It does not start Steam: Why and what to do, how to run?

Users of the famous service are often encountered with the situation when it does not start steam. In such circumstances, many go to extreme measures and allow a number of errors that worsen the situation and do not give the expected results. Below will look at what the reasons for such a phenomenon can, and how to act to solve the problem.

The reasons

To begin with, we will understand why it does not start with steam, because further actions depend on troubleshooting. To the main reasons can be attributed:

  • freezing of any process;
  • blocking the application by other software;
  • action of the antivirus program;
  • Changing the Hosts file;
  • Connection problems with the main server;
  • Damage to system files, etc.

In the cases considered, the Steam does not start and issues an error requiring certain measures. On them we will focus more below.

What to do, if the game is not launched, and not the platform itself, read in a separate article.

What to do

Knowing the main reasons, it is easier to understand what to do if Steam suddenly does not start. To begin with, perform steps that are universal for all cases:

  1. Restart the PC and Steam Program.
  2. Turn off the antivirus software.
  3. Activate and disconnect the router.
  4. Update the PC drivers.
  5. Check the updates of the programs that were installed earlier.

These are the main answers to the questions, what to do if it does not start steam. If they do not give results, go to more specific steps that will discover below.

Close the extra processes

In a situation where the Steam client does not start, check out open processes. To do this, take the following steps:

  1. Enter B. Task Manager by pressing a combination Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC .
  2. In chapter Processes Lay all that have Steam name.
  3. Click right-click on Steam processes and select item. Remove the task.
  4. Run the steam client again.

The presence of an unlocked program process often becomes the reason why Steam does not start. If this step did not give the expected result, go to the next step.

Run the software on behalf of the administrator

In some programs, including steam, problems with the launch may be associated with administrator rights. To check this version, do the following:

  1. Find a shortcut called the program on the desktop.
  2. Click on it right mouse button.
  3. Select Launch on behalf of the system administrator.

Such a simple step really saves if the client is not started or gives failures during the download process. In the absence of effect, try other ways to solve the problem.

Delete damaged files

A common reason why Steam hangs in processes, but does not start - damage to system files responsible for launching an application. In this case, pass the following steps:

  • Log in to the local disk and go to the folder Program Files.

  • Find the folder with the name of the Steam application.

  • Lay out files with extension BLOB иSteam.dll.

  • Delete them and run the program.
  • In the absence of the result, remove Ier0_s64.dll и tier0_s.dll.

In the event that the Steam application still does not start, completely clean the folder and leave only the steam.exe file. When trying to start the program, the program downloads and installs updates, and after it restore uninstalled files in working condition.

Change the file name ClientRegistry.blob

When considering the question, what to do if it does not start with Steam, many recommend renamed ClientRegistry.Blob. Often it is guilty of difficulties with the launch of Windows 10, and to correct the situation it is necessary to change his name to create a new one. To begin with, complete the processes in the Task Manager, as was considered in Method No. 1.

Next, take up the following steps:

  1. Go along the path where the Steam folder is located. If nothing has changed, it should be in Disk S. folder Program Files. и Steam .
  2. Find the file ClientRegistry.blob. and change his name on ClientRegistrymyWebPc.blob.
  3. Run the software and make sure the problem is eliminated.

If the check showed that it does not start with Steam on Windows, go back to the folder with the application, and then run steamerrorreporter.exe.

Check antivirus by

A common reason why it does not start with Steam and writes an error of the connection, but the Internet is the action of anti-virus software. The problem often arises with the Avast program that blocks the application of the application and does not allow it to start. To solve the problem, it is enough to add service to exclude malicious software. Please note that there are no restrictions in the antivirus for the following files:

  • teaminstall.exe;
  • hl.exe;
  • hl2.exe;
  • steam.exe;
  • steamtmp.exe.

Often after adding these processes, the problem is eliminated. But it happens that the autonomous STEAM mode does not start, or other difficulties in work occur. In such circumstances, other solutions can be helped, which are discussed below.

Remove Cash

The simplest step, what to do when the Steam does not start - clean the cache of the program. The AppCache folder accumulates certain parameters of games and customers. This cache is needed that at the next launch all started and worked more quickly. There are situations where the cache is damaged, because of what Steam will not be launched. To solve the problem, clean the contents of the folder as follows:

  • Go to the disk with, and there Program Files and Steam.
  • Lay down the folder APPCACHE And copy it to another place as a backup.

  • Remove the rest of the AppCache, and then start Steam and check whether it opens.

When considering a dilemma, what to do if it does not start with steam, such a solution often cuts out and allows you to cope with the file that has arisen.

