Knitted leggings with knitting needles and crochet: a detailed description of the best schemes and an overview of the most fashionable models

Gaitra, like many fashion accessories and wardrobe elements, came to us from sports. At one time, it was an element of a male wardrobe, which with great pleasure today wearing women.

This is a universal accessory, which is perfectly combined with different shoes:

  • bootlims;
  • boots;
  • Ugami;
  • sneakers;
  • shoes;
  • shoes.

In stores you can buy ready-made legs of different lengths, colors and style, but brighter and more interesting things will look for items related to your own hands. This is the most appropriate model for those women who decided to master knitting on the needles and crochet.

Tied for yourself or for the daughter's beautiful and fashionable accessory using the presented schemes for knitting with gutter with knitting needles or crochet, you can master the principle of knitting and proceeding to the execution and other knitted products.

Tips beginner knitters

Before starting to work, you should decide on the model that will be eliminated on the spokes or with the help of the hook. For novice needlewomen you can start with a model associated with two spokes on your hands made by your hands.

The easiest version of the model is leggings bound by the front and hinges on the front and, respectively, the invalid side. The finished product is stitched by folding every detail with an invalid outside.

In addition to knitting on two knitting needles, there is a technique of working with 5 small wear spokes, which are usually knitted socks. The newcomer will also be able to master the work with 5 knitting needles, since when knitting this way does not need to confuse the heel.

The advantages of such a knitting technique is that the product is obtained without a seam. During operation, it is necessary to simply correctly add a certain amount of loops to the side that was at the level of ankle, it has already been topped at the level of caviar.

In the circular, you can connect such sash products and with the help of a hook using a pattern with a pattern. Those who are already able to knit can choose a more complex scheme of heter of jacquard pattern or with braids.

Classic leggings usually knit with a rubber over the entire length, if you need them to make a tight leg and looked like a golf. There are models of a free cut, on which the complex drawing is raised by threads of other shades.

Tip! The beginners should be started with simple models that fit from the yarn of one color, and when the confusion does not have to make complex transitions. While the beginner needlewoman "did not nabe his hand," her loops can get different sizes when transitions, which is negatively affected by the product itself.

Non-fashion gestrants with vertical braids nice needlewomen should be postponed to better times, and to start learning better with a simple model associated with the front and hinges. Tied such a simple product, the newcomer will master:

  • The techniques of the confusion of the main loops used in manual knitting;
  • learn to do the set and run the edge;
  • gain experience of adding and rehabilitation loops in the canvas;
  • learn how to properly sew the finished canvas if the knitting will be performed on two spokes.

There are different schemes for knitting with gutter with knitting needles or crochet. The beginners are encouraged to choose simple patterns with alternating facial and invalous loops in the same order.

To confuse such a wearer without sock and heels, the yarn of medium thickness is best suited. The leggings of too thin yarn will not stay on the leg, and the products from thick threads will look rude and will not fit into shoes.

How to shoot measurements and make a pattern

Before proceeding with knitting, you should make a pattern. First you need to remove the measurements using a tailoring meter, measuring:

  • shin girth;
  • Circle of the calf muscle;
  • Girth under the knee, where leggings will end;
  • length from knee to the center of caviar;
  • length from the center of caviar to the ankle;
  • Height of the finished product.

The pattern is made for products that fit on two knitting needles. When knitting on 5 spokes, the measurements are needed for the proper outflow and addition of loops so that the products sat on the leg.

When creating patterns, you need to draw a long rectangle on millimeter paper, the long side of which should be equal to the length of the finished product. On the bottom of the side, measure the width of the ankle girth, closer to the middle indicate the girth of caviar. At the top Mark the size of the girth under the knee. Connect the dots smooth line. On the bottom and on top of painting rectangles that will perform the function of the visor.

Monochrome models on two knitting needles

Simple model for those who do not know how to knit. To work, you need to pick up the yarn of the middle thickness of the suitable color and two knitting spokes number 7. You also need to take a thick needle with a big ear to cross the finished cloth.

Then make measurement of the leg and construct the pattern as described above in the thematic section.

Here is a simple knitting scheme with knitting needles for girls:

  1. Two spokes to score 90-100 loops, depending on the resulting pattern and made measurements.
  2. Knit with a rubber band according to the circuit 2 irons (s), 2 facial (l) hinges.
  3. To stick with a rubber band of 10-12 cm and move to the execution of the main part, the length of which will be approximately 25-30 cm. The middle part knit with the addition of loops, focusing on the created pattern. Closer to the end you need to drop the loops so that the upper gum turns out already the middle. The model will sit on the leg and crashes while driving.
  4. Complete the performance of gum 2x2, as below.
  5. Sew half, making a thin seam on the wrong side of the vertical edge.

Remove the finished legs and draw them on the leg.

Maxi-leggings on five spokes

Models that reach the knees and above are perfectly looking at slender and high fashionistas. When you knit this accessory, a certain complexity should be taken into account - the formation of a smooth transition of the knitted canvas on the knee and above.

To work you need to take:

  • 5 stocking spokes No. 6-7;
  • Yarn of middle thickness of black color - 100 -150 g

Below the schemes of knitting with gtering knitting needles with a description:

  1. Dial 140 kettles for 4 knitting needles and closer circle.
  2. Knit a cloth 20 cm according to the scheme: 2 facial loops (hereinafter L.P.), 2 and. p., Remove two hetrels on the auxiliary needle, peck 2 liters. p., Return two l. n. with auxiliary needles to work.
  3. Knit with a rubber band 20 cm lugged.
  4. Back to the pattern according to the scheme for the back of the heter.
  5. At an altitude of 56 cm, perform 1 series of facial stroke, adding 16-20 loops. So formed to the knee.
  6. Further knit according to the scheme, indicated above, by completing elastic band.

The sock turns out a good length, so it can be worn with high boots.

Insulated model from melange yarn

A simple knitting facial and 1x1 gum will look spectacular if you pick up the color of the melange yarn. The alternation of the segments of a multicolored melange will give such wear products a bright design, and warm yarn in two threads will warm in the bad weather of the girl.

To work you need to take:

  1. Several color of multi-colored melange yarn in two additions of 50 g;
  2. 5 wear spokes number 5-6;
  3. Accessories type of buttons or lace braid, which can be issued a finished product.

Here is a description of the scheme for knitting with gtering knitting needles:

  1. Dial 52 loops and distribute them evenly by 4 knitting needles.
  2. Tind a rubber band 2x2 5-8 cm.
  3. Go to the handle mating and knit the main part of the product, changing the colors and adding a loop in the right places to create a smooth transition to the knee. At the end to bind the gum 2x2 5-10 cm and run the product.
  4. At the end of the work, to reduce the loops evenly so that 64-68 loops for knitting the upper gum and launch remain in the work.

If you wish, you can decorate such a fashionable accessory with fine lace white braid, or small buttons, sewing them on the side in a short row.

Model with an open heel for a dancer

Today, many girls attend dancers where they will necessarily need special long golfs with "window instead of a heel and without sock. Such an accessory for the choreography class can be associated with their own hands using the knitting schemes with heter-needles with the description presented below.

On such sports leggings need to be required

  • Yarn of middle thickness of black, white or gray - 100 g;
  • 5 sashpice number 6-7.

