skiing in the woods - 1400 rubles / hour;
  • horse riding training - 1400 rubles / hour;
  • photo session during the walk - 1500 rubles.

You should arrive for a walk 20 minutes before the instruction. Pre-registration by phone is required. When ordering services, you can use coupons for a discount of more than 50%.

50% discount here

9. ExCamp

Address: Moscow region, Dmitrovsky district, rural settlement Gabovskoe (zoological farm "Shikhovo")

Official website:

Extreme Camping Club organizes hiking, horse riding, horseback archery for adults and children. Accommodates guests in comfortable cottages for a weekend or a few days with the whole family. Conducts photo sessions while riding.

The horse yard is located 40 km from Moscow, in the village of Paramonovo, Dmitrovsky district. The territory of the Extreme Camping base enchants with the beauty of forests and fields, rivers and lakes of the Moscow region, allows you to join horseback riding, riding ATVs, go on a combined hike, test accuracy in a bow-crossbow shooting range. Also on the territory of the zoological farm there are the best Emu ostriches, raccoon dogs, raccoons, rabbits and wild boars. There are children's quest programs, dog sledding. There is a shop of eco-products, a cafe.

Horse rides

For beginners, the equestrian club offers training in horseback riding or riding in the forest and field. For experienced riders - long trips with an overnight stay in tents. Communication with animals improves mood, helps to find calmness, relieve tension, overcome stress. Horses of different breeds and colors are trained to ride under the saddle. The selection of the best animals takes place according to the level of training of the riders. The main walking area is in Dmitrov, the partner area is in Zelenograd and Chekhov (55 km from Moscow).

The Adventure riding program lasts 1.5 hours. During the walk, riders will get acquainted with animals, ride a horse, shoot a bow.

Riding prices 2021:

  1. The cost of one or two hours of horseback riding is 2000 and 4000 rubles. A discount of 58-68% is possible with a coupon.
  2. Pony rides for children will cost 2,000 rubles per person.
  3. Family walk - 4000 rubles. Coupon discount - 64%.
  4. Photo session with horses against the background of bright colors of the Moscow region - 1000 rubles.

The riding program includes:

  • acquaintance with horses;
  • safety instructions while riding;
  • fitting ammunition;
  • a leisurely walk through the field and forest.

Horseback riding Extreme Camping is for groups of 4, romantic programs for two. When booking the best horses of the club, there are restrictions on weight - 80 kg, age - 5 years.


How to dress for horse riding?

Shoes are the staple of a rider's wardrobe. The ideal option is boots or boots with small heels or sneakers. When choosing clothes, you should pay attention to jeans without rough inner seams or sweatpants. Outerwear should not hinder movement.

How long does it take to learn horseback riding in Moscow?

Sitting in the saddle at all gaits, not falling off the horse and mastering the basics of control will take 2-3 weeks or months when practicing twice / week. It will take more than a year to participate in amateur equestrian competitions.

Is it cold to practice in winter?

Exercise combined with quality clothing for tourism and sports solves all problems with bad weather in winter. Only the accompanying people experience the cold, the reason for this is the sedentary position.

Hippotherapists recommend

What our Nikolai Vasilyevich did not write in his lyrical digression about the bird-three is about the healing effect of horses on the human body and mind. Although the benefits of horseback riding were mentioned by Hippocrates. Modern hippotherapists say that stroking horses calms the nervous system, and while riding, the rider produces the hormone of joy - endorphin. A horse walking at a walk transmits to a person up to 110 motor impulses per minute. Taking into account the fact that the horse's body is about 1.5 degrees warmer than the human, the rider undergoes a warming and relaxing massage. All this stimulates the vestibular apparatus, strengthens muscles, improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

“While riding, you feel oscillatory movements in three planes at once - up and down, back and forth and right and left,” says Yulia Gavrilova, hippotherapist and head of the equestrian club “Bereginya” to Time Out. “It trains the muscles, which are almost atrophied in most office workers, and has a good effect on the brain. There is, so to speak, a pumping of the brain. The horse is a very energetic animal, next to him you always feel joyful excitement.

To recharge the life-giving energy of a horse, it is not enough just to ride a horse. According to Gavrilova, it is necessary to establish a trusting relationship with the animal. To do this, you can feed the horse from your palm, stroke it, look into the eyes, hug the neck, or lie on its back with the saddle removed.

- This is how a person comes closer to a horse, explains the hippotherapist. - It's not the car where I pressed the button and drove off. Some people even talk to cars! And here is a living being. People who rarely visit us say that a few days after a horse ride, they feel the faint smell of a stable on themselves, which excites their memory and gives pleasant emotions.

Where can you go horseback riding

The address: 1st Ostankinskaya Street, 7a, Building 38 Cost: one-time lesson (60 min) - 2,500 rubles

The horse riding school "Harmony" is located on the territory of Ostankino Park, united with VDNKh. A 40-minute scenic walk will give you a pleasant experience and help relieve stress. If you inform about your visit to the school in advance, then a walk in the park will cost you 2,000 rubles, and if you come without a call, you will have to pay 600 rubles more. Such rules.

The horses here are well-groomed, smart and calm. They will not show temper and throw you off the saddle, even if you first picked up the reins. In gratitude for their tolerance, you can pamper them with delicacies: breadcrumbs or dryers during training, and then (so as not to splatter anyone with saliva) - juicy apples or carrots.

Pupils of the school are invited to buy subscriptions for 5 or 10 lessons, as well as rent a horse. In the latter case, only you will be driving your nipple-burka. At the school you can buy gift certificates and souvenirs with pictures of horses. 10% of the amount of the sold gifts goes to the private animal shelter Terra Animals, with which Harmony cooperates. So you have a chance to become Santa Claus for our smaller brothers.

The address: Village Yazovo, house 2a Cost: one-time lesson (60 min) - from 1,500 rubles

The Kolibri equestrian club is located outside the Moscow Ring Road, but don't let that scare you. Its red roof can be easily discerned already at the exit from the Buninskaya Alleya metro station. God knows not how far. The club was founded on the basis of the Arrows Yarila equestrian farm, where they were engaged in breeding ponies. Here you will find not only riding and sports horses, but also ponies of different breeds, as well as donkeys, a snow-white llama and a two-humped Kalmyk camel.

To some visitors, this place, with its kind animals and friendly trainers, resembles a village. Sometimes they come here not for horseback riding or, for example, renting a carriage, but simply to communicate with four-legged aborigines. Children like this pastime the most. Hippotherapy classes at a cost of 1,000 rubles per hour will help you combine business with pleasure.

Experienced riders are given the opportunity to go on a two-hour walk through the fields and forests. Hummingbird employees say that a person can immediately tell if he knows how to stay in the saddle, so they will instantly identify you as a beginner or an experienced rider. This pleasure costs 3,000 rubles. “It should be noted that the prices for horse riding training in our club are among the lowest in Moscow,” the club's website says. Let's tell you a secret: every second equestrian club says so.

The address: Novoyasenevsky prospect, 42a Cost: one-time lesson (60 min) - from 2,000 rubles

Since the warm and dry riding school appeared at the Provence riding school, you can ride horses here at any time of the year. At your disposal are about 10 horses, each of which, as usual in the stables, has its own unique character. Here, for example, is the obedient and affectionate Marquis, sensitive to the wishes of the rider, but the energetic Eccentric, who loves to jump over barriers, or the neat Santa Barbara, who gets along even with the youngest and most restless riders.

