Children's magazine "Fidget" - interesting stories and tasks

Once in a distant 2011, the grandmother bought for the elder son the first issue of the magazine "Fidget" in the mail. She was conquered a bright cover, beautiful illustration and filling the magazine.

Love to the "fidget" also infected me. If you rose on the shelf with logs, then we have numbers from 2011 and ending 2019. Immediately make a reservation that in some years we bought each number, someone missed a few in a row.

Children's magazine "Fidget"

The fact is that everything was difficult with this magazine. At first he was written out by mail, worn over times / after two. That is, we received not all paid numbers. They refused to subscribe, began to make a guard in stalls with magazines and newspapers.

But it turned out to be a piece goods, so I had to literally hunt for the publication. Now it is in free access and in stalls, and in supermarkets.

The only thing is grieved - the price. Dear every month to lay out for 2 magazines 160 rubles. Since it comes out 2 times a month. Therefore, we use your old key, sometimes we buy a new one, if you get to your eyes.

Children's magazine "Fidget"
Детский журнал "Непоседа" - интересные истории и задания
Children's magazine "Fidget"
Детский журнал "Непоседа" - интересные истории и задания
Children's magazine "Fidget"
Children's magazine "Fidget"

At the beginning of each journal there is a story in pictures with minor replicas. A kind of children's comic or a graphic story, as it is now fashionable to express.

Next, there are completely diverse tasks - how to circle, paint, draw, and solve rebuses, riddles, pass the labyrinths.

Creative tasks are found, such as making a postcard or carry out experiments. Children adore such games, so the magazine is still in demand. More from the youngest son.

In each journal there are game shodkins when you need to throw a cube and walk in chips. This game is also in great demand. Periodically play the whole family.

Children's magazine "Fidget"
Children's magazine "Fidget"
Детский журнал "Непоседа" - интересные истории и задания
Children's magazine "Fidget"
Детский журнал "Непоседа" - интересные истории и задания
Children's magazine "Fidget"
Children's magazine "Fidget"

The magazine is decorated with bright illustrations, a variety of interesting tasks for children, as well as there are stories that can be read.

However, in addition to the pros, there are also cons who would like to take into account the publishers.

Glossy paper. It is difficult to paint with pencils on it, because the pigment on the pages remains very pale. If you press too much, you can scratch or break the sheet. Feltolsters quickly exhale on this paper, so it is also not an option to color them. Paints, I admit honestly, did not try. The problem was solved by gel handles.

Otherwise, as you can see by photographs, the magazine will be interested in reoxoite and younger schoolchildren. "Fidget" will help spend leisure interesting and benefit.

The importance of modern media for the younger generation is difficult to overestimate: children born in our time, very quickly fall under the influence of a powerful information flow. This is the Internet, television and other sources. The power of influence on the child of these factors is no less than the influence of families and educational institutions. Therefore, it is so important to establish a filter for information, the influence of which is the child, and to make it applied only from proven sources. For many years, the children's magazine "Fidget" has been enjoying confidence in parents and pleases its little readers.

Непоседа №02(02) 2018

How affects children newspapers and magazines

Journalism is one of the media links that have a direct impact on the child.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, periodic publications, including children, are currently not so popular as twenty-thirty years ago. But children's magazines are published to this day, which means the media in the form of newspapers and magazines have their advantages.


  1. Newspapers and magazines in printed form are more attractive to children than the electronic version of the publication. Once in hand, the magazine is more likely to be studied and read, while the web page can be closed and forgotten.
  2. Only in printed editions can you draw, solve crosswords and other puzzles that require the use of a pen and felt-tip pens. All tasks are already thought out and matched to the age of the reader.
  3. In the printed periodicals there is no unnecessary and dangerous information, links and advertising for the child.
  4. The magazines publish a variety of games and exercises that have a positive impact on the development of children.

Cons of printed periodicals:

  1. You need to buy paper publications, subscribe, which takes a certain amount of time.
  2. To store newspapers and magazines, you need to allocate space in the apartment.
  3. The amount of information in the printed edition is limited and cannot be compared in volume with Internet resources.


The main goal of any children's publication is to develop a child's personality and gain practical knowledge in the process of playing. The publications contain articles and tasks that, in an accessible and entertaining form for the child, help to develop the necessary qualities (attention, empathy), stimulate the development of thinking.

Children's magazine "Fidget"

In the children's magazine "Fidget" you can find everything you need for your child's leisure and development: instructive and informative articles, funny comics, educational games, crosswords and scanwords.

general information

The magazine of the Smolensk publishing house "Uniline" is published twice a month, published in Moscow, in the printing complex "Pushkinskaya Ploschad". Consists of 32 A4 pages. Fidget is intended for young readers (category 0+) and to help their parents.


