How to drive a man in bed: ways to conquer the soul and body

It is no secret that for guys sex is of paramount importance. If you are interested in how to drive away any man in bed crazy, then get ready to act. To become a goddess of love, you need to cover the two most important components of life - psychological and sexual.

From what men lose their heads

It is important to see a strong sex to see a girl next to him who loves and admires his partner. But you need to show feelings as you want. There are different languages ​​of love: words, time, gifts, help, touches. If you satisfy his life needs, you will definitely become indispensable.

Men are crazy about sexy women, they look at them with lust. When the guys work the instinct, they are able to not notice the flaws of the girl. A confident and open woman looks always attractive. More men go crazy from a female breast. Support its shape and tone, train and emphasize the bust of the right linen.

Ladies attract attention and cling to men by a passionate look and a sincere smile, with the help of which the joy, happiness and attraction be raised.

No man stands before manifestations of female love - caress with a passionate desire, when the girl pays attention to the relationship in all spheres of life. She caresses the word, manifests and makes bold things for her beloved. If the girl will drive a man crazy, then he will also try to make her happy.

What to pay attention to sex

Before proceeding directly to the sexual act, consider the most important aspects in the relationship of the pair. If a girl wants to know how to make a guy crazy, she must maintain interest, sexual attraction and create comfort for the male soul next to him.


A man looks at his woman, even if they are a lot of time together, so she must follow their appearance, always look attractive. An important point is the observance of personal hygiene. Even at home dress simply, but tasteful, do not go to the usual women's gowns or old stretched t-shirts. A woman who emphasizes his advantages, confident in his beauty, will be able to drive a man crazy. If to confirm the appeal to constantly ask "I did not recover?", Then you can push the partner.

Exterior view of a woman at home


If you think you have the skills of communication, think that you understand under productive communication with a man. Woman loves to talk a lot without silence, but is it capable of listening to a man carefully? The guy is important to feel that he is interested in a lady and can share with her thoughts. Just need to observe borders. If it will insist on constant communication, demand that he speak more with her, then the lover will start lingering at work and reset calls.

When you begin to communicate with a man, ask his hobbies, plans, knowledge. There are topics that best not to touch on with a young man, for example, former relationships, salary size. It should not be devoted to all the nuances of your life, especially to talk about lovers and the causes of parting with them.

Darite emotions

A woman is a stock of energy, a man always returns to the one that fills the life forces and a good mood. For example, when he gives the girl gifts, it expects to get children's joy from her. Become a source of good events, then at the subconscious level it has pleasant associations with you, it will always be returned. Try to protect the beloved from the drops of your mood. Meet it with a satisfied and happy face, fill meetings with inspiring words. A man is important to see at home affectionate wife, then, forgetting all the alarms, he will be able to relax as much as possible in bed.


To conquer the men's heart, a woman should have ease, to enjoy life, treat people well, be able to interest the conversation, find in all the good, appreciate life and relatively treat difficulties. Attracting the attention of representatives of strong gender, the girl behaves gracefully, no anywhere in a hurry. It should be able to make decisions, but at the same time do not forget to consult with a partner.

A man wants to see next to a balanced, happy and inspired woman.

Bed regime

No one can say for sure when in love should be entered into intimate relationships. So, the psychologist Satya Das recommends adhending to abstinence 1.5 years. You yourself determine when it's time. The main thing is that the girl really wanted to really, and did not make a favor partner under his Natius.

First time in bed

In the meantime, you can drive a man crazy by other methods. For example, explore the male body, kiss it in those places where it is most nice. You can go to erotic massage, giving a single chosen one.

How to save interest

The stage of love passes, hormones calm, often people become indifferent to each other. A woman needs to learn to maintain interest in their own, for this you can use the following ways:

  • look attractive;
  • appreciate your man, be grateful to him for small deeds;
  • to be independent of the partner who is enthusiastic to spend time with friends;
  • arrange surprises from which eyes light up;
  • give the choice of one to feel a real man, adjust the situation where he will feel himself a hero;
  • Flirt with him, flush flirtany, show that he turns you out.

All possible ways to keep the passion and fire of your relationship.

What is important when you have sex

To make men crazy, you need to take into account a lot of moments, and sometimes not to pay attention to anything and follow call passion. The girl who feels liberated in bed and is ready to experiment, sincerely wants to make an intimate life with bright and rich. She will definitely be done conceived.

Do not be broom

The female initiative is able to make a partner and drive crazy. Are you enough active in bed? If you feel squeezed, you can not relax, then the man will not be able to experience pleasure, and sex will become automatic. The girl should behave actively, to look for ways to become liberated and open. Show your passion, scratch, bite, elds. Do what you want.

Right your feelings, then your body will become active. This is the sphere where you can manage, command, produce steam, so use a pleasant antistress.

Appear in different outfits

When a man looks at a woman, he draws attention to what it is worn. As erotic clothes, guys consider:

  • Deep neckline;
  • tops with open shoulders;
  • mini skirts and flyers;
  • stockings;
  • Tight jeans, shorts and pencil skirts;
  • corsets;
  • Mini dresses.

Erotic clothing

In the departments of intimate linen you can buy various panties, overalls, stockings, peignoirs, gloves. Even if you just put on such a wardrobe subject, you will feel sexual and will attract your man at the energy level.

Different amplua

If you want to be desirable for a man and have passionate sex with him, you should try different roles in bed. It is not necessary to scare and represent cruel Mrs who have a corset and collar with spikes, which must be brought to his beloved handcuffs and whip weeping. You can make a variety with the help of popular role-playing games, showing a chosen one in the image:

  • nurses;
  • Suite Sultan;
  • student or students;
  • virgin;
  • maid;
  • Sailors;
  • Snow Maiden.

Your man will accurately remember the crazy sex and will appreciate your fantasy.

Erogenous zones

Without the knowledge of the peculiarities of the male body, it will be difficult to deliver to your favorite pleasure. The impact on the active points is relaxing, causes a strong desire of a partner. The lips are capable of quickly placing the passion between lovers. You can use an unexpected passionate kiss or gentle, in which you should clamp the lower guy's lip, pulling on yourself, and spend the tongue through the sky. Gently lead lips on the ears, lick, eat, you will touch on the nerve endings inside the auricle. Pass kisses on the side sides of the neck. Nipples men react to touch, caress them with tongue, lips, fingers.

Belly caress is also able to start a young man, kiss the navel and the area below it. Mass the back and feet.

Make a variety

Update sexual relationships can change the situation. To begin with, you can move from bedroom bedroom to the bathroom, filled with foam, or spontaneously log in when your favorite person takes a shower. Squash from the table of dishes and playfully invite your beloved to enter yourself. An excellent experiment is to make love in front of the mirror, while it creates a feeling of unreality that really turns out.

When traveled in home extreme, you can go to the street. If you drove the company to nature, let's learn for a while with your loved one. Also for the diversity of intimate life, you can have sex at the entrance, at work, in the train, plane, a fitting shopping center and other public places.

Variety in sex

Different poses

If you need to know how to bring your boyfriend crazy in bed, then try an unusual pose. There are many positions, it is not necessary to stand on the head. Even in the usual position you will make penetration deeper and feel incredible bliss. The most sensual poses for sex:

  • sitting against each other;
  • standing face with a raised foot;
  • Standing, lady back to the partner, fed into the dog's pose;
  • A man stands, a partner lies on the edge of the bed with his legs raised;
  • 69 - Mutual oral caresses.

Do not be silent

If the process occurs silently, it creates the impression that no one gets pleasure, so the girl should not be shy to speak in bed. Tell us about your excitement, desires. Use rude words, but do not go to vulgarity and insults. It is advisable to make sounds, moans, screaming, transmit emotions, learn to relax in bed with your loved one. Repeat his name, say: "Oh, yes! Like this! Yet! Stronger! You're awesome! Do not stop! I feel so good! I love you!". All this accompany moans, heavy breathing and full involvement in the process of love.

