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At the very beginning of building relationships, it is necessary to feel feedback from the partner. Often, it is difficult for a woman to understand if she likes a man, whether to continue to communicate with him. Psychologists advise to pay attention to 3 signs that indicate the obvious no sympathy. If they are present, a new acquaintance is unlikely to turn into something serious.

The desire for men to stay from a woman at a distance is the first sign that he has no interest. If there is an interest, love, always the need to be closer to the object of your sympathy. A man suits, takes the hand at a convenient case or tries to hug, kiss.

When a woman does not like, physical contact can even cause rejection. To accurately understand which feelings are experiencing, you can make a simple test. It is necessary to make a few steps towards him and come as close as possible. If there is no sympathy, the man instinctively makes a step back, starts nervous, try to start a conversation on an abstract topic.

If a man is in love, he constantly follows the girl you like at a party or a visit. He tries not to miss it from the view and keeps close by. When the chosen often moves to the side, switches attention, it is safe to talk about the absence of love.

Compliance with the distance can be manifested in the spiritual level. If a man does not like a woman, he will not discuss something personal with her, share the intimate. During the meeting, he can instinctively distance them, starting a correspondence with someone from acquaintances by checking personal messages. This behavior clearly shows that the man does not need this relationship.

The second sign that the girl does not like a man is his indifference. In the process of the conversation, he is almost not interested in her, does not ask any questions, prefers to talk about himself or communicate on some generalized topics.

If there is no sympathy, a person doesn't care how the girl will get home, whether she is convenient to meet at a certain time. He has his own interests. The man is not interested in the plans of his friend for the coming days and he is trying in every possible way to show that she must adapt to him. If a person is not in love, he does not seek to offer help even when necessary. The indifference is manifested in detail. When there is no feelings, a man will not open the door with enthusiasm in front of a woman, help rent upper clothes. Indifference can be easily caught in the view. A man in love looks at the sympathy object with admiration. Pupils are very expanding this second. When a woman is not interesting, she is not able to "light" a male look.

When a woman does not like, a man remains indifferent to her feelings. If she is offended, upset, trying to figure out the relationship, the chosen one will hump. Sometimes men are thus trying to get rid of the boning fans. They do not decide to express them all right, but create situations that can offend the girl, and then do not even try to apologize, to rod their guilt.

If a man is constantly busy, does not ring and avoid moving in every way, a woman failed to interest him. The people in love manifests the initiative himself, looking for a reason for a date. When a man throws the phone, says he can not talk now, but later does not call back, he does not want to communicate. Do not deceive yourself and think that it may be a coincidence. When this situation is repeated more than once, you need to make appropriate conclusions. Do not impose yourself, search for meetings and constantly remind of yourself. It will only raise a man. In this case, it is better to move aside and for a while disappear from the life of the chosen one. There is a chance that he will rethink his behavior, will figure out in the feelings. If this does not happen, you need to accept.

A faithful sign that a man is not interested, is his desire to leave the girl as soon as possible. If a person says that he urgently needs to run somewhere and he is forced to interrupt communication, but at the same time he is embarrassed, it is nervous, it is worth looking at him more closely. This behavior may indicate both in the absence of love and that the man is not free and leads a double game.

Signs that you like you guy - I really hope that you have already been able to read notes How to conquer the guy and how to conquer the heart of a man. But I think those articles would be incomplete without describing the signs of male sympathy. The girl in love is able every look in his side to perceive the minimum as recognition in love, but it is far from this. It is important to measure the situation as soberly. To do this, we consider signs that you like you guy.

Signs that you like guy

Perhaps the most bright and surest way - non-verbal communication or language of gestures. The body language is purely theoretically you can deceive, or rather, to deliberately mislead, if you know all the signs for which you can be painted. But, if the beloved there is no psychological education or a special traction to study psychology, it is unlikely to do this. You need to arm yourself from attention and follow his body. So, what are the obvious signs of what you like a particular guy?