Disconnect more

There are situations where the program launches other software that works in the background. As a result, conflicts arise, because of which it does not start steam after installation or in other cases. Check out the following programs that theoretically may interfere with the normal operation of Steam:

  • P2P clients;
  • Editors of windows;
  • download managers;
  • On VPN;
  • Programs hiding IP.

On the Application Support Site, you can find a list of programs, because of which Steams often do not start, including after the update. Check out this software and delete it if necessary.

Look at the date and time in Windows

Steam is often not started due to the deviation of time and date from real parameters. To make changes, do the following:

  1. Enter the section Parameters (Win + I)
  2. Go to section Time and language.
  3. Go to Point Date and time.
  4. On the right side, disconnect and turn on Set the time automatically.

Make changes to hosts

One way to run steam, if it does not start - make edits to the Hosts file, which is often changing after visiting social networks and some dubious sites. To solve the problem, do the following:

  • Go to Disk S. , and there in the folder Windows .

  • Go to the folder System 32. and click on the section Drivers. .

  • Find and log in to the folder. ETC. .

  • Lay and run the file Hosts. .

  • Delete all the lines that are below Localhost. In the absence of the necessary inscriptions, you can download and add the desired text from the Internet.

  • Save the data made.

If the steam does not start and writes that there is no connection to the Internet, the reason can be not only the extra data in the Hosts file, but also the lack of connection to the network. Start by checking the connection to the "World Wide Web", and then make edits.

Disconnect Microsoft Services

There are situations where the Steam does not start offline, and the system gives a message, they say, Timeout Expired. When identifying such an error, make the following steps:

  • Run the "Run" command from the Start menu or click Win + R.
  • Enter the line appeared msconfig .

  • Enter B. Services .
  • Put the mark in the field "Do not display Microsoft services" .
  • Click on the button Disable everything.

  • Save the parameters made and restart the PC.

Reset settings

When it does not start with Steam and cannot find the file, click the Win + R buttons, and then specify Steam: // Flushconfig. Using such a command, it is possible to reset the data to the factory settings and thereby return the performance of software (without reinstallation of software).

Additional methods

In the most difficult cases, the steps considered above do not give results. In such circumstances, you can try other ways.

Check Steam Parameters:

  • Click on the program icon right mouse button.
  • Click on point File location.

  • Try running the file directly from the Steam folder.

  • Remove the shortcut and make a new one.

Clean the registry:

  1. Download and install the program to work with the registry, for example, CCleaner .
  2. Run error check.
  3. Make fixes and reboot.

If all the steps are made, but the Steam does not start, try to completely remove and re-install the application. Do not forget to save the SteamApps folder (located in the section with the program).

As a last resort, contact your support and ask her to help solve the problem. To increase the chance of success, it will be necessary:

  1. Screenshot of error.
  2. A detailed description of the situation and what was done to eliminate the problem.
  3. Specifying programs that could affect Steam.

Specialists analyze the appeal and give step-by-step instructions for eliminating the problem. The exact information provided, the higher the chances of solving the problem.


Now you know how to act, if it does not start with steam, and what can be caused by this situation. Understanding these processes allows you to make the right decision and restore the performance of software. In the extreme case, you can always reinstall the program or contact support for clarification.

Steam - a popular playground worldwide, which is considered the most advanced service providing many functions, including:

  • Video game activation service;
  • Purchase of programs or games;
  • Timely collection and updating of news related to the gaming industry.

Due to the amenities in the use and large set of useful functions, Steam literally entered the life of each video game lover. Therefore, if the service stops running, many have a question, why does not work with steam?

Before you answer this question, it must be remembered that the stimulation has minimal system requirements. Consequently, problems may occur only when the playground is started on very weak computers. The basic requirements are:

  • Not less than 512 MB of RAM (RAM);
  • Power processor at least 1 GHz;
  • OS version older Windows XP.

If all software specifications are complied with, then you can go to search and solve the launch problems.

Enlightening the process

Often, when processing the program startup process, unforeseen failures occur, due to which it is not included with Steam. That is, the task remains "hanging" in the dispatcher, while the operating system is unsuccessfully trying to process it. In this case, it makes no sense to click on the game playground icon, you only need to turn off the active process.

To do this, using the Ctrl + Alt + Delete keys, we launch the system manager and looking for an active style task:

The active task of stima

Press the right mouse button on the task and select "Complete Process". If there are several identical active procedures in the manager, you can choose to "complete the process of processes".

Deleting files

If the completion of the processes in the task manager did not solve the problem, because of which Steam does not start, you can try to delete some of the files from the root folder of the program. Go through the next way: C: \ Program Files. \Steam where C is the disk to which applications are installed by default.

If the Program Files folder is available on the computer (x86), then the style files will be located in it.

