How to put money on your phone over the Internet for free

Absolutely everyone uses mobile communication services, as it is very convenient and profitable. There are many operators and different tariff plans, so everyone can choose the best option for themselves. To receive services from the bank, you need to regularly replenish your mobile account. On this basis, many people have a question about how to put money on the phone via the Internet for free.

How to fund your account without commissions?

Now absolutely everything is automated, and everyone can perform almost all actions via the Internet. This is very convenient for the customers of many mobile operators. The account can run out at any time. What if the account needs to be replenished at night and there is no desire to overpay for commissions?

If the account is out of money, how can I put money on my phone for free? This can be done even without having them in your wallet and without the Internet. Money will be transferred from the Qiwi wallet account. If the required amount is not available, then that part of the funds that is available will be sent. For an emergency replenishment of your account you need:

  1. For the client of the Beeline operator, dial * 143 * 9267777777 # and press the call button.
  2. For an MTS client, dial the combination * 116 * 9267777777 # and click on the green button.
  3. In the case of Megafon, the combination is exactly the same as that of Beeline's clients.
  4. For Tele2 subscribers from any region of the country, dial * 123 * 89267777777 # and call.
  5. For the Baikalwestcom client, use * 142 * 9267777777 # and the green key.
  6. In case of cooperation with the ETK operator, * 101 * 55 * 9267777777 # fits and click on the call button.
  7. For the subscriber, just for communication indicate * 169 * 9267777777 # and the connection button.
  8. For a Volgatelecom subscriber, indicate the following combination on the screen * 131 * 9267777777 # and click on the green key.

This service is offered to all users without paying any commission. Available even if there is no money on the personal balance. All clients of the listed operators can use it. There is no need for specialized activation of any services, including in the home network and in roaming.

how to put money on your phone via the Internet for free

There are some limitations that you should be aware of right away. One client can send only 5 requests per day. Clients of the operator Megafon can use only 30 requests in one month. For easier use of such a service, it is recommended to enter the code in your phone book.

Replenishment Beeline

Beeline is a fairly popular operator, the services of which are used by the majority of Russians. The quality of communication is at the highest level, since the operator cares about each of its clients, wants to continue cooperation and attract new users. Beeline provides services of cellular long-distance and international communication. Also provides unlimited high quality internet access.

The mobile operator is the most in demand, so he made sure that you can put money on your phone account for free. To do this, you need to use the website On this resource, it is possible to replenish Beeline even from Ukraine. At the same time, customers do not need to pay additional commissions and overpay for anything.

how to put money on your phone for free

Payment is made using the following payment systems:

  • Webmoney;
  • Visa Qiwi Wallet;
  • VISA / MasterCard;
  • Sberbank Allnine;
  • Privat24;
  • Yandex money;
  • One Wallet;
  • Alpha click.

Before carrying out the procedure, be sure to follow the instructions:

  • go through a simple registration procedure;
  • log in to the site;
  • indicate the cell phone number;
  • indicate the amount of replenishment of the account;
  • choose the system with which the account will be replenished;
  • agree with the rules of the service;
  • click on "Pay" .

Before clicking this button, you should make sure that all the details are entered correctly, since funds are credited within a few minutes. From the above, we can conclude that in a difficult situation, it is possible to replenish the account without commissions. It is not always possible to go outside to buy a voucher or use a self-service terminal. Thanks to the Internet, it is very easy to top up your balance.

The balance on the phone disappears very quickly. The money deposited into the account is spent on negotiations, SMS messages and the Internet. Therefore, many people are now interested in the question of how to get money on the phone for free.

We suggest that you consider only honest legal options! Using these methods, you can top up your phone balance without spending a single Russian ruble.

After reading this article to the end, you can get a nice cash bonus of 25 rubles to your phone number from our online magazine! More than 500 people have already replenished their phone balance with the help of our website, you can do it too!

Free ways to get money on your phone

In fact, there are a lot of ways to get money on your phone. Most of them are directly related to the Internet. For this type of earnings, it is enough just to have access to the Internet, a little "free" time and a Webmoney wallet.