Learn to make a steep enchanting blowjob

Oral sex is the best way to show men love, deliver paradise bliss in bed. In order to master the skill, you need to avoid long preludes, master the basic technique, do not forget about the scrotum and the prostate, use the maximum number of methods and lubrication. You can also actively use your hands, breasts, face, and then finish it is beautiful. Enjoy truly what you are doing in bed.

Anal sex

Penetration from behind will enjoy both partners, since a woman in anus is located many nerve endings. The main thing is to fulfill everything carefully so that both partners enjoy. A man feels power over a partner, subordinates morally and physically. Show him who is the main one. When he commands a woman in bed, of course, starts.

Anal sex provides tight girth, so it reminds you to make a love with a virgin. Who will not like this?

Attention after sex

What aftertaste will remain in a man after the night with you? Give him more than he expects. After an orgasm in the body, there is an activity of cerebellar almonds, which is responsible for fear, so often women begin to be sad. If the girl demonstrates independence, it will spoil the impression of any sex.

Male would like his chosen to show emotions, for example, joy, gratitude, tenderness. To say how it was nice. It is better to know what kind of man like after intimate proximity: to have a cup of coffee, soak or, on the contrary, sleep silently.

If you started relationships with a new partner or want to revive sexual games with a permanent man, then find out how to get a mutual pleasure from intimate intimacy and bring it crazy in bed. It will make you happy, active, open for each other and for further experiments.

No matter how much time you are together: every new routine day reduces the relationship to "no". To overcome monotonation and life is the easiest of all in bed - it is here that the men are less expected to be a variety over time. Husbands get used to new dishes, hairstyles or ideas, but passionate intimate communications and initiative are associated with them with a romantic candy-bought period.

Therefore, prepare an unusual surprise! Our "15 ways to surprise your beloved in bed" will help this.

Let's start with the most difficult option when you need to surprise your husband's bed. You are with him together not the first year, the romance disappeared somewhere, the anecdotes about the "family duty" no longer seem funny. At this stage, half of women comes a complete immersion in life with an absolute lack of interest in intimate life. The second half is tormented by the attacks of jealousy and thoughts about the possible mistress. Obone is wrong - contact in bed should be, and passionate, unexpected and high-quality. And, if possible, with a legitimate wife.

It's time for the first portion of scenarios, how to surprise your loved one.


Change yourself and your behavior

If not 100%, then at least 99.8%. Methods are not important - new underwear, hairstyle and lipstick, watching a film for adults or a glass of wine. Leave fears and complexes behind the door, forget about two extra kilograms and fetched taboo. For the first time, the light itself turns on the light, the breaking of the husband and myself, go down to your knees ... The rest will tell the instincts. 100% surprise provided!

Of course, if you started an energetic life, on the contrary, the "nun mode" is turned on. Do not hurry with the manifestation of the initiative, medi, show the desire not loud cries, but barely audible sighs. A man will never miss the opportunity to teach you something new and take under custody.


Beautiful packaging

The world will not collapse into the abyss if one time a couple of months you will spend a part of the family budget not on a very important thing in the house, but for new erotic lingerie. You can be sure: your loved husband is surprised and will appreciate this acquisition. Just choose the outfit in accordance with his tastes - lovers of women older is unlikely to appreciate the outfit of a wiggist of high school students.


Labeled about beloved out loud

It will be very surprised. But do it carefully and only if it really agrees with such a scenario. A man may agree! But, in any case, after such candid fantasies, a stormy night is provided to you.

You can choose a few thematic videos - they only will warm up unbridled men's thoughts.
You can choose a few thematic videos - they only will warm up unbridled men's thoughts.


If you are accustomed to engage in this late at night, when the children fell asleep, you prepared breakfast, and he looked at football, then at least once to destroy the usual stroke of things. Wake up your loved one for half an hour before my boyfriend, suddenly go to her husband into the shower, picked up to him in the kitchen, while children watch cartoons ... options - mass, no need to be shy!


Take a vombilding

At leisure, we take a vombilding or read a couple of books about it. New knowledge and skills will never be superfluous - the husband will definitely appreciate your efforts in the bedroom. Strong muscles will ensure the enchanting finale you both, and the knowledge of the most common erogenous zones and all sorts of "prohibited receivers" will add the missing perch.

If you are going to amaze not a husband, but a loved young man, consider what you're lucky. Intimate relations have not yet been erected in the rank of ordinary, you have not tried a lot of poses, scenarios and ideas. Therefore, start with small so that your stormy energy does not scare the potential cavalier.


New is well forgotten old

Although the ancients attributed a lot of poses to the standard, for you they will definitely be in a novelty. Therefore, be sure to press the "Kamasouter" - the benefit, the presence of mobile applications does not oblige you to carry a book that attracts attention. The development of new poses can be started even with a joint study of the treatise of love, because it is possible not only to practice, but also to understand your loved one.


Change of places

Romance on silk sheets remains classic, but it is worth it from time to time to dilute something more piquant. Rear seat vehicle, shower, last row of cinema hall, morning beach, shop in a secluded corner of the park - choose what you like. There is only one important reservation: Your intimate experiments should not be injured by the psyche of children, grandmothers with dogs and random passers-by. Yes, and on the eyes of parents it is better not to come across, because the acquaintance in such conditions is unlikely to be in plans you both.


Minor variations

Leaving global experiments for the future when you learn your young man when you learn your young man, try to make small changes in your love games to surprise your loved one. Rhythm or unexpected movements, music or complete silence, intimate twilight or absolute darkness - changes of any factors change perceptions beyond recognition. Slightly change the usual course of events or a set of affection, but do not put the partner before the fact, let the beloved before the latter stay in sweet ignorance.


Erotic massage

In the event that your skills are limited to intuitive movements on the back or watching several video lessons, try to invest in the process as much eroticism. And cut the massage itself to a minimum. The fact is that soft stroking movements without knowing certain points will rather cause general relaxation and drowsiness, and not a wild desire.

Therefore, go for a trick - put on beautiful underwear, stroke not only your beloved, but also yourself so that the massage session does not drag on for a long time and ended with a delightful continuation.
Therefore, go for a trick - put on beautiful underwear, stroke not only your beloved, but also yourself so that the massage session does not drag on for a long time and ended with a delightful continuation.

Fire desires

Romantic evenings with candles, rose petals and champagne - not such a betful theme. It is written a lot about them and says, that's just the majority of those who now have never honored such a surprise. Do not be afraid to cross the stick - your young man is exactly surprised and will appreciate such a manifestation of love and tenderness.


Play in unavailability

When a man already considers you his own, it's time to surprise him and make a little fuck, dumbfounded in your devotion. But do not practice such a way with a jealous or unsure of myself a young man: the first rolling the scandal, and the second will be offended and decides that you have come to your relationship.


Change "there"

To surprise your beloved man, it is not necessary to spend a lot of time and effort. Just during the next hike in the shower a little change its intimate hairstyle. Of course, you can go radical: to make piercing or fill the tattoo, but they will appreciate such an extravagant step, unfortunately, only a few men.


Stoney for him

The language of movements is surprised by representatives of the opposite sex on a par with "dirty words", and maybe more. Of course, for this type of seduction will have to practic a little in the instruction of a specialist. Also importantly, your mental state: no super technique will hide internal stiffness and constraint.

If self-confidence allows you to expand the framework permitted, connect the private dance with undressing. Do everything slowly and sensually, at least 60% of dance support visual contact with a partner. Do not allow your beloved to touch you - so the continuation of the bed will resemble an explosion.
If self-confidence allows you to expand the framework permitted, connect the private dance with undressing. Do everything slowly and sensually, at least 60% of dance support visual contact with a partner. Do not allow your beloved to touch you - so the continuation of the bed will resemble an explosion.