Let's go to the removal. We need 2 specific files called Tier. 0_ s64. DLL и Tier. 0_ s.DLL . With standard sorting, they are located next to each other:

Deleting files

Select the specified files and delete them. After that we try to start Steam. The service must start downloading updates and as soon as the procedure is over, the Steam will boot.

There is a more radical option that implies a complete deletion of all files except Internal folder Steam и Steam .EXE . Run a new service. It will start updating, as the playground will restore lost documents.

Error "Timeout Expired"

The full version of the error is as follows: " Steam.exe (Main Exception): The Registry Is in Use by Another Process, Timeout Expired " It is possible to solve the problem as follows:

  • We go to the system configuration panel. To do this, press Win + R and enter the msconfig command;
  • In the "General" tab, mark the selective launch. In subparagraph, turn off the display of Microsoft services;
  • Go to the "Services" panel and turn off everything;
  • Use the changed parameters and reboot a personal computer.

Error Timeout Expired.

These were general reasons, because of which the Steam service does not open. Now let's talk about private cases that have a place to be, but are much less common.

See also:

Problems in the registry

If none of the above methods approached, then the problem may lift in the system registry. In order to correct it, you need to:

  • Run the registry editor with administrator rights. To do this, via Win + R call the execution panel and drive the REGEDIT command;
  • Go to the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT section and we are looking for using the keyboard, section Steam and completely remove it:

Problems in the registry

  • Further go to the HKEY_CURRENT_USERS section and looking for Software. Here is the Valve folder. Also remove it.

For precautions, it is recommended to make a backup copy of the registry so that in case of an error, do not disrupt the performance of the entire operating system.


Some anti-virus programs (for example, Avast) during the installation of Steam can be adjusted to quarantine, without loving the user itself. The problem is solved by adding a steam.exe file to exceptions. As an example, we will analyze Antivirus Avast:

  1. Open the utility and click on the Security tab. Here we turn to the category "Antivirus. The new window pops up where you want to enter the file system screen. We choose the "exception";
  2. In a new window, looking for the inscription "Delete" and "Review". Click the last and choose the path to the file or document that the user wants to add to the exception:

Antivirus Avast.

If you need to add multiple processes in exceptions, the path is indicated for each of them.

Internet problems

And the last reason for which the Steam is not included - problems with Internet access. The service is quite unpretentious to the speed and can function even at 56 kb / s, but in this case the start speed leaves much to be desired (it takes about 5-10 minutes to fully download).

The solution here is one - to increase the speed of the connection. For high-quality service, it is recommended to use the Internet from 512 Kb / s.

Video instruction

If the playground is not loaded with steam, then for more visual instructions, we recommend watching the video in which all common and private cases of failures are presented, as well as ways to solve them:

Steam is a perfectly organized service for buying games. All errors that occur with the client are usually solved quite easily. Do not forget about the technical support service, which can be written through the Stim site, without downloading the application to the computer. The service will deal with the problem and provide detailed instructions for its solution.

Consider a number of major reasons why it does not start with Steam and we will analyze how to solve the problem.

The Steam Client application is a popular online digital distribution of games and programs. The client includes elements of a full-fledged social network with support for textual and voice communication for gamers. The main functions of the software are to install and update play content.

If the Steam service works properly, you can comfortably use all its capabilities. First of all, it is worth checking Minimum system requirements Your PC to launch the game platform:

  • The presence of the Windows 7 operating system and above (64 Bit);
  • From 2 GB of RAM;
  • Processor: Intel Core i3 and above;
  • DirectX version 9.0c;
  • Video Card NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670;
  • Broadband network connection;
  • From 1 GB of free space on the hard disk for program files, without considering the computer games that you will download in the future.

On the official developer's official website, it is stated that the last update is not working with Windows XP and Vista, so the owners of these OS versions will not be able to enter the playground.

How to complete the STEAM process in the Task Manager?

In most cases, users faced such a problem as the hanging process of running the steam.exe file. To eliminate the software failure, you must perform the following actions:

  1. Press the CTRL + ALT + DELETE key combination;
  2. In the dispatcher window that opens, pay attention to the "Processes" tab, it will be displayed a tree of processes;
  3. In the list are looking for the name Steam_Client_BootStrapper and click on it right mouse button;
  4. A context menu appears in which you want to select "Remove the task" item (the processes of any program are completed);
  5. After that, try to open the application again and check if the Steam will start with the standard method.

If the reason for the problem with the start of the program is associated with the input to the account?

First of all, I would like to mention a few common reasons, in connection with which the Steam client is not often not started.

Various OS failures can lead to online service malfunctions, like any other application. We recommend restarting the program (if it does not close, but the process works, do as in the item above). If it does not help, try to restart the computer and run the client to the Steam.