The most common ways to quickly and easily get money on your phone without breaking the law:

  1. Writing a variety of reviews and different comments on sites , as "Otzovik", "YArekomenduyu", "Don24", "IMHO24". You don't need to be a great writer to write a comment or review. 2-3 sentences can be made by any literate person, even a schoolboy. For this, from 5 to 10 rubles may come to his wallet or immediately to the account.
  2. Bloggers often arrange various contests and promotions on websites. , by taking part in which you can become the proud owner of the "nth" amount. Usually the money won goes directly to the phone account. The essence of the competition may be to determine the funniest comment, identify the subscriber with the most original nickname, or solve a crossword puzzle. As a rule, most often the results of the competition are announced at the end of the month and the person who becomes the winner receives money for free into his account within a couple of hours.
  3. Completing assignments. Money can also come to the phone for completing various kinds of tasks. Usually we are talking about simple actions. For example, about installing a particular program or plugin, visiting a site, viewing ads or registering in a group, for example, the website.
  4. Using popular social networks. Most of the users of the World Wide Web are registered in various social networks. Someone spends all their free time in Odnoklassniki, some prefer Twitter, and some simply cannot live without Vkontakte. Anyone who has an account in one or immediately in various social networks can regularly complete tasks and receive money for them on the phone. The tasks are very simple: join a group, like a photo or video recording, make a repost.
  5. Participation in the advertising campaign. Modern online shopping are constantly in finding new customers. They often hold a PR company, during which each person has a viewed catalog of goods, which registered on their website or subscribed to the newsletter, receive free money remuneration for free.
  6. Providing your data. Some sites freely replenish the phone accounts of users who provide them with their personal data. Money arrive at the phone account almost immediately, but after some time the person gets a lot of advertising spam.
  7. Collect money. This method of free receipt of money on the phone account is often also called "begging." This is due to the fact that it lies in the scoring of money from other users.

You need to register on any forum with a high level of attendance and create your own topic there. The topic can be devoted to the collection of funds in need or homeless animals. Or it can be honest in it that you need money, and you ask you to help.

If you have a phone and time, you can easily earn money on my money on a monthly fee and not only in the article "

Make money online via phone

"We described in detail all services and ways to do it with the help of a phone for beginners.

Pros and cons of free account replenishment

Pros and cons of free account replenishment

Taking advantage of one of the above methods, you can literally half an hour to get money for the phone. But what will this lead to the conclusion?

The main advantages of free account replenishment:

  • You can get money on the phone while sitting at home on the sofa - you can make money on clicks, letters and mailers.
  • Cash enrollment is carried out for a lobe of a minute, working on Freelance Exchanges.
  • In order to replenish the balance of your phone, you do not need to have any special purpose or skills - you can earn on site views or write comments.
  • Even students and schoolchildren can be replenished.

"Free cheese only in a mousetrap" or minus free receipt of money for your phone:

  • A person who signed on the newsletter and received money for this will be forced to regularly remove a bunch of spam from his post, for example, Yarabodyudoma.
  • By providing the site, your personal data can easily become a victim of fraudsters.
  • The man indicating his phone number on the site, for example,, can be easily signed on a paid newsletter.
  • Walking for the "freebie" one can become a favorite fraudsters.
  • For registration on various sites and watching advertising, a penny is paid - this is WMmail, Web-IP and much more.

How to get a nice cash bonus on your phone from business magazine

This method of obtaining funds on the phone number does not require any special skills and a large amount of time.

All you need to do to replenish the balance is:

  1. Necessary Open on the site any article, where for the last day there is no comment . Fully read this article and leave a high-quality and competent comment under it. In the comment, you can share your experience, or express your point of view on the topic of the article. You can also answer comments from other users. (Meaningless comments, with requests to replenish your balance will be ignored)
  2. Wait for the moderator to check and approve the comment. After that, funds in the amount of 40 rubles will be credited to the phone number you specified (see the algorithm below)
  3. And yes, we really send money for good comments! No cheating.
Algorithm for receiving money to the phone from mbfinance

Algorithm for receiving a cash bonus in the amount of 40 rubles to the phone from


Summing up all of the above, we can say that in most cases, getting money on a phone for free is a rather risky undertaking. Especially when it comes to those sites that pay users to access their data.