For such a product it is better to use a simple gum that will help the gutters firmly sit on the legs during the dance.

Scheme of knitting heter needles for girls engaged in professional dances:

  1. Score 66 loops and distribute them on four spokes equally.
  2. Tie 12-14 cm with a simple rubber band 1x1.
  3. Further knit with a rubber band 2x2 5-8 cm.
  4. 34 cm knit with rubber band 1x1.
  5. To confuse the window on the heel, close 32 loops, tissing the working thread. Knit on the remaining hinges 2 row.
  6. To dial up 32 loops and start knitting with the main Figure 6-7 cm.
  7. Further knit on the pattern of a rubber band 1x1, adding the loops in the area of ​​the wide part of the caviar and having reduced the loops when moving to the knee.
  8. Finish the top of a rubber band 2x2. Run the finished product.

Upper gum can be bend as a lapse, or pull the leggings for the entire length.


After studying the Knitting Schemes with heter needles with a description, you can go to knitting with a crochet, which also allows you to knit an analogue of a golf without socks splitting. Crochet It turns out a sufficiently dense cloth, which will be well covered with ankle.

To work you need to take:

  • Tangle of monotonous yarn of medium thickness - 100 g;
  • Hook number 3.

Knitting description:

  1. As the main pattern will be used "Rubber". Dial 36 air looping for it for one product for one product and tie two rows with columns without a nakid.
  2. Make a rise to the next row, sticking a row of a column without Nakid.
  3. In the second row and in each even row, it is further knitting 2 columns without Nakid, 1 loop to raise the loop from the previous row diagonally.
  4. Rapoport is repeated until the end of the work.

Such a product can be knitting in line or as a canvas, which then need to sew.

Using simple schemes with simple patterns, each beginner needlewoman can associate itself simple and beautiful socks, which will help to emphasize the style and individuality of the image.

Photo ideas of homemade knitted gtering

How to tie leggings with knitting needles: schemes for beginners

Ghetra is a completely universal thing in the wardrobe of any woman. Tighted leggings with knitting needles, the main thing is to show such qualities as accuracy and patience. There are various types of GETR: openwork, patterned, with jacquard pattern, leggings of stockings, etc.

In any case, leggings are trend at all times and cases, not only for girls, but also for girls. Tie leggings for the girl is easy, the main thing to choose a clear scheme with a detailed description. Below we present you a small collection of various model models, we tried to choose uncomplicated schemes for beginner needlewomen.

Knit leggings for girls with knitting needles: schemes with description

To date, the online store of teenage clothes for girls provides a lot of options for ready-made knitted products, but do not forget that handmade is much higher than any purchased thing. Made with your own hands, our thing is not only unique, but also carries the energy of love and warmth for the person we tried.

In order to tie the leggings, we need to prepare the following materials: woolen threads, needles, scissors.

Simple knitted leggings

Before proceeding to work with schemes, let's get acquainted with the symbols: the front loop - L.P., Announced loop - I.P., Air loop - V.P., Column without Nakida - St.B.N., Column With Nakid - Art.


Following our simple schemes and descriptions, any beginner needlewoman can tie the leggings. We take a thread of the color we need, leggings can be monophonic or color, as you like most. The knitting needles should be selected, depending on the thickness of the threads themselves.

We start knit according to the following algorithm:

1. We recruit 48 kettles on the knitting needles (SP.), Carefully remove one joint venture. So, that in the remaining loops left and begin to knit with a rubber band 2 * 2 (i.e. 2 lp * 2 I.P). Thus, knit 100 rows, follow the way you make a rubber band. After you have accumulated the first row (r.) To the end, turn over the lace, on the turn, those loops that were irons become facial and vice versa. It is very easy to distinguish the facial loop from the invalid, the facial loop has a V - shape, the wrong look like a minus.

2. After you have accumulated 100 rubles, go to knitting the hollow of the gum, while adding 12 loops to each row to the refuge, the gain occurs every 4 loops. Thus, there are 12 rows. And we close the loop (with a new r. We connect two loops into one, the remaining loop we connect with the next and so to the end of the r. Until only one loop we close the thread).



We make simple leggings of 40 cm long, we will need: 150 g. - yarn. The rubber band is made 2 on 2 (2 lp * 2 I.P.), then knit the main part (see 30) alternate p. - first r. Only the front next is only involved. At the end, we knit a gum 2 * 2 by 6 centimeters and closed the loops. Fashion accessory ready!

With pompoms and pigtail


We will analyze another description of the gutter with pompons. It will take: 300 g. - woolen yarn of medium thickness, needles, a piece of cardboard for pumps and scissors.

Pattern scheme:



Movement diagram from behind GETER:


Left crossing two hinges. L.Po for the rear wall of the 2nd loop on the left joint, lp for the front wall of the 1st loop on the left joint venture. Both hinges remove from the left knitting needles.

Right crossing of two hinges. Two loops tie together face, but do not remove the loops with the joint venture. Enter the second joint venture. Between loops, who have just been cluttered together. Tie the front in the 1st loop, then remove both hinges from the left knitting needles.


Right gaitra. Dial 76 p. We start knitting according to the scheme: 1. Knit a rubber band 2 × 2 While the work does not reach 8 cm.2. Next, knit according to the scheme 24 p., 2 together L.P., Nakid (n.), 2 I.P., N., 2 together L.P., continue the knitting of the product according to the figure to the end p.3. We continue to knit with a rubber band 2 × 2 While the product does not reach the length of 22 cm.4. Track. R.: 1 POSSIBLE, 38 IP * 2 times (78) .5. One r. All L.P.6. Track. R.: 2 I.P., 2 L.P. 1 time, trail 12 p. Knit a pattern for the back pigtail, 2 L.P., 2 I.P. 1 time, 2 persons., Knit the main pattern7. Track. 54 p., Repeating rapport 2 times, 2 lp. 8. Knit in a similar order while all r. Patterns for rear braids will not be repeated 3 times. After tie another r. (p. 1 pattern for rear braids); 9. Whole r. L.P.10. Whole r. I.P.11. Close all loops.

Left gaitra. Dial 76 p. Similarly to the right: 1. Knit with a rubber band 2 × 2, as well as for the right.2. Further knit according to the scheme 24 p., 2 together L.P., Nakid (n.), 2 I.P., N., 2 together L.P.3. Knit a rubber band 2 × 2 While the product does not reach the length of 22 cm.4. Track. R.: 1 POSSIBLE, 38 IP * 2 times (78) .5. One r. All L.P.6. Track. R.: 2 I.P., 2 L.P. 1 time, trail 12 p. Knit a pattern for the back pigtail, 2 L.P., 2 I.P. 1 time, 2 persons., Knit the main pattern7. Track. 54 p., Repeating rapport 2 times, 2 lp. 8. Knit while all rows for rear braids will not be repeated 3 times. Knit another river. (p. 1 pattern for rear braids); 9. Whole r. L.P.10. Whole r. I.P.11. Close all loops. Hide the tips of the threads.

Tie 2 lace for ties:

Pick up 3 loops and lies them L.P. Move the knitting to another end of the joint venture, without turning the isjource, (stretch the working thread from behind and link 3 facial loops, move the knit again), repeat until the desired length is reached. Approximate length 60 - 70 centimeters. We close the loop, leave a small tip of the thread for pompon. Turn the cord to the leggings.

