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I already explained why I do not use the RK or TC. It is my right! Where did these programs come from and why did they attach to warfia? This is not part of the Virtafa, why without them few people want to go to special, I do not understand! Okay, it would be the function of the warface, pressed the button and say as in the radio (for example, as in KS 1.6), but then there is no it, so on what is the RC formed? And in my opinion, it is much easier to press F1, it's much easier to press F1 twice if you need honey or f1 and f3 if the cartridges are needed or in the chat write ammunition. One word and everything is clear. I don't know who I don't have enough time, personally, I always have one second for this. And about the first time I got to the pro, so I try not to walk with such a thing, since it's not a newcomer (only if the special is not new).

So, what is it - RK in Warface?

RK (Original name: Raidcall) is a program for mass voice communication. Raidcall is most often used in games with command action elements, for example: in Warface, in Armored Warfare or Archeage.

You may have a completely logical question: how does this Raidcall differ from the same Skype? But what:

  • Low load on the processor and RAM
  • Qualitative sound
  • Minimum delay
  • Group communication up to 100,000 people

Link to download the program at the end of the page!

I did not specify the process of installing the program to your computer. In my opinion, you should not have any problems that you can not say, for example, about creating an account. Below I described in the most detailed as possible about how it was done.

Create an account in RaidCall

Run the program and click on the "Create New Account" key.

Create a new account in Raidcall

In the window that appears, enter:

  • Name of your account (used to log in)

Enter the name of the account in RaidCall

  • Your name, nickname or something else (appears to other users)

We enter a name or nickname in RaidCall

  • Your password (at least 6 characters)

Enter the password in RaidCall

  • Your password is once again (entered to check the password entered above correctness)

We once again enter the password in Raidcall

  • Your mailbox (used to restore your password)

We enter the mailbox in Raidcall

  • Your gender (no comment)

Choose the floor in Raidcall

  • Your country (does not play any role)

Choose the country in Raidcall

  • Your verification code (entered in order to make sure you are a person)

Enter the verification code in RaidCall

Agree with the terms of use of the program and click on the "Create My Account" key.

Agree with the terms of use and create an account in RaidcallIt is done! You can log in in the program and join the group you are interested in.

Download RaidCall

The key feature that allowed to become online games with the favorite entertainment of millions of people around the world - this is of course the living communication between the players. It is the opportunity to say thanks to her teamwork partner became for players that makes the virtual world tangible.

Unfortunately, at least communication between the players is a very popular thing, game developers are not hurry to supply their projects advanced voice chats. Most often, everything comes down to text communication or simply performed at a primitive level.

Such restrictions make users independently search for suitable solutions and apply them in practice. One of the most popular products in the field of voice communication between the players is completely free Raid Call program, and today we will tell about it in more detail.


The list of features of this small program is great, we will list only the most important thing:

  • Group connection (up to 10,000 people in the group)
  • Broadcast video straight on Youtube
  • Transfer different files directly in the chat program
  • History of messages

An interesting set of opportunities is not every software can. But everything becomes even more interesting when we look at the list of features that allocate this program from the general range:

  • Low use of system resources, and as a result - high speed of work even on the old "hardware"
  • UDP protocol that reduces the delay compared to TCP
  • Noise cancellation functions and improve sound quality
  • Flexible system settings and interface caustization

This program combines rich opportunities and advanced technologies, which is still necessary for happiness.


How to use the program

To start using the program, you must go through a few simple steps:

1. Download Raid Call from the official site and install it. Since the software is completely free and not at all the volume, then it is simply meaningless to download it from another place. Installing the program will not require any knowledge from you, just follow the instructions and click "Next".

2. After the program has been installed, run it and make an initial check and configuration. First of all, you need to check the operation of the headset and microphone, after which it is worth installing hotkeys at your discretion. Other settings can not be touched, especially by typing.


3. By configuring the program at all time to find a suitable game or create your own room and invite friends there.


After you go through all these stages, you can run the game, wish the partners of good luck and go to conquer the vertices.


For those who like to perceive information from the video, we have prepared a special video. It tells how to download and install RK.

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