Yes, of course, you can top up your account for free! But, for this you need to spend some time looking for bona fide resources, registering for them and performing certain tasks.

Have you ever received free money on your mobile phone account? If not, then it's time to correct this annoying misunderstanding. This article will tell you about the most famous free top-up methods. Honestly, I haven't been able to test most of them, but hundreds of positive reviews on the Internet speak for themselves.

How to get money on your phone for free


Method one - criminal

I publish this information solely for the general development of members of the forum and I do not advise you to do this. Moreover, the game is hardly worth the candle in view of the low profitability of the enterprise. Freebie is a freebie, and you need to have a head on your shoulders. The scheme is as follows:

  1. You go to the nearest terminal iBox or similar, where there is an opportunity to replenish the account for subscribers of your cellular operator.
  2. Wait for the moment when someone refills your account on your mobile phone, and pick up the newly printed check.
  3. Call the technical support service (there is a number on the check) and say in a plaintive voice that you made the wrong contact on your phone and sent the money to the wrong place. If they ask for clarifying data, they are also all on the check.

If everything is done correctly and you come across a gullible operator, then the money will very soon go to your account, so to speak, free replenishment, and the victim will have science - payment checks cannot be thrown anywhere, especially if a transfer was made for a large sum of money. With a large transfer, there is always a risk that tech support will start a more thorough check and will not want to send free money to the phone.

Method two - "earnings"

It was not for nothing that I wrote this word in quotation marks, since the actions we are doing can hardly be called earnings in the traditional sense of the term. The bottom line is this. There are many sites on the Internet that pay their visitors small amounts for certain actions. For example, for watching commercials, clicking on links in emails, liking posts on social networks, and so on. The paid polls I liked the most. Register on the site, fill out a couple of questionnaires and the money goes to your internal account. In general, you get money almost for free, spending a little time on the so-called work.

Having accumulated enough money, all that remains is to issue a withdrawal request, indicating your mobile phone number (if the site supports this method of withdrawing funds). You can, of course, withdraw money from such projects to Webmoney, and only then replenish your phone account, but then you will have to pay a rather serious commission, which is very unprofitable, especially given the meager level of earnings.

Method three - promotions and giveaways


I'll start with a little background. On one of the popular SEO forums, I came across an interesting topic: a person offered to top up any of the numbers of Russian operators for 50 rubles for 10 WMR. Naturally, to the majority of those who read, such a generous offer seemed to be nothing more than an ordinary scammer. The author was immediately “taken out to the open air”, and the topic was deleted.

As it turned out later, one Internet site, as part of its PR campaign, sent money to the phone for free to newly registered users who filled out a questionnaire with personal data and indicated this number in it. I can’t guarantee that this data was not later used to the detriment of lovers of freebies (for example, to send advertising garbage), but the money was honestly paid.

So, if you want to grab money for free on your mobile account, try to search the Internet for the addresses of sites where promotions, giveaways and sweepstakes are often held. Just before that, think three times - is it not a fraud? What is the point of paying money to this or that resource? Have any payments been made to other people in the past?

Method four - begging


If you have been puzzling over how to top up your phone account for free, then you probably had a similar idea. Create a topic with your sad story (for which you have enough imagination) on some forum or website and just ask for a small amount. And although you will be bombarded with insults and angry shouts 100% of the time, there may be some virtue that will help you.

Note! In the era of coronavirus, everyone is looking for additional earning opportunities. It is surprising that you can earn much more with alternative methods, up to millions of rubles a month. One of our top contributors has written a great article on how thousands of people make money online in the gaming industry. Read the article with reviews about making money on gambling in the best establishments.