By the way, there is a pony school for children from 5 to 12 years old, where little riders are taught to drive horses. In "Provence" there are also cats and dogs, as well as a white dove, which hibernates here for the second year in a row. The school staff call it their symbol of peace and kindness. A walk in the woods away from the hustle and bustle of the city will cost you at least 2,500 rubles, depending on the number of people in the group. If the instructor sees that you are confident in the saddle, then you will be allowed to fish, or even go into a gallop.

The address: Mytishchi district, village Nagornoye, Central street, building 5g Cost: one-time lesson (60 minutes) - from 1,500 rubles.

The Matador Specialized Children and Youth School of the Olympic Reserve in Nagorny is another place on our list, which is located outside the Moscow Ring Road. But from the ring road there is nothing at all, some 800 meters. But the stable is nestled in a forest near a picturesque lake, next to which you, if you're lucky, can see nimble squirrels.

In the daytime, walks in the park accompanied by an instructor are arranged here. As usual, only experienced riders are allowed to ride. Beginners can be trained to ride a horse or pony, and if you don't want to shake in the saddle, you can always pet local cats or feed a goat.

The specialists of "Matador" conduct hippotherapy classes for children and adults. Treatment with horses takes place with the participation of an instructor and a groom. In addition, the school trains volunteers to work in hippotherapy projects.

The address: Losinoostrovskaya street, 50 Cost: one-time lesson (45 minutes) - from 600 rubles.

You will find the Lesnoye horse yard on the outskirts of the Losiny Ostrov National Park. This quiet and picturesque area is ideal for outdoor horseback riding. Unlike many of its competitors, Lesnoye allows inexperienced riders to go into the forest, but the horse ride is carried out at a step and under the strict supervision of an instructor. It will cost 1,300 rubles.

Equestrian workers offer not only trips to the forest, but also health-improving gymnastics on horses and ponies, as well as photo sessions with animals. However, you will not surprise any horse lover with the last service now: in almost every stable you can buy a gift certificate for a photo session. But what "Lesnoye" surprises - unfortunately, unpleasantly - is its antediluvian website with annoying advertisements.

In order not to discourage yourself from visiting this place, look for the Lesnoy group on the VKontakte social network. There you will see both ways of contacting the instructors and numerous photographs of the horses there.

The address : Bogatyrskiy Most street, 17 The cost : one-time lesson (60 minutes) - from 1 100 rubles.

Equestrian yard "Yauza" also nestles on the territory of "Losiny Ostrov", so you have access to all the delights of the area far from the big roads. The horses here are mostly docile and kind, sports trotters, on which you can prepare for jumping (overcoming obstacles) competitions, you are unlikely to meet here. Here, as they say, there are old and not the most energetic horses.

However, this is not an equestrian school. But in this horse yard you will be taken on a sleigh or in carriages, a wedding photo session will be arranged and a place for a picnic with a barbecue will be provided. For a group trip to the forest you will be charged 1,100 rubles, and as for an individual trip, you will have to negotiate with an instructor. So, for example, for a romantic walk together you may be asked for 3,900 rubles. At the same time, experienced riders will be allowed to ride at a gait and gallop.

The address: Prokhodchikov Street, 1 Cost: one-time lesson (60 minutes) - from 1,300 rubles.

This is the last horse farm on our list that operates in Losiny Ostrov. It just so happened that many stables have grown on the fertile soil of the park. As in the previous places, here you can train on an open parade ground, visit a pony club, arrange photo shoots, ride sleighs and carriages, as well as go for walks along the forest route. For beginners, the walk is carried out at a step, and for trained riders - at a trot and gallop ...

For a group trip in the fresh air, you will pay 1,300 rubles, and for an individual trip you will have to pay 500 rubles more. For couples thirsting for romance and hot kisses in the cold, there is a Love campaign - 3,000 rubles for a walk in the woods.

The Losinka management has not forgotten about other eternal values: as part of the Friends and Family campaigns, you can save a lot on riding around the horse yard with your friends and family. Losinka does not have its own website, so it remains to be content her pages on VKontakte and Instagram.

The address : Nizhniye Mnevniki street, 97 The cost : one-time lesson (60 minutes) - from 1,500 rubles.

The Torpin Gold stable, which opened in May 2007, is washed by the Moskva River on almost all sides. The stable got its name from the nickname of the first local inhabitant - the horse Tarpan, which, according to Torpin Gold, was well known throughout the district. What such merits made him famous, history is silent.

Eight horses and ponies now live here. They perform the usual work for such establishments, namely: they ride children and adults, carry smart carriages, participate in corporate parties and pose for a photographer with riders dressed in 19th century dresses.

Torpin Golda instructors conduct 30-minute hippotherapy classes for 1,200 rubles. If you wish, you can purchase a subscription for ten lessons and thus save up to 2,000 rubles. Everyone can go on a horse ride through the fields, which will cost 1,500 rubles. Experienced riders who feel confident in the saddle are allowed to gallop.

The address: Dawn alley, house 11a Cost: one-time lesson (60 minutes) - from 1,500 rubles.

You can enjoy communication with horses, get positive emotions and improve your health at the equestrian yard "Kazachiy Khutor". With children from four years old, they are engaged in gymnastics on horses, as well as hippotherapy. For adult riders, the "Exquisite Fitness" program has been developed, within the framework of which you will do a set of special gymnastic exercises on a horse. All exercises are adapted to the individual characteristics of the client, including age and weight.

The yard staff teach horseback riding, ride all kinds of carriages, and organize holidays. From the unusual entertainment - skidoring. In this fun, which originated in Norway, the skier is pulled in tow by either a dog or a horse. All necessary equipment, including skis and goggles, will be provided on site. An hour-long walk in the park, accompanied by an instructor, costs 1,500 rubles.

The address: Novoyasenevsky prospect, 42 Cost: One-time lesson (60 minutes) - from 2,000 rubles.

People come to the equestrian club "Countess" not only to feed the horses and admire every animal. Professional riders train here and competitions are regularly held. The territory of the complex - two stables, an indoor arena, two parade grounds, levada for walking - is equipped with the latest technology: there is a horse washer, a video surveillance system, electric shepherds, and a heated locker room for athletes ... But in "Grafina", of course, they are happy not only for professional equestrians.

In addition to the usual sleigh rides and carriages, a pony club and a photo session on horseback, here you can be taught horse riding in English. Yes, an English lesson and show jumping in one bottle!

In addition, you have the opportunity to ride heavy trucks of the rarest Freeze breed. These graceful and majestic animals with long manes and tails are called black pearls. The Frisians sometimes carry the golden carriage of the English Queen Elizabeth II. Why don't you feel like a crowned person too? Without a crown, but on what horse!

About us


Horseback riding

How to dress properly in winter when traveling to the stables? Be sure to read!

Today (March 3) there are places for horseback riding and interactive for the whole family. Remaining recording time at: 15:45, 17:00, 18:15, 19:30, 20:00. Check!

Horse rides and interactive programs for everyone, call +7 (812) 959-94-53 ! For training there is a light arena - registration until 20:00.

We recommend an interactive program for groups of 2 to 6 people! Cost from 6500, depending on the program, the number of people and the day.

  • Individual horseback riding from scratch (no experience needed);
  • Horse riding training for all comers, Express course for 4 hours "from saddle to canter" (part of the training is carried out in the stable at the horse interchanges next to the horse);
  • Photointeractives (mini-holidays) with animals for 1.5-2.5 hours for the whole family! You will ride horses, chat with Samoyeds, husky, chanterelle, raccoon, ferret, goats, lambs, rabbits. There is an option for riding in a cart, on a phaeton and in a gig.

Horse Club: +7 (812) 959-94-53 , from 10:00 to 21:00 daily.