Signs that you like guy

Gestures as a sign that you like a man

To start you need to follow the position of his body in the ratio with yours . When his body in most cases is deployed in your direction, and besides, he almost never turns back to you, we can conclude that he is either afraid Laugh.

Either this is the first sign that he likes you!

Open poses in your side - there are in mind open gestures, demonstration of wrists, a light relaxed pose, slightly turned to you - all this continuation of the previous feature. When talking, all his body, as it were, is slightly deployed in your address, and the head is slightly tilted to you.

Pay attention to his posture: every guy involuntarily tries to make the back of the smooth, and the chest with the wheel, under the view of the girl you like (even if in life, the other way around - the chest is smooth, and the spin the wheel).

If the guy involuntarily copies your gestures, then it is also another sign of his sympathy for you . There are such a moment in human psychology - we involuntarily try to be similar to those who like and vice versa - avoid similarities with those who are not considered to us. How to understand it? Well, for example, Sitting opposite the guy And bold do some gesture , For example, a loss of the ear or change the pose, clinging to the back of the chair and dropping the leg to the leg. After that, carefully follow his reaction .

I do not claim that he should exactly repeat all your actions, no, but involuntarily pull out in an attempt to copy your gestures his body should if you are pretty. Let him stroke her ear, but it can sink for a cigarette or nose scratch. Maybe he will not take exactly the same pose as you, but somehow change your in response to the change of yours.

Close attention : If in the presence of other people (especially the faithful sign in the presence of other girls) socks of his shoes are deployed in your direction - you don't go to the fortuneteller to him in this company like you most!

When we are next to the girl you like, we are involuntarily want to reach her , Feel the warmth of her skin, feel the pressure of her shape. And it is clear what is unconsciously (and maybe consciously) we try to touch her.

So that If the guy touches your hand , with each convenient case hugs for waist Trying to skip you forward, by chance falls on you , friendly pats on the knee or even simple pressed shoulder to your shoulder - You can take that This is another sign that he likes you .

But closed poses on the contrary, testify to you not to sympathize with you. Crossing the hands on the chest, folding the wrists "pyramid", and if you also crossing the legs in addition ... What, it looks like this guy you are not interested.

Social activity

Sign language This is certainly a very faithful indicator of male sympathy, but how to be if you try to understand Like you like a guy with which they don't intersect anywhere?

Fortunately, in the 21st century there is a coolest image of humanity, which in common social networks is called. Activity from the guy in your address on social networks is a sure sign that you like it to this guy . There are a number of moments to pay attention to the degree of sympathy:

First you need to understand how active the guy lives "social life." Many guys enter the socialki solely to watch someone wrote them or not. I think unfair will be expelled from such guys high social activity in your address. Another thing if he updates his profile and half a day in two times a week.

Loyal Sign of manifestation of sympathy Through social networks You can consider husky, comments and private messages Addressed from him to you.

Signs that you like guy

Look at what kind of pictures or records he comments (and suddenly he is not interested in you, and your best friend Dasha, which is present at the good half of your photos).

Analyze "Mood" of his messages . Before the girl you like, every dweller will try to look smarter and withered than it really is. The correct sign of his sympathy, it is carefully selected words and insertion "between lines" of a true attitude towards a girl. I advise you to open your correspondence with it right now and look at it by analyzing OK.

To attract attention

If the girl likes a guy, then he will try to attract her attention to all ways. What do you think always does he behave like this or only in your presence? If the guy, with you from a shy botany, turns into a kind of merry, merry, pets of the public and the most loud and bright dude, the soul of the company, then who knows, maybe he has such a way to attract your attention ...

Personally invites you to party

When the guy invites you somewhere, even if not a date, it can also be a sign that he likes you. Invite a girl who likes the first date hard, but at a party to the circle of your common acquaintances much easier . It's kind of like an unobtrusive way to show you that you are interested in, and the reason to spend together time, and at the same time you can look at your reaction to your reaction.