Do not forget that problems may not depend on the user and the OS used, but be on the side of the service itself. For example, technical works are underway on servers and access to your account is temporarily impossible. This also includes cases when after successful authorization, Steam Client Service does not start games or gives the Timeout Expired error. Given the nature of the problem, visit the news section of the official site of the style and see if there is no information about temporary problems and the timing of their elimination.

If you use a web version on and everything works fine, but after an unsuccessful login, password or protective code, you can not get to the page of your account, we advise Clear browser cache , including cookie and visiting history. This manipulation in the web browser settings can quickly fix the current situation. For example, in Google Chrome, it is enough to go in the configuration and in the "Additional" tab to find the option of cleaning unnecessary components.

In rare cases, to the question of what to do, it does not start with Steam, will answer Registry cleaning . You can use such utilities as: Advanced Systemcare, CCleaner, Avira RegistryCleaner or Wise Registry Cleaner Free. Any of these utilities is distinguished by a simple and intuitive interface, a convenient tip for beginners and will quickly solve all problems in the registry.

If you want to clean manually clean, clamp the Win + R keys, enter the REGEDIT command in the search bar and press ENTER. The Registry Editor window opens, here you can independently delete files.

Viral threat It can also be a reason for faults. You should check the system for viruses, and when you find such objects - immediately get rid of them. However, itselves Antivirus programs Also, often block Steam networks and access to the Internet as a whole, registering the corresponding rows to the Hosts file. Among those: Antivirus Avast, Kaspersky, Comodo, BitDefender, CM Security and many others. It is noteworthy that Firewall Windows Also is no exception. Visit the list of blocked programs in the anti-virus utility, if you find your own - remove, then try running the program again.  

If the method considered above does not help, in the same antivirus, select "Exception List". Specify the path to Steam, after which it remains to click the "Add to Exception" button.

Built-in Windows Firewall Also may interfere with the full functioning of the application. From the Start menu, go to the "Parameters" section. At the top of the screen, the search string will be located in which start entering the word "firewall". Open the appropriate item. We are interested in the "Permission of Interaction with Appendix" tab.

In the list of program permissions that appears, we seek Steam and pay attention to the status of a private and public network (check the ticks on both if they were not). Changing the parameters is made on behalf of the administrator. After that, we save new configurations and check whether Steam will start and whether the problems with the Internet are eliminated.

If nothing of this helped, it is possible that the Steam does not turn on due to Network connection which must be constantly included.

You need to check the Internet connection. Look at the network icon located in the system tray. See on it a yellow triangle - these are network problems, contact your provider. Discluded a red cross on the Internet connection icon? In this case, the malfunction lies in the network adapter or configuration settings to the worldwide web on your computer. Turn off the wire providing an Internet connection (from a PC or WiFi-router), then insert it back. Perhaps the problem will be solved. If not - call the provider's support service. Also should not be eliminated Update Drivers Outdated can be incompatible with the latest client versions.

Remedy Speed ​​Speed ​​Method in the root folder

Another possible reason for which the Steam is not loaded is the following files: Steam.dll и ClientRegistry.blob. . These files have the property of accumulating unnecessary information, due to which the service starts longer or refuses to work at all.

  1. Find the icon called Steam and click on the desktop with the right mouse button;
  2. Select the "Location" item in the menu that appears (or manually find the folder in Program Files x86 / Steam);
  3. If you saw one of the above unnecessary files, you must delete them and try whether the program starts.

We try to start Steam in system configurations

  1. Press the Win + R keys and enter the msconfig command, then click OK;
  2. The system configuration panel will open (so that the unnecessary information does not interfere with the search can be selected by the "Do not display Microsoft services");
  3. On the right service, put "Enable" if it has been disabled;
  4. Now you can check whether to play and make the entry into the account.

We restore the operation of the program by the full reinstall

If you could not find out why the Steam does not open and none of the methods brought the results, we recommend completely removing the program and install it again.

Please note that the removal of the program leads to the loss of all toys installed in it, so reinstall Steam we consider as the last method.

To save the game games, open the folder with the software and find steamapps in it. The data is stored here with your game content. Just make a backup of this object. After the new client is successfully installed, move the desired folder to it and you can play games without performing their activation.

If you do not want to delete the application with system tools, you can use the special utility Iobit Uninstaller :

  1. Download, install and run the software product;
  2. On the left side of the interface, go to the "All Programs" tab;
  3. We find Steam by moving on the list of applications installed on your PC or enter a specific name in the search bar;
  4. Next, you must select an object and click on the removal icon;
  5. Do not forget to confirm the consent to clean all the residual files and records in the registry.

How to contact support?

If the reinstalling Steam has not changed the overall situation and the software does not still open, does not respond to the server connection or there is no ability to enter your account, you should ask a question in official support on the developer's website.