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Horseback riding in St. Petersburg Cost, rub.:


You have entered the official website of the "Western Horse" equestrian club. Please read the information carefully. :)

Horseback riding

Equestrian club "Western Horse" offers the following types of services on weekdays and weekends for anyone who wants to ride horses.

  • On weekdays and weekends, the prices for horse rental are the same:
  • Individual walk for 1 hour in a calm rhythm (step): 1500 rubles, per person.
  • Individual sport trip for 1 hour (you can fish, try a gallop - suitable for riders with experience): 2500 rubles per person.
  • Group walk for one person: 1250 rubles, 1 hour. Only 10 and 11 am;
  • Photo session with horses (all inclusive): 4000 rubles for one person, 5500 for two;
  • Gift certificates: from 1500 rubles.
  • Children's pony group, riding in a cart for children from 1.5 years old.
  • Eco-tourism on horseback, horseback riding. The price is negotiable; A special package "Getting to know the Stables" for those who want from horses they don't know what, but their heart tells that " it is necessary

". If you have never ridden a horse before, have not communicated with a horse close, have not seen ammunition close, have not breathed hay - read this page.

You can ride a horse both in the spacious open arena and in nature along the field route past the forest and lake!

Information on subscriptions.

Where is horseback riding?

Horseback riding takes place over rough terrain and mixed routes.

Going on the horse trail you will ride through a picturesque beautiful area, we have enough wild places, which means that you are left alone with nature and the horse.

As a rule, on the route, you will independently control the horse, which means that no one will lead you on the reins.

An instructor coach will accompany you on horseback or on foot during the entire horse ride, monitoring and prompting as needed.

On our territory of the former hunting grounds there are many interesting places, not far from the stables there is a forest in which owls live, foxes occasionally run and hares run.

The place is essentially unique in nature and many visitors say that having come to us we want to stay forever.

In the summer, walks take place mainly along the field (meadow) route, going to the edge of the forest. We try not to go to the forest because of the large abundance of mosquitoes and horseflies that interfere, plus in summer in some places of forest paths there may be ticks.

In winter, we travel along almost all routes, including the forest.

What is a horse ride?

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a kind of hippotherapy, a good way to relax and learn how to ride a horse.

Optionally, if you like, you can purchase a training pass or a gift certificate for friends or family.

Arriving at the stable, you must first of all undergo a mandatory safety briefing and familiarize yourself with the peculiarities of horse riding.

After the instructions and safety precautions, they will lead the horse out, explain how to sit down, hold the reins, behave on horseback, what you can and cannot do (there are these points in safety precautions). Then you can try your hand at the arena where you will try to control the horse on your own.

As soon as the instructor sees that everyone is ready, you will go for an hour's walk, or a longer trip accompanied by an instructor.

Horseback riding takes place individually and as part of a group.

Horseback riding

How to dress for a horse ride?

To enjoy riding a horse, you first need to dress comfortably and comfortably.

In the autumn and winter period, it is best to dress as it gets colder; we recommend, regardless of weather conditions, to take gloves, a hat, and wear a sufficiently warm jacket. Shoes should be comfortable, without high heels, not too low and not too high, you can come in sneakers or low shoes (for the first lessons it is not important).

Clothes should not be hoody and too tight. We recommend wearing sports clothes for horseback riding, especially for skiing. There are a lot of types of suits for winter sports and outdoor recreation, take warm pants and comfortable, not very long warm jackets.

In the summer season, jeans, tight-fitting sports pants are suitable for riding a horse (it is better not to wear shorts and light slippers, it will not be comfortable).

When it rains we give out raincoats. St. Petersburg is a city of rain, as many say, and in reality, it is the unpredictability of our weather that scares off many, for such cases we keep the required number of raincoats. It often happens that it is raining on one side of the city, and the sun is shining here, and this weather is called partly cloudy.

BMKK "PRADAR" is located not far from the central Moscow hippodrome at 22 Begovaya street, building 17. If you go by metro, you also need to get off at Begovaya station.

How do you prepare a horse for a walk?

For those who are interested in the peculiarities of cleaning and saddling (at will and prior agreement with the dispatcher), we can show the peculiarities of preparing horses before a walk, how to saddle and unsaddle correctly after departure, why it is necessary to rub the horse and not drink it right away, which requires "walking" and much other, all these subtleties of handling horses and refer to riding lessons in the equestrian school at the equestrian club "Western Horse".

If I can ride a horse?

For experienced riders, we have sports shifts, training in show jumping, dressage and trips along interesting routes, such trips include more difficult field routes with overcoming natural obstacles and water obstacles.

BMKK "PRADAR" is located not far from the central Moscow hippodrome at 22 Begovaya street, building 17. If you go by metro, you also need to get off at Begovaya station.

Do you have a riding school?

On the basis of the equestrian club "Western Horse" a riding school has been opened for everyone.

An experienced coaching staff with many years of experience works with horses and students.

Jumping, dressage training, we can prepare for runs at various distances.

Students of our club have the opportunity to perform and go to competitions on our horses.

More details on the page "horse riding training".

Horseback riding

Do you have a place where we can rest after a walk?

There is a barbecue area on the territory of the club, after a walk you can stay and grill a barbecue on the barbecue in a specially designated area for recreation (booking in advance).

Not far from us is a restaurant and a cafe with a good hotel called "Austrian Village", if you want to have a snack or drink coffee, you can easily go there.

Horses of our club

All rental horses in our equestrian club are well-trained and suitable for horse riding from scratch. Calm and good-natured, they are suitable for those who have never sat on a horse.

We constantly take care of the health of our horses and about once a month they undergo a veterinary examination, have all the mandatory and desirable vaccinations.

Work with horses is carried out every day, because horses cannot stand and they need to move, work correctly in the arena, undergo directed training with a trainer. There is nothing worse than a "stagnant horse" or an unmanned horse.

The seemingly high cost of horseback riding is explained by the fact that in the interval with horses you have to do a lot. There are not so many experts experienced enough in the equestrian world as it seems, the cost of a lesson and a walk also depends on the experience of the trainer and instructor. As practice has shown, the cheaper the lesson, the less experience your coach has.

We take care of our horses and coaching staff.

Horse training for simple and sporting rides is a very painstaking and constant job that requires professionalism and many years of experience.

There are many horses in the stable, each can be described only on a separate page, for this a section "Our horses" has been created.

Do you have a beautiful nature?

Very often we hear such questions on the phone, frankly, we have picturesque, quiet places, near a forest, around a field and open spaces that horses really need. By its nature, the horse is a child of large open spaces, the forest is not suitable for horses.

We were looking for a place where we could build a stable for a very long time, in the end we found exactly the one that suited both horses and people.

Around there is a reserve and a tree nursery, a lot of small animals around, foxes often wander over to us. In the early morning on the path you can meet a hare, and in the evening owls mouse over the field. The night sky is so starry that nowadays it is rare to find a place that is not illuminated by the city lights. Photographers often come and ask us to take pictures of the sunset, night sky and sunrise. Our equestrian club is located in a quiet, picturesque and ecologically clean place of St. Petersburg, while .

very close to the city

Our small stable is located on the outskirts of the field. We have huge spaces for horse trails, about 1000 hectares for walks and horseback riding, there is a forest 1000 meters from the stable, and a lake 500 meters away.

It's really quiet and good here!

What can you feed a horse?

Take carrots, apples with you if you wish. But a lot of bread, rusks and sugar for horses is not allowed - it spoils their stomach.

We allow you to use the camera free of charge, but only without a flash.

