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A red string is called the indent of the first line of paragraph. Few people know, but the expression "Red Row" came from the original Russian tradition to decorate the words at the beginning of paragraph. It was customary to make the first letter of the title and put an indent.

In theory, put an indent at the beginning of the line simple enough. Below, we will look at 3 ways to do it. Now I want to focus on the other.

I have a harvested text that I use in your examples:

Word how to make a red string

The main complexity that can meet you on the way is bias Not one sentence in the text, but at once a whole paragraph or page:

Word how to make a red string

So that this does not happen, do not forget to put the transfer of the line in front of the desired paragraph. I put the mouse pointer after the word " Gift "And I pressed the button" ENTER ".

Thus, we got rid of the unpleasant displacement effect. You can go to the main topic of the article.

Method 1. Red string through tabulation.

This method is the fastest and simple. From the minuses I can only note that you have to allocate each paragraph separately.

1. Put cursor Before the desired text (in my case it is " Not mushroom was autumn ") And press the left mouse button:

Word how to make a red string

A flashing icon appeared.

2. Now you need to click on the keyboard button " Tab. ":

Word how to make a red string

3. Check the result:

Word how to make a red string

The text has moved. Everything worked out!

Method 2. Red string via the additional menu.

This method is universal. It can be applied both to one paragraph and to all at once.

1. We bring the mouse to the desired part of the text, click right Mouse button and choose the item " Paragraph ":

Word how to make a red string

2. In the window that opens, specify an indent for the first string:

Word how to make a red string

I draw your attention to the fact that the program itself puts the indent 1.25 cm . This size of the incidence is used both in the course works and in professional office work. If you need another size, you can change it, in other cases it is better to leave as it is.

Click " OK "And check the result:

Word how to make a red string

If you need to make a red string for all paragraphs in the document , then you need to highlight the whole text ( Ctrl + A. ) and apply the scheme described above (menu "Paragraph" and installing an indent).

Method 3. Red row through a ruler.

This method is good because it allows you to make indents right away in all paragraphs of the document.

1. In the top menu, select the tab " View "And put a tick at the point" Rule ":

Word how to make a red string

A ruler appeared. The left upper triangle is responsible for the indent for the first line, just what we need!

2. Click on this triangle with the left mouse button and stretch it on the scale to the right:

Word how to make a red string

I put 1.25 cm. Let's release the button.

Perhaps all!

Thanks for reading this article! If you like it - put the huskies. Specify questions in the comments. I'll be glad to help!

Good mood to you all!

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Users at the time of formatting text in the document make indents at the beginning of each paragraph. This is a reasonable solution, it allows you to easily read the text, not overwhelming your eyes. After the selection of paragraphs, the document looks more presentable. Make a red string in the Word can be three ways, consider in more detail below.

Build a red string using the "line"

For this method, a ruler will be required in the Word. If the default document does not display a ruler, then this can be corrected. You need to perform the following steps:

  1. Find over the title page in the upper right corner the "LINE" icon and click on it;
  2. Install the mouse cursor to the beginning of the string and holding the upper slider on the line (which is responsible for indenting the first line) to pull to the right to the desired value (this may be 1 cm, 1.5 cm);

To set the red string throughout the document, first you need to highlight the entire text fragment with the "Ctrl" key + "A" key and mark the corresponding value by pulling the upper slider. Thus, a red string will be added at the beginning of each new paragraph.

Key "Tab"

You can put the red string using the TAB key. For this you need:

  1. Before writing text, click on the button "Tab", which is located near the Russian letter "th";
  2. An indent will appear - it means you can start typing text.

Thus, you can ask an indent, even in the ready-to-use text of the task. Just put the cursor at the beginning of the row and click on the Tab key.

An indent with the help of the Paragraph string

To begin, it is necessary to select the appropriate text fragment and on the empty part of the sheet to click on the right mouse button. In the new window that opens, select the line "paragraph".

Switch to the "Indents and Intervals" tab. In the "indent" subsection called "First Row" to choose from the "indent" from the drop-down list.

Automatically red row is assigned to 1.25 cm. After the specified settings, click on "OK".

How to make a red string in the Word

The question of how to make a red string in Word or, simply speaking, paragraph, interests many, especially inexperienced users of this software product. The first thing that comes to mind is to press a space several times until the indent will seem suitable "on the eye". This decision is rooted incorrect, so below we will tell about how in a text editor from Microsoft to make a paragraph indent, examined in detail all possible and permissible options.

