Origami Rooster: Easy way for children


Simple origami rooster for children with step-by-step photo briefing. All actions are lightweight available for preschool children.

What to cook for work:

  • Colored paper or special for origami. This paper uses one-sided, but you can also bilaterally, just the beak will be the same color as the rooster itself. At the end, it can be painted with markers;
  • A little red paper or cardboard for the ridge;
  • White eye paper, or moving adhesive eyes. Alternatively, the eyes can be drawn with a felt-tip pen.

Origami Rooster for beginners: Paper folding stages

Prepare the square shape of any size.


Fold twice by connecting opposite corners. This step is needed to designate the line in the center, along which it will be necessary to level the sides of the paper.


Open the paper triangle and side sides inward so that they are along the fold line in the central part of the paper. For convenience, you can bend the sides below.


Turn the part to the other side.


Connect the bottom sharp corner with the top. Bind the fold from the bottom.


Turn over the paper on the opposite direction again.


And then fold it twice. From right to left or on the contrary, from left to right. It turns out this, while still incomprehensible figure.


We turn it into a cock. Gently pull the corner on the right to make the tail of the origami rooster.


Bend the upper first corner, and then redirect the small part of the corner inside to get the beak.


From red paper or cardboard, cut off the scallop of any shape and glue in the top of the bird, in the dual paper area. Add paper eyes (or simply draw them to felt-tip pen), and it turns out such a colorful origami rooster.

Children can show their creative vision and paint a rootier into various colors, draw patterns, highlighting the wings on the sides, tail.


Master Class: Fire Cock - the owner of 2017


Kuzmenko Yulia Konstantinovna, Educator MBDOU No. 303 of Nizhny Novgorod.


The owner of the year is a fiery cock,

Sound, Static, Bright and beautiful,

Hurry, rushing to the whole spirit,

To give the planet year happy!


The master class will be interesting for children of senior preschool age, educators, parents. Work can decorate the interior, the cockerel can be a christmas toy, souvenir.


Production of colored paper cockerel.


1. To form the ability to create a craft of colored paper.

2. Educating the ability to bring the work started to the end.

3. Develop fine motor skills.

4. Form aesthetic taste.

5. Relieve the ability to deliver the joy to relatives and close people.


Colored paper, white cardboard, red felt-tip pen, simple pencil, pen, circula, ruler, adhesive pencil, scissors.

Progress: Torchishche

Cut a circle whose radius is 9 cm.

Bend it in half.

Cut on the collapse. Also with a simple pencil line of the middle.

Denote a fourth part of a circle with a bend.

To carry out a simple pencil on the fold line, to measure 1 cm from this line, to carry out a parallel line with a red felt-tip pen. Red line - cut slicing line. Shaded stripes for gluing.

Glue torschith.


Cut rectangle 2x1 cm. Cut it diagonally.


Cut a rectangle 6x1.5 cm. Fold it in half. Cut the beard in the form of a droplet.


Cut rectangle 4.5x2.5 cm. Draw a grazing. Cut.


Cut two circles whose radius is 2 cm. Stick on one with a laterial side of the beak, a beard and scallop.

Glue the second round to the head, head to the body, eyes from confetti.


Cut six circles whose radius is 4 cm. Folded one circle in half. On one half draw a pen.

Fold six circles together. Cut feathers. Bear feathers fan.


Cut from white cardboard Circles whose radii are 3 cm, 2.5 cm, 2 cm. Cut them in half. One of the halves of each circle is a wing part pattern. Cut in templates of parts of the wings and feathers on them.

Glue parts of wings

Glue the wings and tail to the body. Cockerel ready.

Colors for a rooster can be chosen at will. The most important thing is to do it with pleasure, but to give joy. Happy New Year!

Let the rooster do not offend,

The beak strong does not peck.

Let only love

And wealth distributes.

Let his mighty

All problems in the moment will smell

And good luck in a pair with happiness

In the New Year will bring you.

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The symbol of 2019 is a rooster and it should be in every home. He will not only decorate the room, but will additionally serve as a good gift for relatives and loved ones. This is a difficult symbol, he adores comfort and does not tolerate the gray everyday life. It is possible to make it at home or having enlisted by the help of your children. Joint work with your child will allow you to become even closer to each other and will help you develop faster. Let's figure it out how the rooster craft is done with your own hands from a variety of healthy materials - for yourself, for the New Year's decor at home or with children for school or kindergarten.


1. Pillow in the form of a rooster

A good gift and decoration of their own interior will be a cockerel stitched with her own hands. Such a pillow can be used in the hall, bedroom, in the kitchen. Selecting the material in color, you can see add comfort to any room. You can update the already sewn toy and add different applications, beads. If you have even small sewing skills, then you can make such a toy yourself.


First take sheets of A4 paper or old unnecessary wallpapers. Draw on it details. Pick a special fabric. You can make a pillow of a monophonic, and on the contrary. For example, the wings of the same color, the torso - the other, the beak and the ridge - the third. For the pillow, the fabric is suitable, with which the pillow or a duvet cover used to be sewn. Optionally, not only a cockerel can be made, but even additionally the chickens.