Unusual toys

Of course, it is not about the radio-controlled model. In the store for adults there are toys more interesting - they will help you make a note of novelty to your relationship. From the very beginning there are huge sets or absolutely unknown tools to you, you will come to them in the process. Start with banal handcuffs or dressings on the eyes, and then your man will tell himself, which toys will surprise him and will be interested.


Learn inspiration

To realize everything above, you must believe in yourself, to realize your own attractiveness and femininity. Enhance self-esteem and gain spiritual comfort can help "films for adults", classes by themselves (from yoga to massage), a variety of cosmetic procedures.

Remember the only rule - only the girl who is desirable for himself can be welcome. So love yourself!

The age of universal constraint, missionary position and intimate connections for children for a long time in the past, so do not fall behind. You are trying for yourself and your half - here one borsch cannot do.


Male crazy in bed

Woman dreams of being a goddess of sex. Charming and sexy nymph, the best partner to your chosen one. She craves to have such qualities able to drive crazy in bed.

A diverse and hot sex manits men, like a magnet and binds to his mistress. While the boring sexual act comes and pushes representatives of a strong search for a new partner. Wise women wish to have the qualities of an ideal mistress to bind and fall in love with a beloved guy.

18 ways to bring it crazy 18

First of all, men want to see an active partner next to them, complete enthusiasm. When a girl perceives sex, like a favor, sent by Queen, a simple commoner, the guy gradually loses sexual desire. The young lady is obliged to be given to the chosen one and joy. Enthusiasm colors a woman. A man is pleased when a partner herself with a great desire seduces him and takes his courting and caress with passion.

Representatives of heavy sex are agitated at the most inopportune moment: early in the morning, in the middle of late night. The girl sleeps sweet and tightly, and the guy shakes her body with his hands, intending to enter the desired body. In such cases, women frucked, repel the lobby handle and turn over the other side. Not rarely "protected" from sexual communications with tears and statements. A deep doubt is the fact that such a lady can keep and turn his head to a partner.

  • Erotic female voice

Women are talkative creatures. New Sex time is surprisingly losing this property. Sexy proximity proceeds in an atmosphere of deeply silence or sulleniate. From the part it may seem that a man is fucking with a sexy rubber doll, or with a partner who unexpectedly fell asleep. It is not right.

Female voice is a powerful seductive tool aimed at bringing crazy a man in bed. With reasonable use, he gives a great pleasure man. During sex, it is important to whisper affectionate words and compliments to partner, gentlely to direct his actions, moaning and talking about how pleasure is delivered to him.

How to drive a male

A love date always happens on the "written" scenario. Seductive Virgo sends in a pose of fragrant rose, waiting for active actions and gentle by the guy. After all, the prelude is so important to excite the girl, and to show how despite it is in the eyes of a partner.

Women forget that men also wish to be seduced and demanded. They are no less weak gender need caresses, hugs, kisses and love confessions. To bring a man crazy in bed, you need to discard any doubts and caress his body, head, face, ears, neck ... Men love gentle touchs no less than their partners.

The old truth states that men love their eyes. They are important to see a semi-naked (or completely naked) body partner, her shining eyes and wet sponges, admiring and beautiful face. However, the ladies, immediately rush to the switch, as soon as the date begins to acquire intimate character. In their heads, the idea of ​​their heads immediately, that the partner will now notice extra kilograms, cellulite, leg curves, or a disgusting birthmark on the pope.

Do not worry about male criticism. If the lady causes sexual excitement from a guy, he will not notice some imperfections of the figure or appearance. Therefore, you can safely leave the room lit and enjoy a burning and passionate look of your partner.

How to surprise a man in bed
  • Active seducer.

Passive mistress, even in the face of his beloved woman, or randomly annoying. A man wishes to see activity and returns from the partner. It is necessary to discard all complexes, laziness and misinterpretation. Although it is no less pleasant to kiss your beloved guy than to receive delicacy in response. You can seduce the guy, change roles and give me to the partner, fulfilling a "commander role".

Love date It is important to fill with the wave moments. Moves appreciate not only beautiful appearance, but also an interesting communication with a woman. After the girl's attractiveness and wisdom, the guy is firmly and stands out for her. It is possible that forever. Communication is of great importance for FarParter. To enjoy the man, you need to show sincere and actively annoying to his words. Often women try to show themselves from the best of the best and make some mistakes:

  1. overly ship the conversations of the partner;
  2. Highly wonder, trying to hit by a man mental abilities;
  3. It is stupid giggling or borrowed a guy with naive questions.
How can you drive crazy

An interesting conversation matures with sincere interest to the story-changer. It is important not to interrupt, express your thoughts carefully, not the assisted feel. Praise with reasonable statements a man will play a girl on his hand.

The sense of humor is a constant attribute when talking with a sylipol. They appreciate the sharp tongue not only during oral sex. Hummops hands to cope with awkwardness and embarrassment. Even during bed scenes, humor removes tension and contributes to the relaxation of partners. Uncompensated is easy to fix with a successful joke. But at the same time humor requirement. Incorrect jokes, criticism and riding can wrapped in a medal side.

The sound of own name is the most favorite word for everyobel. Sometimes, to drive a man in bed crazy, it is passionately to whisper his name. During the conversation, prelude, sex is called onparaner by name, apply burning speed. It turns out, worries both opticpatners.

Beautiful underwear can be crazy with a man in bed, and women are happy to use such sexual weapons. Fortunately, the production of underwear is full of a wide variety of interesting combinations. Purchase openwork "Wardrobe" can women with a variety of different figures.

Seductive panties, frank bras and delicate stockings lead to the delight of strong sex. Especially stockings. A miracle from Liker causes a strong arousal and desire for men. Yes, and woman in stockings feels more feminine and sexy.

Male crazy in bed

Guys adore active women. Ohhi, sighs and embarrassed loan view of the prerogative of great-grandmothers and ladies from the last century. Modern men bold from initiative girls. Perhaps, therefore, most young guys are trying to raise relations with more adults and experienced young lady.

Active woman serves as a fruit of male sexy fantasies. Flame of desire in the eyes of a girl, hard flirt and other active actions act on men exciting. Even if a woman is not a leader in bed, in rare cases it is worth assupping and seduced by his chosen one. Otherwise, the guy will decide that in front of him an indifferent and boring woman.

Sex intimacy on a comfortable romantic bed is a great help for newlyweds. Sooner or later, such an environment comes and ceases to cause sexual desire.

Spontaneity is the best adviser in love affairs. Having indulged in love and passion, you should not drag a partner to the couch. It is better to have sex where the couple is at the moment. Chair, washing machine, table, garden shop, counted corner in a dark park will serve a great role for solitude of doves. Excellent memories partners are provided. Rutin kills all romantics and passion. Spontaneity will pleasantly surprise and impress the man.

Loose a guy
  • Implement sexual ideas

Little crazy in bed, possibly with the following sexual fantasies. You can not only share frankness, but not shy in their implementation. Role-playing games, the picture of the vacation, sex with knitted hands - precisely about such bed scenaries a man and most women. Striptease is an excellent demonstration of self and abilities. It is not necessary to have chic choreographer gifts, and undress to the music.

  • Guess and implement intimate ideas

Talk about sex with a guy will help designate his intimate desires. Usually, partners are not always completely frankly on a scrupulous topic. A man may not be admitted in the inclination of BDSM, and in secret to dream, so that the meek and quiet partner challenges him with handcuffs to the battery, and took advantage of the wagon.

It is worth paying attention to his jokes or phrases, said casual on a sexy topic. Perhaps they lose the true desire of the partner to implement one of the sexual fantasies. However, it is not necessary to exercise a stick and agree that it will be unpleasant. Suppose: threesome, gangbang, "golden rain" and other.