Red string in Word

Before proceeding with the subject of the topic, it is worth noting that the instruction described below will be applicable to all versions of the office application. Using our recommendations, you can make a red string in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, as well as in the most "fresh" packages of Microsoft Office 365 and 2019. Those or other items may differ visually, have some other names, but in Overall everything is approximately the same and will understand everyone.

Important note: In the office work, there is a standard of retirement from a red string - its indicator is 1.27 cm .

Method 1: Tabo

By eliminating the spacing of a space several times as a suitable option for creating a paragraph, we can safely use the other key on the keyboard - "TAB" . Actually, it is for this that it needs first, at least, if we are talking about working with programs by the type of Word.

Red String Tab in Word

Install the cursor at the beginning of the fragment of the text that must be written from the red string, and simply press the key "TAB" . As a result, an indent will appear in the first line. True, there is a lack of this method, and it consists in the fact that the paragraph indent is not affected by the adopted standards, but according to the settings of the Microsoft Office Word used, which can be both correct and incorrect, especially if on a specific computer this product does not use Only you.

Point with Tab in Word

To avoid possible errors in creating a red string by tab, it is necessary to correctly define the parameters of this function, which we have previously written in a separate article.

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Method 2: Parameters "Paragraph"

As we have already said above, how key will behave "TAB" When it is pressed, you can determine in the tab parameters, but in the context of our today's theme you can and need to consider as a separate way.

  1. Highlight the text fragment with the mouse, which should go from the red string, and click on it right mouse button. In the context menu that appears, select "Paragraph" .
  2. Paragraph in Word.

  3. In the window that opens, set the necessary settings.

    Parameters of paragraphs in Word

    To do this, expand the menu below "First line" And select there "Indent" And in the next cell, specify the desired distance for the Red Row. It can be standard in office work. 1.27 cm , There may be any other, convenient for you or dictated value.

  4. Proper paragraph parameters in Word

  5. Confirming the changes made (pressing the button "OK" In the window), you will see a parasack indent in your text.
  6. See also: how to highlight paragraph in Microsoft Word

Method 3: Line

In the Word there is a useful tool as a ruler. It is used for laying text documents, alignment and not only. With its help you can put a red string. By default, this tool can be disabled, and to activate it, go to the control panel to the tab "View" and put a tick opposite the relevant item - "LINE" .

View, ruler in Word

The same lineup will appear on top and left of the leaf. Using runners located on it (triangles), you can change the markup of the page, including and set the required distance for the Red Row. To do this, it is enough to install the cursor before the desired text fragment and drag the upper horizontal line indicator. The above is the normal option of the indent, below - extended demonstration of the principle of operation of this tool.

Red string with a ruler in Word

As a result of the correct and accurate application, the paragraph line will be ready and will look like that you need it. You can learn more about the features of the work and the use of this tool from the article below below.

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Method 4: Creating your own style

Finally, we decided to leave the most effective solution, thanks to which you can not only create paragraphs, but also noticeably simplify and speed up working with documents in the Microsoft Word editor by automating this process. To solve the task assigned to us in this way, it will be necessary only once a bit podnaping and spend quite a bit of time, but then there will not have to think about how to apply the required formatting and arrange the text. Next, we will create your own style with you, which will include the desired red string parameters. In the future, you can be any written text literally in one click of the mouse lead to the desired mind.

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  1. To begin withdrawing the necessary fragment of the text, install a red string in it with one of the above methods. If you need, select the most suitable font and size, stylistly highlight the title. Having finished with visual design, click on the dedicated fragment with the right mouse button.

    Word style choice

    See also: How to make a header in word

  2. On a small mini-panel that will be right above the context menu, click on the button. "Styles" (capital letter А) and select the point in its drop-down menu "Create Style" .
  3. Create style in Word

  4. In the window "Style Creating" Specify it and click "OK" .

    Saving style, name in Word

    If necessary, you can also perform more detailed settings - for this you need to click on the button "Change" .

  5. Style Settings in Word

    Thus, we created our own design style, which can be used as a template, instantly applying it to all text or individual fragments. Both pre-installed and saved styles you can find and select in the tool group of the same name, in the tab "Home" text editor. You can learn more about their creation and configuration of additional parameters from the article below below.

    See also: How to create your own style in Word

Optional: Creating a letter

Some users are confused by the terms "Red Row" and "Letter". Our today's article was devoted to the first, and the second is a large capital letter (first in paragraph), which is used at the beginning of chapters or documents. It is most often put to attract attention, and the scope of application is very wide - invitations, newsletters, children's books and much more. Using the Microsoft Word text editor tools, you can also make a letter, and we told about it in a separate material. We recommend to familiarize yourself with it if under the red string you mean what is shown in the image below, or if you are just interested in this topic.