The instructor will tell you the basics of horse feeding, what you can and cannot do, and will offer you to feed the horses from the palm of your hand with a carrot / apple (take it with you!).

There are other wonderful animals on our farm. For example, a trained goat, which, on command, like a dog, will "give a paw" for a tasty treat, an unusual Swiss sheep breed, many goats, giant rabbits, etc.

Magical photo shoots and vivid memories

In addition to the walk, we also offer the services of a photographer who takes about 50-200 photos in one hour. After the walk, we make basic or artistic retouching, make collages.

Rent of horses and other animals for your events and turnkey photography work.

Experienced team

Our equestrian club "Western Horse" was created by a person who has vast experience in this area, keeping horses and training riders.

All horses undergo constant training, are worked by professionals so that you can get really high-quality services.

Do you have gift certificates?

We sell gift certificates at a direct price, taking into account all the work of our team and our animals. The validity of our certificates is from 6 months or more.

We have our own horses, ponies and other types of animals (foxes, dogs, rabbits, etc.). +7 (812) 959-94-53

You can purchase gift certificates in the office or by courier delivery by calling our main phone number:

Individual and romantic trips for two. Individual horseback riding

for two, as a rule, close friends or people in love are ordered.

The plus of such a walk is that you have a lot of freedom of action, and if you wish, more training with an instructor.

We recommend the individual type of skiing.

It is more expensive, but you do not get attached to the group.

You do not need to wait for latecomers, the instructor will notice your mistake immediately and correct it, two horses are not a herd.

Many come once a year for a walk to have fun, but we would like you to have only positive emotions from visiting our horse farm.

How to get to us.

Horseback riding

We are located not far from Peterhof (border of two settlements of Raikuzi-Innolovo). See the directions on the contact page.

Stable address: directions

The stable is in a convenient location for both motorists and those who travel by public transport.

It is about 5 minutes drive from the ring road, from the city center it is convenient to get through the WHSD towards Peterhof, for those who live in the north of the city, you can quickly reach us through Kronstadt (dam).

For those who get to us on their own, there is a convenient way to get to us from the Prospekt Veteranov metro station, and then take a minibus to the ring and walk 900 meters to the stables. The journey takes a total of 45 minutes from the metro, but we urge everyone who signed up to be on Veterans Ave 90 minutes before the start of the walk!

After the walk, if you want, you can go to Peterhof for a walk in the parks or go to the fountains. Near the horse farm on the territory of the "Austrian Village" there is a restaurant and a cafe.

How to sign up and arrive.

All training, trips and walks are by appointment, for this you need to call and leave a request. +7 (812) 959-94-53 You can sign up for a group or individual trip by phone: or 959-94-53 .

+7 (921)

Other ways of communication on the contact page.

You can see the reviews in the VKontakte group there they are direct and real. We are constantly developing and trying to make the service and your stay on the farm comfortable.

Join our vKontakte group. We post news rarely and on business, and they are all interesting and with beautiful photos. :)

All photos below are taken personally by our photographers on our animals. We do not take photos "from shutterstock \ Yandex \ Google", but show exactly what we have developed ourselves. This is our portfolio, and you can be sure that if you liked our photos, we will repeat our work for you.

* We apologize for the large number of watermarks in some of the photos. Photos are mercilessly stolen by other stables, photographers, aggregators. And they expose them for their own.

training and walks

Horseback riding tours are a great alternative to hiking or cycling. Here's how to make your riding trip as comfortable as possible. Let's go!

Take some horse riding lessons

training and walks

Most likely, the organizers of the tour will tell you that the journey will be across the plain and will be very easy, so even those who have never sat in a saddle can take part in it. Do not believe it! Take some horse riding lessons at a good equestrian center before giving money for the tour. Perhaps you will understand that you do not like such physical activity at all, that constant shaking is very annoying, or that you are afraid of falling and are afraid of horses. It is better to find out about all this in advance and, in this case, abandon the adventurous venture.

In addition to practicing at the site, go on a short hike for three to four hours. Make sure that riding for a long time is not a problem for you, because on a multi-day trip you will have to be in the saddle for five to seven hours a day.

Consult your doctor

Horseback riding is not useful for everyone. Get a medical check before traveling to check for possible health problems. Chronic illnesses can get worse on a hike, so ask your doctor for advice if you can even go horseback riding. And, finally, such loads are categorically contraindicated for those who have recently had a heart attack, women with gynecological problems, people with diseases of the kidneys, bladder, prostate gland and everyone suffering from thrombosis and venous thrombophlebitis.

Choose your route carefully

training and walks

For the first time, you should not settle for a difficult mountain route. Better to start with a small, uncomplicated hike for a couple of weekends. There are such routes in Karelia, in the vicinity of the Kem River or Arkhangelsk, as well as in Crimea - mainly in the southeast of the peninsula. You can go to the Valley of the Ghosts, to the Marble Cave, to the Silver Falls. A walk for three to five hours will cost from three to six thousand rubles.

An ideal option for beginners is traveling across the endless plains of Belarus. Local tour operators have developed trips during which you can see the main attractions and taste the national cuisine. Transport accessibility is also important: if you get tired, you can easily be picked up from any point on the way. Such trips are on average cheaper than in Russia. A week's journey in the saddle with overnight stays in hotels will cost from nine to 15 thousand rubles.

Classic horseback riding tours are incredibly popular in Altai. You can choose from dozens of options: see cedar forests and almost alpine meadows, where you hardly have to wade rivers and climb steep slopes. Or go on a busy week-long hike to the Ukok high plateau, in the area of ​​archaeological sites. A week-long tour with overnight stays in tents (without paying travel to the starting point) will cost about 25-45 thousand rubles.

Horse-riding routes have been developed in the forests around Lake Baikal, in sacred places for Buddhists. Such a variety of combined loads is a good solution for those who are not completely confident in themselves and their abilities to spend several days in the saddle. A week in the wild costs about 20-40 thousand rubles.

Another option suitable for beginners is traveling in the South Urals, in the Bashkiria National Park and along the Belaya River valley. Here you can combine horseback riding with rafting on a fast river. This option will cost from 30 to 50 thousand rubles for seven days of travel.

Find the right time

training and walks
For your money, you can organize a horse trek at any time of the year, but it is still better to ride a horse in the warm season - from about May to October. At the same time, the height of hot summer is also not the best period if you have to ride for a long time across the open steppes under the scorching sun.

Mosquitoes can cause a lot of trouble for both you and the horses. Take repellents!

Find out about the climate in the place you want to go, and choose the perfect time when it is not very hot, blood-sucking insects doze, strong winds do not blow and showers do not go day and night.

Ask the organizers the right questions

When choosing a company to go with, first take care of its reputation - look on the Internet for reviews from tourists who have already traveled, especially paying attention to the fact that they are being scolded.

Then call and find out the details about the hike: who is the route for, if there are any age restrictions, how many kilometers per day you will be driving and how much time is supposed to be spent on it. Expect that it will be difficult for you to drive more than five to six hours a day.

For everything to go well, there must be at least one accompanying person for every five or six tourists. How many participants and instructors will there be on your trip?

Are you offered to sign a contract? Some provincial travel agencies involved in extreme tourism are still trying to work without it. Do not settle for this option, otherwise your trip will be completely unpredictable.

Read the terms carefully. What exactly is included in the price? Who pays for insurance, environmental and other fees in the reserves? What equipment will the company provide and will they charge extra money for it? Is it possible to evacuate a traveler from the route, for what reasons can this be done and at whose expense?

Do not forget that you still need to get to the starting point. Does the tour include train or plane tickets and transfer from the train station or airport? Overnight at the hotel? The hike will likely start early in the morning and you will need to spend the night somewhere. As a rule, local travel agencies do not include these costs in the total price.