Make 4 pumps about 4 cm. Diameter. Cut out the diameter of the diameter you need from cardboard, in this case 4 cm, 2 mug on each pompon. Make a small hole in the center of each circle. Connect two mug together and take a thread and wind uniformly in a circle. Then take scissors and cut through the thread between the cards, the core is closed and tied a thread. FIRST APOMPON! Ready pumps to sew to the tips of the shoelaces.

Knitted gtering for dancing

The leggings are suitable not only as a fashionable accessory for shoes, but, as well as this is a great addition to the dance costume. In this video, a simple master class is shown how to tie beautiful leggings using the needles.

Openwork legs

Gaiters will be able to add you a winter image, especially if they are set with gloves, cap and scarf. Now we will look at the scheme how to tie warm leggings for the winter. You can show your imagination and tie patterned or striped leggings. We will look at the description of warm knitted heter with jacquard pattern.


Materials: Gray and green yarn - 50 g. and 150 g., Circular (stocking) knitting needles. Dealer We look at the description: 1. Take 96 loops on the knitting needles, distribute 24 loops on 4 stocking knitting needles, connect the roller in the ring.2. Slip the gum 2 * 2 is about 2 cm.3. Then pick up 46 circular p. Jacquard pattern, add 1 circular p. L.P. gray-green thread. We should have about 15 centimeters of the main pattern.4. For the top plank again knit a gum 2 * 2 is about 2 cm. Close hinges. Circumcock gterjaccard pattern

The number of loops should be multiple 4. Knit according to the scheme of the front stroke of the threads of different color, while the unused thread is free to stretch along the wrong side of the product. Figure shows all the circular p. Constantly repeat 1-16th circular p.

Knitting density: 21 p. X 29th K.R. - 10 x 10 cm., Facial smooth; 22 p. X 40th k.r. - 10 x 10 cm., Sequence of patterns; 28 p. X 31st to. P. - 10 x 10 cm., Jacquard pattern.

Facial smooth: In a circle, only facial hinges are tied. Rubber: Very simply performed, alternate 1 L.P. from 1 I.P.

Schemes of knitting seamless gutter on 4 knitting

In order for the leggings to be seamless, we need to use a circular technique of knitting using 4 knitting equipment. Before proceeding with knitting, take measurements from your feet. We need to measure the leg in the widest part of the caviar, 1 centimeter is 4 hinges.

Simple option


Seamless leggings. We take woolen threads of any color - 150 gr., And stocking knitting needles of 4 pieces. Next, follow the instructions:

1 - 5 R.: We recruit the loops on the needles. Knit a rubber band 1 * 1 or 2 * 2 How much you like most; 6 - 9 p.: Knit 3 I.P. * 4 L.P. * 3 I.P. 10th R.: 3 I.P., 2 p. We throw onto the spare knitting needle, 2 L.P., I am proving 2 p. With spare knitting needles LP, 3 IP; 11 - 60 R.: 3 I.P. * 4 L.P. * 3 IP; 61 - 62 R.: 3 I.P., 4 L.P., 3 I.P * 2 times, then 4 L.P., 1 I.P., 25 p. Close; 63 - 64 R.: 3 I.P., 4 L.P, 3 I.P.; 65 p.: 3 I.P., 2 p. We throw onto the spare knitting needle, 2 L.P., I prefer 2 p . With spare spokes L.P., 3 I.P.; 66 - 69 R.: Knit 3 I.P. * 4 L.P. * 3 IP; 70 R.: 3 I.P., 2 p. We throw onto the spare spare knitting needle, 2 L.P., we are providing 2 p. With spare knitting needles L.P., 3 IP; 71 - 76 R.: Rubnka77 R: Close all loops We should have been able to get seamless leggings with beautiful braids.

With a spanish openwork pattern


We take yarn of any color - 150 gr., And stocking knitting needles of 4 pieces. Next, follow the instructions:

1. We recruit 76 p., And divide them for 4 spokes, connecting into the ring.2. Knit 1 L.P. * 1 IP, so up to 8 cm.3. 1 and 12 p. We perform according to the scheme * 9 times4. Knit 1 L.P. * 1 IP, so up to 8 cm.5. We close the Hispanic pattern of the Spanish pattern above.

Baby with pattern


Ghetra knitted with knitting needles are perfect for children. There are many options for creating beautiful children's heter.

Initially, you need to remove the measure from the children's legs. (1 cm = 5 p.) Next follow according to the scheme:

  • We recruit 20 p. And then knit according to the scheme 1 row L.P. * 2 row I.P.
  • We do about 80 rubles to get the desired length of the farm.
  • Close loops.

Types of patterns:

  • Rubber. The gum can be made completely different: 1 L.P. * 1 I.P., R. 2 L.P. * 2 I.P., 3 lp * 3 IP or 2 I.P * 3 lp * 2 I.P., etc.
  • An elastic band can be alternate with the main pattern, such as facial. The facial is performed according to the following algorithm one row all LP, the other all I.P. etc.
  • You can also use connective loops for a pattern with adding. For example: 1 r .: All facial, 2 p.: 2 L.P. Connect 2 I.P. + Adjust 1 p. * We repeat the scheme to the end.



Lace knitted leggings are not difficult to knit. We will learn to make striped knitted leggings with knitting needles using schemes and descriptions.

Pattern knitting diagram: 1 Cr.: 2 L.P., L.P. for the rear wall of the loop, 1 I.P.; 2 Kr.: 2 L.P. Together, n., 1 L.P., 1 I.P.; 3 kr.: 3 L.P., 1 I.P.; 4 kr.: 1 L.P., N., Remove 2 p. on the right spoke, again we transfer them to the left knitting needles and in touch together for the rear wall, 1 I.P.;

Work description:

We recruit 48 loops on the needles, connect to the circle. Slip 6 cm with rubber band (2 L.P. and 2 I.P.).

In the main pattern, lie another 12 cm.

After starting to add a loop: for this in every 4th r. Adjust 1 loop on the left and right * 8 times. (64 p.).

We continue to knit the main pattern.

After we tied up 25 cm, we start to subscribe loops - for this. 1 p. On the right and left in each 2nd row * 2 times (60 p.).

The remaining 10 centimeters knit a rubber band.

Close loops.

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Gheetters spokes a selection of schemes and patterns

Knitted leggings are indispensable for sports, dancing, they are comfortable to train. You can buy knitted leggings in the store, only the price does not always correspond to quality. We suggest you tie the leggings with your own hands. It is not difficult to do this by choosing a good description and quality knitting materials.

Where to begin?

You can knit leggings in different ways: on 2 or 5 knitting needles. In the first case, you will need to tie a rectangle (or a trapezium) and sew it to get a "pipe". Such a product will be less elastic than the associated 5 knitting. If you know how to knit in a circle, take better stocking knitting needles, and if you do not know how to learn how to learn about the simple article.

Before the start of knitting, we will remove the measurement:

  • Girths legs under the knee or above the knee, depending on the height of your product
  • Volume of caviar
  • Screw volume
  • Height of the gutter.

For obtained measurements build the pattern. If you knit in a circle, then the pattern will not need.