2. Postcard with a cock

Congratulations to relatives and loved ones are always nice, but to give something else and the handicraft made with your own hands is much more pleasant. For example, it can be a postcard with a rooster - a symbol of the new year. This will take quite a bit.


You will need:

  1. Colored paper.
  2. PVA glue, but the adhesive pencil is suitable.
  3. Scotch, best bilateral.
  4. Scissors.

Add a little fantasy.

Layouts with the image of a rooting can be found a very large amount on the Internet. But if you can draw, the image of this symbol can be drawn independently. If it is a gift for the new year, then a blue background will fit. You can draw snowflakes on it.





You will need two more figures Cockerel. You can more - the postcard will turn out more voluminous. On the opposite side of each postcard you need to stick two-way tape and glue the postcard to the center. Under the picture, make an inscription with congratulations, for example, "Congratulations", "Happy New Year" or "Merry Christmas.

Open the postcard and write a wish inside. Or choose a wish on the Internet, print it, cut off and get a wish also on double-sided adhesion. Such a bulk card with a rooster will surely please your relatives and loved ones. Such a congratulation can be prepared with your child.

3. Knize a cockerel and spokes

For women who know how to knit, it will be the perfect option to make a cockerel. Such a knitted rooster will decorate the kitchen or bedroom, and also suitable for a gift.


For the manufacture of this craft you will need:

  1. 4 black buttons.
  2. The cloth. Old sheets or other dense tissue can be useful. Coloring can be chosen which you like more.
  3. Little hooks.
  4. Threads 4 colors. You can cook old sweaters that are no longer needed. These can be woolen or cotton threads.

Make a symbol as follows:

  • In the first of all, make a pattern of a cockerel on paper or old wallpaper. Cut it with neat scissors.
  • Transfer it to the fabric, observe a small retreat for seam of 5 millimeters.
  • Now the cockerel and his torso head. For this, gray threads are suitable.
  • Brown with a brown tummy.
  • Make scallop and beak red.









You can knit separately parts or fully produce a cockerel entirely. Fill the toy with syntheps, cotton wool or pieces of fabric, which you need to finely cut. Shot symbol 2019 buttons instead of eyes. You can replace buttons by beads from the old necklace. Crafts ready.

4. Rooster from multicolored flaps

This toy is perfect for decorating the Christmas tree, lifting the mood and just homeing the home interior. It is possible to perform it at home yourself. During a period of poor mood, it can be mounted in hands and it quickly raises the mood. Or put on the window in order to consider it in the morning after awakening.


You will need pieces of multicolored bright fabric. The bright fabric is best suitable with a beautiful pattern. Additionally, you will need threads under the color of the fabric, buttons are small or beads of black.

In order to make a bright beautiful cockerel, you will need to do the following:

  • From bright fabric cut square. It can be small, medium or large, depending on the size of the toy you want to do.
  • Separately take the fabric of red. Another color will not suit, since you will do beak and scallop.
  • Details need to be inserted into the corner of the square. Inside the body of the symbol, you must invest a synthet or cotton. You can instead of taking filling with old jackets.
  • The edges of the figure should be sewn so that the pyramid is turned out.
  • You can sew a rootier long legs and put it on the fridge.
  • The tail can be prepared from thin strips of the same tissue. For a brighter and cheerful cock, the tail is well suited from several colors.





5. Plasticine Cockerel

This cracker can be made with your own hands, with what together with your child. This will help develop the motility of the hands. For this symbol, you will need the dough for modeling or plasticine of different colors, a special one for this classes.


Take the plasticine of any color, except for red (it will be beak and scallop).

  • Make three balls of different diameters. The head should be small, just like a head. Torchis - the biggest circle.
  • Make from red plasticine scallop and beak; From white with black - eyes.
  • Tail and wings can be done immediately from several colors. Wings can be made specifically in the form of a droplet. They can be made simply from paper or dense cardboard.
  • The place where the wings will be inserted, it is necessary to pre-prepare a place. Do not mark it with a knife and secure it with plasticine.





6. Petup of paper with your own hands

Also, just like from plasticine you can make a rooster of paper with your own hands. All you need is colored paper or ordinary and paints or markers and a little fantasy. You can draw a cockerel yourself, you can find ready-made stencils. It can also be both bulk and flat. With children, the cockerel can be made from a yellow cone - look at the photo, and as a New Year's souvenir find some more complex and naturalistic solution.






7. Rooster from the ball and thread

Another very easy way to make the symbol of 2019 is to make a cockerel from the ball and threads. All you need is one or two balloons, bright yellow, orange or red threads, PVA glue, as well as buttons and patchwork fabrics or colored paper for decorating toys and giving it a complete view.


How to do:

First influence the desired ball. Then Makating the threads in glue and wind our ball - tightly or not too tight, as you like more - there we will prepare a frame for our future toys. There is nothing difficult, so this craft can be made for the new year and together with children. By the way, it may be not only a rooster, but also any other animal.


After the glue dries, the ball is enough just to pierce the needle and pull out the remains of the frame. We have a torso Cockerel and his head - if you decide to use two balls. Now we take buttons and make eyes from them by sticking to the frame to the right place. From the flap or colored paper we make wings and tail - also glue. Paws can be made of felt, paper or wire and patchwork. That's what you can get:









Here you can read how in this way there are lamps from threads - a great idea for giving.