Don't give up on extra amenities

training and walks

If you can afford to pay more for the tour, don't neglect the various amenities. You will already have a big unusual daily workload, so you should not refuse to be accompanied by a cook or groom who will look after the horses, otherwise these additional responsibilities will fall on your tired shoulders. It is very convenient if food will be delivered to you on the route, and you will not have to carry everything yourself.

Pack your belongings responsibly

Take only the essentials with you, as if you were carrying a backpack on you. You should not abuse the horse's strength.

The organizers should send you a list of the items you need. This list will most likely include sun cream and mosquito and tick repellents, even if you travel during the months when these insects are not particularly active.

Pay special attention to clothing and footwear. Ditch jeans in favor of soft, comfortable pants. Take a raincoat or raincoat with you, which will not interfere with sitting in the saddle and will not rustle so as not to disturb the horse. Ordinary slippers and trainers for horse trekking will not work; you will definitely wear them on your shins. You will need boots, better - special ones, for equestrian sports. And don't forget about a headdress that will protect you from the hot sun.

Find out how many kilograms of load you can take (there are usually restrictions), and where your belongings will be - on individual pack animals or in bags attached to your horse's saddle.

Learn to communicate with your horse

By the way, do you generally like animals? A horse is not a car, into which it is enough to fill in gasoline and oil in time. She has her own, and sometimes quite complex, character, and her mood can change. Therefore, immediately try to make friends with the four-legged "vehicle".

You shouldn't shout and turn on loud music. Remember that horses are very fearful, from a sudden sound or unexpected cry, they can fall or rears, bite the rider, throw him or carry him. Not even the most experienced instructor will be able to help you in a second. Therefore, the more you know in advance about the habits of these animals, the safer your trip will be.

You will be told about the basic rules, for example, about not approaching the animal from behind, during the briefing. But this is not enough. Ask the accompanying person in great detail about your horse: what it loves, what it is allowed to treat it with, how to win favor. Usually, on hikes, tourists take care of their animals at least a little. Do not neglect these minutes. They are important for the horse to get used to you and to trust you.








Horseback riding is a great way to spend your free time in the fresh air in an interesting and healthy way. You can ride horses in the picturesque forest parks of Moscow or through the forests and fields outside the city, accompanied by experienced instructors.

Depending on the difficulty of the route, the rider may need some riding experience to travel to the fields and forests. But even if you have never sat in a saddle, trainers and instructors will help you master the basics of horse control and enjoy horseback riding on prepared trails and meadows. You can also go on a horse trekking for the whole day or on a night trek with an overnight stay in tents and swimming in the lake.

We have compiled for you a list of equestrian clubs in Moscow and the Moscow region, where you can take a horse ride, go on a one-day hike on a horse or on a romantic date on horseback, indicating the cost of services and the necessary contact information.

For your convenience, we have marked all the places mentioned on the map:

You are successfully logged in!

  • Right now, discounts of more than 50% are valid on coupons for horseback riding in the following clubs:
  • Equilogo (18 km along the Kiev highway) - from 50% (from 590 rubles) for 1-2 hours of horseback riding
  • Guard (7 km along Volokolamskoe highway) - from 50% (from 350 rubles) for 1-2 hours of horseback riding or providing a horse for a photo session
  • Farm (6 km along Pyatnitskoe highway) - from 50% (from 500 rubles) for 1-2 hours of horseback riding, quest walks or providing a horse for a photo session

Tandem (80 km along the Rogachev highway) - from 50% (from 800 rubles) for 1-2 hours of horseback riding or sightseeing tour

In outskirts of Moscow

The address


: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD




The cost

: +7 (926) 219-02-19, +7 (917) 566-36-91, +7 (926) 064-85-52

Horse rides : horseback riding - 1200 rubles / hour, photo session while walking - 1500 rubles; horse trekking - 2500 rub. / 3 hours, 3500 rub. / 5 hours, night trekking - 4500 rub.

designed for both beginners and experienced riders. It is better to arrive for the first time 15–20 minutes before the appointed time in order to have time to read the safety instructions, change clothes, listen to the explanations of the horse riding instructor. Organized on weekdays one-day horseback riding trips to the lake

for those who are confident in the saddle. Duration - 3-5 hours. You can also go to night hike

... In the company of like-minded people, you have to walk through the evening forest to the place of your overnight stay, where everything will be ready for your arrival. The end point of the equestrian route is in the immediate vicinity of the reservoir, so you will have a great opportunity to swim - alone or with horses.

The address

KSK "Tandem"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Balashikha, Abramtsevo village, Khomutovo quarter, building 34A

The cost

: +7 (916) 404-50-08

: horseback ride 45 min. - 1600 rubles, for beginners 60 min. - 2000 p.

The club gathers groups of people according to the level of training (beginners and well-placed in the saddle) and go for a walk in the field and forest. The duration of the walk is from 1 to 2 hours.

  • The walking program includes:
  • Preliminary instruction in horse riding
  • Test ride on the parade ground (15 minutes)

Walk in the forest (45 minutes)

The address

Adaptive Riding Center "EPONA"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Tver region, Udomlya, st. Parkovaya, behind the Taraskovo microdistrict

The cost

: + 7-910-837-44-66, + 7-960-711-64-66, + 7-910-531-71-99, + 7-920-162-23-45

: horseback riding for one - 1400 rubles / hour, for two 2800 rubles / hour, photo session during the walk - 1500 rubles.

At the equestrian club, you will find horse walking walks in the field and forest for inexperienced riders, as well as long hikes for riders who are confident in the saddle.

  • The cost of a horse ride includes:
  • Getting to know horses
  • Safety briefing
  • Individual adaptation of ammunition

Step horse ride in the field and forest

The address

KSK "Guard"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: urban district Krasnogorsk, SNT Ivanovskoe

The cost

: +7 (903) 265 82 58, +7 (925) 201 75 94

: horseback riding - from 1500 rubles / hour, on a pony - from 800 rubles / half an hour, swimming with a horse - 2500 rubles.

  • KSK offers:
  • Walking in the forest with an instructor (optional route)
  • Bathing with a horse: renting a horse accompanied by an instructor

Pony rides for children

You can organize a photo session, holiday, quest or excursion. The territory also has: a closed gazebo, wifi, barbecue, microwave oven, changing room.

The address:

KFH Kostin Dvor

the village of Senkino-Sekerino, 156. Website:


+ 7 (910) 405-72-34


a walk with mini-horses - 200 rubles / person

On the territory of 4 hectares there are: a modern stable with horses, a private pond for fishing, guest houses and gazebos for recreation, a pet zoo and an orchard with apples and pears.

It organizes mini horse rides for children and adults on Sundays or other days by appointment. The duration of the walk is 20-30 minutes. Each participant chooses a companion - a horse. The walks take place in the company of 5-6 people under the supervision of an instructor.

The address

KSK "Argamak plus"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Dzerzhinsky, Lesnaya st., 38

The cost

: +7 (925) 341-87-74

: horseback riding in the forest - 2000 rub./hour

Horseback riding passes through the forest, sand pits, endless fields just 2 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road. They are suitable for those who have never sat in a saddle, and for experienced riders. Horse riding for experienced riders takes place in a more intense mode, depending on the readiness.

Horseback riding can be a great experience for the whole family. For the smallest riders, there are calm, friendly ponies, which the instructors will lead on the bit.