  1. In any browser, go to the page and click on the section "Support";
  2. Next, enter your account and specify which problem you encountered;
  3. If necessary, describe the problems of malfunctions in a separate message;
  4. After sending a request to technical support, expect an answer to your email attached to the account.

Steam does not work - why and what to do?

Steam does not work - why and what to do?

Steam is the most popular platform for computer gamers. As you know, the main treasure of Microsoft is Windows. The Steam platform is the same treasure for Valve. However, even the most popular gaming platform on the PC may not work for a number of reasons.

In this article, we will consider the most common causes why Steam does not work, as well as possible solutions to eliminate them.

Steam Servers do not work

Steam does not work - why and what to do?

When Steam does not work, instinct can suggest hard methods to solve this problem, for example, to hit the mouse several times, the keyboard or even a computer. Should not be doing that.

The first thing you need to do when Steam does not work is to check if Steam servers did not fall. This may occur when the technical services of servers or problems that do not depend on you. The best site to check the work of the Steam server is

Go to this site and check if the server has a problem from the server. If so, then there is no other way out, how easy it is to wait until the developers fix the problem. If everything is in order with servers, then try the following solutions of the problem does not work Steam.

Nothing happens when I open Steam

Steam is divided into several separate processes on your computer, which helps it work quickly and stable. However, sometimes when you are trying to open Steam, the next error occurs - the process starts, but Steam is actually not displayed on the desktop or in the notification area. You are trying to open it again, but nothing happens.

Steam does not work - why and what to do?

This may be due to the fact that the Steam process is running, but a part that is responsible for displaying the STEAM program interface still does not work. If you encountered a similar situation, then press Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC. In the Task Manager, select "More" in the lower left corner, then scroll down the list in the Processes tab until you see "Steam - Steam BootStrapper, Client Service, Webhelper", etc. Right-click on all STEAM processes that you see, and click "complete the task".

Once all Steam processes are completed, try to open Steam again, and it should work.

Failed to Load Steam.dll - Failed to download steamui.dll

One of the most common problems when Steam does not work, this is the "Failed to Load Steamui.dll" error. She says that Steam cannot find a DLL file that is necessary to start the platform. There are several possible solutions to this problem.

One solution is Cheat steam When he thinks that the current version of Steam is a beta version. To do this, go to the STEAM installation folder ("C: \ Program Files \ Steam" by default), then find the file "steam.exe". Right-click it and select "Create a shortcut".

Right-click on the shortcut, select "Properties", and then in the "Purpose" field, add -ClientBeta Client_Candidate to the end of the target directory. In my case, all the string will look like this:

"C: \ Steam \ Steam.exe" -ClientBeta Client_Candidate

Steam does not work - why and what to do?

Use this shortcut to open Steam, and everything should earn.

If you still do not work Steam, there is a way fast reinstall it without deleting all settings and games. In the Steam folder, delete all files except Steam.exe, SteamApps and UserData. Then double-click "steam.exe" and reinstall it.

Further simply wait until Steam is reinstalled, and you can again play your games.

That's all! We hope we helped you understand the problem when Steam does not work, and now you know what to do in such situations.

Share your opinion about the article "Steam does not work - why and what to do?" Suggest your option in the comments! Thanks!

What to do if not started steam

In recent years, Steam has done a lot to ensure that the client becomes more stable and enjoyable in use. However, some users still have difficulties even in order to simply start this program: either when trying to open it does not happen, or an error notification appears. Depending on the problem, the ways to eliminate it will be different. Take it on this and talk further.

STEAM startup correction

Before switching to more complex issue solutions, make sure that the basic and universal steps are performed:

  • Trunking the Internet, Disable VPN and restarting the router. Completely banal tips that are nevertheless effective and at the same time very fast. This is especially effective with the debt and uninterrupted operation of network devices that have fallen by the speed that prevents the implementation of the preliminary entry into the steps account;
  • Check the quality of the Internet. Probably because of the failure on the side of the provider it is impossible to connect with Steam. It is best to wait a certain period of time, check access to any other random sites (including the browser version of the service, for example, to, check the Internet speed or contact the technical support of the Internet service provider ;
  • Restarting a computer. Perhaps due to some errors in the system, although not showing yourself in the form of windows with notifications, it is not possible to open Steam. After restarting, the system and cache will be cleaned, resources will be released, due to which everything will be resolved faster than you assumed;
  • Disconnect unnecessary periphery. As it assists the steam itself, some devices that use drivers for their work can negatively affect the client launch. To begin with, disconnect all unnecessary, and then run the program.

If nothing of this was successful, go to more frequent situations associated with the error of launching Steam. But if the client itself starts, but the games are not, you have a little to another article.