8. Calp Rooster Fetra


Sew a cockerel is not only of fabric or multi-colored flaps, but also from felt. By the way, this is almost the most popular idea, since the felt will not crumble, does not need the treatment of edges, which means figures and toys will be very simple. Simple crafts of roosters are made from multi-colored felt sheets: just cut the necessary parts and a friend is pasted on a friend - it turns out a light flat hand. But more complex volumetric figures from the felt will already have to sew, and it is better to use the ideas already created by someone. Here are four ready-made schemes, how to make a rooster from felt yourself, it remains only to download, print, apply on the fabric and cut:

Fetra Cockerel - Finished Scheme





And if you think it is too difficult, then look at the photo of other figures made from this material, perhaps some idea will like you more. By the way, good - does not mean difficult. There are very simple solutions for such crafts that look very cute and quite suitable for New Year's souvenirs. For example, pay attention to the rooster of the heart.









9. Rooster of plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are very popular material for country and children's crafts. Here we have already written, what to do from bottles for cottages, and today we will tell you how to make a rooster. The easiest version of the craft is to take one bottle and with colored paper, buttons, disposable dishes and any other healthy materials to reorganize it under the symbol of the new year.


More complex options are the creation of bulk roosters that can be decorate the cottage. It is no longer able to do without abstract imagination, the ability to create the necessary forms and combine different colors, since there are simply no ready-made figures of such figures. You will have to cut "feathers" for tails and plumage, make a scallop and collect all this in a single form. But some of these birds are right as alive - see the photo yourself:










10. Crafts from salt dough - Rooster

Another popular material for children's crafts is a salt dough. It's not difficult to make it, sculpt it - also just, like from plasticine, but at the same time the figures get more durable and durable - you can not be afraid that your child will break everything because it's a little stronger than you need, squeezed my fingers on the toy.


Salt dough Cockerel Recipe:


We mix 200-250 grams of flour and half a cup or slightly more small marine or ordinary salt salt. Add about 150 grams of water and mix thoroughly. At the end we pour 20-30 grams of glue - it is better to use PVA, so that the dough is better to hold the shape and figures did not fall apart.


Next, begin to sculpt the figure - we make a torso, add your head, you attach the wings and tail to it, and also do not forget about scallop and beak. After paint a gouache or some special paints. All the details are done separately, and then glue with glue or water. For the manufacture of small parts and give them a form, use a scalp or a thin and sharp knife, when working together with children, it is better to take safe plastic tools - a spatula or something that helps you make slots and create the necessary elements.





Video: New Year's handicraft rooster with his own hands

Crafts - Fire Cock

Everything is remembered that 2019 the year of the fiery rooster comes, and therefore, if you do a figure, you should navigate exactly on these bright colors. It can be a red rooster, orange, yellow, or you can combine all these shades in one toy. You can make such crafts of roosters from different materials - from felt and patchwork, from fabric and paper, from plastic bottles, cups and other disposable dishes. Also, the fiery rooster on the New Year can be made from ribbons, tinsel and Christmas tree balls to decorate the Christmas tree with such figures or use as a craft for kindergarten.










Surround cover Rooster with children

If the flat figure does not like it, why not make bulk crafts in the form of a rooster, which can and in kindergarten children give and give friends to the new year? About how to tie the rooting of hooks or sew pages or fabrics we have already told - this is the most popular way to make bulk toys. Crafts in the garden for the year of the rooster are easiest to do from paper, napkins or plasticine, and if everything is clear with the plasticine, with the paper - you can use various ways, for example, to make a cone from colored paper, and only then turn it into a cockerel. You can also use such equipment such as volumetric quilling or conventional or corrugated paper, origami, papier mache and the use of complex circuits and patterns. Someone at all manage to make a rooster from cotton disks and sticks, and on the Christmas tree - from Christmas balls, cereals, pasta, coffee beans, cones, chestnuts, acorns and other natural material.










Bonus: Rooster of cereals for kindergarten

And one more crawled bonus is a cereal cockerel, which can be done both for kindergarten and for elementary school. Crupe can be used to use the most different, this composition can be made of peas and buckwheat, peas and beans, mankey, rice and other croup. The more options you have, the more interesting it will work out - there is a chance to win the contest with the child.


Technology simple : Draw on a sheet of paper Cockerel - it may well make parents, and if it is difficult to draw yourself, you can always download the finished stencil, print and use for the decor. Next, the tassel applies glue to the entire surface that you will fill in with natural material. It remains to pour a camp and give glue to dry. After that, simply shake the extra bitches and get a ready-made handicraft. Cunning : If you use several different croup, so that they are not mixed, it is better to apply layers in turn, "coloring" glue only the sections of the drawing. But the panel from the beans or pea is already harder - there will have to put the beans with smooth rows to each other, preliminarily applying glue on paper. That's what you can get:





Photo of crafts Petukhov

What else can a cockerel make? Yes, from anything, from buttons or plastic bottles (such a craft can be decorated with garden at the cottage). It can be wooden or from threads, from old things or some other techniques, such as disposable plates. Picture in a quilling technique with a cock - symbol of 2019 - can also be an excellent gift. From satin ribbons, feathers and beads you can make decorations for a packet or fabric rooster.





