The address

Ranch "Avanpost"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Mozhaisky district, Isavitsy village

The cost

: 8 (925) 772-51-14 (24)

: 2-hour horseback ride (for riders of any level) - 1700 rubles / 2 hours

The Avanpost horse base is located on the banks of the Moskva River on the outskirts of Mozhaisk. On the territory of the ranch there are stables, an arboretum, a lake, a petting zoo, many gazebos for rest, a pier, and a restaurant.

After a short and interesting instruction and training in an open arena under the supervision of an experienced instructor, you will go to the fields. 10 minutes before the horses start on the route, all participants gather in the guest room, where horses are distributed over a mug of tea or coffee, taking into account all the wishes of each participant. Here, distribution into groups takes place.

Those who have never ridden are enrolled in the First Step route, and strong riders who are free to gallop are enrolled in a strong group. All others will fall into the middle group.

You can go on the route with one company, and sometimes disperse in the fields when someone wants to go faster.

The address

KSK Hummingbird

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Voskresenskoe settlement, Yazovo village, 2a

The cost

: 8 (903) 713-31-93

: horse ride 2 hours - 3000 rub.

The equestrian club provides a service "horseback riding" in the fields to the river. Recording is made in advance and only for experienced riders with basic riding skills.

For horseback riding, you will be provided with calm and kind horses. Walks are both stepping and fast gait, depending on the level of training of the riders. Horseback riding and sleigh rides are also available in winter.

The address

KSK Trio

: Mytishchi district, Dmitrovskoe highway, 20 km from MKAD, Marfino village Website: Cost:

horseback riding - 1500 r.

The club is located in the historical place of the Mytishchi district on the territory of private land ownership, immediately behind the site is a coniferous forest.

Here you can go horseback riding in the fields and forests and relax in the fresh air. The duration of the horse ride is 1 hour.

The address

KSK "Gloria"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: 12 km from MKAD along the Kashirskoe highway, the village of Gorki Leninskie

+ 7 (910) 405-72-34

: 8 (910) 424-83-80

walks in the fields (by appointment) - 1000 rubles / hour for experienced riders; 1200 rubles / hour for riders without experience; without appointment and after 19:00 - 1500 rubles / hour; a ride in a carriage / cab - 3000 rubles, in a sleigh - 2500 rubles, in a carriage - 5000 rubles.

The Equestrian Club organizes horseback riding in the picturesque places of the Gorki Leninskiye Museum-Reserve for riders with and without experience. You can also organize a ride in a carriage / cab, sleigh or in a carriage "Ekaterina". Equestrian club

The address


: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Kaluzhskoe highway, 30 km from MKAD or Simferopol highway, Pesye village

The cost

: +8 (926) 523-32-03

: horseback riding - 1800/2500 p. on weekdays / weekends

The equestrian club, surrounded by fields and woods, makes it possible to ride in any season and at any time. If you do not have a sports category or riding experience for more than a year, you will be offered to ride on rough terrain for the first time in an open meadow, which is located between the stables and the forest under the guidance of an instructor.

For those who already have sufficient horse riding experience, field trips in winter and summer are available. For experienced riders, the club also organizes horse trips to the Caucasus - to Karachay-Cherkessia.

The address

KSK "Nightingale Grove"

: Mytishchi district, Dmitrovskoe highway, 20 km from MKAD, Marfino village : Mytischi, Kropotkinskiy proezd

The cost

: 8 (929) 575-56-87

: horseback riding in a general group - 1800 rubles, in a group of two people - 2000 rubles / 2200 rubles. weekdays / weekends

In the club you can make an unforgettable horse ride through the Losiny Ostrov National Park. Each participant controls his horse independently, and under the guidance of an experienced trainer, even a beginner can easily overcome the entire route. The horses are very calm and friendly. For them, you can bring along sugar, carrots, crackers or apples.

Walking duration: 1.5 hours. You can take a camera with you and, having agreed in advance with the coach, take pictures during the walk.

The address

Equestrian club "Forsage"

: Mytishchi district, Dmitrovskoe highway, 20 km from MKAD, Marfino village : Ramenskiy municipal district, Verkhnee Myachkovo village, Myachkovo airfield


: + 7 (915) 271-75-50; + 7 (962) 918-53-80

a walk in the forest - 1700 rubles / hour

The equestrian club is located in a closed, protected area: right from the city you find yourself in a pine forest with clean air. Horseback riding is suitable for any time of the year, so even on a frosty day, you can go on horseback to explore the snowy surrounding landscapes with an instructor.

The address

KSK Zvezdny

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Shchelkovsky district, Shevelkino village

The cost

: +7 (985) 747-7272

: short route 30 min. - 1100 rub. / 1500 rub. weekdays / weekends, long route 60 min. - 1800 rubles / 2000 rubles

Horse rides are conducted by experienced instructors, no special training and skills are required for the participants. The instructor-trainer conducts a short briefing, gives out equipment to each participant (protective helmet), picks up a horse for the participants (depending on the participant's complexion, experience, age of the child, etc.) and accompanies the group on horseback along the worked route.

The route begins with a short warm-up to allow the rider and the horse to get used to each other before heading out into the forest. Participants walk along special walking paths for horses on the territory of the complex, at the same time get acquainted with the sights of the "Zvezdny", in the form of a short sightseeing tour.

Then the route goes along the prepared paths of the coniferous forest, forest glades and green meadows, part of the route goes along a small forest river.

The address

Equestrian club "Sokolnik"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Mytishchi district, Lyskovo village

The cost

: 8 (499) 290-92-19

: horseback riding - 1500 rubles / person. 45 minutes + 15 min safety briefing, helmet rental - 100 rubles, tea with sweets - 200 rubles.

Horseback riding for two in the Sokolnik Ecopark. Before the ride, you will undergo a little training, which will allow you to confidently stay on the horse while walking. In addition, the instructor will always be nearby to provide the necessary assistance or advice.

The walk takes place through picturesque meadows, fields and woods, which are beautiful at any time of the year. After a romantic adventure, dinner in a cozy café awaits you.

The address

KSK "Ballada"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Solnechnogorsk district SNT Saffron, KSK Ballada

http: //xskballada.rf

The cost

: +7 (916) 312-40-13, +7 (915) 317-21-21

: Horseback riding: children under 16 years old - 750 rubles / person, adults - 1100 rubles / hour, night program - 3500 rubles / person. (6000 rubles for two) Equestrian sports complex offers horseback riding

for 1, 1.5, 2 hours in groups. The price includes: instruction, training on the parade ground with an instructor, accompanied by an instructor, horseback riding across the field (step). There is a separate program for children under 16.

Summer night romance: the night program

The program is designed for all age groups, for any level of riding. Accommodation in tents. The territory of the camp is equipped with sheds with electricity, barbecue and fire place. Stock of firewood and coal for barbecue, kettle and kettle.

The program includes: instruction; 45-minute training on the parade ground, 60-minute forest-field walk in the evening and 1.5-2 hours walk in the morning from 9:00 in a group accompanied by an instructor.

The address

Private stable "AVIGNON"

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: Leninsky district, village Kartino

The cost

: 8 (926) 468 39 52, 8 (926) 468 39 58

: horseback riding - 1200 rubles / hour, ponies - 1200 rubles / hour, horseback riding - 3500 rubles. in 4 hours Horse riding

in the Moscow region they pass through beautiful places and forest lands. For children under 14 years old, there are pony rides (the instructor leads on the bit) Sleigh rides are possible in winter. Lovers of long horseback riding can go horseback riding day trips (in a group of 5 people or more). You can also arrange romantic horse ride for two

, and after horseback riding, spend time with a barbecue and relax in a bath.