As you can see by reading this article, everyone can get money for free on the phone. This is a definite plus. But on the other hand, the amounts in any case will be insignificant - after all, it is unlikely that anyone would find it expedient to pay well for your "nothing", plus there is always a risk of running into swindlers. For example, indicate somewhere your number, and it will subscribe to a paid mailing list. Then, once received 30-50 rubles will turn into much greater losses.

This begs a logical question - is it worth the risk at all for the sake of a scanty freebie? I would not. Moreover, having access to a computer, you can quite successfully make free calls and send SMS directly from it. You just need to know how.

P.S. If you know any other ways to get money on your phone for free, tell us about them in the comments.

What people say


Damn, you scared me with these paid mailings. Here I sit and remember where I didn’t light up the number. Is it real? So you can come up with any number from your head. I know one you can say for free. This is when the husband connects the auto payment to his card. True, the freebie has a limit so as not to turn it off, but it's enough for me.


Another freebie method is to use apps to install on your Skype phone. Not to mention the fact that in Skype the tariffs are much cheaper, even if those with whom you often call up have Skype on a computer or also on a smartphone, you can communicate for free for a long time without problems.


Skype is not exactly a freebie, the topic is about how to get money for free and top up your account. I had a case when I replenished my phone account for free, and twice. Apparently my number is so similar to others that, by a lucky chance (for me), they threw money on my phone. Then they really called and asked to return, but I never answered without flinching anywhere - thank you very much, next time you will be more attentive. It does not quite fit the topic, since these are random cases that I did not initiate myself, but still the situation is interesting.


Yes, I'm just also describing how I understand freebies in mobile communications. Skype is just a freebie, if used correctly by many people with whom you keep in touch. You are probably very lucky - I have never received money on my account. Apparently, the owners of the neighboring rooms were attentive.


Skype is inexpensive, but it is not a freebie, since you cannot call a mobile phone for free. The second method is perhaps the most relevant in the article. There are all situations when there is a need to top up your phone account for free. I did this at school when they punished me and did not give me pocket money. I did some simple work on the Internet and thus received money for the phone. Of course, some sites cheated, and then it's hard to call it a freebie.


But the "criminal" way to publish was not necessary - what if someone uses it? .. I personally receive money on the phone by filling out questionnaires from paid questionnaires, and participating in quizzes from the bonus club. But I would not call it a freebie ... Rather, a small part-time job.


The criminal method is really very interesting, but most likely punishable. And I don't want to stand guard. There used to be real ways to get money for free on MTS. I don’t know where, but in the student group our guys got some codes. You send this code to a short number and within an hour your account will be replenished from 50 to 150 rubles, this is how lucky. We did this five times, and we all sent the same code. And the account was really replenished. but then, apparently, they closed the shop and patched the gap, since the money simply stopped coming. By the way, money was not withdrawn for SMS at all. I do not know what kind of action it was, but that it is a freebie, that's for sure. It's a pity it doesn't work now.


Previously, there were mts cards, you buy one, you clean the protective layer, there is a code and now you enter this code, the money comes to your account. And that's what young people did, they wrote similar codes and if they got it, money came to the account. And so I once witnessed, the guy bought himself such a card, put 150 rubles into the account, they came, he entered the same numbers just the other way around and he received another 500 rubles! Of course it's good, but I'm sorry for those people who want to put money from the card, but it's empty. Now nobody uses it anymore. And now I will always take the checks just in case!


Cell phones

Participate in promotions of cigarette companies - they often give money to the phone for registering on the site of the promotion.


And once I found myself in such a situation, I returned the money) I think my interlocutor was already sufficiently punished for his mistake and will continue to be more attentive. And the return of money improved karma for both of us) in a psychological sense, of course.


I, too, always refuse to refund money if someone made a mistake and deposited money into my account. There is no trust in people. After all, he can then go with a check and withdraw this payment from my account. I had such a case at work when a woman came with an extract from the multicass and asked for a refund, since she paid the wrong way. We returned. There is a statement of payment. And then our client came with a check and it turned out that it was really her payment. The situation was not pleasant. It turned out that you can come to the multicass technical support, tell the approximate date and time of payment, and they will make an extract to you.