Selecting a letter type in Word

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We told about all possible ways to create a red row in Microsoft Word. Thanks to the correct design, the documents you work with will look more attractive and, more importantly, in accordance with the requirements established in the office work.

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how to make a red string in the WordWhat is a red string should be known to everyone. This is called a small indent of the first line of paragraph for a certain distance to the right from the left edge. However, not everyone knows how to make such an indent in the MS Word program. In this review, we will talk about how to make a red string in MS Word. We will consider all possible ways, as well as clearly demonstrate the steps of performing these actions. All versions of the program will be considered.

Making a red string in Word with a ruler

To begin with, consider the first way with which you can make a red string in MS Word. This method is to use the ruler. It is disabled by default, so you have to do everything yourself. To do this, go to the "View" tab in the "Show" section, put a checkbox next to the item. However, this was not the only way with which in the MS WORD program you can turn on the ruler. You can use a special button for this purpose, which is located above the scroll bar. In the latest version of the program, this icon is missing. So, when the line is enabled, you can see it from above the document under the toolbar. This line will be used to create a red string. When all preliminary actions before setting the red row in Word were completed, go directly to the process itself. On the line you can see two sliders on the left. We will be interested in top. Start dragging it to the right, closing the left mouse button. As a result, you can see how the first line of the text begins to move. Now you know how to make a red string in Word. But it was just one way. Let us turn to the second

How to make a red string with tabulation?

The second way to some users seems essential to the first. In this case, it will not be necessary to perform any preliminary manipulations. Let's figure out how to make the first string in MS Word using tabulation. To set the tab, you need to click on the Tab key. Put the first cursor to the beginning of the first lines of paragraph. When you press the key, a red string will appear. The advantage of this method is that it is performed quite quickly. The disadvantage is that if there are many paragraphs in the text, then the red line will have to do every time manually, and this can take a lot of time. Consider a third way that allows you to make red rows at once in all paragraphs.

We make a red string with the help of the paragraph "paragraph"

When performing this method, we will use paragraph settings. First you need to highlight the text where you need to make an indent. After that, in the "Home" tab, click on the arrow in the section "Paragraph". As a result, the window opens. Here you need to pay attention to the point "indent". To the right of it there is a drop-down list called "First Line". After clicking on it, you need to choose the "indent" and enter the required value in the field on the right. When you click on the "OK" key, a red line will appear in your paragraphs in those paragraphs that have been highlighted.

How to make a red string in the MS Word version 2003

In Word 2003, the Red Row is made in the same way as in all methods described above. But there is one feature - it is distinguished in the interface. For example, if you want to make a red string using the "paragraph" setting, you will not find here the corresponding icon. It is simply not. To call the menu, you will need to highlight the area of ​​the text, and then click on it with the right mouse button and select the paragraph "paragraph".

Microsoft Word is a text editor with a huge feature. Nevertheless, due to the abundance of functions in the program interface, it is very difficult to navigate. For example, those who use the utility recently do not know how to make a red string in the Word. If you feel about this category of people, I recommend you to read this article to the end.

How to make a red string

There are several ways to make a red string in Word 2010. We will look at each of them, starting with the simplest and ending with the most difficult. The described methods are relevant for any version of the program. That is, it does not matter, you work in Word 2007 or in 2016.


Microsoft Word, like most modern editors, supports hotkeys. Due to this, any function can be activated by pressing one or two buttons. As for the creation of an indent, the Tab button is responsible for it. Move the mouse cursor to the place where you need to put a red string. After that, press the Tab key on the keyboard and voila - now the text fragment begins with paragraph. make a red string using Tab

Using the Tab hot key, you can quickly install indents, which is useful at a high-speed text set. But this method has disadvantages. Indents are affixed in accordance with the standard Word settings. Accordingly, if you need to install another size of a red string, then the paragraph needs to be set through a special menu.

Menu "Paragraph"

To open the Paragraph menu and configure the settings of the indents, you must be guided by the following instruction:

  1. The text that should start with a red string is highlighting with a mouse. After that, press PCM on the selected fragment. A drop-down list appears in which you want to click on the "paragraph". Menu Paragraph
  2. A new dialog box opens. We are interested in the item "First Line". Click on the drop-down list, which is located next to and select the indent option.
  3. In the next field, specify the desired size of the retirement (standard indicator - 1.27 centimeters). Configuring paragraph, click on the "OK" button.