In Moscow

The address

Horse yard "Yauza" (VAO)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: m. VDNKh, st. Bogatyrsky Most, 17

The cost

: +7 (926) 535-8653, +7 (499) 268-0717

: horseback riding in the forest - 1100 rubles / hour in a group, individually - from 2500 rubles / person, sleigh rides / carriage - from 1500 rubles.

Horseback riding in the forest

Group from 1 to 10 horses. The route passes through the Losiny Ostrov park along forest paths and meadows. The duration of the trip is 45-50 minutes, plus 10-15 minutes of boarding. The instructor rides in front of his horse along a certain route and sets the pace of movement, the whole group follows him.

For those who are confident in the saddle, the gaits (step, trot, gallop) alternate. For those who have mounted a horse for the first time, a walk in the forest is carried out only at a step. If the group has gathered people with different levels of training, 2 instructors leave.

If you want to go horseback riding alone, together or in a friendly company, then an individual trip to the forest is provided for you. Only an instructor is traveling with you, who will show you the route.

Sleigh or carriage rides

Skiing is carried out along the paths of the Losiny Ostrov park. The sleigh can comfortably accommodate 4 adults or 2 adults and 3 children. There are 8 adults or 10 children in the carriage. There is also a walkway for 2 people.

Adult riding on the bit

If you are afraid that you will not be able to control the horse on your own, you can go to the forest for 45 minutes with an instructor who will be with you all the time and hold the horse.

Children riding on the bit

If your child is too young to ride a horse on his own, you can ride him on a horse, which will be held by the instructor. You can drive around the stables along the path in the adjacent forest.

Also on the territory of the Horse Yard there is a picnic spot in a fenced area. There is a table, benches, awning, electricity, water, toilet. Brazier, firewood and skewers are included, bring the rest with you.

The address

Horse yard "Lesnoe" (VAO)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: m. Boulevard Rokossovsky, Losinoostrovskaya st., ow. fifty

The cost

: 8-916-7115560, 8-916-3606403

: departure to the forest - 1000 r. Horse riding for beginners

Walking horse walk through the forest park with training in the basics of horse management Horseback riding for experienced riders

For experienced riders, trips to the forest are conducted along one of the picturesque routes

The address

Horse yard "Cossack farm" (VAO)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: M. Perovo, Rassvetnaya alley, 11A

The cost

: +7 964 774-87-36, +7 925 702-00-84

: horseback riding - 1700 RUB / 2000 RUB in 60 minutes

The Horse Yard contains horses of various breeds, ages and temperaments. At any time of the year, you can ride along the paths, trails of the Kuskovo forest park, accompanied by an instructor.

  • Services:
  • Phaeton ride
  • Sledging
  • Riding a troika
  • Riding horseback riding

Riding in a carriage

The address

Stable PKiO Izmailovo (VAO)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: M. Partizanskaya, Main alley, 4

The cost

: +7 (903) 592-78-37

: horseback riding - 2000 rubles / weekdays, 2500 rubles / weekends

The stable is located on the territory of the natural-historical park "Izmailovo", the area of ​​which is 310 hectares. For experienced riders, horseback riding with an instructor in the park for 1 hour is available.

Riding School "Harmony" (SVAO)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


Address: M. VDNKh, 1st Ostankinskaya st., 7a, building 38

The cost

: +7 (905) 517-05-83

: horseback riding - 2000 rubles, excursion with skiing - 1500 rubles, group excursion - from 7000 rubles.

The Horse Yard contains horses of various breeds, ages and temperaments. At any time of the year, you can ride along the paths, trails of the Kuskovo forest park, accompanied by an instructor.

  • The equestrian club is located in the park area of ​​the united territory of VDNKh-Ostankino Park.
  • Horseback riding in the park (40min)
  • Horseback excursion (45 min)

Group excursions for adults and children (2-2.5 hours)

The address

KSK "Achilles" (SVAO)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: 1st Ostankinskaya St., 7a, bldg. 38

: +7 (903) 165-13-60


: from 4 years old


horse ride - 1500/2000 r. for 30/60 minutes, mini-excursion - 1000 r. for a group of 5 people

Horseback riding takes place on the territory of Ostankino Park along a special horse trail in the depths of the park massif. An experienced horse riding instructor will accompany you throughout the route.

Also, the club conducts mini-excursions for 30-40 minutes. and full-fledged two-hour group excursions, including all the most important and interesting about horses, horse breeding and horse riding with live communication with horses.

The address

KSK "Provence" (South-West Administrative District)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: M. Bitsevsky park / Novoyasenevskaya, Novoyasenevsky prospect, 42a

The cost

: +7 (495) 818-96-85

: a walk in the woods - from 2500 r.

KSK is located next to the metro in a vast forested area. You can order a horseback ride in the forest with an instructor individually and in groups. Children can ride a pony.

The address

KSK "House of a variegated horse" (SZAO)

: Naro-Fominsk district, Afineevo village, Kiev highway 25 km. from MKAD


: metro Strogino, 1st Lykovskaya st., 66

The cost

: +7 (905) 737-47-41

: horseback riding through the forest - 1500 rubles / hour

Horseback riding lessons are held on the territory of Strogino Park on the banks of the Moskva River. For everyone who wants to ride a horse through the territory of a picturesque park, walks in the forest with an instructor are organized.

You can take a break from the frantic rhythm of Moscow and its bustle in a variety of ways, both in the city itself and outside it. One of the best ways to relieve stress after a hard week of work is riding lessons. Horses are smart and graceful creatures, meeting them will give you love, and training has a positive effect on the body! Especially for you, we have collected the best places in Moscow and the Moscow region where you can ride horses,

arrange a photo session with them or attend a riding lesson led by experienced professionals.

Photo: Huseynov Victor

Central Moscow Hippodrome

The Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMH) is the world's first racetrack for trotting horses, it is also the oldest Russian racetrack, and also belongs to the outstanding architectural complexes. Races for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation are usually held on the territory of the Center. Visitors can ride here on a pony, on a riding horse, on a real Russian troika. At the same time, you can additionally agree to visit the stables and the museum.


CMI belongs to the category of year-round hippodromes, which is very rare for our country. Thanks to this, you can ride a horse both on the street and in the arena. Usually the racetrack is open daily from 10:00 to 18:00. To visit the hippodrome, an advance registration is required, which is carried out by calling the numbers provided on the website of the Center. For adults, individual excursions are possible on Sundays with lunch and even attending a race, and skiing on :


The cost of visiting the Moscow Hippodrome varies from 600 rubles, depending on the chosen program. Sightseeing tour with a visit to the museum, horseback riding

  • (in Russian):
  • group of 5-9 people - 2,000 rubles
  • group of 10-14 people - 1,000 rubles,

group of 15-20 people - 600 rubles. Individual sightseeing tour

(museum + skiing for up to 4 people in Russian) - 8,500 rubles. Sightseeing tours in English

  • museum + skiing:
  • group of 5-9 people - 2 600 rubles
  • group of 10-14 people - 2,400 rubles,

group of 15-20 people - 2,000 rubles. :

How to get there

The Moscow Hippodrome is located in the Begovy District of Moscow at 22 Begovaya Street (metro station Begovaya or Ulitsa 1905 Goda).

Photo: Patriot Park website

Park "Patriot"

The Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMH) is the world's first racetrack for trotting horses, it is also the oldest Russian racetrack, and also belongs to the outstanding architectural complexes. Races for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation are usually held on the territory of the Center. Visitors can ride here on a pony, on a riding horse, on a real Russian troika. At the same time, you can additionally agree to visit the stables and the museum.