Awkward views

Pay attention to how the guy looks at you. If the guy looks at you more often and longer than on other girls then here are two options: l For this is a sign that he likes you, or you cosmetics smeared (If he is also smiling, then rather the second).

It is also important how exactly he looks at you. If the guy allows themselves to be unequivocally frank glances, then it is most likely configured seriously and absolutely not shy of it. But, I think in this case, the question of how to find out what you like you guy would not sound from your keyboard, so I think everything is not so obvious.


Often the guy in the impurity gusts can try to hide his sympathy. And then I can give you a couple of tips to get it on clean water.

First, you can To appreciate your girlfriends . From the side it is usually more visible as someone looks at whom.

Secondly, herself peripheral eyes watching his look . There is a cool trick: Feeling his eyes on him to bring his gaze somewhere in the distance, where the horizon line smoothly goes into the sky. Looking at the distance some short time turning sharply and look at the experimental guy.

If he has such a look as if he was caught on something hot, if it flashes and paint, it means another sign that you like you guy already lies in your pocket. But not every guy will shove your interest in the girl. And if instead of constantly he will continue frankly stare To admire you, then this is the same sign of its explicit interest in your person.

Speaking about the look will fairly turn your attention. What part of your body is most often visible to the guy . If his gaze walks in your neckline, and then smoothly flows down, then most likely you are not easy to like a guy, and he also wants you.

Over shy

If the guy is unnecessarily shy in your presence, trying to speak with you some nonsense and looks in general stupid - it can also be interpreted as a sign of his sympathy for you.

Constantly worshiped

That's just no need to make round eyes. Considering that only girls are trusted and enjoyed to attract male attention. The strong floor of this world can also show their sympathy in this uncomplicated way. If the guy in your presence tries to look better than usual, constantly corrects clothes, strokes herself on his head at every opportunity glances in the mirror and at the same time it smells like it, there can be options only 2: either he is a narcissus narcissus, or really wants you like .

Frequent random meetings

Think, do you always meet you randomness, or maybe a guy specially looking for a reason to see with you and happens in absolutely not characteristic of him for the sake of meetings with you? .. We will not stop at this point in detail, I think you understand that I I mean.

Reliable male shoulder

Usually a guy who likes a girl seeks to help this girl in every way. I am sure the married girl will now begin a fiercely with me to argue with a silent monitor with screams: "My, fell, nothing helps me, just makes it all day on the couch or playing his tanks." So there is, I will not argue. But things are drastically different when the guy is trying to understand how to fall in love with a girl.

Paradoxically, but the fact: the girl liked the girl can, with much greater confidence, count on small household care than that that 5 years prepares him of the boings and extracts his socks from under the sofa.

Touching things

When we like the girl, we try to get closer to her through her things. In other words, a guy who experiences romantic feelings for you will gladly stroke your handbag, turn the handle in the hands or will lose your kitten for the ear .

You can even make a kind of test: Put your item (phone, keys, lighter) near him and see how he will behave in relation to your thing. If he will touch her in every way (get better, stroking, twist in his hands), then you can not doubt - he likes you! Well, if it does not react - do not rush to despair, there is also a bunch of other signs!

Signs that you like you a guy in conversation

Courtesy in conversation is a bright sign of male sympathy . I doubt that the guy will be too kind with that girl who he does not like.

To start Pay attention to the timer of the conversation. What tone he communicates with you? Soft, not quite peculiar to the idea of ​​courage - one of the very first and most faithful signs of male sympathy. Again, it is important to take into account the call manner in comparison. If the guy with friends and other girls is all so rude and dry, and with you a solid nelevice - you can not even guess on the coffee ground, you definitely like you. But there are such lines that are everywhere and always with everyone and in all over the "such a cute voice", then there is already a sign of sympathy losing its reliability.


Also I advise you to pay attention to the level of its involvement during the conversation : Does he look into your eyes (or maybe on your bust? Then this is generally a steep sign), how easy it is to distract from your conversation? Analyze also what he says . Whether flirting with you? Or maybe constantly tease and podbles, and then not at all is not decent hints throw?

