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The days of the Great Post, the time is special. And if we are not lazy to these seven weeks, we will try to visit the temple regularly - we will find out a lot, you will feel more deeper than before, our permanent guide in this world in this world will tell, the associate of the Saratov Spiritual Seminary, Alexey Cashkin, will tell many.

-ALEksay Sergeevich, let's start with the schedule - and from the first week of the Great Post. Why suddenly morning in the morning? Always after all, after evening.

-The weeks (weekdays) days of the great post of the divine service of the daily circle are performed by special ranks. This is partly due to the fact that in the first half of the day the Divine Liturgy is not performed, partly with the fact that the Great Village performed in the evenings, the Great Village with the Canon of St. Andrei Crytsky - the service is continuous and self-sufficient. On the first week, from Monday to Friday, the morning begins the morning, then the first hour is read, then the third, sixth and ninth clock, pictorially (we recall: the prayer, which is done when there is no liturgy; like it is depicting it) and evening. And then, during other weeks of the Great Post, the sequence of services is changing: in the evenings, the Great Village, the morning and the first hour, and in the morning - a good watch, pictorial and evening.

-Why in the weeks (weekly) days of the post is not made by liturgy?

"This is an ancient practice, it is connected with the fact that liturgy, the Eucharist is a celebration, this is a joy, and the days of the Great Post, especially the days of the saddis - this is repentance, the sorrow of the fallen man about sins: all worship of saddis days have a repeated character. In addition, the Eucharist is a divine meal, and in the days of the first Christians it was also connected with the tape for the usual, quite earthly. And on Last day, only dinner is relying on the monastic charter, until the evening the meal is canceled. Therefore, liturgy is canceled. The only exception is the restricted gifts made on Wednesday and Friday, when the consecration (the delights of bread and wine in the flesh and the blood of the Lord) does not happen, but people are commued by the holy gifts, consecrated earlier on the full liturgy (more on the liturgy of the paid gifts we will focus in the following conversation).

- Tell me, please, about the peculiarities of a great divine service that our attention immediately appeal.

- a substantial sign of a great divine service is singing in the morning "Alliluia" instead of the "God of the Lord and Waving to us ..."; In the charter, even these services themselves are called "services with allylujia". However, in practice, the most noticeable feature can be called the commission of numerous bows. At the end of each divine service, earth bows are performed with the prayer of St. Ephraim Sirina: "Lord and Vladyko's belly of my, the spirit of idleness, despondency, love and celebrations are not gone ...". But this is not the only prayer, accompanied by terrestrial bows. With bows, the trails of each hour, the prayer poems of the Great Village are performed. On the morning, earthly bows are made to perform during the singing "honest ...". In addition to earthly bows, a large number of belts were prescribed - on each trisbit, "worthy".

-What is there a great vortex? Why is it committed these days?

- Elevate the Village is performed, except for the saddest days of the Great Post, only in the composition of the Vigil Vigil of the Nativity of Christ and Epiphany. In comparison with the Small Village, the Grand Village is more solemn worship (when the eve of the holidays is done on the eve), at the same time longer and submissive in content. His committing in good days speaks of the special meaning of these days for an Orthodox Christian. Village, respectively, the name is what is performed in the evening, that is, after dinner. A solemn chant of the Great Village includes a solemn chant "With us God, intelligence, languages, and rectifying." However, the predominant content of his psalms and prayers is repeated. This is also manifested in the content of Psalms of the 1st part (4, 6, 12, 24, 30, 90), and especially in the 2nd part, which read the 10, 101 psalm and the manassey prayer, the King of Jewish: "Lord to the Almighty, God's father of ours, Abraham, and Isaakov, and Jaclog ... "Then the repentance of the Troparies" Merry Us, Lord, nice us ... ". In the first part and prayers of the third part of the vision, the blessing for the night is requested.

-And what events will you have to go through a great Sunday?

"Every Sunday of the Great Post is your memory - after all, each saddimian carries a certain name and has its meaning. The first five resurrection of the post is made by Liturgy Vasily Great - as a particularly solemn, performed infrequently, according to special cases. On the passionate sadmice, she will be performed twice - the great Thursday and the Great Saturday. And the fact that it is this liturgy that is performed in the first Sundays of the Great Post, speaks of their meaning for an Orthodox Christian.