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Cause 1: Customer hung

It happens that the client is in the list of running processes, if you have already launched it today or tried to run, or be there together with the inclusion of the operating system when it is added to the autoload. Being in the background, he could hang during some errors associated (customer updating) or not related to it, and now the re-attempt to call it does not lead to anything. Solution Simple - Call "Task Manager" Closing the keys Ctrl + SHIFT + ESC , go to the tab "Details" , find any process associated with Steam, click on it right mouse button and select item "Complete the task" , and even better - "Complete the process of processes" .

Completing the work of the prevalent Steam process through the task manager

Cause 2: Invalid Time Settings and Dates

Steam work implies a certain data collection and real-time synchronization. When an outdated date is installed on the computer, the connection to the servers cannot be installed. Failures occur at any time and are, for example, at the BIOS level (relevant in the serving battery on the motherboard and after combating viruses). In addition, for certain reasons, the user and himself transferred time, or, on the contrary, not to do this after the global change of the time zone in its region, which is why it is no longer possible to get into its online account.

Read more: Synchronizing time in Windows 7

In Windows 10, this is done as follows:

  1. Open "Options" and go to the section "Time and Language" .
  2. Transition to time settings through Windows 10 settings

  3. On the first tab, all the necessary settings will be located. You can enable automatic time and time zone setting.
  4. Automatic time setting and dates in Windows 10 parameters

  5. If this option does not suit and the date is established incorrectly, set these values ​​manually (you can always look at the exact time in your city by making an appropriate request) or just click on "Synchronize" To get the right data from Microsoft. Immediately, specify your time zone on your own.
  6. Manual configuration of time synchronization and dates in Windows 10 parameters

  7. In countries where there is still a daylight saving time and back (in Russia, canceled), you should check the activation of this parameter in Windows.
  8. Enable summer time and back in Windows 10 parameters

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Cause 3: Customer Blocking Antivirus or Firewall

Often, the impossibility of the STEAM start is associated with the installation by the user of any antivirus, which in addition still has its own firewall. Since the operation of the game service requires an internet connection, anti-virus software can recognize it for a malicious program. And although this situation is rarely found with popular advocates, less common and high-quality programs may well recognize with steam dangerous, banning it to enter the network. In addition, even if the antivirus has been set for a long time, after some incorrect update, the problem under consideration sometimes occurs suddenly. To check this, disable it for a while and check if Steam manage to open.

Read more: Disable antivirus

If after that the client started to start - configure exceptions according to the functions and interface of the anti-virus used.

A firewall periodically becomes the culprit that performs a similar function - control and prohibition of the Internet suspicious program. Moreover, sometimes it makes the built-in firewall. The solution is similar to the previous one - temporary shutdown with an attempt to start the client.

Read more: Disabling Built-in Firewall in Windows 7 / Windows 8

In Windows 10, turn off the native firewall much more difficult, so it is better to add Steam to exceptions using the article on the following link.

Read more: add a program to exceptions in Windows 10 firewall

The path to the customer is default - C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam . If you change it, specify the address to the folder with the executable file. "Steam.exe" .

Cause 4: Label damage

During the action of viruses or other events, the label could be damaged from which you run the program. Because of this there will be the following development of events: when you click on the label, nothing will happen, but if you go to the steam root folder (the standard path to it is specified in the previous reason) and run " Steam.exe » The process will pass without problems. It will be enough for you to re-create it by clicking on this EXE file with the right mouse button and selecting item "Create a shortcut" . Then place this file on the desktop, rename and continue to use it.

Creating a Steam label

A similar problem with a non-working label appears when it changes its properties to unsupported or for some reason conflicting with the launch. Usually these same properties appear after adding them by the user.

User-Changed Properties Steam Label

You can additionally configure it by going to the tab. "Compatibility" and choosing "Compatibility Mode" , for example, with Windows 7. In addition, it will not be superfluous to put a tick next to the item "Run this program on behalf of the administrator" .

Setup Steam Start Compatibility through Label

Cause 5: File Damage

The client's performance is responsible for many important and secondary files. When damaged first, for example, when updating or hard disk problems, the launch of the game service will be impossible. However, if you delete them, when you try to start Steam, they are re-created automatically, so there is nothing to be afraid. Open a folder with a verse (how to get to it, it is written at the end Causes 2. ), and find the following files: "Steam.dll" и "Steam2.dll" . Select them together or alternately and delete the key Delete. either through the context menu.

Delete key files to run steam

Sometimes removal helps "Tier0_s.dll" и "Tier0_s64.dll" .