Many complex crafts in the small child are not available. But he can take an active part in creating simple crafts.

For example, with the help of an adult, the child is able to make a funny cockerel on the master class proposed by us.

To create our rooster, prepare:

  • orange and white paper;
  • a small piece of red paper;
  • scissors;
  • pencil;
  • Feltolsters (red and black);
  • glue.
The paper rooster can be made as common origami, and you can make an application on cardboard using colored paper. Here is an example of a rooster of paper video:

First of all, we will make the manufacturer of the basis for our cockerel. To this end, we will need to cut a triangle from the orange paper. To do this, bend one side of the sheet at an angle.

After that, cut off the resulting triangle. It must be equilateral.

Then the middle of the triangle base is then a small fold.

Focusing on this label, bend first to the left side about a third.

After that, we perform a symmetric fold of the right corner.

Now we use glue and connect the tops of our workpiece.

After that, you can proceed to the design of our craft. From the paper of the red color, cut the scallop and glue it in the upper part of the crafts.

For the paws, we also cut the small blanks of red paper and fix them with glue in the corners.

On white paper with black and red felt-tumbers, draw your eyes and a beard.

I cut them out and glue our cockerel to the face.

Wear wings. For this paper paper cut out the workpiece of the next form.

After that, the blank of the wings will be cutting in half.

From the edge of each wing, do small bends.

After that, we glue the wings on the sides of our cockerel.

It remains to add a tail. To do this, cut out 3 narrow strips from white paper.

Glue them in half.

Now it remains to glue these elements from behind our craft.

Our paper cock is ready.

The new 2017 is the year of the red (fiery) rooster, and its own figure or image will be the most sought-after graduate. Handwritten "Cross" has a kind tradition: to the New Year's holiday prepared thoroughly. And this year will not be an exception. Many of us will do or already make a rooster with their own hands, or even one, but several at once! After all, it is necessary to please the relatives and close to the needlework symbol of the year, and the fascinating process of creating this character itself in various Hand Made techniques.

Here is a fierce instruction for assembling the rooster: http://iz-bumagi.com

Creating a kind of guide to master classes from the Internet is also the tradition of our needlework site, which was born a year ago. For you, dear masters, we picked up a lot of only the best master classes on the network. Enjoy watching, discuss and choose the most colorful rooster! And then sew / link / Draw / Tube / Glowing it. So, in what technique you can work on the eve of the New Year holiday?

If you do not have time to work - it does not matter. The article has links to craftsmen who sell ready-made work.

Petushki paper and paper

Making postcards together with kids

If you are not a professional cardmaker, then before proceeding to creating cards, be sure to read our article "Learning to make New Year's postcards with your own hands in Scrapbooking technique." In it, you will find not only many ideas, but also get acquainted with the basic rules for creating postcards.

You can put any cocks for any cockerel with your child. If the baby himself is difficult to think of how to draw a rooster with his own hands, then show him this step-by-step instruction:

And the applique with the rooster do this:

And then, the case of technology. Cut the rootier and make the central part of the composition. For example, such a simple, but cute can be your postcard. In the paper, use the New Year's paper and bright red ribbon, add snowflakes, twigs and other festive attributes. When there is a basic idea, the process of creating a postcard becomes much easier!

Elena D.

Photos from the site http://itsapatchworklife.blogspot.ru

If the child loves to paint black and white pictures, give him such an opportunity. Print the postcard template with a root on a dense cardboard and let the baby be accepted for work. Next, cutting the blank-ball, you can add a postcard with bulk snowflakes, adhesive semi-grams that simulate the New Year's balls, etc., etc. Give your will with your baby fantasy))


You will come in handy

Another 8 templates for coloring, as well as 2 step-by-step instructions for drawing more realistic roosters you will find in the archive that can download quickly and free!

Take an idea with a loaf on a stick, as in Elena Yurchenko's postcard. Its cocks are cut out of felt, you can cut them out of paper.

Do you know the answer?

Colored paper roosters

Colored paper appliqué can also be placed on a greeting card. But this applique and itself can act as a postcard. To draw and carefully cut all the details, the children will need help parents, but they will be able to glue themselves.

Cockerel ready!

Funny Petushkov from Paper offers to make OLGA-15 in their master class.

How to make a rooster of paper

The billet of the rooster is a rectangular sheet of flexible paper or fine cardboard, folded in half down. Its size is 13.5 × 10 cm. By the fold line, we make 7-10 inclined slots (approximately 1 cm). The angle of their inclination is 50-70 degrees, and the depth - ¾ of the height of the folded sheet.

The author specifies that the right edge of the workpiece (tail) must be bent inside and combine with the opposite edge of the billet (breast).

Ekaterina Ivanova in his video lesson shows how to make a red rooster in Origami technique:

Roosters in a quilling technique

A very busy idea is to lay out of paper for queen only a luxurious roasty tail. It's not so freezing how to upload a whole cockerel, and it can be very impressive! Here you are as the basis of a rooster without a tail (as he looked in the original, see the photo below).

Origami rooster

Print it on a color printer, and fantasize the tail later. As an example, one such work (though the tail here is modest, but you will try, right?))