The magazine presents various stories and comics, for example, on the first spread we see informative stories about bees and aliens.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

The second spread shows logical puzzles in pictures.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

A clamshell 3D toy is also offered to young readers.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

This is followed by instructive stories in verse and an educational coloring game by numbers.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

For children a little older, already instructive stories in prose will be interesting.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

For schoolchildren there are tasks in literature, mathematics and other disciplines, games that develop attention, labyrinths and coloring books.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

Stories about interesting sights are aimed at broadening the horizons. Pictures-illusions contribute to the development of imaginative thinking.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

On the center spread, there is everyone's favorite Hodilka game, which can be played with the whole family.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

The heading "School sketches" will not leave indifferent any elementary school student. And a plasticine page with master classes on sculpting various figures is aimed at developing motor skills.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

For the development of children's thinking, crosswords and scanwords, a stereo picture are perfect.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

The heading "Russian folk tale" introduces children to folk art. The modern form of presentation in the form of comics is noteworthy.

детский журнал непоседа (главный ключ)

Who created and when, editorial board

May 5, 1958 is considered the birthday of "Fidget"; an updated version of the publication was published in 2003. The author of the magazine is now Sergey Vitalievich Lukyanenko. The publishing house team is working on the issues.

The editorial board includes:

  1. Chief editor Veremiev Yury Nikolaevich.
  2. Managing editor Kulbatskiy Oleg Semenovich.
  3. Editor of Lada Lada Vladimirovna.

Subscription price in Russia

A subscription to "Friden" can be issued through postal services or electronically. In any case, the subscription cost depends on the region and begins with 66.89 rubles per month. The price includes two releases.

Other editions

Despite the growing popularity of gadgets, children's magazines continue to enjoy popular. Choosing a publication for your child, it is necessary to take into account its age characteristics and interests.


The magazine "Murzilka" Already no ten years pleases its little readers. The publication is intended for children aged 6-12 years and is a collection of high-quality classical and modern children's literature.

The material contained in the "Murzilk" helps the child to master school items, is a more in-depth continuation of the educational program.

In addition, there are riddles, crosswords and puzzles. The publication contains 42 sheets of A4 format, the cost of the subscription ranges from 150 rubles per month, the frequency of publications is one copy per month. The first release was in 1924, the editor-in-chief is currently Androshenko Tatyana Filippovna.

Рисунки детей из Мурманской области попали в журнал «Мурзилка»


Children's magazine "Fantashers" is intended for readers 4-12 years. The publication consists of fascinating stories from the life of the main heroes of Nastya, Kolya and Vova. Also there are poems, riddles and rebuses.

The publication consists of 32 pages of A4 format, the cost of the subscription ranges from 94 rubles per month, the frequency of release is twice a month. Editor-in-Chief - Zhbankov Sergey Petrovich.

Журнал для детей «Фантазеры». Как оформить подписку?


Children's magazine "Messism" is intended for the guys of 5-8 years and is an excellent assistant in preparing a child to school.

Together with the main heroine - a pony named Mashka - a child learns to read, count, write, sculpt and draw. There are articles about interesting places of our country, unusual birds, animals and plants, creative tasks, recipes, exercises for the development of logic and attention.

The cost is approximately 52 rubles, the publication consists of 32 pages of A4 format. The editor-in-chief is Anna Alexandrovna Anna Alekasheva.

Теперь играть с ПониМашкой можно и на планшете! - Понимашка


The scientific and popular magazine will be interested in the guys aged 7-13 years.

It has a large variety of headings: stories, reports about different countries, peoples, points on the map, about animals and plants, about the history of objects around us, about space, laws of physics. Also contains comics and interesting tasks. All texts are written in scientific style, but easy for children's perception.

The magazine includes 52 pages, cost - 85 rubles. Chief editor - Milyutin Maria.

GEOленок Сентябрь 2017


Information, educational, entertainment edition. Dedicated to the nature surrounding the world, ecology. For readers for 3-8 years, there are poems, stories, and riddles about the animal and the plant world, educational games, as well as coloring and crosswords. Another plus - you can create a baby book-baby with your own hands.

The volume of "sweatshirts" - 32 pages, the average cost is about 105 rubles.

Книга Журнал 'Свирелька' - купить книги в интернет-магазине Москва |

"3/9" kingdom

The main characters of the publication are the characters of the Russian epic. The magazine is designed to educate the guys respect for folk culture and folklore. Each issue tells about a single character. Interesting tasks, riddles, rebuses, labyrinths, board games, and even the caretaker at the end will be interesting not only to children.

Cost - 52 rubles. For a magazine from 28 pp. What an ethnos is read by reference.

3/9 царство №18 (108) 2017


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