Deleting additional files to start Steam

More radical method - remove everything, leaving only "Steam.exe" And running it - this executable file does everything else. However, it is better, of course, delete not all, but to save some of the folders in which the games and icons are stored responsible for creating shortcuts. Subsequently, it is not difficult to return part of the folders in place. Save the following folders to another place on PC: "Steamapps" , "UserData" , "Steam" (or just invested in it "Games" ).

A more radical option will be a complete deletion of the program. This option is not very pleasant, but it will take almost painlessly, if you save the most important folders (with games and other necessary files), the possible damage of which does not affect the launch of the game client. Read more Competent Steam Uninstall Process is described in another article by reference below. However, we recommend that you still recommend to familiarize yourself with other reasons that may be more effective in your case, and only with their non-response return here.

Read more: Delete Steam without removing games

Cause 6: Incorrect customer settings

As a result of any problems with settings, the client launch may also be impossible. They can be reset, not even entering the program itself - it is enough to use one simple team.

  1. Click on the keyboard shortcut keys Win + R. And insert the command Steam: // Flushconfig . Click "OK" or ENTER .
  2. Start the Flushconfig command to reset all settings by Steam

  3. A warning will appear that the local boot cache is cleaned and you will have to perform authorization by entering your username and password, again. Press "OK" And after graduation, make another attempt to enter.
  4. Reset all settings Steam team Flushconfig

Cause 7: Changed Hosts File

As a result of the impact of any unwanted software, the HOSTS system file is simply changed, and then it will prevent the client connections to the network and, as a result, the inability to start it. If you already know what is this file, you independently check its condition, we all offer to familiarize yourself with the procedure for actions:

  1. Open the conductor and go along the way C: \ Windows \ System32 \ DRIVERS \ ETC . In Windows 10, it can be copied directly from here and paste into the address bar in the conductor interface.
  2. HOSTS file in the operating system

  3. Right click on HOSTS , Select "To open with" And specify standard "Notebook" . You can also click on it twice LCM for manual selection of the program.
  4. Opening Hosts File through Notepad

  5. Delete everything that goes after lines:

    # Localhost # :: 1 Localhost

  6. Permissible lines in the Hosts file

  7. Apply Changes "File" > "Save" or Ctrl + S. .
  8. Saving changes to hosts

If there were addresses that you did not add manually and they definitely do not apply to the programs you have checked, the more you have not yet checked the PC for viral activity, it's time to do it too.

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Reason 8: conflict with other applications

Steam, as it turns out, is quite sensitive to other programs installed on your computer. Developers have listed a whole range of software that can provoke failures on startup. In addition to the above mentioned antiviruses and firewalls, there are other categories of software, and you, as a user interested in solving solving, will need to be remembered (and even better view the list through "Installing and Deleting Programs") All that is installed in the operating system, and classify Each application that potentially affects the STEAM launch. Find out what exactly it can impede his work, we offer on the official website Steam Support on this link.

Programs conflicting with steam

Once again we remind you that it often provokes a problem-proxy program, VPN, or any other affecting the network. Especially relevant, it becomes recently in connection with the frequent blocking sites and users attempt to enter them through other IP addresses.

Reason 9: Incorrect computer overclocking

Wrong acceleration may affect Steam's work as a program depending on the correct functioning of components. We will not give any specific recommendations here, because each user performs overclocking in its own way. First, it will be more correct to reduce the level of overclocking or return the default values ​​of the modified parameters through a specialized program or BIOS.

Cause 10: Network Settings

You or your Internet provider could set certain settings in the router, compressing or caching data that affects the bandwidth (often it is minimal at mobile networks). With such a connection, change these settings yourself (if possible), refer to the technical support representative of Internet services, and even better test the connection through another network (especially concerns laptops using mobile connections).

Reason 11: Hard Disk Problems

Oddly enough, but the drive also becomes a source of error. When damaged in the area where Steam is stored, some data cannot be considered, which means the program will not be able to start. With frequent and long-lasting operation of the HDD, as well as as a result of its improper operation, there may be broken sectors that are not only preventing steam actions, but also adversely affecting the overall productivity of the device. It is recommended to check the hard drive for possible errors using your own knowledge or article below.

Poor disk state in Crystal Disk Info

Read more: How to check the hard disk on broken sectors for errors and broken sectors on the hard disk

Cause 12: RAM problems

Like the previous component, RAM can also start working with failures, which leads to violations of various kinds, including, for example, Steam. Make sure that everything is in order with it using special software. This method is recommended for more experienced users who are ready to spend time on performing such a procedure. This will help you with our separate material.

MemTest86 + RAM testing process

Read more: How to check the rapid memory for performance

Additional recommendations

We looked at most situations and their decisions, which, as a rule, should help in eliminate your problem. Nevertheless, we want to pay attention to, in addition to all, you should pay attention to both Windows itself - update it to the latest version, update critical drivers.