How to bring a mushroom a guy in bed

Grasswords are disgusting from the mouth of the beautiful young lady, ... but not in bed. During sex, vulgar and dirty phrasses excited more than the thrill words of love. You can praise a man, donacy, adorganize and encourage with the help of matery words and "insults". Sakes with a "vulgar and dirty slut" will raise the pleasure of a man about the limit. Not to replay and not to overtake the stick so that insults are not mitigated effect

Oral sex is an important step to bring a man crazy. You should not even hope the name of the "sexy woman in the world", if the young lady contemptively relates to a blowjob and is afraid to take a member in hand. To the sexual body of his man should be with deep trepidation, respect, admiration and love. Allone iron, kiss, suck, caress with a moan of pleasure. Swallowing sperming a man how much appreciates it and takes a partner. The guys will be delighted.

How to conquer a guy in bed

Representatives of strong sex are very sensitive to their penis. It is important for them to know that he is "the biggest, best, and gives great pleasure." Girl. The proposal of oral sex should not only be taken positively, but also proceed from the mouth partners. Never a guy will not give up such a pleasant pastime, but the desire and ability of the girl will be highly appreciated. Purchase the foster skill will help information from the Internet: video, articles on the topic of blowjob.

Someone loves more gentle affairs, someone cautious bitterness of the barrel of a member. During the blowjob, it is important to pay attention to the reaction of the partner, listen to its advice and moans. Successful oral sex is the soil to build a stable sexual relationship. A grateful man wants to answer the same, and somehow surprise the mistress of dizzying cunnilingus.

At a distance from a partner, erotic messages help maintain an existing connection and attraction between people. Intimate suggestions, compliments and candid photos are kept in a tone of men and heated interest in the next meeting.

How to make a girl crazy guy in bed

Women's activity is important to distinguish from annoying and annoying. Do not throw a guy with numerous questions, tiras or brain removal. A wise combination of affectionate words, hot phrases and short-term removal will make a woman more desirable in the eyes of a man.

To drive your bed crazy in bed, you need to examine Eger for the presence of erogenous zones. Not only women are sensitive to caressing areas. Most guys adore when Trepleut, kiss and bite their nipples. Advanced by a man will tell me what and how he likes. It is important to pay attention to love trivia. In one evening, a man wishes to master the "obedient partner", in some way he wants to sense her dominance over himself. It is necessary to agree with everything and enjoy the proximity and its own sensations.


Diversify intimate life is perhaps very frequent desire for sexual partners. How to surprise a man in sex when so many ways and a variety of techniques seem to be used ??? Let me surprise you, and after reading the article, you will have this technician much more. And you will really really amaze and please the new sexy fun of your beloved man.

The article will use the descriptions of not only my numerous experience, but also the experience of my girlfriends and mistresses, who willingly share sexual experience with me and their feelings on such a delicate theme.

Although the article is devoted mainly to reading women, I am sure that men will be interested in emphasizing something new, and share this with their sexual partner. Go!!! =)))

Guru love jeads - the best mistress

In fact, men have a variety of preferences about intimate relationships with their beautiful halves. Let's look at the sexy fantasies of a man from the inside. What do men want to see their women in bed:

  1. Modest romantic seducer. Modest and shy, hiding a flirting look, removing her hand from his knee, but continuing such a sexy game. Blooming the chest with proximity, and not at all loving sex with bright light, but only in the twilight. Very excites such a modest in erotic game. Forward the girl - to new adventure. Experiment.
  2. Supplementing modest. Easily obeys male dominance, trying to fulfill all the wishes of the man. In bed - passive.
  3. Coquetty frivolous bolt. Flaving Word (Sold about preferences in kisses and poses in sex) and light touches, such as hands, shoulders, cheeks, ear. In bed, light and playful, without complexes voicing their preferences.
  4. Shameless sludge. Sexually causing. Frankly dressed. Without complexes in conversations and wishes about sex.
  5. Initiative nymphomaniac. A woman fully dominates both at flirting and in bed. Fully takes the initiative of intimate intimacy. Even rude and tactless. Fully dictates, as its rules will pass sex.

Sample all these roles, and it will be the first step to surprise your man in intimate intimacy.

To deliver the pleasure of your partner is an excellent set, and if the girl itself shows interest in a variety of sexy jeads, a man will very much to appreciate such a desire.

Intimate conversations - with languid sighs

Intimate conversations

Talk frankly with your guy about his preferences and sexual fantasies. I am sure if you are heading such conversations, he will respond, and tell you about the most secret my fantasies.

If the conversation will be built intensively and the partner will not be willing to go on revelation, here you need to include all your charm and sexuality. You know how to be sexy, at least just putting the barbecue to the naked body.

Thomot voice whisper on the partner's ear, what is his wonderful and hot lover. And then in the process, explain to your lover that for impeccable sex you both need to trust each other in this delicate matter, and certainly sharing your preferences.

You can start first and with sexual overtones and very exciting to tell about your preferences in the sexual game. It is very exciting and turns out. And after your exciting revelations, he simply will not have a chance to divert.

Create a romantic atmosphere, drink some wine, and your man will be more relaxed and liberated on intimate conversations.

How to surprise a man in sex by abandoning bed

Sex on the table abandoning bed
Passionate sex on the table - abandoning bed

Refuse ordinary. Sex should not pass only in the bedroom, when the light is turned off and under the blanket. Take the initiative in your hands. Meet the beloved of the threshold by passionate kisses. Spend your hands on his chest and tell me how much you missed. Spend your hand on the pants in the styroca area slightly squeezing its dignity.

Or at all brazenly, then climb it into my pants and slightly clake his cock hand. Tell your lover how do you want it. That behavior of this behavior will surprise it.

Send straight from the threshold of my man into the shower, and tell me that today this adventure is waiting for him. I am sure of any questions will not arise. ;)))

Naturally, before his arrival, you should already be after the shower. Or you can come to him in the bath and start a sexy game right there. Wash each other. It excites it very much.

After the soul, go into the kitchen, on the sofa, on the table, chair, chair, but anywhere, just not in bed. Use any interior of furniture for sex. Try to change the poses and caress of erogenous zones.

It is very important to learn how to apply new poses in intimate proximity. The desire for a new one is very favorable on both partners. We do not stand still. We are developing.

Talk to your man, and come up with a new posture together. It inspires and brings closer in the sexual game.

Oral caress - Kamasutra today rests

Speaking about oral caresses I do not mean classic blowjob ... Although why not, and this is also. But here, under oral caresses, I mean at all the caresses of any regions and parts of the body with the mouth and the tongue. Try to surprise your boyfriend with oral affairs of the Ear and Neck.

During the caress of the ears, whisper something gentle and passionate in your ear. It really starts because the ear is a very strong erogenous zone, as there are a lot of nervous endings. Try using lightweight and gentle bumping. Very exciting.

Put oral nipples of your sexual partner. Men as well as women really like wet caresses and nipples. Putting your mouthpiece and pubic, it is also very exciting caress.

Do you know how to make a deep blowjob? If not, then here is one of the technician who will really surprise and drive away any man crazy. Deep blowjob is the caress of the penis by its throat, due to the stimulation of the head. Very not ordinary and breathtaking pleasure for your intimate partner.

Here are many girls, to train a deep blowjob use practical practice on a banana, in order to learn and disappoint their guy. In other girls, this practice is obtained spontaneous, in the form of experiments during a classic blowjob.

Another reception of amazing caress, stimulation of an aun of a partner during a blowjob. Only here you need to understand that not all men are ready for the caresses of Anus, and for some it is a forbidden part of his body.