Calp Rooster for the New Year: 10 ways to make a rooting with your own hands + photo

And if you do not be afar to make a whole rooster in a quilling technique, you can take this finished postcard as a basis:

Materials for children's creativity in the online store Azbukivytia

Or this template:

Rooster with his own hands

Cheat Sheet for the main elements of queen to help you:

How to draw a rooster

Applique from buttons

But completely stunning handsome-roosters laid out from multicolored buttons, semi-graysin, insurance and beads! As a basis, you can take the contours of the roosters from our archive (link just above).

Scrap Cart with Rooster

Cockup template with rooster

Knit roasts crochet

Many needlewomen with a crochet on "you" and will be happy to contact the cocks from multicolored threads. And the "Cross" will help to decide on the model and will offer several master classes according to this type of needlework.

The toy on the master class Tatiana Dreamfall2702 will be able to associate even a beginner.

Postcard with cockshine

Such a colorful symbol of 2017 ties on the workshop of the Women's School site:

Podkhah harvesting

Anastasia Kononenko offers its own version of the cock - small, but remotely - on the plastic egg from Kinder surprise. Knit from the "Iris" thread.

Drawn rooster

Master Elena_lencho prepared a master class on knitting a rooster named Gordes and is ready to sell him.

Rooster in a quilling technique

Elegant cocks in polka dot will serve any interior decoration!

Coloring rooster

Photos from Stip & Haak

The same cocks, but with other eyes, look different. Master from Moscow Ekaterina Cherkova (Nikolika) will be happy to connect the exclusive symbol of the year (email [email protected]). Here are her roosters in peas:

The main elements of the queen

Want to try your hand? You can link the rooster Amigurums on this master class from amigurushkaru:

Master Svetlana Zabelin knits crocheted bookmarks for books in the form of cocks. Also a great gift for lovers read. Master class can be purchased here.

Button and Bead Roosters

Svetlana can also buy roosters knitted with knitting needles.

2017 rooster do it yourself

Rooster crochet master class

Roosters from fetra

The fastest and most difficult options for creating a symbol of 2017 are a rooster of felt. The material is easy to process, keeps the shape of the toy, does not require the processing of seams. On the contrary, manual seams in the face of the product give it a special color and charm.

Crocheted rooster

Cockerel from Kinder Surprise

Knitted Crochet Roosters 2017

Photos from https://madeheart.com

Crochet roosters

Author - Kanaeva Anastasia

Toys roosters in polka dot

Photos from the site http://ktototam.ru/

A piece of rooster neatly carved from a thick felt will be a christmas toy, and a suspension.

Bookmarks for Petushka Books

Photos from the site http://ktototam.ru

And if you decorate the felt cocks with embroidery, flowers and other decorative elements, it turns out at all incredibly beautiful!

Rooster and chicken knitted knitting

Photos from the site http://mmmcrafts.blogspot.ru

On the site "Decorable your world" we found for you some more roots from felt, but already with patterns.

Daria Dar pre-prepared a video master class on sewing symbol 2017 from felt:

Fabric rooster: patterns, ideas, recommendations

If you have talent seamstress, you can sew a symbol of the upcoming year from any tissue. Depending on it and patterns, the rooster will work in the style of Tilda, fantasy, fun, fabulous, cartoon, natural, even anti-stress!

Several patterns for sewing cocks from fabric We have collected a archive that can be downloaded quickly and free)

Knitting roosters

Bright fabric toy can be purchased here.

Cockerel from felt

Author - Baranova Elena

Tilda Roosters

Well, and how to do now in our life without a tilde-rooster? On the site ToySew master class on tailoring this popular toys.

Rooster from fetra

Master Vetic in his blog placed patterns of the rooster and peas chiches based on the patterns of the tilde. An interesting couple will turn out if you make efforts and patience!

Christmas tree toy rooster

And for inspiration:

Fiery cock

Cockerel Jurik from Orange Toys

Cross-embroidered red cock

Funny video video about his Tilde Petukhov removed Maria Fedorova (the link to the patterns is in the description of the video!):

Cochetic coffee toys

With tildes, compete with aromatic, or coffee, toys. There are roosters and in such a technique.

Roosters carved from thick felt

Coffee rooster can be like that:

Felt toys Pethi

Photos from http://zabavochka.com

You can easily sew it yourself, using one of the treated above. About all the intricacies of the creation of coffee toys "Cross" told in this master class.

If you think that you yourself can not cope with such work, contact the master. Yulia Charikova made enough branded toys with the smell of coffee and put them on sale at this address.

Rooster of fabric

Interior Fur Toys

Oksana Svyzanskaya will show his vision of the rooster and shows how to sew it right on the finished patterns. Her rooster sews from artificial fur, but who will say that it does not happen or is it not good?)

Roosters of fabric

Petushk Mr. Twister of the author Yulia Sokolova also sews from artificial fur. It can be ordered here.

Tilda Rooster

Another cockerel of fur (this time natural):

Rooster and chicken in the style of Tilda

The author is the edge of Irina (fur feek)

Pugi-pillows - a first-class New Year's gift with the symbol of the year!

Tilde toys Pethi

Cock plasticine or polymer clay

Interesting toys in the form of a rooster are obtained from plasticine, cold porcelain, polymer clay or salted dough. You can attract children. They are pushing with pleasure, and paint fantasy.