Good sign that you like you guy , this is when he is interested in your personal life (especially its presence or absence). Interested in your affairs, concerns, talking about personal. All this can be said in two words: I am interested in you. And how often the guy tells you about yourself? Besides, that little guy will be an uncomplicable girl to talk about himself, there is still an interesting pattern: the more the guy tells the girl about himself, the more he falls in love with this girl. It is also important to appreciate what specifically the guy tells. When a young man tells the young lady about his other girls (multiple number is important), he may try to show her such a uncomplicated way what is his own man. Or expressing in other words: to sweep it on jealousy. But, on the other hand, the stories about their adventures can be a banal bravery before the girl friend. Men love to brag in quantitative indicators before friends, so if he perceives you as a friend, then ... it is important to catch this thin face. But no matter how I remember that every time he tells you about yourself, he continues to fall in love with you, and if you still flatter him, I give up what he is Donzhuan, the effect will only increase.

Signs that you like you guy it's when he makes you compliments . Only here it is important to understand: not all guys will make compliments like girls like. Too much around shy guys, which (even ridiculous to talk) are shy of their own manifestation of sympathy. Often, by the way, Live communication guys can be shy to show sympathy , erroneously confused her with sentimentality, but very actively make it on social networks. This moment also needs to be considered.

In general, if we are talking about the signs of the manifestation of interest from the guy to the girl, for the completeness of the picture you would need to know this degree in comparison. It refers to the comparison of how he behaves with you, and with other girls. If he is squeezing and rises only you, then this is of course a sign of what he likes you. But if these manifestations are characteristic of the guy during communication with every cute girlfriend - then he is either a womanist, or he just has such a meaningless means of communication.

How to know what you like you guy

Above were listed 10 main signs that you like guy. Next, we will list three auxiliary signs of male sympathy for you.

  • Boasting as a sign of sympathy - if the guy (or others in your presence) boasts what is cool and clear that he, they say, the most and other there are no such, then Such boasting can also be viewed as a sign of interest in you.
  • Attentiveness to the details - if the guy is attentive to detail, to you, to the dates important for you, then of course you like you. This means that the guy remembers everything that you spoke about himself, and even a little more, congratulates you with all the dates important for you (about which you are aware) and with all holidays.
  • The desire to get together - think, and How often does he try to get close to you? If the guy is walking with you at every way (The company is also considered), and indeed trying to hold as much time as possible, then This is another sign that you like you guy . It is also worth paying attention to which companies you walk. If he calls you to those companies, where most of the meetings are "on vapors", then it means a lot. Inherit about it by chance and watch the reaction. If you like you, then he will certainly try to touch you in response.

Perhaps, we disassembled, all possible signs that you like the guy. Read on our website: signs of a guy in love.

How to understand that a man really is indifferent to you? He does not play any roles and does not want to somehow interest you, as if scorched indifference and employment. Everything is much easier - you just did not hook it.

Here are some important signs, if it really is:

If he is discussing other women with you

No, it's not when an attempt to call jealousy, and when it really is interesting for your opinion about a woman or he will even ask you for advice, as it is best to "drive." ⠀ If he responds for a very long time And never first does not communicate

In a day, two and makes it short and trite "everything", "yes", "no" may be ". It comes to contact with you, only when he has free time. That is, he has no reason to do not care, he is bored, and then he remembers about you and remembers.

How to understand what you really don't like a man

  If he meets with you exclusively for sex

From the series - "Dear, there is such a situation, there is at all no time to get out somewhere, so come to me, I will be very glad to see you, waiting for yourself." Yes, you just don't like it true! The men happens that when he does not seriously perceive a woman, but, at the same time, to have sex with her once or two a week - why not? And this is all this - just such a case. ⠀ If he communicates with you extensively, very dry, in business, without compliments, without warmth, just what и- For general phrases - How a woman you don't like it for sure. ⠀ If he is constantly justified by employment

Then he has things, then he has events, then he has something else, you don't even have enough time to meet, but what is there to introduce it - even time is not enough to phoned! You just did not hook it. If he behaves with you Just Very confident

Then this is either just a hyper confident man, or you just do not indulge in real. After all, if a man feels a sympathy to a woman, he will be somehow, but it will be a little worried. And if this is not, then most likely you just had to become his next trophy.