But if your lover is advanced in a sexy game, and trusts you, then forward. To begin with, try gentle touching the anus during a blowjob.

If your boyfriend is calm and excited from such caresses, you can use the language and lips to stimulate his anus, alternating, blowjob with anilingus (oral cacking anus).

Well, another reception, use a strong pressure with a finger on the anus and even introduce a finger in his ass, but it is best to talk about it before, testing on the eve of the techniques described above because not all men are positive to such caresses.

Well, if you get to liberate your lover, then your caress will give him fabulous sensations and magic orgasms. ;)))

Another way to surprise your beloved man in oral games is to try out the so-called pose 69, when both partners caress each other at the same time. The girl does blowjob, the guy makes Cunnilingus, and all this at the same time.

If you still do not have experience in such a sexual game, then you must and immediately move to practice. Offer your lover Poson 69, and not forgotten feelings and bright orgasms will remain from mutual affection.

Role-playing games - excellent entertainment in sex

Long time, wanted to try on the role of any shameless libertine? So what's the deal? ;))) Fortunately now in adult stores there are all that the soul and body, from light erotic costumes, to quite liberated sexual outfit. It is only easy to dream and search the appropriate uniform.

You want to be a strict and concerned teacher who takes a test of the bobber and a student's slacker ...

role-playing girl teacher
Role-playing games - girl teacher

And then I did not give up a letter of a modest, a statement does not definitely hint on sex for the offset ... not a problem !!! It is only necessary to find the appropriate outfit in the sex shop.

And maybe you have long wanted to try on yourself the role of a designer designer, which the lustful men's lustful masters are seized. Or the role of nymphomaniac nurses, which seduces the patient with a larch. And even the role of a sexy housewife in a translucent galatik will be silent to your cute.

Any fantasy in your head is feasible, and the main thing will leave positive emotions and a pleasant surprise to your beloved man. Try fantasy, experiment, improvise and let you be both happiness, positive emotional bursts and bright orgasms.

Sex in not at home - sex where he wanted

I can surprise a man while offering sex outside the house, right here and right now. For example, you strolle in the evening park, touching hands, and stopping for hugs and kisses.

Romantic walk and warm weather. Birds sing, butterflies fly. Beautiful !!! Sick your boyfriend that you want him: "Take me my lustful males right here and right now!"

This really really turns out and excites. Change of the situation, an unusual place for sex, intimate in nature. Just awesome!!! Well, of course, you do not need to take the nearest bench at all, and begin to ugly. =)))

Find some kind of well enough place. Square where the trees are walking, where no one will go exactly. Separately standing shop somewhere in the remote corner of the park.

Have you tried to have sex in an empty still built house? Or in the entrance of a residential building? And try sex at the dark on the roof of your home. Or on the balcony, well, too, in the dark, otherwise the neighbors will be redeemed. )))))))))))

These are new sensations, new adventures, and very bright orgasms. Intimate game in an unusual place, that is, not in the bedroom, just drives you crazy.

And the moment you can be "caught" at any time, very exciting and tickles the nerves, from which all feelings and emotions are tense and the most bright. Sex pleasure in unusual places is several times more pleasant.

Being at a party with buddies in a cafe or restaurant, invite your favorite guy to the toilet. Sex in the cabin of the toilet cafe generally demolides the tower, because everything needs to be done very quickly, quietly, and imperceptibly return to friends at the table.

And what pleasant then it will be all evening, after spontaneous and fast sex, because you will know only you to know for your secret disgraces. ;)))

Sexy underwear - he will definite accurately

Sexy underwear

That's where you can really amaze your man at least every day. Sexy erotic underwear drive a man's fantasy man.

A man in his physiological and emotional factors, in most cases, with his mistress is fetishists. Fetish in guys in the blood, especially if it concerns beautiful halves. Men are just preserved on beautiful erotic lingerie, on the body of a woman.

Immediately turn on the most frank and vulgar fantasies on how it will be all this beauty to shoot with the adorable body of his beloved woman. Thumbnail thongs and a translucent leaf with sticky nipples praise male sexual energy to unprecedented heights.

Beautiful underwear sexy

So what is the case of the girl? Immediately run into the nearest boutique of the underwear or open a reference in the online store, and order the most beautiful and erotic underwear.

I will open you another secret. Buy beautiful panties and your man. Fortunately in our advanced century of this good full full. Pack in a beautiful box, and make him a surprise. This bold act is very surprised by your lover.

Well, if you are pretty bold and desperate girl, give your boyfriend male thongs. Make a gift to your beloved, because you will be removed from him. ;)))

Vombilding - a new sexy trend

Vombilding Pumping Intimate Muscles

Once, during proximity to his girlfriend, I felt a driving wave of orgasm, and stopped, because I did not want to rush the events. He asked his cute wait for a second, and without leaving her, began to caress her breasts, covering kisses.

And my "noet" began to play with him the muscles of the vagina, even more exciting and stimulating it inside him. What was my surprise when I was not making any more friction, experienced a truly bright orgasm.

It turns out that a woman can control the muscles of the vagina. And the vaginal muscles training is called - Vombilding. For some exercises, vaginal balls are used. And if you master this technique, you can amaze a loved one in any sexy game.

And a few more bold solutions - tips for chosen

Piercing or tattoo in intimate places, and not only than you are not a bold solution for new sexual jeads.

Piercing and tattoo in intimate places

Intimate hairstyle. And it is not necessary to go to expensive intimate haircut salons, all this magnificence can be done at home with scissors and a razor machine. The most common and uncomplicated intimate success is considered a neatly cut little triangle on the pubis, and the rest of the intimate part is smooth. Another neat strip and heart, in the same place on the pubis.

Striptease ... what you are not new adventures in intimate games. Erotic music and undressing for a beloved man. Sawn by anyone. No wonder the same men love, go to striptease bars.

Use for intimate entertainment toys for adults. Their huge variety, shapes and sizes. Examine and choose what is suitable for you. Tighten into sexual adventures with intimate toys of your partner. You will definitely find new sensations.

For love games, you can use bdsm elements. And it does not mean at all that you need to play the sadist and the masochist. This subculture, first of all, emphasizes the dominance of one partner and complete submission of the other.

And in conclusion - Py.Sy.

I hope we looked at enough examples how to surprise your man in sex. The main thing is not afraid of new, experiment and improvise in intimate games, and you will be happy. After all, as they say in the East: "The night is created for love." ;)))

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15 simple and crazy things in bed that drive men crazyIncredible facts

Bed-consistently component of the life of each pair.

However, sometimes physical intimacy does not bring joy, becoming a boring and ordinary routine.

Experts believe that the key to the lucky intimate life is, first of all, a variety, well, a few other things that do not know about.

How to get a man to love and wanted you?

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Surely many women wonder how to make a man just losing his head from passion every time, crossing the threshold of the bedroom.

There are a few simple and crazy things that are given to any man, and from which he will go crazy.

How to drive a man in bed


© Goran BogICEVIC.

1. Enthusiasm women

Enthusiasm is what every man wants to feel, being with a woman.

Believe me when a partner perceives physical proximity as a favor, it makes little.

Love classes should delight both partners, respectively, enthusiasm must also come from both.

2. Related sounds

Absolute and complete silence during the love of love does not always imply something good. As a rule, it means that you do not enjoy the partner's society or even worse, you just fell asleep.

So, be keen during the proximity to your loved one, quite normal and natural thing. Your voice is the best barometer, by which the partner is focused, whether he is right.

3. Prelude

The prelude is incredibly important. Without foreplay, proximity becomes similar to the American slides without slow lifting to the top of the track.

As everywhere, the expectation itself is a key point of any proximity. Do not think that the prelude is a purely female desire. Believe me, men also like this stage of physical proximity.

4. Included light

Men love eyes.

Therefore, most of them, of course, nice to see our partner while proximity, look into her eyes.