Rooster with his hands 2017

With your help your child blind a rooting, following this step-by-step instruction:

Coffee toy Petushok.

Channel "Ramandady" prepared a video lesson on the strip of figurines Cockerel from salt dough for children 4-6 years old:

Cockerel in polka dot is lying as follows:

Coffee toy from fabric

Variations on the same topic, but with humor)

Coffee Pethi

From salt dough, like from plastics, you can sculpt flat figures:

The symbol of the rooster with his own hands

Photos from the site http://www.fler.cz

Cock of artificial fur

Admire on the real fiery rooster (author - Svetlana Belova)

Natural Fur Rooster

In his video, Catherine Zabolotskaya shows how to make a magnet with a symbol of 2017:

Cock in the technique of decoupage

Roosters made by decoupage technique, are also worthy! They will decorate the New Year tree, will become a cute souvenir for loved ones. Directly decoupage or wood painted - you decide. And we will tell you where you can buy blanks.

Pillows with the image of the roosters

Wooden harvesting rooster rocking (manufacturer - needlework)

In the workshop, everything for creativity (Dljatvorchestva) is a lot of blanks and for painting, and for decoupage. Choose and create!

Salt dough cock

Here is such beauty you can get:

How to blind plasticine cockerel

Author - Decoration & Gifts Irina Chizhova (Decor Gifts)

How to blind a rooster of plastic

Author - Vasilisa

If you do not want to make a souvenir in the form of a rooster, you can decorate any wooden surface with a rooster image. Here the space for creativity is simply unlimited !!! Here are just a few examples for inspiration:

Rooster with my hands modeling

Decoupage of the cutting board (author - Marnush (Marina Nushtayeva)

Peuthi symbols 2017

Set kitchen "Cockery" (author - cozy things)

Figure Rooster from the dough

Watch "Peter-Petushok" (author - Leonova Oksana)

Wallaries of wool roosters

Other masters of toys from wool are obtained like real! We admire and inspire! And if you really want to get one of these handsome people, look for them at the Fair of Masters (the link is on each photo).

Fire Polymer Clay Rooster

Author - Tatyana Kononova

Billet for decoupage rooster rocking

Author-Shanna Bugrova

Wooden blanks for decoupage

Author - Galina Rotary

Decoupage Cockerel on wheels

Author - Natashakun.

Ethy gathered in one place a lot of different felted pegs and offered the MK to create one of them. Very nice it turns out!

Embroidered cross, beads and roosters

You may have more than other types of needlework love embroidery. Then you can put the symbol of the year on the pillowcase for the pillow, arrange it in the form of a panel, paintings in a frame or brook. The main thing is that you get the soul image of the rooster. And if you give your work, find out the preferences being beloved.

More than 50 different schemes for embroidery roosters and cocks, you will find in a special album to our VC group. There are miniatures, and large colorful cross-stitch patterns, there are roosters in blackwork technique and several beading circuits.

Roosters in the technique of decoupage

You can embroider with ribbons as on white fabric, pre-translating the image of the rooster and on the special fabric for embroidery with ribbons with the already printed image. Such work looks spectacular due to the beautiful background. Here is an example of one such print on a gabardine (for sale here):

Board with rooster decoupage

And several finished works embroidered with ribbons:

Kitchen kit Decoupage

Clock with symbol 2017

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Петух лентами

Weeping cockerels from beads

Miniature beaded cockerels can turn into a key chain or suspension on the phone.

Петух из бисера

To weave the flat rooster according to the scheme below, prepare a round bead of black, yellow, blue or blue, as well as white and red colors; Brass wire (80 cm for wings and 120 cm for body).

Как сплести петуха из бисера

Weaving start with scallop. After the ribble is the following 2 top rows, make a keys rooster. After the 4th row, join the thread of 20 cm long in this series. In the next row, the thread is the thread that you just added (in this way you make thickening under the beak of the rooster). Then reach the remaining body and paws.

Wing pleading separately. Attach to the body as follows: the threads of the last row, in which 5 beerts, grinding in 2 latter white bispers of the row (in the scheme are marked with stars). Tie a thread. If desired, the color of beads can be replaced.

And 2 more schemes for weaving Petushkov, this time the volumetric:

Схема плетения петуха из бисера

Схема плетения белого петуха из бисера

And the real wizards of beadwork are creating such masterpieces:

Шикарный петух из бисера

Russian gingerbread "Cockerel", decorated with icing

Why not try bake a gingerbread in the form of a fabulous cock? We offer a simple recipe and method of decoration. Sweets to the New Year's table is always by the way!



On 3 cups of flour will need 200 g of sugar, 2-3 tablespoons of honey, 100 g of butter or margarine, 3 eggs, ½ teaspoon soda and any spices - cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, carnation.

Before preparing gingerbread, be sure to sift the flour and enrich it with air - so your gingerbreads will become more air.

We put butter and honey in a saucepan and calm on a small fire, without bringing to a boil, with constant stirring. Add spices, soda. In the warm honey-cream mass - eggs whipped with sugar. Now you can add flour and knead a soft dough resembling plasticine consistency. Rolling with a plox with a thickness of 0.5-0.8 cm. Cut the gingerbread in the form of cocks or chickens.