Knitting the simplest gtering for beginners

There are no doubt beautifully looks like a golf related with beautiful braids or openwork patterns. But what to do those who still do not know how to knit complex patterns? Or do you just need a minimalist model? Newbies We recommend knit with knitting with simple pattern - gum 1 * 1 or gum 2 * 2 (alternation of facial and invalous loops). In the upper and lower part of the gutter, bind the gum is denser, for this, take the knitting needles to 1 size less. The gum is needed that the golfs are not slipped during walking or running.

How to strengthen the gum when knitting?

In factory products, spandex often add spandex so that it does not stretch in the socks process. We also recommend you to buy Spandex threads in a handweller store and add them when knitting the last row. Or you can pave one line with spandex on the inside, see photos with different applications of the spandex:

We strengthen the gum when knitting gutter with knitting needles

What to wear knitted leggings?

Warm leggings warm their legs to the knee and above in cold weather. Wearing them better with shortened dresses, shorts and skirts. For them it is worth choosing special shoes.

  • Gaiters wear over sneakers, sneakers and short boots.
  • Also, high golfs can look out of boots, then the boots should be wider than the usual.
  • Since this is an additional accessory, you should think over all your image so that the golfs are well combined not only with shoes, but also with the upper clothes.

Today we have prepared an excellent selection of schemes and descriptions for knitting a wide variety of ghetepers.

Knitted leggings for adults

Olive set: leggings for women and mitten

Olive set: leggings and mitts

Hello! My name is Kolosov Svetlana. I am engaged in the manufacture of copyrighted knitting products and today I want to present you one of my works - the "Olive" kit. The kit is connected from the half-wallast German yarn Vita Brilliant (100g / 380m) in 2 additions

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Knitted high leggings, work Mary

Knitted high leggings, work Mary

Good day! I want to offer you a Botford Ghetra. They are connected from Lana Gold's Lana Turkish company "Yarnart", 200 grams gone. Set 40 loops (bottom) in the process of knitting is added 20 loops = 60 loops (top). Knit rubber band 1x1 5 cm

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Knit short leggings for beginners

Knit short leggings for beginners

Warm legs. Gaiters for short winter boots will replace high boots. Linked with vertical two-color english elastic bands in a circle. Rules Knitting GETER Simple: The color of the threads change in each row, but knit, alternating only two rows (number of loops -

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Gaiters / Golfs High with Deer

Gaiters / Golfs High with Deer

Better dimensions: 35/37-38 / 40-41 / 43. The length of the feet of the heter: 22 - 24 - 27 cm. The length of the product: 48 -50 - 52 cm. You will need to knitting the heter: 150 g of natural-white yarn (75% wool, 25% polyamide, 205 m / 50 g) and 100 G.

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Warm Women's Heter-Knitted Heter

Warm heter-bound knitting

GETER dimensions: S / M-L / XL. Length GETER: 60-62 cm. Materials: 300-350 g yarn "Drops kagisma" (100% wool, 100 m / 50 g); Cutting spokes No. 3.5 and No. 3. Knitting density GETR: 22 p. and 30 p. Persons. Stroy = 10 × 10 cm. Pattern:

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Women's leggings with knitting needles with Arana and Kosyos

Gaiters with Arana and Kosy

To knitting the heter, you will need: yarn Drops Karisma Superwash 300 g for all sizes color # 55, (Light Brownmix - light brown). Irmet knitting needles 3.5 mm. Knitting density: 22 hinges x30 circles with a cycle knitting = 10

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Black leggings with zipper

Black leggings with zipper

Black leggings with lightning knitted knitting. I do not know if zipper is so necessary in these walkrs, but the model is pretty. If you wish to tie these legs without lightning. You will need: "Popular" yarn (50% wool, 45% acrylic,

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Gray leggings with swipes with swans for women

Gray leggings with swipes with swans

You will need: yarn NaKo Baby (25% wool, 75% acrylic, 130 m / 50 g) -200 g sulfur, residues of lilac, set of stocking spokes # 3, hook No. 2.5, auxiliary circular spokes. Type 84 p., Distributing 4ps

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High leggings with relief pattern

High leggings with relief pattern

You will need: the yarn "Moscow region" (50% wool, 50% acrylic, 250 m / 100 g) -200 g of pink color, knitting needles No. 4. Relief pattern: 1st row (facial) - chrome. p. 3 izn. p., * 2 persons. p., 6 is elevated. p. *, Repeat * - *

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Women's leggings knitted

Heter-tied knitting

Knitted leggings stretched over shoes or shoes offer to carry many designers this season. You will need: "Children's" yarn (70% acrylic, 25% viscose, 5% acrylic volumetric, 175 m / 50 g) - 150 g of melangeva, knitting needles No. 3 and No. 4.5. Main

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Openwork high heter-bound knitting

Openwork high heter-bound knitting

Gaiters knitted are perfect for natur, adoring experiments, for those who cannot resist the fashionable novelty. You will need: 200 g yarn (100% purified wool; 50 g / 150 m) of raspberry color. Breaking Spins No. 3.5. Size one. Patterns

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Men's tracks and leggings with knitting needles

Men's tracks and leggings with knitting needles

Men's slippers - tracks and leggings with knitting needles. I associated as a gift to my brother on 43 leg size. He likes when the sock has a high top of the top (essentially a golf). At the same time, he has a "unique talent" - I wipe the holes

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White leggings, knitting

White leggings, knitting

Sizes: S / M - L / XL. GETER Length: 40-42 cm. Materials: 200-250 g yarn (100% Alpaca Wool, 167 m / 50 g) type "Drops Alpaca" from Garnstudio; Breaking Spins No. 4. Knitting density: 19 p. and 25 Circle, rows of persons. Glades double

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Leggings with knitting needles

Gaiters for girls knitting

Gaiters for girls knitting

For knitting, you will need: 50 g juvel yarn (100% wool: 50 g / 106 m) No. 00722 red, No. 00749 Pink color, No. 00547 of green, No. 00645 yellow color, No. 00182 purple and

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Poncho, scarf and leggings for girls

Poncho, scarf and leggings for girls

For knitting, you will need: 400 g for poncho and 200 g for scarf and gage of the color yarn of camel Mondial Merino Plus (52% Merino wool. 48% acrylic. 125 m / 100 g); straight and erect Spokes

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Funny set: hat and leggings with knitting needles

Funny set: hat and leggings with knitting needles

Set size: for 4 years. The level of complexity: just. You will need: 280 g of medium thickness yarn (50% acrylic, 50% wool) purple. Spokes No. 5. Patterns: gum 1 × 1. Fantasy pattern: 1st p.: 1 izn. p., * 1 persons. P.,

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Knitted leggings leggings, models from the Internet

Hetra for choreography, online knitting

Hetra for choreography, online knitting

We start knitting with a rubber band 2 * 2. Kauni yarn 8/2 spokes 3.5. Knitting density: 10 cm 24 loops.

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The most simple knitted leggings (beginners) for sports and dancing

The simplest knitted leggings for sports and dance

Length: 40smdl Knitting You will need: • 100g bright pink yarn Regia (in 6 threads; 75% wool, 25% polyamide, 210m / 50g). • Set of stockpice spokes No. 3.5-4. Knitting. Resistant: knit alternately 3 persons., 2 is elevated knitting: 22p. and 30kruck r. = 10x10cm. Specinenate free 60P. and tie with rubber band 40cm, loops close in drawing

SlingGetras with Norwegian Pattern

SlingGetras with Norwegian PatternAuthor of the work of Marionika from the country of mothers. Puchery "Children's Caprice" of red and white colors (50% wool "Merino", 50% Pan (Fiber), Breaking Spins # 3.