Therefore, you should not turn off the light, make your man nice: let him enjoy your body and face.

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5. Return from partners

Nobody wants to do working alone.

Therefore, it is quite logical that your partner is waiting for you the same full return, as well as on his part. Do not assume that only a man should give himself in bed.

Love requires the presence of both partners.

From what men lose their heads


© Goran BogICEVIC.

6. Compliments

Do you think Men do not like compliments? Then you are mistaken.

Any man will be pleased to hear about what Macho he is, and what is he a wonderful lover. Praise him, appreciate his skills and skills in love affairs.

A few conversations in beds will never interfere.

7. Communication

Communication is crucial in understanding each other's partners, and therefore provides better sex.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to shout out the memorized phrases from the plays or stop in the middle of the process to let go of a few comments.

Just remember that your prelude can be diluted by some words and phrases.

Communication may include conversations, but it may also be in short. After all, you can understand each other without unnecessary words. Sometimes our eyes, lips and hands speak more eloquent than any words.

8. Diversity

Variety is especially important when it comes to love joy.

Without him, intimate life becomes boring, sluggish flowing routine. In order for your man every time he lost his head from you, take care that there is at least some kind of diversity in your love games.

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9. Initiative

Most women believe that the first step should always come from a man.

The initiative is the prerogative of a purely strong floor. That was how we were taught since childhood, and it is this that numerous articles are given to us, the study of the right relationship.

But sometimes there are moments when a man wants the initiative to come from partners. This in fact, turns and excites his fantasy.

Fire desire in the eyes of a woman, hard flirting - it takes it a man crazy. And even if you are not a leader by your nature, but only a fragile cute woman, try at least sometimes to retreat from our own rules and take the initiative in the bedroom.

After all, if you do not do this, your partner may seem that you are a cold and impregnable snow queen.

10. Beautiful underwear

In continuation of the topic that the man loves his eyes, you should mention sexy lingerie, which most men pay attention to.

Therefore, try to at least occasionally wearing underwear, which will certainly like it.

Even if you suddenly seemed that your man did not pay absolutely no attention to what you had under a dress, know, he probably liked this sexy underwear, and he appreciated your efforts to be beautiful.

11. Spontaneity

Now many can argue, they say, nice to make love in a beautiful place, with cooked candles and silk sheets.

And what if you give in to passion and the desire arise spontaneously and unexpectedly, going away from the usual schedule, rules and places?

Agree, it sounds tempting.

Do not be afraid to make changes to the usual routine of things and everyday routine. After all, the routine and life kill all the romance. Believe me, some spontaneity will like your man and make him lose his head, as in the first days after dating.

12. Fantasies and trust


© Hitdelight.

Fantasy-consistent part of intimate life.

Offer your partner something new, share your fantasies, ask what you want your man what he fantasies. It is quite possible, you have common fantasies that you both want to implement.

Think over a scenario together, which would be nice to play in bed. So you will not only open on the other, more interesting side for your partner, but also give him to understand what is open to new experiments, and also trust it in all.

After all, our thoughts and fantasies are the most intimate, what we have.

13. Feeling humora

If you think that in the bedroom there is no place for the sense of humor, you are very mistaken.

Humor must always be present and everywhere, and the bed is not an exception in this matter.

If something suddenly went wrong, such a moment can always be wrapped in a joke. However, be careful. Jokes should also be relevant and correct. Remember that jokes and riding is different things.

14. Hear your name

Psychologists argue, nothing turns out as your name, spoken by a loved one.

It is always pleasant to hear your name from the partner's mouth, including in bed. Use this information, do not be afraid to prone your man's name in the process of making love.

15. Sleep after love

Many women take offense when a man, having received everything he wanted, immediately turns away to the wall and peacefully begins to pour.

However, if it is better to know the male physiology, perhaps, the female claims to their partners immediately have to do.

The classes of love deplete the male organism. He needs a complete restoration of forces. And the dream in this case is the best solution. So let your man relax and gain strength before the new battle.

The most affordable and natural way to satisfy sex. Women dream to deliver a man's pleasure so that he consider her best mistress in his life and could not forget. To do this, you need to learn to understand your partner and master several techniques.

Man and woman

Learn its preferences

It is easier to bring to orgasm and satisfy your husband, not a new partner - during the years of life you can discuss intimate topics and better know his habits in bed. You can understand the sexual preferences of a man in several ways:

  1. Direct conversation. This option is not considered because of the constraint. Learn the desire of the guy and apply it in bed so that he gets what he wants.
  2. Examine the habits of the lover. Then its preferences in sex and in ordinary life will not be a mystery for you.
  3. Give him the will. Do not hold back in the manifestations of emotions in sex, assist. You can delight with different ways, the option proposed by the partner may like, and you want it yet.

Do more attention to the man, then the sexual life will begin to deliver the true buzz.

Ways to deliver paradise

There are several secrets that improve sex life:

  1. Do you have sex as often as possible. It is necessary for male health and support his sexuality. Solve the problem with erectile and other disorders that prevent pleasure, you can have sex three times a week.
  2. Do not turn off the light. More enjoying husbands get from watching partner during sex. That is why they like porn - Men love eyes. That's for sure!
  3. Do not speak to household topics. Discussion of purchases, finance and education of children will lead to early surrender or (worse) to the disappearance of the erection. Give up sex completely, forget about other matters.

Do not talk during sex, it knocks many many. Give yourself the will - do not hesitate, show how you feel good.

  1. Try to have sex in an unusual place. Nothing exacerbates sexual sensations as the likelihood of being caught up. This shake accurately delivers the pleasure of a man, since all the feelings exacerbate.

In addition to these ways to achieve orgasm and enjoy, there are many others. Do not overdo it, be natural and also get pleasure from sex. Do not turn the male orgasm in your service.


A part of the erotic game can be beautiful underwear and makeup. Men like well-kept girls, it's more pleasant to establish contact with them. Sexual is the underwear:

  • with lace and ruffles;
  • rich red and black;
  • stockings with belt and garters.

You decided to please in bed your favorite sexy outfit - do not remove it at the beginning of proximity. In the stores of intimate goods there are models that do not need to be removed even during sex. In lace underwear, try alternative sexual pleasure: massage, oral sex, petting. They can satisfy your man and bring to orgasm no worse than the standard sexual intercourse.

How to girlfriend to surprise a guy in bed

More attention to pre-caress

Higher manifestation of love - preliminary caress. For them, you will understand - the partner will suit you or not. This concept includes:

  • kisses on the lips;
  • touching to erogenous zones;
  • strokes;
  • embrace.

Perform everything that can bring a partner sexual pleasure. Choose actions that will be pleasant to him.

Part of the initiative should be taken over, but at the same time relax. In such a state, your body will be more elastic and pliable. At the same time, all the actions will be prompted by nature itself, give it to her will.


One way to deliver a woman or a man unforgettable sexual pleasure is a massage. Touching hands alternate with lips or actions of a bare body. Start with the relaxation of a man, try to bring it to orgasm.

  1. First massaging your head. Pay special attention to the back of the head, there are nervous endings responsible for the pleasure. Increase and slow the pace of their stimulation, add partner's body kisses.
  2. Go to back and chest - touch your hands and alternately press it with a bare body.
  3. Add erotic notes into your actions - apply lubricant on the skin, massage the erogenous zones, do not forget about genitalia. Fall the art of Thai massage.


To properly make a massage, do not rush, quickly relaxes do not achieve. In the first minutes, do not excite, but relax, help to lose weight of a hard day. But not long, and then he will fall out! Affect member, play with the testicles - this is a very sharp sexy feeling.

Oral satisfaction

Ancient and practical shape, how to accurately deliver a man's maximum pleasure - blowjob. Caress the penis in different ways:

  • affectionately lick it like ice cream;
  • rhythmic movements;
  • fluttering tongues of language;
  • Easy pieces.