If he is not at all interested you

For example, on a date or during a conversation, he tells only about himself, he doesn't care what you are, what you are doing there in life, what are your hobbies and what you like to do in your free time. He is the main thing to tell him, and at the same time and raise self-esteem.

If he does not want to help you at work, torture and t .д.⠀ If a man no time doesn't help you with anything, even if you ask him about it, if you, for example, have any problems, yes, in general, he does not show his sympathy for you, then there is nothing to show - you Just he doesn't like it and then you have to switch to another, more worthy and most importantly - a man really interested in you.

Respect and love yourself! And remember that on this man there was still no light with a wedge. Around full of other really decent applicants for your heart. Therefore, above your nose, you will be fine! Good luck to you!

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Sincerely, your psychologist, Victoria Krista

After another disappointment in love, you regret the time spent on the man who did not appreciate you. You think it would be great if it was immediately clear whether I like a man or not. Usually, it is subconscious still felt. But, if you need to know, read these signs. They will help you figure out whether it is worth spending your time and effort on another Uhager.

8 signs that you don't like you: do not waste time!

Signs that you do not like a man:

1. He responds for a long time

A sign that a man is interested in communicating, and is responsible only when he wants. He can answer every other day, two. At the same time, you communicate with big messages, and it responds dry and briefly. Do not try to talk about it and write in the intervals between his answers: "Why don't you write?" Just make conclusions and go on.

2. Meets you only for intimate relationships.

If you do not remember, when the last time you were on a normal date, when he gave you gifts, put the sign of attention, did compliments. Your meetings usually go home in underwear (or without it), I have bad news for you. If he does not try to know you better, does not talk about himself, then he needs only one from you.

8 signs that you don't like you: do not waste time!

3. Discusses other girls with you / with you

If a man allows himself to discuss the delights of other women or consults with you, how to behave with a girl, do not system illusions that he is trying to call jealousy. Usually, in such cases, you are not interested in him, and he does not consider you as an object for further relations. Just acceptance and not hope for more.

4. Not interested in you on a date

You tell him about your family, dogs, problems at work, and he silently nods or answers in the style of "clear, understandable", unfortunately, you are unlikely to interest it. If he does not ask you about you, does not try to learn better, he speaks only about himself loved, it is unlikely that you will have.

8 signs that you don't like you: do not waste time!

5. The first does not communicate

Often in such cases, girls fantasize: "Probably, he is shy, lost my number, he does not have a connection" and a bunch of similar "Ottmaz". In fact, everything is simple. If a man is interested in you and wants to contact you, he will do it any way. Do not waste your time, do not take yourself the illusions, they are really much easier in their head. Hooked the girl - he acts. But no, it means that you do not need it.

6. behaves self-confidently

Usually, if a girl likes, a man is at least a little, but worried. You will feel it. Of course, there are self-confident alpha males who always and everywhere "on horseback", but such a minority. Basically, if a man is in love with you, he will be nervous on a date.

8 signs that you don't like you: do not waste time!

7. Communicates very dry

If a man does not pay attention signs, communicates formally and extensively, single phrases, most likely you are not interested. When there is a sympathy, one way or another, slip the subjects of a personal character, you feel the fluids from a man.

8. Ever busy

You do not feel that he gives you enough time. Usually, he is busy - he has business, projects, plans, sports and anything, just not you. If a man wants to meet, he will definitely free time for you. And when he binds to you once a month, when, finally, all his works ended, do not impose great hopes for this this union.

8 signs that you don't like you: do not waste time!

Of course, for each sign, you can find a counter-argument. Maybe, indeed, he has no time to call or he is simply not in the mood on a date, because he had something. Evaluate his behavior is in aggregate. And, most importantly, learn to feel the heart.