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And if the error occurred, on the contrary, after the update - to do reverse action. Roll back to the last successful configuration or do it with the driver that, in your opinion, has influenced Steam.

See also: Rollback to the recovery point in Windows 7 ( Method 1. ) / Windows 10Full removal of the driver from the computer

In more serious cases, reset the system to the factory state.

See also: Return of the Windows 7 factory settings ( Method 1. ) / Windows 10

Traditionally, almost any complexity permits reinstalling the operating system.

See also: How to install Windows 7 / Windows 10

But before the last two steps we advise you to apply to technical support, describing in detail what you have already taken to solve the issue yourself.

See also: Correspondence with Steam Support

And do not forget that pirated assemblies, especially strongly modified by their authors (and, as often, working curriculous and poorly) can also cause the problem today.

CloseWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. CloseDescribe what you did not work.

Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


Does not work on a computer? Does not open the application for desktop, it is impossible to go into account through the browser? Unpleasant - but deciding! We will tell about the most often emerging problems and find an effective decision, which is working to die.

Connection of poor / absent

The first thing to be done if Steam is not working now - check the connection to the network. Do not neglect this advice, elementary actions help solve a lot of problems! Especially often this error affects the entrance to the client - you simply can't open it until a stable connection to the Internet appears.

What can be done?

  • Make sure that you have paid communication services;
  • Check if all Internet options are connected, whether traffic remains in the current month;
  • Try to open any other application / site;
  • Contact the Support Service Provider for advice and help.

Separately, let's say about the reasons associated with network problems that occur only when using a desktop client.

Sometimes Steam does not work on the computer because of the router:

  • Close the program;
  • Disconnect the modem from the router and connect to the computer directly;
  • Make sure the Internet connection is actively and re-open the application.

If you notice that the Internet in the incentive does not work only at certain clocks, go to the provider. It is possible that it blocks certain ports necessary for the work of the client and games. Full list of ports can be found here.

The next thing is worth paying attention to - firewall (and antivirus). Sometimes protective software blocks the operation of other programs. What can be done?

  • Enter the firewall settings;
  • Delete files from the list of permissions steaminstall.exe , steam.exe. , HL.EXE. ,hl2.exe. ,steamtmp.exe ;
  • Run the program, the firewall must request new permissions that you can give.

For Anti-Virus: Make a client in the list of allowed applications, to the list of exceptions.

Another answer to the question of what to do if the Steam does not work - to start checking the antivirus system! Sometimes the program locks the viral or spyware, not visible to the eye. Be sure to check the computer and make sure that you did not "climb" a malicious component.

Removal of the process

The next reason why the Steam does not work now - the hung process. Get rid of him in a few seconds:

  • Call the task manager simultaneously pressing the keys Ctrl + Alt + Delete ;
  • Go to the tab "Processes" ;
  • Find the desired name in the list, click right-click and select the menu item "Remove the task" .

Congratulations, everything turned out! Restart your computer and try to enter the program.

Infinite update or difficulty launch

Another error, due to which the Steam does not work - an infinite check of updates. Recursion may be caused by overloading system files, they accumulate unnecessary information and block the start of the program. Or show constant update!

We offer to do the following:

  • Enter the Program Installation Directory;

  • Find files Steam.dll и ClientRegistry.blob. And completely remove them.

Re-run the client! Do not worry, the data will be restored automatically - but no extra information that interferes with work.

You should also try to completely delete the contents of the userData folder from the installation directory.

Browser error

Site STEAM does not work, although other resources open? At the same time, everything is in order with the Internet? Perhaps the problems started after entering the wrong login / password. It is worth take such measures:

  • Open the browser settings and go to the section with the history of visits;

  • Find the cleaning icon;
  • Fully remove the cache and bouquer cookies (the history of visits is not necessary).

Restart the browser and try again!

It is also worth cleaning the registry - if you do not know how to independently, use the CC Cleaner application, in which there is an appropriate option. This option is also useful if you see a black screen, and the steam does not work.

System-wide error

Finally, it is worth discussing why it does not work with Steam Now! Perhaps you are not alone in the situation that has arisen - sometimes difficulties arise from servers, other technical problems appear. What can be done? Wait! Alone to eliminate the error will not work, trust the specialists.

If the Steam does not work today, do this:

  • Open the server page and make sure that the server is currently not overloaded, prophylactic works are not carried out on the site;

  • Try to enter the platform site. If an error is constantly about the exceedable waiting time - wait, these difficulties arose not only with you.

They told in detail why it does not work Steam and how to fix the problems arising. In most cases, you can independently take measures and restore the health of your favorite program. It's time to play, passing new levels, communicate with friends!

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