It is easier to use the cutting-pinamp in the form of a cock of the rooster. MOE-PECHENIE workshop sells cuttings that can be used with edible test, for example, gingerbread. But it is possible to fantasize, flew to yourself, to present your rooster.

Формочка для теста петух

Next, we lay the gingerbreads on the baking sheet, shining with parchment paper, and bake at 180 degrees to golden color. It is about 20-25 minutes.


The cooled gingerbreads decorate the protein icing, for the preparation of which we use 1 chicken egg protein, 200 g of sugar powder and 5-6 drops of lemon juice. Mix everything neatly fork, adding powder in small parts. Then we put the finished glaze in the culinary syringe, the pounding (they can be replaced with a polyethylene package with a small slice at the end) and we apply a drawing on the gingerbread.

Пряник в виде петуха

Author - Studyaanna.

Rooster from Foamiran

Foamiran - the material is quite new, but gaining a number of fans with an enviable speed. Try and you work with him! The wonderful fiery cockerel turned out to be in Catherine Ivanova. With his master class, she shares with you:

That's all!))) Thank you for reading to the end! We tried to maximize the task set in front of them. For inspiration and manuals, many master classes are proposed. We are sure of your rooster among all those offered in this article, you will find! Do not miss your chance to meet all the new year 2017! And the "cross" you will be a good assistant in this. Warm and spiritual needlework!

Authors of the article - Irina Makhinova (Yalinka) и Anna Ganzhina (Anna-Maria) .

Share! "Cross" bad will not advise! :)

How to make a rooster of paper

Author Teddy. For reading 6 min. Views 794. Updated

Despite its simplicity and low cost, paper is one of the most interesting materials for crafts and creativity, because of it you can make with your own hands as many different beautiful things: appliques, flat and volumetric figures in Origami technique, whole pictures in a quilling technique Luxurious panels and a lot what else.

In addition, there are so many paper varieties and such a diverse color scheme that it will certainly be able to find their embodiment of any creative ideas and ideas.

Try to start with the manufacture of not very complex products. For example, with any variation of the image of the cockerel.

How can he be?

Many master classes are dedicated to the creation of a cockerel from paper with their own hands. You can make it in various ways, depending on which image is expected, as well as from the purpose of manufacturing this product:

  • If the child needs an exercise in the kindergarten, then help him make appliqué. To do this, you just need to print the template, cut its parts, and then make the same items with them, but with colored paper. Get all the parts to the cardboard to get a cockerel. Suppliate Appliqué - Dorisite or also make out of paper grass and flowers, sunny sky, branches for the rooster, you can create even a whole family by adding a chicken and chickens to it. It turns out very beautiful if you take a dense, shiny or velvet paper. Can be decorated with sparkles;

Петушок из бумаги

  • Applique may be experimental - for example, try on the workpiece of the cock the cocks and corrugated paper, but not just like that. If you windowate color corrugated paper into a bowl with water and rinse it a bit there, then the water will turn out, and the paper will acquire interesting and divorces - this will add the appliques of originality and make the craft unique;
  • Another interesting version of the applications do it yourself - to make a lot of blanks from the children's palms circled on paper, then cut them out and chaotic to glue the cover-torso, adding some more items;

Петушок из бумаги

  • With small children it is easy to make with their own hands and a surround cockerel who will become a wonderful character in the production of a puppet paper theater and come in handy for the dramatization of various fairy tales. To make it easily, you will also need a template from which it will be necessary to cut the items. The basis and torso of such a cockerel will serve as a cone (it must be glued), and the head in the form of a cylinder will attaches. Rectangles bend along the bend lines, and form the wings, tail, scallop and beak from the strips. Stick all the details (see the assembly scheme);
  • It is even easier to make a paper cone figure with your own hands - cut out and glue the cone from colored paper, and stick to it with eyes, a keyboard (folded triangle), scallops, auxilies and a tail from a plurality of strips, as well as harmonica legs;

Петушок из бумаги

  • Very peculiar, crafts in the technique of simple and modular origami, the rooster will be described slightly below;
  • In the technique of papers, you can also perform interesting modular figures with your own hands - for this you will need a diagram and a template, according to which you need to cut and glue the parts, and then simulate a cock figure;

  • If you have at least minimal skills in the killing technique, you can create whole pictures and panels. The easiest way is to use the finished poultry template to which you need to simply attach multi-colored forms. For the manufacture of more complex products you can watch a special master class. Some masters even combine various techniques, for example, torso and rooster head made from paper mass or papier-mâché, and the tail, scallop, wings and other details - in a quilling technique (element "droplet");
  • Looking like quilling and the manufacture of a cockerel from corrugated pipes, twisted from multi-colored corrugated paper;
  • Beautiful and original figures can be made from the same papier-mache and even from paper trays for eggs.

Петушок из бумаги

Make a cockerel in the Origami technique

  1. Beautiful cockerel is easy enough after some manipulations with a square sheet of paper. Note the folds of folds and fold the sheet diagonally. Then bend the corners of the inflection lines.
  2. Approximately half of the paper figurines flex back and make the bend on both sides.
  3. Get out the top corner up and inside, and then turn the fold.
  4. Then the upper corner is flexible to the right and again inside, and the fold is first inside and back, and then inside and forth. After that, the angles bend from both sides inside the figures.