Beautiful dates and interesting men!

Thank you for reading!


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Do not look for excuses by his actions, if he ignores you, then you don't like you so much. The more the girl is pretty man, the more he tries to pay attention to her - this is the golden rule. 5 signs

5 signs

Probably, he is busy, goes, eats - more than once you reassured themselves with these thoughts. True, a person cannot be so busy that it cannot give five minutes of his time, right? Now every second person is 90% of time spends with the phone, so there is always the opportunity, but not always the desire. We want to say that I don't like some men - ok. After all, we are all different, someone loves laughter, and someone silent, there is no always all depends on the girl. Never think it's about you. This is mistake! Just this man has a different idea, just like you. You will think that you are free to choose the most suitable among others. Who will be interested in you, who will reckon with your opinion and love. Isn't that important?

5 signs

Girls love to idealize and build plans in advance, but this is also not correct. To find out a person really need to look at him with a sober look, and not through dreamy glasses. Also, many girls think that a man will change that there should be time, but if he is already at the stage of "conquest" behaves indifferent, what will happen then? Sometimes we are so in love that we do not see obvious signs that we do not like a man!

Many books and articles are written on the topic of relationships, but nowhere says that relations are a bilateral return. From a woman depends a lot, for example, how do you feel about yourself, builds a direct attitude of a man to you. The books do not write that the man should not keep next to them, if he does not like, they write how to keep or change it, but this is the wrong concept. Sympathy and respect must go on both sides, and relationships should bring calm, and not the fireworks of drama. Is not it?

So, here are 5 signs that you do not like a man.

Psychological relaxation

When a girl likes a guy, he is in nervous and worried - this is a fact. He wants to conquer her location, make so that and he liked. Here he is one in the Warrior field ... Therefore, if the guy is sitting on the twine, says incomprehensible things, definitely, he wants to conquer you. And if he is calm to the bump and shows it all the kind, then you need to beat the bell. Psychological relaxation in men, as a rule, should be after marriage to beloved. 5 signs

5 signs

Discussion of other girls

Often, a man sees in a girl - a good girlfriend, that is, he has a friendly sympathy. He is advised to her about relationships with a girl, shows the photo of his former, and also speaks of his first love or painful relationship. Here everything is clear how twice two, he sees a girlfriend in you, no more. The minus is that you know his vulnerable places, and trying to be like what he likes. You should immediately switch the focus, to do something interesting, yoga or dancing. Take yourself - the best option.

5 signs that you don't like a man

Protection of personal space

Imagine, you like you like a man, will n't he do everything to somehow get closer to you? He will try to be all the time closer to you, and also glad to anyone your tactile mark of attention. And if a man constantly puts barriers, be it a person, yes even a pillar, it is a clear sign. It is necessary to understand when the girl is incomprehensible to a man, he does not let her in a personal space, he does not like when she hugs or looks at him. That's how.

5 signs that you don't like a man

Rare calls or ignoring

Now it is not about the fact that he did not answer the message for five seconds, but that a person is not interested at all and does not call. Men themselves recognize that they find five seconds to send SMS, despite the workload. Ignoring is a clear sign that you are indifferent to him.

5 signs that you don't like a man

He does not introduce you to friends and acquaintances.

This situation is very interesting because you can immediately understand, stay to you or go further. As a rule, as soon as a man begins to someone very sympathize, it will know his entire circle! You just went on a date, and all his friends know about you. But, if you have been communicating for a long time, spend the time with each other, and he never called you on a picnic with friends, then you should immediately leave this idea where you found it. Did you forget that men, those still bouncer? They immediately want to conquer, then tell about their beloved. 5 signs

5 signs

In today's article I will answer in detail to the question: "How do you need a guy?" I will share the most bright signs that show His true feelings for you. And also tell you what men's love is different from the female. Few people know, but the strong floor perceives the word "love" otherwise, not as girls do it. Accordingly, the feelings with you express in different ways.