- Elevant post we are waiting for unusual services, with them the customs who came to us from the early Christian eras are connected: Please tell us about it.

- The presentation of the Sabbath of the Great Post is the memory of the holy feodor of Tyron. As is known, the Holy Martyr Feodor after his death, in the era of Julian apostate, appeared in the sleepy vision of Konstantinople Archbishop Education and warned him that all the edible, sold in the local market sprinkled by informative blood. Christians did not buy products on the market and fed on a boiled wheat: from here - the custom is consecrated on this day.

On the first Sunday of the Great Post, we commit the celebration of Orthodoxy. We will remind about the origin of this memory, this celebration. In 730, the Byzantine Emperor Lion III ISAVR banned the honors of the holy icons - it was the temporary victory of the movement of the iconoborets, which were seen in the reverence of idolatry images. And only in 843 during the regency of the Empress Theodore in the Patriarch Methodius, the iconobocobrication was finally overcome and forever rejected the church. At the same time, the chin was established by the declaration of eternal memory to all the zealiers of Orthodoxy and anathematization of heretics.

- Is it done in the church and today?

-In Sunday after the Divine Liturgy there is a special picker follow-up - the rank of Orthodoxy celebrations; Anathema, the Apostle, Gospel (Troparies, Prokimen, the Apostle, Gospel) is added to the elements of conventional prayer (Pipe, Prokimen, the Apostle, the Gospel (but it is only for the bishop wob), the "eternal memory" of the Holy, which preserved the purity of Orthodoxy and Multi-Nethe.

- But the third Sunday of the Great Post came here: an analogue in the center of the temple of the Cross ...

-Clto clone week - the only one, the memory of which is not limited to the Sunday afternoon, but extends to the next, fourth week of the Great Post. From Sundays on Friday, a cross is located in the center of the temple on an analogue, and only on Friday the last worship of the cross is performed, and they are carried away into the altar. This tradition also has ancient roots: in Byzantium, there was a feast of transfer of the particles of the Holy Drev - the Cross of the Lord - from Apamei to Constantinople. Now this holiday is forgotten, but the week remained a cross-plane, and she was given a new meaning: the fourth week is the middle of the post, the environment is his babes, we are tired of this difficult way, and the cross service, the memory of the godpie is needed to strengthen our spiritual Forces and inspire us.

-We closer to the fifth week of the post: we are waiting for a meeting with the Great Moving Repentance ...

- ... and then with the Most Holy Virgin. On the fifth week we have two more special days with a completely unique worship service. Thursday fifth weeks - service of the Great Canon, and Saturday - Akathist's service. On Thursday, the Kratsky Andrei Cretan canon, who read in parts on the first saddemice of the Great Post, is again fully read, and reading the lives of Maria Egypt is added to it - as an example of everyone, complete repentance of man.

Why exactly on Thursday the fifth week is read by the Great Canon? Approximately the 7th century on this day was made to remember one of the terrible earthquakes, which happened once in Byzantium. And at the end of the VIII century, an earthquake also happened, but the nuns read the Great Canon, and the coward stopped. After that, the canon began to read exactly when God's wrath was remembered, an earthquake - on Thursday, the fifth week of the Great Post. And this day became a day of a daughty repentance.

Saturday of akathist, or the memory of the praise of the Blessed Virgin, - the day when the Akathist of the Virgin Mary, which arose about the VI century; Presumably, the Rev. Roman Sladkopevets wrote its basis, and then added the appeals "Rejoice". The Akathist initially was devoted to the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and it was sanging in this holiday, then (X-XII century) he secured behind the fifth Saturday of the Great Post. Thus, we remember the events of the Annunciation twice for this post.

- Proponent, Waiful Week, or Verbal ...

- Sedmian - special. In the chants of her everyday days there are memory of two holidays, which follow one after another: Saturday - the resurrection of Lazarus and Sunday - the Entrance of the Lord in Jerusalem. Weekdays of the Verbal Week are a kind of pretreatment: we expect Saturday and Sunday days. And with the Lazareva Sedmian begins the memory of the last days of Christ's earthly life. After all, the resurrection of Lazarus is the assurance of our future Resurrection of the Lord itself and the general resurrection. And finally, the entrance to Jerusalem is the procession of it to the "free passion", voluntary suffering.