Knitting scheme

Knitting scheme

White leggings with braids

White leggings with braids

Dimensions: Length 68.5 cm. The hip circle of 45.5 cm. Vama will need: 3 Moves (40 g / 140 m) acrylic / wool, color white. Ringer-knitting needles 5.5 mm, 30.5 cm long-wave needles for pigs, labels (markers) Pelterability: 16P * 18 p = 10 * 10 cm on the spokes of 5.5 cm with a pattern into the gum.

Description of the process of knitting

White leggings with braids

Elegant leggings for fashionista

Elegant leggings for fashionista

Size: about 25.5 cm around the circumference in the widest part and 57 cm long.


  • 3 Mokea Yarn Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport (100% Wool, 50g / 168m)
  • Breaking knitting needles 3.25 mm

Density of work: 28 p. And 37 p. = 10 cm, ez. Speed.

Types of patterns:

  • Crossed gum (number of multiple 2): About 1st round. R.: * 1 Persons. crossed, 1 is elected; Rep. from * to the end of the r. On repeating always this circle. row.
  • Pattern "Rhombus": according to the scheme.
  • Pattern "twisted cord": according to the scheme.
  • Pattern "Weave": according to the scheme.

Work description

how to knit leggings, job description

Knitting scheme

Knitting scheme

Gaiters with tassels

Gaiters with tassels Gaiters with tassels

Relief leggings

Relief leggings Relief leggings

Funny striped gtering knitting needles

Funny striped leggings with knitting needles

Two models of female gtering knitting

Two models of female gtering knitting

Jacquard pattern for gutter

Pattern for GETR Pattern for GETR

Simple and bright gtering knitting needles

Simple and bright leggings with knitting needles

Video - Knitting lessons with gutter knitting needles

How to tie simple gestra from melange yarn

Length - 52 cm, width - 9 cm. For knitting you need: Yarny - Alize, Burcum (100g - 210m) - 1.5 Mounds 100% acrylic, color yarn 5854. Spokes - Washing # 3. Hook. Scissors.

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Leggings that not slip

Finnish pattern, known and outside Finland. So that the snow does not get into shoes, in this way the leggings knit for children.

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High leggings knitting

The author knits the spokes number 3.5, and the yarn Filati Polo Nord (50 gr, 50% wool, 50% silk).

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Ghetra - a popular accessory in the women's wardrobe. Warm long leggings of cycle mate will warm the legs of young ballerinas, and bright striped - add style to the image of young girls. Today we will learn to several ways to knit this new detail of clothing.

Simple rules to start work

If you have never engaged in knitting this product, you should familiarize yourself with the simplest rules of work.

What measurements to remove

Armed with a centimeter, pencil and notepad, proceed to measuring the main indicators:

  • Girth at the leg level.
  • Leg circumference at the level of icy muscles.
  • Girth legs at the level where you plan to finish a mating product.
  • The height of the future product.

Next, if you decide to knit on two spokes, we make the pattern on the results obtained. In the event that you use a way to knit on five knitting, - patterns are not needed.

How and where you can wear leggings

Knitted stockings are a unique detail in the wardrobe, giving the image of any woman a unique sense of style. We have collected the most popular areas of application of this accessory. So why should we knit leggings:

  • This accessory is not only combined with any kind of shoes at a low heel, but also perfectly hides thin legs.
  • Strict black Maxi-leggings will perfectly complement the school uniform, successfully combined with the skirt and jacket. The outfit of your daughter-schoolgirls will appreciate teachers and girlfriends.
  • Combined with a wide belt on the Tunic's dress is an excellent autumn outfit for a walk through the park.
  • Gaiters for dancing and sports. Little who knows, but it is sport that gave the world of fashion this unique accessory. And in the sport, he continues to be actively used.

Step-by-step instructions for beginner needlewomen

Simple single-color leggings on two knitting

Necessary materials for work:

  • Yarn of any color;
  • Spokes number 7;
  • Patterns under an individual model.

Step-by-step scheme for the master:

  • We recruit 90-100 loops on the working needle.
  • Next, knit the canvas with a rubber band with alternation 2 of the wrong and 2 facial elements.
  • Visually divide the entire product into three parts: the initial and last department (about 10-12 cm) leave unchanged. The middle part (25-30 cm) is tied with the addition of loops to the needle. Such a scheme is needed to make the initial and final gum already than the middle mating. Such leggings will not crawl from your feet when driving.

Knit Maxi-leggings on five spokes

On the streets of our country (and not only) you can meet the so-called Maxi-gtering, elegantly fitting slender legs of young fashionistas. Knitting such accessories is associated with the presence of certain difficulties, for example, with the formation of the elastic transition of tissue through the knee.

Factory standards provide for adding elastic to yarn, and such a product can be bought in any boutique. But today we will look at how to tie the maxi-leggings with their own hands without resorting to excess costs.

We will need:

  • Breaking spokes plus one extra needle;
  • Yarn.

Detailed instruction scheme:

  1. We recruit 140 loops, closing the circle.
  2. Knit pattern on the continuation of 20 cm. Serial scheme: 2 liters. p. 2 and. p., Remove the two elements on the auxiliary needle, 2 liters. p., Return two l. n. back.
  3. Next, knit a rubber band for another 20 cm of the canvase.
  4. Returning back to the pattern according to the scheme, focusing on the rear wall of the leggings.
  5. At an altitude of 56 cm, it is necessary to check 1 series of facial stroke, adding 16-20 loops (we form the transition to the knee).
  6. Further knit, repeating the items described above.

Thanks to the resulting length of the product, it can be worn even with high boots.

Insulated melange

These leggings will allow girls to stay stylish and protected from cold even in winter. Due to the inclusion of melange yarn, the product looks colorfully and without the formation of the picture. Therefore, the knitting of the ghee is given in this way any beginner master.

To work, we will need:

  • Melange yarn.
  • Spokes.
  • Scheme-instruction (can be downloaded on the Internet).

Detailed description of our work:

  • Knit the product on 5 knitting needles.
  • We use thread folded twice.
  • We recruit 52 loops on the working needle, distribute them for 4 knitting needles.
  • 5-8 cm to have a rubber band with alternating 2 facial and two irons.
  • Next, 25 cm. Knit a follow-up scheme: a boil knitting (20petel), a "spit" drawing (12 facial loops), again the boil knitting (20 loops).
  • The "Spit" pattern can be downloaded and printed for yourself - it will still repeat you need.
  • We finish the mating of the product with standard elastic band.

Our leggings are ready to use. A cozy terry accessory firmly will take place in your wardrobe.

Socks-leggings for dancers

In connection with the development of new directions in dance, the leggings have gained popularity in another quality. The shortened version of the accessory in the "window" on the heel and sock, use lovers of sports dancing, strip plastics and step aerobics. Today we will tell you how to independently make guttered socks for sports.

To work, we will need:

  • Yarn;
  • Knitting needles;
  • Pattern scheme "Spit".
  • Hook.