Read the article to the end and no man can drive you. After all, you will clearly understand you love you or just wants to use. Enjoy reading.

How do you check you need a guy and what is the difference between male love from female?

The difference between male and female love

Many girls make a mistake. They begin to compare their (female) love with male love. But this can not be done. Since the guys and girls love differently.

What is the difference between male and female love?

Manifestation of female love: When a woman loves, she tries to create comfort for a man, cares about him, it is interested in his life, expresses his feelings.

A man becomes the meaning of life for her, she is no longer so important career, success and so on. The most important thing for the woman in love is her man and their joint hearth (family).

Manifestation of men's love: When a man loves, he will not express his feelings in everyday life and every time talk about love for a woman. The strong floor expresses its feelings otherwise (it is already soon)

For a man, the meaning of his life is an external struggle and success. And a woman is part of him. Keyword "part" . A man perceives a woman as part of himself and his life.

Just as a leg is part of his body. The leg is needed, but he does not speak her leg every time he needs her and how without it it is impossible to walk. This is granted. Similarly, things are with the expression of feelings for a woman. A man does not see sense to talk about love every time, because for him the importance of a woman is obvious, as well as the importance of their own legs.

Therefore, girls, do not make a mistake. Do not demand from guys recognition in feelings. If you forced it to this, the guy will perceive you not as part of itself, but as a foreign object. And the alien object needs to win and do not have to speak about love. The guy will begin to argue with you, compete, but not to love.

How to check whether you love your guy - Top 4 Sign

How to check whether you love you

We figured out that men and women perceive love in different ways and each in their own way expresses their feelings. Now I will tell 4 signs that give out genuine love guy (take the situation when you are already meeting)

Sign No 1 - It demonstrates that you are a couple.

When you come together somewhere, then the guy necessarily will give everyone to know that you are his girl. This is done at once for several reasons:

  1. He demonstrates to other men that the girl is busy and she belongs to him;
  2. When the guy loves, he is always proud of his girlfriend. So he will have a desire to demonstrate those surrounding what a class female next to him;

But there is one important question: "What exactly is the guy in his girlfriend proud of?" If this is exceptionally external data, then it may simply pondic in front of friends to increase its status in their eyes. And in the girl he sees only a sexy object.

If a man is proud and demonstrates your talents, tells friends about your achievements, it is already talking about a strong interest.

In the case when the guy is shy to say to others that you are together, hides you from your friends or family, I don't have to talk about love.

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How do you need to check whether you need a guy - telling simple words

Sign number 2 - He is jealous of you

Important! He is not jealous of you every minute and does not check your correspondence - this is not love, but a sign of psychological deviation. The guy in love is jealous when other men start flirting with you.

If you want to check his feelings, then create the conditions in which he can jump you and look at his reaction. But it is very important to do it fine. The guy should not think that you are the initiator of Flirt. In his consciousness it should look like it is for you to recruit, and you do not want it. You should look like a sacrifice in this situation, and not as a provocateur.

Sign number 3 - solves your problems

We have already found out that a man in love perceives a woman as part of himself. From this we conclude that your problems in the eyes of a loved one are his problems! He hurts in a cake, but will help you. And it doesn't matter what kind of problem it decides, whether it is large-scale or small. He all exactly, he will solve any of your problems.

If the guy perceives the girl only as a sexual partner, he does not want to solve her problems. He does not perceive the girl as part of himself. Therefore, help from such a guy you will not wait.

Remember! You can not guy ask to break your problems directly, be cunning. Just mentioning about them in a conversation. If he is truly in love, he will not miss this information by ears.

Sign No. 4 - Protects

If the guy loves you, it protects

Here is exactly the same situation as with a sign number 3. The threat to you is a threat to him. If someone behaves rudely with you, offends you or gets unfair, then the guy in love will react to it. And it does not matter how bold or physically strong. In a situation where they attack a favorite woman, all these factors go to the background.