Photo of Julia Rakina Newspaper "Orthodox Vera" No. 4 (528) Marina Biryukova

About Great Timeri.

Having remembered the Zaschikovo apostolic: Inverted praytles (1 Salt. 5, 18) and imitating the approach of Raspororok David, for all the rust of the wash with his tears (Ps. 8, 7), jealous of the prayer - the ancient of the devotees, at the end of the evening the Russian in the temple, was not different still homemade awarder prayer. In this case, the ordinary feet can be seen by the beginning of the church trees. At such a beginning, Trehierii indicates that the Custom, according to which it was performed by the abode of the insidency, was performed by each inok and Kellyi [1]. From Kelliy and Skitov, this pious ordinance soon passed in the general consistent of the church and, it was captured by the vestion, it was introduced to the charter of the church and today is one of the everyday Russian ei. In the Orthodox Church of the Orthodox Church, two trees are great and small [2]. The Great Tremier, about which will be a rod, in the Orthodox Church is accomplished in all SV. The United States, for Excludes Sabbath and Resurrection, and also in forever the great holidays of the Nativity of Christ and Epiphany [3]. In addition, the charter of the church leads to commit a great hare and in two posts of the post: Herry Christmas and the holiday of SVV. Apostles Peter and Paul, in the days, when God's Lord wishes alleluia (Tipikon Poking 14 November).

In general, the character of a good service - Crushenia and Umenese Kayuchagosya Christianin Promed by the Lord. By this common character of the High Self-Self-Self-Sorry Capture and the Great Timer; Only in me this sadness is our Like a bost It is expressed, the corresponding time of the day is still strong: here it is gathered at the Psalms and prayers, the Plenni and the Troparies, who, upon the coming night, can produce and maintain in the heart of his most Gorky cry about Grohah. But this cry does not allow this church to go to the screams of desperation, in clicks of hopelessness. Three rewards, for which the great vastyeriy is divided, in a momentous reminding us about the Most Holy Trinity, giving us the world and serenecting spiritual, serve how the steps that are driving a holy church from the sorrow and crying to peace and peacekeeper, and leads it that we I will be depressed, how the crying and ridden are becoming smaller and less, how the world and the graceful silence Bolѣe and Bolѣe are watered in our souls, the Docol, finally, the peaceful of the soul, our allocates the intercession and the proceeding of the queen of Heaven and, like a baby, on the crop of the mother focusing Her. Only there is already a summoning of the soul with his Christianin, it is also thinking about Snѣ Tѣlesnogo asked him for himself from the Lord.

The first remorse of Velikago Timerіya consists of 6 Psalmov (4, 6, 12, 24, 30, 90), adarmed to the Khivnoye Khristianine, which is not without confusion and fear for the reasons for his grooves. The image of the death is carried by the eyes of him to state the coming to him sleep, who, by the volitional of the Lord of the belly and death, can easily turn to him in a dream. Called the other side, can not get it and the goat of the enemy, the dull night time for the temptation, for the emergence of night Dreams and bringing it through it in the fear and unynia. In this state of Christ, he draws to God - a unified assistant to the gentleness and mitigates him to give him peaceful and serene sleepy, to protect him from North of the enemy, to enlighten the eyes of his two daylight and reveal him help in the sophoustey. God, to help my wings, Lord, help mi sweat - Begins Christ's prayer for help. I climbed the rest of the Prophet of the Prophet David. We molim gentlemen, but not Yarostіyu, it is relevant to us, but yes it is soooooed by the Great for the Great Milkness, for the sake of our extreme weakness, Gorky Sears about our parliament. Everyone's enemies, Yako multiplied and hate himself, the unrightened hazel ...), for the sake of our defense on his unappointed mercy, which we express in Psalms (24, 30, 90), especially in PѣSni: Appear by God, intelligence languages [four]. I thank you and the Slavomloviam of the Lord for the Mimoshdshiy day, we connect PST, yes, it gives us a, premiece, evening, ever-northhight champion and belt (Pathways - Day Prel ...); And knowing that the day is not still Sovp. Minus, and what is still the night, melting in the darkness of his temptation and danger, three times the molim of the Most Holy Trinity to give us the coming "Evening of the Summer championships, the idleness and nonsense", and for the strengthening of his prayer we appeal to the petition Highly residual Dvs of Mariy and the Sichniy, attaching to the same reasons for the reasons for the reasons for that reason. "Jaco is like to build an evening and morning, yes, it will find death, unites us in the Uppitani." According to the student [5] of the trails (in breeding and Wednesday, it is specially contained, excellent from Tuesday and Thursday), expressing - that the outstanding state of the soul among the "non-satizhnaya invisible enemies", then the picture of Strashnago for the Court of God, the Court of God, She was dear, "I sometimes sometimes wives a grenitis", the first edge of the trees ends with grateful to the prayer of St. Vasilіya Velikago: Lord, I Sriends, got rid of us from all sq.lѣli flying in days ....