Move your head, engage in the process of self-satisfaction, change the tempo - show a man that you are playing a leading role. Deliver free hand to yourself or let it make a partner by accepting Posa 69.

How to help a man?

During sex, do not learn, enjoying, help the partner. For this:

  • Match the initiative by occupying a pose from above;
  • Move the hips towards a man;
  • Try to understand the movements of his body and help;
  • Fine, chest, buttocks.

If you have taken a pose from above, reset the glow of passion, alternating it with a slight massage and oral caresses. Women's activity is the main item that helps to delight a man. With a cold and disrupted partner there will be no good sex.

Is the rudeness permissible?

It is impossible to delight only caress. It should be alternating with:

  • slaps;
  • scratch;
  • tongs;
  • bite.

Laski with light pain is able to excite a man and help achieve orgasm, but do not too much. If he has sensitive skin, it is possible to replace physical actions to passionate words that will increase the heat of excitement from both partners.

Use sexual Accessories

Visit the sexshop together, and choose suitable toys:

  • in the style of BDSM - the screens, handcuffs, collars;
  • to stimulate erogenous zones - feathers, vibrators;
  • Sexy underwear of different types and colors;
  • creams and lubricants;
  • Anal toys.

In such stores, any couple will find something for themselves. You do not know how to deliver a man with pleasure with the help of toys, start with lubricants and sexual linen. Look together porn, where devices are used. Try it seeing on yourself.

How to excite your hands?

Many consider petting youthful fun, but also your hands can be achieved. Manual technique is simple:

  1. Do not forget to stimulate the penis and the zone around it. At the calas of the penis movement should be applied, exciting. Stand your fingers with a ring, slightly clasping the trunk, or act with the whole palm.
  2. The inner side of the hips is responsive to gentle touch. Keep the excitement to the maximum, do not touch the member, take your hands above. By this you will extend intimacy, make it brighter.
  3. Focus on the chest. Stroking it, slightly pinch, stimulate your nipples with your fingers, touch them with your tongue.
  4. The back of the neck and the back side of the neck are the best places for stroking. Kissing, touch your head, beat your hair on the back of the head.

The main movements of the hands are stroking. They relax the muscles, make the body with a pliable, stimulate nervous endings.

Мужчина и женщина в постели

Magic dots on the body of a man

Pre-caressing with hands and mouth special attention is paid to erogenous zones and separate points. They are:

  • On the head: the head, lips, the ush, the side of the neck, the side of the neck - cover them with light kisses;
  • Back: The skin between the spathers in the spine - stimulate her hair, breasts, hands, with its bare body;
  • Buttocks - I am smooth, plump;
  • Hands: brushes, elbow zone - kiss and smooth with light touch of your fingers;
  • Belly and chest: the whole zone from the chin to a member is very sensitive to easy touch.

Touching the erogenous zones can give pleasure even the most sustainable man. Give unreal sexual feelings, tolding your chosen one.

Мужчина с завязанными глазами

What are the women's mistakes allow during sex?

Basic mistakes interfering to enjoy:

  1. Excessive arms. Forget about your imperferences, more rejection causes a wife who is not able to pronounce the word "member". Get rid of the complexes with a small portion of alcohol.
  2. Passivity. A woman in beautiful underwear, not showing emotions, will not bring to orgasm. Sex with her is not a pleasure to a man, but hard work, so it does not want to repeat it.
  3. Silence in bed and outside it leads to problems in sex, a man is hard to understand what you want or like.

Remember, sex - the process mutual, both partners must take an active part in it. Then many orgasms and regular desire will accompany your pair.

Симаков Олег

Article author

Journalist-practitioner, recipes checks on themselves. Everything about men and traditional medicine.

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Each fair sex is dreaming of being for his chosen one desired and the only one. Such simple household trivia, like a delicious food, carefully folded in the closet, clean and hardening men's clothing, as well as trusting relationships, are important for any harmonious union. However, the intimate life of partners, which is almost the most important component, is played in the creation of strong relationships. That is why all the ladies wishing to stay as long as possible for their halves of loved ones, should know what can be surprised by a guy in bed.

9 ways to make night unforgettable

The physical dissatisfaction and the notion of sexual life is gradually able to destroy even the strongest, at first glance, a couple. The secret of happiness in relationships lies precisely in a mutual desire to surprise and delight each other. If you want to bring changes to an intimate life and learn how to surprise a guy in bed, follow our practical recommendations.

Spontaneous Prelude with Candle

Many printed and Internet editions often give a variety of advice to girls about how to make a guy nice. Unfortunately, most of them are ineffective, and some are absurd at all.

To introduce innovations in the relationship should be gradually, given the mood of your partner, as well as the type of character, so that your efforts are not in vain.

Reflecting on the question that you can make a pleasant guy, start with a romantic dinner awaiting him to arrive from work. Pay special attention to the selection of the menu. If you are planning the evening with a continuation, you should not overload the stomach with a variety of dishes. Load not too caloriened second dish cooked from chicken fillet or fish. A simple addition to such a courier will be a simple vegetable salad. A bottle of expensive good wine in combination with candles will create a special atmosphere, setting you both on a certain wave.

Do not abuse with candles, it will be quite enough two or three. It is also convenient, unlike the advice with the ignition and laying out the track to the bedroom of hundreds of small candles that you later have to clean and stew. After all, the main goal of the evening does not imply a waste of time on such trifles.

You can expect the arrival of a young man in a twilight of an apartment in front of the table in advance. Such an unusual meeting will surely please any representative of the strong sex. A small advice: take an interest during the day with him, whether he will be delayed anywhere in order not to have a waiting.

Lingerie that makes a man

Almost all women are able to assess their physical advantages and disadvantages. The selection of the outfit for a special occasion must necessarily emphasize all your advantages. Most men agreed that it is pleasant to see the unaczzle smooth bends of the female body.

At the same time, the area hidden from the eye with a cloth will allow the young man to dream, drawing a holistic picture in his imagination. Therefore, you should not remake with the frankness of the erotic image. The main thing is that the lingerie decorates you, as if beautiful packaging, selected to the high-quality product, firmly lightened to the body and did not look too vulgar, especially if such manifestations are not characteristic.

In addition, men pay attention to the shape of panties. First of all, they must emphasize the shape of the buttocks. Contrary to the widespread opinion of the thong is not the most sexy detail of the toilet. Thinking up your image, give preference to the tango panties or lace shorts with small mesh inserts.

Thin stockings, fastened on the bemps or belt, excite many guys, as they look very erotic. It is best to choose translucent products or a small grid.

Successfully chosen bra - chest decoration of any size. For erotic outfit, select a bodice with ties or clashes, on the front. So a young man will not only be nice to admire your view, but also fascinatingly gradually undressing you. No less sexually considered peignuars, covering the tummy veil.

The choice of color is individual for each girl. Sometimes unexpected experiments give unpredictable results. Please click on several options by stopping the selection on the most you like. Remember that linen should easily be removed without prejudice to the product and your body.

Striptease and Frank Dances

Как девушке удивить парня в постели

In search of a response to the question "What is nice to make your favorite guy" many ladies often note for themselves the idea of ​​performing erotic dance, considering themselves not enough beautiful or bold. And in vain. Not all stripters are the owners of ideal forms. The main rule is confidence in your own sexuality.

Pick clothes for the dance, in which you will feel as comfortable and seductive. It should also be easily removed from your body, so you should not use for striptease corsets.

Do not forget about shoes. High heel always gains the beauty of female legs, visually lengthening them. If you are not a supporter of the studs, then the dance is better stay barefoot.