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Let's summarize the results: 1) Men and women love differently. Most men are not inclined to express their feelings as it makes the female floor; 2) A man perceives beloved as part of himself. And it will be protected from external threats; 3) never demand anything. Loving man will do everything himself. If you demand something from him, you will be perceived as an extraneous object to attack;

How to understand that you don't need a guy - the top 7 signs

How to understand that you don't need a guy

And now we will talk about signs that give the lack of interest from the guy.

Sign number 1 - justified employment

If the guy is busy all the time, then you do not like you. Yes, he and the truth can be done, but finding 5 minutes to call or write it will always be able to (if he wants).

Every person may have a crisis and take the moment when I want to be alone. But a truly interested guy tells you about it for you to have a calm in the soul.

Now I will show on the example of my correspondence the situation when the girl is not interested in meeting and refers to employment.

Correspondence guy and girls in VK

Yes, the girl really can be affairs. But what distinguishes the interested person, from the disinterested?

Interested looking for opportunities, and the disinterested looking for reason. Those. If the girl wanted to meet, but could not, he would suggest an alternative time to see.

Therefore, girls never believe the guys if they refer to employment - it's just excuses.

Sign of No. 2 - communicates only on topics 18+

If the guy wants to only sleep with you and nothing more, it will communicate mainly on the topics of 18+. Just talking about something you will rarely. The young man will not be interested in your life and events in it. If it is, then only for sight, to again go to the conversation on adult topics - you can feel when he is sincere, and when not.

In communication for adult topics there is nothing wrong. But one thing when it is only a part of your life and your communication, and the other when the whole communication is built around it.

Sign No. 3 - passivity in social. Networks

According to statistics, people are carried out in social networks. If there is always passive guy in dealing with you, then you don't like you. The exceptions are people who rarely use social. network. In this case, the guy will call the phone and communicate outside social networks. He will definitely look for a way to contact you if you like you!

If correspondence and occurs (on the initiative of the girl), the guy will be able to answer cold and monosyllant. Some rapid dialogue from him will not wait.

Now I will show on the example of my correspondence with the girls:

Correspondence with a guy VK
A response to the interested girl
Correspondence with a man VK
Answer disinterested girl

The difference is obvious and clearly visible on the contrast.

Sign No. 4 - does not respect

Even the most ugly Gopnik will show respect for the girl you like. Yes, he can do it somehow in its own way, specifically, but you will feel respect from his part. If the guy is rude to you, causing disrespect is a bright indicator that it is time to stop communication.

Sign of No. 5 - Inner Voice

Always listen to your inner voice, he will not deceive you. In humans, the intuition (or in a different "Chuk") is better developed than logic. If it seems to you that you do not like the guy - the likely probability is that it is.

Intuition will help you understand that you do not need a guy
Nikola Figure will not say

Sign number 6 - does not take steps towards

How to check whether you need a guy or not

When a man like a woman, he will begin to manifest himself. But it happens that the guy is shy and take the initiative to his hands he is afraid. To check the guy's sympathy that does not show activity, do as follows: Make a step forward, show him that you are interested. And if you really like the guy, he will surely reciprocate and take a step towards. If no action on his part follows - it simply does not need you.

Sign number 7 - Failure to help

At the very beginning of the article, I wrote that a man perceives a woman as part of himself. Her problems are his problems. The in love guy will always help you. If a young man is responsible for a request for helping that he has little time or he cannot help you, then he does not feed any love.


I hope you liked the article, and you found the answer to the question: "How to check if you need a guy". Now you understand the difference between male and female love, and you can easily distinguish false from true feelings.

In conclusion I want to say the following: if in the process of reading the article you realized that I do not like the guy, then I recommend to leave it alone. Much easier and more pleasant to go along the path of least resistance.

I call the smallest resistance to such relationships with a guy in which you will immediately like each other, without excess headaches. Remember that trying to like someone - this is the most useless and labor work that will not pay off.

And on this I have everything. If the article turned out to be useful for you - share it in Soc. networks. If you have something to add or remained questions - write them in the comments.

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