If the kischiyiyi christianine was not like that of the Lord's guilty of his guilt and the whole severity of the spirituality of poverty, if, by the other side, his enemies were not so numerous and bolds, he fell asleep to a peaceful and serene. But it is not his grief, not such enemies. Burning sorrow his messenger does not soon and does not easily subside. He looks like an Iznes and Izaznagnago Warrior: Major Touching His Ranam and Yazvam, now pulls the moans and screams. And between TѣM, he knows, as an evil and a hitr enemy of our savveni, who is particularly often and strongly incremented by the Ke to us, Also during the night and our sleep. And here, Christianine is not closed by the eyes of his post Pervago Relapiece Timeria. Seeing again approximately Ke Semo enemies, feeling a new tide of spiritual grief, Christ is immediately pribeled to the revenue prayer and asks for the Lord Prenovaya Sem. The second remorse of Velikago Vastyadija was adorganized by Kyaniya Christianin, she wisho around the subakyani to reconcile the god and the owl, first, to reconcile his own: everything was relegated to the repentance of the prayer and reserved. And first of all hears the Psalm (50th) king David, Sogrѣshivsago and the Rown-seeming provider. The recharge of David seems to be insufficient: his soul threatened tears and reed; And here, he pours sadness his predomains of the Lord in a friend deeply mounted psalm "or in" prayer journaling, becoming a bit. " Finally, the repeated prayer of Manasi, Tsar Iudjeskago, is read, hurry to the darkness of the grinding of the Marks. SEE FOR SEW SEE PRAYER Prayer, Father ours , Troparies [6] and final prayer ( Vladyko God Father Along ) It is imbued with the same feeling of Pankiya and crushenia in GRAH.

In the chamber of the village of Lynnago Relapiece Tremidіya [7] The church again praises about the given to the urgency and trampling against enemies, seeking our souls when we indulge in sleep; Molyany is expressed in Psalms 69 and 142. The church of Slavostlovits God "Great for the sake of His Glory" [8] and mitigates him, like the Lord for the Forces, in the upcoming night hours inseparents. Little prayer to Lord Іysus Christ Oblini and Holy Angels, which is conducive to Sim ( Other at all time ), It is preceded, both and in two other parts of the vortelіya, a four-time repenter of a brief prayer: "Lord, Pomemui." The cause and tsl is so reinforced by Molynia Blaz. Simeon Solunskiy explains this: "Lord, we are talking in the consecration of our whole lifestyle of our life and bring to God as a sacrifice outering our days and hours God."

Having himself lies with two prayers, from whom the first attributed pre. Efrem Sirina ( Nonable, unlaced) , we appeal to the prayer petition of the Blessed Due of Mariy and please it, as the main intercession of Christ, to guard us in the entire days of life and in the most hour of our death, and in the second prayer attributed to Inak Antiokhu ( And give us, Vladyko ), we murdrate to Lord to Lord Christ to give us a dream to the coming peace and souls, to preserve from all southwasha and arrange a vigorous for Vosnoschetago Slavostloy. Umininent ritual ends of the priestly of the vulture: Prayers pre. Іannikia ( Upundable my father ) The entire church is co-precipitated, and the priest from the face of Heria Veleglasno Molite the guarantee of our saved, gentlemen іisus Christ, for the sake of merit and prayer saints, "well-read the prayer of the slaves to his " By committing a prayer, the priest bowing to the ground by Broth, and humbly prayed to forgive him Sogrѣsenia; In turn, and brotheria, the same thing is asking for his progressian and blessed. This is a rite, the duality of his inspiring each of the epostolic sign: the sun can not go to the progress (Ephesus 4, 26), contributes to the eradication of hearts to the first embrozion of displeasure and unlikely to the neighbor and Waterworn The world of God (Phil. 4, 7) in the hearts of ours. This predominantly inspires us a church, such as the main sense of the wellness of God, our prayer and the calm of the Council, so required for peaceful sleep. In why she behaves to sanctify and the very emergence of the temple with a prayer for "hated and offended us."