According to the rules of the OPSOS, this is not allowed ... if you made a mistake, it is your fault, henceforth you will be more attentive.


At the start of the new payment system, there was an advertising campaign, when all new participants were handed out 50 rubles to the balance ... They could be immediately spent on replenishing the phone. I then raised a couple of thousand in one evening (I opened accounts for all the SIM cards that I found in the house).

There was a questionnaire for women, where if you put a tick in front of "I smoke" and indicate the age of less than 18 years, you can get 100 rubles on the phone. He was also winding up this topic and was perplexed that someone was interested in sponsoring juvenile cardboard smokers.

From my own experience, I can confirm that you can find free money and feed your phone!


How to get money on your phone for free?

The balance on the phone opens up endless possibilities - calling subscribers, sending SMS messages, accessing the Internet, watching videos and listening to music. If there is no opportunity or funds to replenish it at the right time, you can get money to your account in one of the simple, free and legal ways.

Be sure to read the article to the end. At the end we placed bonus method with 100% guarantee from our online magazine!

Writing reviews

The site pays money for writing reviews
The site pays money for writing reviews

Some sites specializing in the description of goods and services may pay users money for posting reviews for various products on their site. It is necessary to compose a well-grounded and competent comment, write your contact information and the phone number to which the funds will be transferred. After the review is approved by the moderator, your balance will be topped up.

Thus, you can earn the amount 50-100 rubles depending on the site, the size of the review and its quality.

You can get money on the sites:

Promotional reviews for manufacturers

An order for company reviews can be found on
An order for company reviews can be found on

Sometimes companies pay for positive reviews to raise their ratings and save money on professional advertising. In this case, you need to look for offers on freelance exchanges. This method is one of the most reliable, but requires better writing comments. The review must be posted on the required site, wait for its publication and send a screen confirming the completion of the task to the customer. After that, the reward will go to the account of the electronic wallet, from which it will not be difficult to transfer money to the phone.

So you can earn from 10 to 100 rubles .

You can find similar tasks on the sites:

Practical jokes

There are a lot of communities on social networks with contests, sweepstakes and prizes.
There are a lot of communities on social networks with contests, sweepstakes and prizes.

You can also make money on sweepstakes and lotteries on social networks. Such actions are organized by publics and bloggers to attract attention to themselves. You need to make a repost with a record of the drawing on your page and wait for the results to be announced. Sometimes, according to the terms of the promotion, the most active members of the group win - in this case, it is necessary to put likes on the posts and comment on them.

Depending on the conditions of the promotion, you can get up to 1000 rubles ... The more popular the page is, the greater the win, but the less chance of getting it.

The draws are held on social networks:

Watching videos and ads

YouTube itself will not pay you for views, but they are willing to pay for various sites and services, of which there are a huge number on the network.
YouTube itself will not pay you for views, but they are willing to pay for various sites and services, of which there are a huge number on the network.

Another way is to make money by watching videos on ... To do this, you just need to watch the video on the indicated links, increasing the number of views.

The disadvantage of this path is that in order to accumulate the amount available for withdrawal to the Webmoney wallet, you need to watch a large number of videos and spend a lot of time.

Usually, one video costs only 5-10 kopecks .

Bonus way - commenting on the website

If the previous methods did not suit you, then we offer you a bonus from our online magazine with 100% payment for good comments!
If the previous methods did not suit you, then we offer you a bonus from our online magazine with 100% payment for good comments!

An easy and proven way - replenishment of the balance through the site .

To get money, you need to leave a comment under an article that has not been commented on by users within 24 hours.

The text should also be useful on the subject of the post. After moderation, the money will immediately go to the specified phone number.

Thus, you can be guaranteed to get 40 rubles for one comment .

There are many ways on the Internet to get money on your phone account for free. Some of them are unreliable - unscrupulous sites may refuse to pay, or providing contact information will lead to abundant spam. But if you use proven methods, you can easily top up your mobile balance.

All financial well-being and a positive balance on your phones!

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