Microsoft Word implemented a fairly convenient tool called the line. With it, you can change the markup of the document and, which is important for us, set the red string. So, in order to make an indent, move the cursor on the text fragment. After that, on the lineup (located above the sheet), adjust the size of your paragraph. To do this, drag the top triangle to the right place. Rule

It happens that the ruler is not included in the default editor. In this case, you need to activate this tool yourself. To do this, go to the "View" tab. In the control panel near the item "LINE" check the box. After that, the tool in question is activated, and you can carry out various manipulations with it.


People who often make documents with the same markup parameters can create their own universal style. Thanks to him, you do not have to bother with paragraphs, adjust their size and other page characteristics. So to create a unique style, you need:

  1. Go to the "Home" tab. In the menu, find the "Style" section, expand it and click on the "Create Style" item.
  2. In the dialog that appears, click on the Edit button. Then click on the "format" and in the drop-down list, select the paragraph "paragraph". Tie the red string parameters there. You can also adjust other text characteristics. Create style
  3. Having finished changing the parameters, save the style. Now, when applying the created style in a new document, all indents will be affixed automatically.

A red string is usually called indent at the beginning of paragraph. Such an indent is formed using the shift of the entire line of the string to the right for a certain distance from the left edge of the text document. In this material, we will tell about how to make a red string in Word 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

How to make a red string in Word 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016

In order to be able to make a red string, a ruler must be turned on in the Word program. In order to turn it on You need to go to the "View" tab and set the mark opposite the function "LINE" .

Set the mark opposite the ruler function

You can also turn on the ruler by pressing the small button in the upper right corner of the document (immediately above the horizontal scroll bar).

Press the button in the upper right corner of the document

After the ruler is turned on, you can start directly to the red row itself. First of all carefully examine the ruler, which is on the document (top line). It has several sliders: two on the left side of the line and one in the right. In order to make a red string on all paragraphs, you need to highlight the entire text and move the top left slider to the right .

Move the upper left slider to the right

Thus, you will make a red string at the beginning of each paragraph.

Red row at the beginning of each paragraph

If you need to make a red string only at the beginning of one paragraph of the text, then do not allocate all the text. Instead, set the cursor to the desired paragraph and move the upper left slider to the right.

In addition, you can make a red string using a keyboard. For this Install the cursor to the beginning of the first line and click on the Tab key .

Press the Tab key

But, when using the Tab key, the red string can be made only on one paragraph of the text at a time.

How to make a red string in Word 2003

In the Word 2003 program, the Red Row is done in the same way. The only difference is that in order to enable the display of the line to you You need to open the "View" menu and choose the item "Rule "

Select the menu item Line

Otherwise, everything is absolutely the same as in more modern versions of Word. You need to highlight the test and move the upper left slider on the upper ruler.

Good day, friends! To date, the text editor Microsoft Word is the most popular in the world. Huge toolkit allows you to handle texts, insert illustrations, format and much more. Millions of users use every day different versions of the editor - 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. And in this article I would like to tell how to make a red string in the Word, regardless of the version and location of the buttons.

This is a very important question - writing and editing texts is impossible if you do not know how to make paragraphs in Word. Therefore, we will tell in more detail about different ways how to do it in all the most popular versions of the program. So that you have after reading the note, there were no more questions.

How to make a red string in the Word 2010

To date, Word 2010 is the most common version of the editor. So, how is the red row in Word 2010? You can perform this in several ways. I will tell in order, choose which one will be convenient for you.

The very first And, perhaps, the easiest way - Take advantage of the ruler.

If your program does not have a ruler, then simply press the button on the right, as shown in the figure below, after clicking on which the ruler you need will appear.

How to make a red string in the Word 2010

Next, you just need to drag the upper runner of the line, determining the dotted line going down, the border with which the red string will begin. If the red string is not needed in the entire document, but only in several paragraphs, first select them, after which they are formatted. How to remove the red string? Use the same slider by carrying the border where it is necessary.

Red string with a ruler

If a red string is needed in a formatted document, then select all the text and drag the slider to the desired position.

The second way. Use the menu "Paragraph". Having a suitable text area, click on the empty sheet with the right mouse button. In the menu that appears, click Subclause "Paragraph" .

Install paragraph through the menu

In field "First line" Choose "Indent" And specify the appropriate value. The standard for office documentation is 1.25 cm value, but if necessary, you can choose any other that suits you.

Making an indent of the first string

Third way - Using the Tab key. It is enough to put the cursor at the beginning of the paragraph, click this button - the red string will immediately appear. The disadvantage of this method is the inability to quickly adjust the retirement - the red line in Word has the default size that is not always convenient. In this method, there is no possibility to apply paragraph to the whole text.