Step-by-step scheme:

  • We recruit 66 loops on the working knitting needle, distribute them to 4 knitting needles equally.
  • 12-14 cm knit pattern "Spit".
  • Next, 5-6 cm knit a rubber band with alternating 2 facial loops and 2 ineverable elements.
  • The following 34 rows again see the drawing.
  • We approached the first "window" - heel. We close 32 loops, sticking the thread. On the remaining hinges, tie 2 rows.
  • We recruit 32 elements again, and on all hinges, we have a cloth with a pattern. Knit, not interrupting, for 6-7 cm.
  • We close all the loops by ticking a number of elements.
  • The hook will help us more creatively approach Kaima: check all the loops by any selected pattern with a hook and yarn of a different color.
  • In the beginning of the mating weaving and proceed to the use of our intended product.

Knit leggings with crochet with a pattern "Rubber"

And of course, we could not bypass the sidewear of the hook-related.

Step-by-step scheme instruction for masters:

  • We recruit 36 ​​V. p. And knit two rows by columns without Nakid.
  • The next row is starting with lifting and check 1 column without Nakid.
  • Further, in each second row, knit 2 columns without Caida, 1 loop to capture the underlying loop diagonally. We repeat the scheme to the end of the row.
  • Knitting continue to the end of the product. The peculiarity of this method is that the cloth does not fit in a circle. At the end of the mating, the leggings are folded into the pipe and stitch.

Gaiters - a relatively new part of the accessory in the fashion market, but have already deserved the trust and love of many girls-fashionistas. You can buy the product in many stores and boutiques, the nomes showed you enough ways to tie the leggings yourself. So why not try?

Photo ideas of homemade knitted heter

The article describes in detail about how to knitting the leggings on their own. You will find examples of interesting patterns for products and a detailed description of the process of knitting.

Many girls now wear leggings not only as sportswear, but also for beauty, comfort and even with high-heeled shoes. But the products purchased in stores can meet often on other girls, and this is not very nice. After all, each of them seeks an individual image.

So that your leggings looked original, and differed from the rest, you need to link them yourself. Moreover, for the experienced needlewoman, the process will need only two to three days. If you are still unfamiliar with the basics of knitting, then you will need more time, but you will enjoy the work done and an excellent result. Further details.

Gaiters Spokes - Schemes and Description: Instructions for beginners

In online stores there are many options for interesting products of such a plan. But whatever they were, handmade leggings will always be better. You will be knitting them exactly as you like, pick up color, pattern, length, width so that they are well sitting on the legs. And the girlfriends with white envy will look at your new thing, and maybe they will follow your example and will connect new leggings to be in the trend of new fashion trends.

Beautiful leggings for girls
Beautiful leggings for girls

IMPORTANT : Before starting the process, you should buy yarn, the needles of the desired size and prepare scissors. Only after that proceed to knitting.


In order to read the knitting scheme, first read how the loops are designated:

  • Pips.P. - Facial loop
  • Iz. - Announced loop
  • N. - Nakid.

For knitting such heter, you will need about 250-300 grams of brown yarn. The knitting needles take suitable size (size indicate the label of the yarn), depending on the thickness of the thread.

Simple legs - a semi-elastic pattern two for two
Simple legs - a semi-elastic pattern two for two
  1. Type fifty hinges. From the first row, start knitting the leggings with a rubber band of two loops. and two loops of persons.
  2. If you want to tie the leggings without seams, then knit them on round spokes. By sticking, one circle, knit the second, in the drawing.
  3. When you associate a ninety row, add 12 kettops in each row. So add a two or three row to the extension of the feet on caviar.
  4. When you associate the needed length, close the loop and fix the thread so that the leggings do not bloom.

Striped leggings with knitting

The striped leggings were in the end of the eighties. last century, now they are again in the trend.

Striped leggings
Striped leggings

To get the same legs as in the image below, you will need a thread of brown, dark red, yellow and green. Knit them on round spokes in a circle. Figure: One loop out. And one loop of persons. After you check one circle, knit in the drawing. Pouring should be coincided with hooks, facial features. Color threads change after eight rows.

Below is a diagram and detailed instructions for knitting colored products by conventional elastic bands two to two.

Instructions - How to Tie Striped Gheetters
Instructions - How to Tie Striped Gheetters

Gaiters with neat pompons

Such leggings can be knitting both girls and girls, now pompons love to wear everything, they give things cute notes. As you can see, the product is knitted, the scheme and a description of the process are provided below.

Scheme of the main pattern

Gaiters with braids and buboins
Gaiters with braids and buboins

Process description:

Start from a set of looping on the knitting needles. 78 loops should be dial for one leg, so that the thing does not slip from the leg, it is necessary to knit it with a rubber band. Further in detail:

  1. Type 78 loops for one leg and 78 loops for the second heter. Tie eight centimeters with elastic bands two people. P.S.
  2. Then the main part of the product, knit on the same elastic, and leave the sides of the twelve loops for drawing - spit.
  3. More precisely, this part knit on the image above. Where dark squares are an invalid loop, and bright are facial.
  4. Places where there are cross lines, indicate how it is necessary to throw the loops on the knitting needles, so that it was clear: in the second row, when approaching the fifth loop, take it on an extra needle or pin, and then hesitate the front sixth loop, for her fifth From the pin, then the eighth, and then the seventh.
  5. The ninth loop of the second row check out the Izn.P. The remaining loops also knit in the drawing.
  6. When the rapport of 12 loops ends, knit leggings with elastic bands two to two, so that the pattern coincides on the product. And persons. The ones corresponded to the facial, and Izn.P. - Pouring.
  7. When you associate the product length, close the loop and secure the thread so that they do not bloom later.

And after that, heat the leggings on the sides, and proceed to the manufacture of laces and pumps.

For the design of beautiful laces for pumps, you will need:

Take a few threads, cut off their desired length, divide them evenly into three parts, carefully braid a pigtail. And such braids will have to make four pieces. So that each product was two bubo. Below is an image as you can quickly make pumps for the finished product.

How to make pompons?
How to make pompons?

For the process, it is enough to prepare an ordinary fork, yarn of the desired color, scissors and, pre-braided, ropes for buboins. Take the next step and turn it onto the plug in the same way as the first drawing is drawn. Take the lace for pompon, and tie down the wounded threads in the middle. Remove from the fork, cut the threads as in the fourth picture. Hang the ends of the pompon so that it turns out to be round. After that, it remains only to sew a lace with a bubo to the gutters.

Gaiters with openwork pattern

Thanks to such a mating, the leggings look gently, attractive, pretty. Openwork products are of particular popularity in children, and girls. Despite the fact that such a drawing on the product looks unique, it is not so difficult to associate it. They are beautifully worn under heels shoes, they do not resemble ordinary sports boosters.

Red leggings - Openwork knitting
Red leggings - Openwork knitting
  1. Type loops on the knitting needles so that they share ten.
  2. And knit, as drawn in the image above. The first loop is the wrong, the remaining eight - the front, the last two loops in the rapport lie together.
  3. The second row should be shifted to one loop, or rather the first loop to check the facial, the second wrong one. Then seven facial and two together face loops.
  4. Further in each row, shift the wrong loop to one and so knit until the tenth row.
  5. In the tenth row, it is necessary to hold the loop to the left. Eight loops check the facial and the tenth of the wrong.
  6. The beginning of each row will now pass in the form of pulling the loops left. And the involnee loops should shift to the right. And so it will go to 18 row.
  7. After the drawing start knit again from the first row. It repeats it until the leggings become the desired length.