The content of the daily services is determined not only to adapt the time of the time of the day, in which he is committed, but also by the sacred events of the Eastor of the house building of God about the saved people, whose well is connected by these services. It also needs to be told relatively and vulture, like one of the casual services. In the serviceman says it says that "ІЕрей, TRADING AND TO SNA WILL PRESSING PRAYERS MAKING, WITHOUT WITHOUT THIS: what a mandatory soul of savory a, the deity is copulated, in Hell Communion , Power Prince Darkness Locks so the kingdom of plѣni and the souls from the whole of Tamo-righteous to the fading of his freedom, erected, and Even to His Provelavnago, Even before his Preslavnago . Thanks to him for all the beneficiaries, Like Savitsy, and life-giving his sacrifice, a man's human coat, diligently praying, and his entire Sogrian Tѣh for the sake of clearing, from a bit of flour to relieve him, and his kingdoms will be encouraged. Most The Mother of God, a reported by the passion and the death of the son of his former , and Siya in the sores of the condolent diligently praying, hedgehogs in Lytiyi Sek Sadovyu and Kohm Votyuner by the help of life, and in the day of the outcome of the outstanding, the soul of the whole Dіavolskiy naval , Croskim His assumption to having got rid of his son of his son . All Boy Yako Mati in his son's sown rustling can be as soon as possible "(grated otkusti).

According to these octominations, the prayers and prens and prens. Thus, in the first part of the Velikago Vastyeriya, among others, so the Psalms, in whom it is expressed in the Lord to the Lord, who hesitates to listen to the landmarks, are pronounced performed by the Savior of the Savior, when he made the Savior to God when he betrayed the Savior Loot: "In Rutz" Your Offer My Spirit "(Ps. 30, 6). In the third part of the Having, in Psalm "God, Issue my wan" (Ps. 69) says: "Let them rejoice and argue about Tess Wsya, God, God; And yes I will verify it: yes, the Lord Lovyabi Salvivіe will be exalted. " And in Psalm: "Lord, I will hear my prayer" (Ps. 142) I hear: "Yako runs the enemy's soul, Smiril is to eat my stomach, I planted me there is a darken Yako. Your name for your sake, Lord, ghives me, the approval of your fear of soul my soul. " Hello contains as indicated that the Lord, conjunction in hell, built the dungeon of Head's souls of righteous. In the canon, the holy references are glorified and exalted about God, looking for a god, whom the Lord revived, and the souls of whom the foredestlessly relied in sorrow [9].

"Guide for rural shepherds." 1898. T. 1. No. 12. P. 265-273.

[1] Pre. Kassіan († 435) Traveling through the monasteries of Palestine, Mesopotami, Egypt, says between others, that in these countries, the devotees of adolescence fell only on the sunshine of the Sun, and that each of them was set to Kellіi the feed number of Psalmov; These words are prep. Cass_ana is told to us about the name of the Russian.

[2] Small Havieter there is a redundance of Velikago: in Malomy Vihromi NѣT almost two parts located in Veliky. In an ancient litrogenous books, the Books are called the Great, and NIGD is not awarded by Nazvіia Malaga, the newsstand on our liturgical books, it is found to be found to be found that the ancient church did not dance the leader on great and small.

[3] In the case of the case, the Grand Histière ends the Slavonic Slavic; Prayers are left to sleep, because at the end of this, the vigorous bdѣni continues.

[4] From this PѣSni: Feed us (Μεθἡμων ὁ θεός) The most ledity is called Meѳimon, Neuimon .

[5] On the vastii, there is a trapper of the holiday on the vigil of the bdѣnii.

[6] On the vulture, the existent on the bdѣni, it is a tropar, the Kondak of the holiday.