Red string using the Tab button

Finally, Fourth way Install suitable indents in the Word. It is a little more complicated by the previous ones, but allows you to adjust all formatting requirements for a specific user. Formatting the right text, click on the highlighted text with the right mouse button.

In the selected menu, select item "Styles" , and then "Save a fragment as an express style" . Subsequently, you will have the opportunity to easily format the entire text, configuring the required requirements using the saved pattern. Which you can always choose in styles and apply to any text.

Keep the style of formatting

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Red string in Word 2007

PC users working in the Word 2007 will be useful to learn how to make a paragraph indent in this editor.

First method - Verified ruler. As in Word 2010 it is easiest to do this, all by analogy, these two versions are very similar. Who has no ruler, click on the button, as shown in the picture, and the ruler will appear.

Turn on the tool ruler in the Word 2007

Use it to set the optimal indent. Having highlighting the desired amount of text, put the desired indent, both in the entire document and in separate paragraphs, moving the upper slider.

Install paragraph with a ruler

The second way. Use the drop-down menu. Select the desired area, right-click on it, select the "Paragraph" item, then set the "Point" field in the "First Line" field and set the desired value in centimeters.

Paragraph indent to Word 2007

Paragraph of the first line 1.25

Also, if you often need a red row in Word 2007 and other specific formatting requirements, you can create your own style. It is not difficult to do this, and later such a rational decision will save a lot of time.

By setting the appropriate paragraph indent in the described methods, select the desired text fragment and right-click. The menu opens - select item in it "Styles" . Click on the submenu "Save the selected fragment as a new express style" .

We save formatting styles in Word 2007

Subsequently, you can use the created style to establish suitable formatting in the document of any size. Click the button "Home" In the upper left corner, select "Styles" And select the created. The entire text of the document will take suitable paragraph indents and the interval between paragraphs.

Throw out styles from previously saved

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Red Row to Word 2003

Today, the Word 2003 editor gives the position, but it is more convenient, easy to use and no less functional, the more modern versions. And this editor still uses many. Now, let's figure it out like in the Word 2003 to do from the Red Row?

Also, as well as in newer versions, you can use a ruler to the Word 2003, and installing the same indentation on the left in both the entire document immediately and in each paragraph. Only the text must be pre-highlighted. Or select the desired paragraph in the text and already move the line in the position you need, as shown in the picture below.

Install the Red Row in Word 2003

Take advantage of them with the same success as described above. Get into the paragraph formatting menu, you can in the Word 2003 by several options, click the button "Format" and select "Paragraph" . Or a little different way, just right-click on the selected text area and select the desired menu item.

Menu paragraph indent in Word 2003

Find the field "First line" and select "Indent" . After that, it is enough to specify the desired indent in the field "On the:" To establish an indent of the first line in the selected paragraphs.

Antented first line

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How to make a paragraph indent 1.25 in the Word

The above methods described will help if you are interested in how to make a paragraph in the Word "on the eye". But in business documentation it is unacceptable - there are solid requirements here, up to a millimeter establishing rules for design.

If you need a red string in Word - an interval of 1.25 cm (it is this penny of the first line is provided for by the rules of business correspondence), then you can use the specific method below.


This method, to make the paragraph indent 1.25 applicable to any versions of Word, because In all versions, everything is done by analogy.

With it, you can make paragraphs that have the desired distance, in all versions of the Word. First of all, it is necessary to highlight the paragraph or the entire text (the easiest way to make it a key combination Ctrl +A). After that, right-click and select item. "Paragraph" .

Paragraph indent 1.25 Vord

Select Field "First line" , set here the "indent" value and specify the value "1.25 cm" In the field on the right. Usually this value is set automatically after filling in the first field. If necessary, you can split text on paragraphs, setting in each paragraph a certain indent of the first line in the Word.

In the same window, you can install an indention on the right if the documentation is required. Need to establish a specific interval between paragraphs? This indicator can also be indicated here.

An indent of the first line 1.25 in any version

Set the appropriate interval between paragraphs - single, one-time, double or with a specific value. Keep in mind the interval is chosen at your discretion, it all depends on the style of your correspondence and text requirements.

Installing the rigneling intervals

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Let's summarize

Now you know how to make an indent in Word in the most common versions of this wonderful editor. The procedure is quite simple, and thanks to different methods of execution - convenient and efficient. Knowing how to set up indents and how the intervals of the desired size are made, you can easily format any text in the right way.

I hope my note helped you deal with one of the editing options. If you have any questions and whether the tips are written in the comments. See you in new notes.

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