: from 4 years old

  • You can visit the equestrian sports complex in accordance with the Patriot Park's working hours: from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00, on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 18:00. Every Monday the park has a day off. For more information on horse riding training, visit the park's website or call the complex's phone number.
  • Horse or pony riding (from 7 years old), 3 rounds in the arena - 600 rubles,
  • Abbreviated lesson, 45 minutes for children from 10 to 14 years old - 1,800 rubles,
  • Horseback riding with an instructor in the forest zone - 2,000 rubles,
  • Individual riding lesson with an instructor - 1,800 rubles

Renting a horse for a photo session - 1,400 rubles.

The duration of the lesson is one hour (excluding the shortened lesson).

How to get there:

Park "Patriot" is located in the Moscow region in the Odintsovo urban district at 55 km of the Minsk highway. Public transport access is organized there, including route 75K from the Golitsyno station. More detailed directions can be found on the official website of the park.

Photo: Huseynov Victor

KSK "Izmailovo"

The Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMH) is the world's first racetrack for trotting horses, it is also the oldest Russian racetrack, and also belongs to the outstanding architectural complexes. Races for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation are usually held on the territory of the Center. Visitors can ride here on a pony, on a riding horse, on a real Russian troika. At the same time, you can additionally agree to visit the stables and the museum.

Another place in Moscow where you can enjoy communicating with horses is the Izmailovo equestrian sports complex. In addition to horse riding lessons, fascinating excursions and quests are held there, which will not leave anyone without positive emotions. And also in a forest glade among trees or in designer photo zones, everyone can agree to hold a photo session. There are two banquet halls on the territory of the club, where, if necessary, you can organize ceremonial events, including children's parties and weddings. However, this is not all - we are ready to offer visitors a place for holding teambuildings for any number of people, ages and professions. On the territory of the club, a guarded parking lot is provided free of charge.

: from 4 years old

KSK "Izmailovo" works daily from 8:00 to 21:00, but it is best to arrange in advance about a lesson in horse riding or the provision of other services of the club by phone indicated on its website.

Renting a pony or horse for 1 hour for a photo session will cost 4,000 rubles. Quests for children (a group of 10 to 30 children) lasting 1.5 hours will cost 1,500 rubles per child. However, if there are fewer children, then the event can still be held, only the cost of the event will be fixed - 15,000 rubles. But adults, unlike kids, can attend quests for free. Individual sessions (maximum two people) with a trainer possible on a pony

  • (at the withers up to 150 cm):
  • 30-minute workout - on weekdays - 1,700 rubles, on weekends - 2,000 rubles,
  • an hour's workout - on weekdays 2,200 rubles, on weekends - 2,500 rubles,
  • lesson on a particular horse - on weekdays 2,500 rubles, on weekends - 2,700 rubles,

show jumping - on weekdays 2,500 rubles, on weekends - 2,700 rubles.

  • Private horse riding lessons:
  • one hour training - on weekdays 2,500 rubles, on weekends - 3,000 rubles,

The duration of the lesson is one hour (excluding the shortened lesson).

lesson on a particular horse - 3,000 rubles on weekdays, 3,300 rubles on weekends.

Equestrian sports complex "Izmailovo" is located in Moscow at Shosse Entuziastov, 31 D.

Photo: Guseva Evgeniya

National equestrian park "Rus"

The Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMH) is the world's first racetrack for trotting horses, it is also the oldest Russian racetrack, and also belongs to the outstanding architectural complexes. Races for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation are usually held on the territory of the Center. Visitors can ride here on a pony, on a riding horse, on a real Russian troika. At the same time, you can additionally agree to visit the stables and the museum.

Located just 15 km from Moscow, the National Equestrian Park "Rus" is considered the largest sports and leisure center in Europe. Excellent mood and a sense of harmony from visiting this place will not leave you for a long time. On its territory are ready to accept both adults and kids. For the latter, by the way, there is even a zoo with a camel, a goat and a raccoon. On the territory of 250 hectares there are large-scale equestrian complexes and specialized centers, including the pony club "The Little Humpbacked Horse", the sports school of the Youth Sports School "Vivat, Russia!", The center of the higher riding school of Alexandra Korelova, the complex "Karetny Dvor" - a driving center and triathlon, the "Okhotnichy Dvor" complex and many others.

: from 4 years old

Horse riding runs daily from 9:00 to 21:00. Off-site events and photo sessions are discussed additionally.

  • The cost of horse riding lessons at NKP "Rus" on weekdays and weekends differs. Administrators warn visitors that on public holidays and on the dates of festivals and special events, weekend prices apply for all types of services.
  • lesson on a horse by appointment 20 minutes - on weekdays 1,300 rubles, on weekends 1,500 rubles,
  • lesson on a horse by appointment 45 minutes - on weekdays 2200 rubles, on weekends 2500 rubles,
  • pony lesson by appointment 20 minutes - on weekdays 1,000 rubles, on weekends 1,300 rubles,
  • pony lesson by appointment 45 minutes - on weekdays 1,700 rubles, on weekends 2,000 rubles,

hippotherapy - from 1,500 rubles.

The duration of the lesson is one hour (excluding the shortened lesson).

By the way, you can also arrange a photo session there for 3,000 rubles.

Equestrian sports complex "Izmailovo" is located in Moscow at Shosse Entuziastov, 31 D.

The National Equestrian Park "Rus" is located in the village of Orlovo, Leninsky District, Moscow Region. If you go there by personal transport, then you need to move along the Kashirskoye highway, and then turn to Molokovo. By public transport from the metro station "Domodedovskaya" or from the stop "Settlement Volodarskogo" there is a bus and route taxi number 367, stop "Derevnya Orlovo". From the town of Vidnoye you can get there by bus number 29.

Large international equestrian club "PRADAR"

The Central Moscow Hippodrome (CMH) is the world's first racetrack for trotting horses, it is also the oldest Russian racetrack, and also belongs to the outstanding architectural complexes. Races for the prize of the President of the Russian Federation are usually held on the territory of the Center. Visitors can ride here on a pony, on a riding horse, on a real Russian troika. At the same time, you can additionally agree to visit the stables and the museum.

The riding school for adults and children at the Big International Equestrian Club "PRADAR" (BMKK Pradar) in Moscow allows you to ride horses without leaving the city. By the way, the club owes its unusual name to a horse named Prazhsky Dar, with which the history and project of the unique club began in 1996. Now it is very popular due to its convenient location in the historical center of the Russian capital, as well as the opportunity for visitors to improve their riding skills, visit an exhibition, dine in a restaurant accompanied by live music, or even arrange a photo session with horses.

: from 4 years old

  • For visits and classes, the club is open daily from 9:00 to 21:00. Opening hours of the open arena, which operates during the summer season, start from 8:00 to 21:00 It is worth noting that there is an access control on the territory of the club. In this regard, those wishing to attend the lesson must contact the duty administrators in advance.
  • basic riding lesson, one hour of lessons with a trainer - 4,300 rubles on weekdays, 5,000 rubles on weekends,
  • horse riding for children 4-9 years old on a pony, one hour with a trainer - 4,300 rubles on weekdays, 5,000 rubles on weekends,
  • horse riding for children 6-12 years old (sport) with a trainer - from 4 300 rubles, a subscription for 4 lessons 20 000 rubles,
  • 45-minute mini-pony lesson for toddlers 2-4 years old with a trainer - 3,000 rubles on weekdays, 3,500 rubles on weekends,

The duration of the lesson is one hour (excluding the shortened lesson).

equestrian fitness 30 minutes / 55 minutes with a trainer - 3,000 rubles, 5,000 rubles, respectively.

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