[7] The third removal of Velikago Vastyadiya actually and make out of themselves a small hare. Only on Malomy Vihromii joins the first part of the Velikago Vastyadiya - the symbol of the vessel, and from the second part - the Psalm of the fiftieth.

[8] According to the URB, Slavostlovia is served by Canon, in which the saints are asked. The great canon, incidentally, is read, not in the third part of the Having, and in the very beginning of the vulture, because the greatness prepared and tunes the soul to the revenue Molynia, which settled and hesitate.

[9] Poster to the studied church of the Charter prot. K. T. Nikolskago, ed, 3rd. Spb. 1874, p. 253, 258.

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About Orthodox worship


For translation from the Greek, the Village is a service after dinner.

We ask for blessings on the upcoming night. Sleep there is a selection of death, and the service before bed reminds of it.

In the prayers of the Village, we ask the Lord so that he makes it a good night without harm from evil spirits. Village is two species: Small and great. Great Village The Great Village serves on the saddemic days of the Great Post, as well as in the composition of the National Holidays of the Nativity of Christ, the Epiphany of the Lord and the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Consists of a great vortex of three parts. First part Begins reading six psalms: 4,6,12,24,30 and the 90th.

They expresate thanks to God for the past day and hope for the Lord, that he grants peaceful sleep in the coming night.

A warm prayer to the Lord is crazy so that he pardons, saved the soul, did not comply with the death of man to

The Lord taught to live righteously.

After reading the six psalms, the chant "is with us God, desire, languages ​​and a swinging, Yako God with us." Then the reader hurts poems from the book of the Prophet Isaiah, after each of which the chorus "Yako is with us God." And finally

Again repeats completely "God ..."
Then the paths in honor of the Blessed Trinity: "Prel, thank you, Lord, I ask for a new one


Sin feeds, save, and save me. Day Prel, Slavor, Vladyko, the evening I ask for a novice to the outerness of the second, dese, and save me.

The day Prel, Pesnovloville, the Saints, the evening I ask for a new one, Savor, Savior, and save me "and

"Sleepy nature of the Kheruvimskoe Spleant Songs of the Salovarious ..."

A symbol of faith is read.

Then brief prayers are followed with bows (in the post - with earth offs) to the Most Holy Theotokos and to all the saints.

The priest reads "Most Holy Vladychitsa, the Virgin, moths about us, sinners," the choir repeats this prayer and relying. Then the same

The image is pronounced prayers for the saints.

Further reads the tris and walk along the day. Some trails are assigned to Monday and Wednesday,

Others - for Tuesday and Thursday, other - for the evening Friday. On the vortices that happens on the holidays for the holidays of the Nativity of Christ, Epiphany and Annunciation,

There is a feather of the holiday. On the vortices that serves the great post under the holidays of the saints of the saints (when the rainy morning) is served) or

We ask for blessings on the upcoming night. Sleep there is a selection of death, and the service before bed reminds of it.

The temple saints - the tropear of Pradnika, "Glory and Now" - the Virgin Sundays on the chapter of the Triplier.

Then the forty time is prone to the prayer "Lord, Pomemui", the Slavostovye of the Most Holy Virgin "Corporate Cherub ...",

"The prayers of the saints of our father ..." and the prayer in which the prayers contained in the first part of the Village are summarized:

"Lord, Lord, got rid of us from all the arrows, flying in the days, save us from all things, in the darkness of transient ..."

Second part

Great Village - repentant. She begins with Psalms:

The 50th and 101th and prayers of Manassey, Tsar Judaistan: "Lord, Almighty, God's father ...".

Then the repentance of the trails are swaying: "Merry us, Lord, nice us ..."

They expresate thanks to God for the past day and hope for the Lord, that he grants peaceful sleep in the coming night.

On the vortices that happens on the holidays for the holidays of the Nativity of Christ, the Epiphany and the Annunciation or on the temple holidays,

The Great Festival happened on the saddemic days, the holiday of the holiday serves here.

Then the forty time is pronounced prayer "Lord, Pomemui", "Higher Cherub ...",

"The prayers of the saints of our father ..." and the prayer, which finishes the second part of the Village, in which we ask for pardon and salvation:

"Vladyko God Father Almighty ..."

The third part

More solemn, it mainly consists of the gloriousness to God and the holy aspare of God.

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