It will remain only to tie the gum and close the loops.

Gaiters Schemes and Description: Examples of various knitting schemes

There are many similar products. There are special leggings for sports activities, and there are leggings - glamorous. With the help of these warm products, you can protect the legs from supercooling. And make a stylish image in general. Below you will see examples of various models and patterns. Perhaps some legs like you and you decide to associate such.

Relief pattern - leggings with knitting needles
Relief pattern - leggings with knitting needles
Pattern for leggings - Spit
Pattern for leggings - Spit
Pattern - braids with shadow.
Pattern - braids with shadow

Polish rubber bands

Patterns - rubberry
Patterns - rubberry

Video: leggings with knitting needles: Schemes and description

Initially knitted leggings were part of sports uniforms. To this day they use football players, people engaged in aerobics. But over time, the leggings began to wear not only with sneakers, but also with high-heeled shoes. The leggings can be knitted tightly and warm their legs, and can be performed openwork viscous and provide only aesthetic appearance of their owner.

Where to start novice?

Before knitting leggings with knitting needles, it would be nice to figure out what kinds of loops and drawings may be familiar with the description. The simplest products can be associated with the help of invalid and facial loops. Facial hinges knit on the face in the face, the invalid inside. So you will get a simple one-sided canvas.

If you can only knit loops facial or only invalid, then get a two-way product. To tie more difficult, you need to know other viscous options. Information about knitting, tips on lessons, video, alphabet you can find in our respective section on the site.

Knitting pattern of female gutter "Owl"
Knitting pattern of female gutter "Owl"

This mating is called boilers. A simple gum can be obtained if you simply lie in the wrong and the front side in turn. It may be one facial, one inequate or two facial, two irons, etc. In order to fix the product, it will be necessary to make a gum from the shredded loops. It is called the hollow.

Description of the types of GETR

Women's leggings in folk-style buttons
Women's leggings in folk-style buttons

Gaiters can be monophonic, multicolored or linked by any pattern. Newbies do not advise immediately knit complex patterns. Because it is easy to get confused in them, and if the process of knitting did not work out yet, then the loops will be different in volume, it will be visible in the finished product. For example, leggings with braids will look very nice, but beginners for such a scheme should not be taken. But to make stripes on the product it will be completely under power. The finished product is usually tied with a crochet.

Do not use the gutter to knit too thin or too thick yarn. Gaiters made of thin yarns knit is very difficult, but they are uncomfortable to wear them out of the thick yarn.

As a rule, 48 loops are gaining for the standard hetero on the needles. But you can navigate on your own foot size.

How to remove mercies

Strict women's gray leggings with braids
Strict women's gray leggings with braids

Gheetters can be associated with 2 or 5 knitting needles. It is difficult to say which methods will be most convenient. In the first version, the canvas will need to sew. And in the second case, the proper distribution of loops in a circle will be required. In any case, it will be necessary to remove the measurements:

  • leg volume under the knee;
  • the volume of caviar;
  • score volume;
  • Distances from the knee to the middle of the caviar;
  • Distances from the center of Icra to the ankle.

If you make leggings without a seam, then the pattern will not need you. If the seam will be present, then the pattern will necessarily need.

How to make a pattern

Gray female leggings in gum
Gray female leggings in gum

Take a millimeter and draw a rectangle on it. The greatest side is the length of the product. The smaller is the width of the caviar girth. Put this rectangle vertically. Short sides will need to be divided into half. Middle together connect with one line. Now it will be necessary to place the vertical.

From the line from above, set off the distance from the knee and to the center of caviar and from the center of caviar and to the ankle. Now it will be necessary to spend the lines that will be parallel to the sides horizontal. On the line top to postpone half-clock legs under the knee on both sides. At the lowest line, it will be necessary to postpone the girth of the ankle. On all sides, connect the ends of the lines using a smooth curve. At the bottom it will be necessary to make a lapse in the form of a rectangle. Knitting description Look below.

Knitting lesson GETER for beginners

White openwork female leggings knitted
White openwork female leggings knitted

You will be needed:

  • 2 shirts of yarn, better than Galway;
  • circular spokes number 6;
  • Mark for knitting.

The density of knitting with knitting knakes 10 by 10 cm - 24 loops and 16 rows. The length of the product is 40.5 centimeters, width - 27.5. The diameter of the gum is about 13 centimeters.

Important note: the number of hinges that you type must be multiple 4. So, if you want to increase the width of the gutter, then simply type on the needles in all rows more hinges that are multiple 4.

Reduction to be used:

  • L.P. - facial loop;
  • I.P. - Announced loop.

Knitting pattern knitting scheme

1 Circle: 2 L.P., Facial for the rear wall of the loop, 1 IP;

2 Circle: 2 L.P. Together, Nakid, 1 L.P. 1 IP;

3 Circle: 3 L.P., 1 IP;

4 Circle: 1 L.P., Nakid, remove two loops from the knitting of the right, transfer them to the needle to the left, lie together for the rear wall of the loop; 1 I.P.

Work description

You will need to score 48 loops to the knitting needles, connect to the circle, dress the marker. Elasticate about 5 cm. Alternate 2 facial and 2 wrong loops. Another 5-10 cm also knit the main pattern. Now start adding loops. AT Each fourth row add on the loop to the left and right. Repeat all this is about 8 times.

Knitted leggings with a drawing of braids for everyday socks
Knitted leggings with a drawing of braids for everyday socks

As a result, 64 loops should turn out. Continue to make knitting gutter with the main pattern. After 30 centimeters of the product will be ready, you can start dating loops. To do this, in each second row should be removed on the loop on the left and right.

It is necessary to repeat this action twice. You should have 60 loops. The remaining 5-10 cm. Keep rubber band. Now fasten the loops, make a strong knot and cut the thread. You must have beautiful sports boosters. Like these ones:

Knitted openwork leggings
Knitted openwork leggings

What to wear leggings?

Here are the options set. They are very versatile, so you will look great like a sports suit and classic. Pretty fashionable leggings will look in combination with jeans. They are suitable for a short skirt or shorts. Gheetters can be worn over her shoes, boots.

Extravagant ladies can afford to wear leggings and cedas. Gheetters can be worn in any season. For the summer it is better to wear openwork lightweight leggings, woolen with convex patterns are suitable for winter, which perfectly warm the legs.

In fashionable boutiques, the legs will cost quite a lot, so why pay extra money, if this wardrobe item can be knitted yourself. With understandable knitting schemes, this can be done in just a couple of days. All you need is a tangle of threads, needles and hook, knitting scheme. Carefully read the description.

Melange boys in Scandinavian style
Melange boys in Scandinavian style

An independent manufacture of heteries is also a very interesting occupation. You will be able to show all your creativity: tie striped leggings or boosy boosters. As you get knitting skills, you can create real masterpieces.

By the way, if you decide to tie the leggings yourself, you can become the owner of a unique product. For sure your girlfriends will not be the same. So feel free to try on the knitting needles and create!