For the manufacture of a modular rooster, you will need to make individual modules for it (about four hundred pieces), and then connect them together.

Mastery Cockerel made of paper trays for eggs

  1. To make the original and beautiful cocks made of paper trays for eggs, take the tray, disassemble it on the cells and cut out, as if separate tulip.
  2. Then glue with each other using fine paper.
  3. Cut the rooster from the tray and make the beak.
  4. Prepare the blanks from the cardboard and begin to glue the feathers from small to large.
  5. Purpholo Cockerel Make this: The balloon is covered by pieces of newspaper and white paper. When it gets free, cut it into two parts (they should not be equal).
  6. Take the one that more and insert smaller into it. Start collecting a cockerel, attaching wings, tail, paws and muffin with all the details.
  7. Krable the product with pearl acrylic paints, changing the colors and shades so that the rooster turns out to be bright and theft.
  8. So that it is good and stably stood, you can attach it to the support, and the empty top is to upgrade with painted eggs or other decor.

Here are such different, very interesting, beautiful and unique cockerels of paper. Try to do some of them - you will definitely succeed!



7 years ago There is a very good idea, make Easter Petushka

текст при наведении

, from paper trays eggs.

текст при наведениитекст при наведениитекст при наведении

To work, we need paper trays and a little fantasy. You can see the photo, how to make such a cockerel, such features, you need to cut

текст при наведении

here and head cock

текст при наведении

Torchish, make a ball, placed paper

текст при наведении

cut and brapping head and wings, tail

текст при наведении

That's what our rooster turned out

текст при наведении

You can, paint feathers with paints.

The system chose this answer as the best.

Inspector Sean.


6 years ago

I really love to make crafts together with your children. Of course, something is very difficult, they are not yet asleep. But to do with my help spectacular rooster - symbol 2017, will be able to completely.

Look at what cockerel - a handsome man can work out.

To create a rootier, you must print on the color printer template - the workpiece for our work.

Then, cut out all the details. From the fan-shaped part, we make a torso cockerel.

And all rectangles bend along the dottedier.

We glue the cone with the image of the eyes - it turns out a head of toys. Multicolored empty strips are suitable for the manufacture of wings, tail and crest Cockerel. (Carefully examine the photo - instruction).

Inspector Sean.

I hope everything will work out. Good luck!

Lizka Varenik

[31.4K] Making any animal of paper is very difficult.

текст при наведении

To the finished paper cock, as in this case it will be necessary to go through many stages of folding and preventing paper in the right places.

текст при наведении

Here on this visual detailed scheme consisting of 14 stages, you can make a remarkably similar to the real rooster

With the same highly secreted majestic tail.

You can still show fantasy and make such wonderful roosters of colored paper.

This rooster is done simply.

You will need:

color paper




текст при наведении- Rinel. A cone is collapsed from paper, then a pre-carved scallop, legs from the harmonica, beak, eyes, the tail is glued with glue to our ready cone.

Inspector Sean.

Cockerel ready!

Lady Korovka.


Rooster paper

текст при наведениитекст при наведении

Depending on who will make a crawl, you can offer different options.

текст при наведении

If the cockerel does a small child, then it can make an applique of colored paper, for example, such:

текст при наведении текст при наведении

This is one of the simplest:

текст при наведенииAnother pretty light handicraft for kids, a rooster of a cone. We make a cone from colored paper, pay attention to the bottom of the cone is made as if with flints, wavy. We glue scallop, beak, multicolored stripes - tail.


Crafts from paper in a quilling technique It is older than children:

I liked a very pretty bright cock, which is made of corrugated paper (corrugated tubes):


Harlei. [17.2k]

In this video, you can see how to create two models from a square sheet of paper: a boat and a rooster. If you choose a paper of different colors, make a few figures, but from paper of different sizes, you can get a rooster and chicken. Before folding the rooster you get to make a paper two-layer ship. If you use tight paper for its manufacture, it can go to the present journey along the river, lake, creep ... Krasotochka [65.5K] Petushka paper You can quite make yourself at home with a child. .

текст при наведении

Technique implementation

текст при наведении

maybe different - from

текст при наведении


текст при наведении

before appliqués from paper with the addition of other materials. I will give a few samples of work, for which it is not difficult to make similar

crafts Of the paper, using the main component part - the riddled palms. Technique Quilling. .

Normal applique.


Armor Petushok.

You can perform

from colored paper

To do this, you need a set of colored paper, yellow, blue and green.

The sheet needs to be flashed on even stripes. Then make cut oval for the body it should be blue.

Colored paper is cut into strips glued from one end and stick to the body of a cock, as in the photo.


[16k] 5 years ago

from colored paper

You can make a paper rooster in many ways.

For example, a rooster of paper in the Origami technique. How to make it can be seen in the video:

Or even you can make a rooster in a quilling technique (for this you will need certain skills):

from colored paper

And you can generally make appliques from paper:



The easiest way to draw roosters, right-sided and left-sided and glue halves with cardboard in the middle. It turns out the cockerel from paper. And you can make from white paper, but do not paint, but stick shiny colored paper.

from colored paper

And in this video how to make the origami cockerel.

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