Description, Knitting scheme of boltry in Scandinavian style
Description, Knitting scheme of boltry in Scandinavian style
Gray gtering with jacquard pattern
Gray gtering with jacquard pattern
Scheme for knitting beteres with jacquard pattern
Scheme for knitting beteres with jacquard pattern
Bright pink female leggings for sports and dancing
Bright pink female leggings for sports and dancing
Openwork knitted leggings with gold buttons can be worn with high heels
Openwork knitted leggings with gold buttons can be worn with high heels
Knitted female leggings with oblique
Knitted female leggings with oblique
Gaiters can also be very long
Gaiters can also be very long
Wearing leggings can be and needed with boots
Wearing leggings can be and needed with boots

When open shoes are already late, and warm boots - early, excellent exit from the position are knitted leggings, warming legs and adorning your clothes. They can have several sets of different colors, changing the overall design of clothes for demi-season wearing and selecting it on the weather.

Heterlers from wool or synthetic yarn is easy to create with your own hands. We offer detailed instructions, how to tie leggings with knitting knitting, followed by video tutorials. You can choose a model with a picture like or with the familiar knitting technique, or learn several models of this comfortable clothing at once.

Hetra sketchy

Hetra sketchy

Gaiters wear athletes, they can be put on shoes, on stockings. In order to tie the leggings, you need to know the size of the leg in Ires and knee. Having connected the sample, it will be possible to determine how much the looping is needed to get a thing of your size.

On the size of the foot 37 we recruit 48 kettles. Acrylic threads used, 100 grams of yarn contains 300 meters of thread. About how to knit the main pattern, in a detailed manner with schemes. The length of the legs can be different - to the knee or above the knee.

We start working with the creation of a gum 2 x 2, after tie to ten rows, the main pattern begins.

Video lesson:


Gaiters with strings

Gaiters with strings

The leggings knitted to the volume of the foot 36 cm in the shin at a length of 32 centimeters. The above and below the gum fit, the leggings themselves are decorated with a beautiful embossed pattern, the upper part is additionally tightened with a knitted cord. For knitting, five stocking three-millimeter spokes are used, which the product knits around, without a single seam. Uxford threads from 100% acrylic are used.

Knitting begins with the formation of gum 2 x 2, then a pattern is created in the form of bulk braids. Throughout the knitting, it is desirable to keep a notebook in which it is written how many of what rows you followed, to then reproduce the same drawing on the second, steaming.

Video lesson:


Gaiters for a three-year-old girl

Gaiters for a three-year-old girl

Gaitra comes the girl on the knee. For the manufacture of the "Aliza" yarn, consisting of cotton in half with acrylic. It is possible to use woolen yarn, length can also vary - above the knee.

The leggings are decorated with a pattern in the form of a braid, which is sufficiently simple in execution. To keep the leggings better, knitted ties with plastic balls are arranged in the upper part. We will analyze step by step with video how to tie these beautiful things.

Circular knitting needles and circular spokes with a diameter of 4 mm will be required. Work will start with a gum that takes seven rows, then there comes a pattern of the pattern, a detailed scheme is proposed for it.

Video lesson:


Children's leggings

Children's leggings

Little children's boys are connected by the Lotus pattern, on the edges of which the rubber band is touched on top and bottom. On the top gum is fixed to decorate a wooden button. Bug down leggings on circular spokes, without seams.

The yarn is used merino, the pehorhor, consisting half of the wool and half of the acrylic, 200 meters of thread placed in its 100 grams. 72 loops are recruited on the knitting, for the "Lotos" pattern, you need a multiple of six of their number.

The rubber band fit 2 x 2, with pairwise alternation of facial and invalous loop. After 3 centimeters, rubber bands go to the formation of the main pattern.

Video lesson:


Open the secrets of GETR

Open the secrets of GETR

Gheethers can be associated in two ways - a circular viscous or knitting of the canvas, which subsequently stitches the longitudinal seam. This seam is performed using a hook, the edges of the canvas are associated with each other.

It was the solution to this task, the crochet, connecting the two edges of the canvas, is devoted to this master class. The main thing is that the seam is completely inconspicuous.

When binding, not the extreme capetles of the canvas are captured, but viewed under them the loops of the preceding row. This is exactly what causes the resulting junction. Over the top edge of the heter, there is an elastic band for better fit to the leg.

Video lesson:


Pattern on white heter

Pattern on white heter

The leggings knit with conventional spokes No. 3.5 in the form of a web, which is later stitched. In the edges of the canvas, there are gum, and the middle occupies a pattern of zigzag strips. They are recruited on the knitting needles 28 and the knitting of gum 1 x 1 begins.

When it is ready, the knitting pattern begins. Knitting technique is described in detail and thus you can tie a beautiful thing for a woman or a girl. The embossed pattern looks very beautiful and not difficult to fit.

Another gum is performed on the top. The canvas fitting the leg may not bind to the pipe. On the edges you can arrange loops and buttons and fasten a thing on the leg.

Video lesson:


Gaiters with a pattern of brass and with seam

Gaiters with a pattern of brass and with seam

Children's leggings can be started from above and knit down or, on the contrary, start from the ankle and continue knitting up. You can use the circular technique of knitting or knitting the canvas, the edges of which are subsequently sewn. The choice of method depends on the personal preferences of the knitter. Drawing a loop with Italian method, we will connect a rubber band 1 x 1 and move on to knitting a pattern with embossed pigtails.

The upper gum, the loops on which are closed using the needle, knives twice the length, which allows you to make a decorative lapse. It will be necessary to remove two standards - the circle of the legs under the knee and the height of the legs from the knees to the ankle.

Video lesson:


Simple legs

Simple legs

Ghetres consist of a rubber band of 1 x 1 and the main pattern, the dimensions of which depend on the height of the shoes. Knitted leggings are served to wear them under boots. Measuring the height of the top of 16 cm, we accepted exactly the height of the main pattern.

On two knitting needles, we recruit 64 loops, one of the spokes, and evenly distribute all the loops by 4 knitting knitting knitting knuckles (it turns out for 16 kettles on each). Knitting begins with seven rows of rubber bands 1 x 1. Next, the pattern begins, consisting of a set of eight rows, which are repeated repeated. To the upper part, the number of loops decreases, and after the pattern, 10 centimeters of gum 1 x 1 fit

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Jacquard Pattern Gaiters

Jacquard Pattern Gaiters

The leggings knit in a circle, the pattern, which is a snowflake, is repeated four times. Comfortable leggings are obtained, which can be put on the street, use for dance and aerobics. Used yarn of two colors with different characteristics. The dairy consists of acrylic with the addition of 4% of the methanita, the black yarn is one hundred percent wool.

Knit two threads. Work begins with a set of 80 hinges of black yarn, which are evenly distributed to four knitting needles, 20 per each. We are tied by a rubber band of 1 x 1 twenty rows, after which the pattern begins to form.

Thanks to the accurate inspection of different colors, a clear ornament is obtained.

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How to tie the legs

How to tie the legs

The leggings fit in bulk, but uncomplicated in the design pattern. Above and below the pattern there are gum 2 x 1. Five spokes were used for knitting. Knit begin with the upper gum, for which they score 54 loops. In the distribution of the loops on the spokes on two it turns out to be 14 loops, and on two - by 13.

After the rubber band is completed, we begin to knit a beautiful embossed pattern, the construction of which is disassembled in detail in the video tutorial. After the pattern, the lower gum fit up, and it remains only to fill in the knitting strings, which remained after knitting. Gaiters are ready, and you can try out and see how they will look on the legs.

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