Prepare the playlist in advance of several musical compositions suitable for your dance. Do not limit the 2-3 melodies, as it will be nervous that you do not meet with your time program. Free place for presentation and install for your viewer. Comfortable and sturdy armchair or chair, able to withstand you both.

You can learn the main erotic movements by viewing several training rollers on the Internet published by these professionals. Feel rhythm and try to move in tact. Your hands should slide through the body, allowing a man to slowly follow the development of events. Immediately think about how ready you will undress. It is not necessary to shook completely. Erotic will be if you stay in one lingerie.

Council. Insert a young man with a mysterious SMS message, saying about the preparing surprise, but not revealing the mystery that you were prepared for him. It will warm up interest and make it hurry.

Remember that striptease is a seductive and captivating cannon, so the guy should not touch your body with his hands. You, on the contrary, are free to make any teasing actions with him: light pieces, touch and even lickies. And the more patience your chosen one will show, the sweeter will be the reward.

Chips from Kama Sutra: New Posses for Sex

One of the most common ways to surprise the guy in sex is experiments with unusual pose. To do this, it is quite necessary to have acrobatic skills, it is enough just to choose variations that bring you both pleasant sensations and do not cause discomfort.

Each pose has both advantages and disadvantages. The representatives of the beautiful floor, who do not know how to deliver the guy's maximum pleasure in sex, experimenting and watching his reactions, will be able to note for themselves that he liked him the most.

Any man has a definite favorite position, which gives him a maximum sensation from intimate intimacy. However, for high-quality intercourse it is better to use several combinations so that sex is not boring.

The missionary posture at which a man is located on top is one of the most popular, as it allows him to evaluate whether the partner receives pleasure from physical contact. It is convenient for both partners, but quickly comes. Girls can diversify sexual feelings in such a position, throwing their legs on the shoulders of a young man, having ensured her deeper penetration. Such a pose is called "Snail". However, if your young man is the owner of the sexual body of impressive sizes, be careful because you may have painful sensations. Control his movement with hand, laid on the thigh of a man.

If your partner is physically strong and clever, offer him a butterfly pose. It is amazing not only novelty sensations, but also a place for its implementation. For this purpose, the table is perfect. Going to your back and throw the legs on the lover's shoulders. He must hold your buttocks, making reciprocal movements.

The most famous position "Doggi-Style", when a man is located behind the partner, some girls consider unattractive, because it has something from the animal male start. If you think the same, but you want to satisfy the guy in bed, try to offer it at the end of the sexual intercourse. Thanks to deep penetration, it will help you both faster to achieve a bright orgasm.

Knowing each other, you will not only be able to learn how to make a pleasant beloved guy in bed, but also deliver a lot of new sensations, and also get spectacular skills. Many variations of existing poses for sex will necessarily help any couple getting all new and new pleasure, as well as remain interesting and desirable.

Quite often, girls think about saying a guy after sex, so that he was nice. Not the best option of the phrase is common: "I have never had such a thing." Many men regard it as a debris, so it would be better to make a compliment to their advantages, allocating something specific.

Toys for adults: What better start?

The use of erotic accessories is another one of the effective ways to delight your boyfriend. The basic rule that should be guided by choosing such devices is tacty. Erotic supplements should not insult the feelings of a partner. Therefore, to start the acquisition of such things should be with something neutral, acceptable for both of you.

Aromatic oils and lubricants will become an excellent idea for girls who seek to learn how to please the guy in bed. The use of flavored agent for erotic massage will quickly create the mood you need, delivering a pleasant exciting sensation with a young man. Pre-make sure that it does not have allergies to the components of the means. Otherwise, you risk spoiling a surprise.

Handcuffs with soft bracelets are already quite beaten accessory and do not like everyone. However, if girls prefer the dominant position, then you can get such a toy.

A more budget option for what else can be surprised by a guy in bed, an ordinary silk handkerchief will become, who need to tie the chosen one. And then take a small piece of ice in the teeth and spend them on the body of your beloved, stopping on the zones of the nipples, torso, gradually dropping everything lower and lower. Such manipulations will bring unusual sensations to a partner, since the lack of visual images in combination with a pleasant excitement will lead to his imagination.

Himself director: Remove homemade video

Как девушке удивить парня в постели

Piquant dual video shootings have their own features. Be sure to ask your partner, whether he agrees to fall intimate proximity. It is not necessary to do it secretly, since the reaction can be unpredictable. Some people will think that in the event of a breaking of the relationship, this entry can be used in negative purposes. Therefore, such a variety is suitable for couples, which are already quite a long time and where the partners trust each other.

It is not necessary to remove the intimate proximity directly. You can make your favorite guy, you can, writing a private striptease on the video performed for him. Such exciting frames will become a real gift, especially if you are forced to be in separation for a long time.

Feel free to discuss with your favorite person details of the upcoming shooting, think over the script of each series of your home selection. The main thing is to take care that your friends or guests do not accidentally stumble upon these media files.

Role-playing games: Install new rules

Many people with fantasy sometimes have to imagine themselves as another person. And if you add these actions of an erotic nature, you can easily solve the secret, how to make a guy nice.

It is not necessary to immediately reincarnate in Mrs. or nurse, acquiring specific clothing for this. You can simply demonstrate to a young man who you are in the workplace, offering him the same. This is a great way to better understand each other and at the same time remove the tension after a heavy working day, especially if you have a conflict with management or subordinate.

Discuss with the partner the situation you want to beat this way by offering the open finale. Surely such specific entertainment will have to taste both both, and gradually you can experiment with different new images.

Surprise time and place

Another way how to make a guy is nice in an intimate sense, there may be spontaneous sex in places that are not intended for this purpose. This option is not suitable for everyone, but many pairs that have tried such an unusual method to diversify their personal life, talk about tested sharp sensations that are fed to fear to be discovered.

Make a nice guy and surprise him during a kiss, unbuttoning his shirinka and stroking the groin, in the evening somewhere in the park. For quick sex you will be pose standing. Be sure that such unusual will definitely remain in the memory of a young man. It is possible that he will continue to take the initiative, offering all new options for places for this kind of pleasure.

Get away from the traditional sex perception in the cozy bed, it will help you feel more liberated and completely enjoy the novelty sensations.

Oral sex and secrets of his execution

Perhaps the most win-win way, how to make a guy nicely in an intimate place, is oral sex. Girls, sincerely loving their choices, never refuse them in this kind of pleasure, knowing that for most men, oral caresses are the most desirable.

And even those representatives of the beautiful gender, which still belong to this, it will be useful to learn the secrets how to delight the guy in this way. Perhaps over time you will decide on it.

Before in practice, start mastering the basics to make a guy are nice there, read the following rules:

  1. On your face there should be no expression of disgust. This is the most important thing, because whatever you do, with such a grimace all efforts will be in vain.
  2. Oral satisfaction technique implies actions performed not only with the help of the mouth, but also hands. Start your caress from the gender kisses and soft compressive movements at its base. Learn a long time to delay the breath to minimize the unpleasant sensations.
  3. It should be done on an empty stomach to prevent confusion situations.
  4. Try not to touch the gentle body with your teeth to eliminate pain, otherwise the young man will shudder every time at the sight of your smile, returning to that very moment.
  5. Remember that it should be especially careful with the head of the penis, as it is most sensitive.
  6. Do not allow sharp unexpected movements.

Such pleasure as oral sex, this is a great way to make a guy nice in bed. Furious movements of the tongue relating to the penis will make you in the eyes of a man object of lust, if not forever, then exactly for a long time.

Gradually improving his skills, try as often as possible to deliver such pleasure in bed to your boyfriend. After tested bliss, any man will be grateful to you and is unlikely to refuse such caresses.

How to avoid full failure?

Having understood in the question how to satisfy the guy, learn the following main mistakes that many women allow:

  1. Do not lead yourself cowardly and shy, since if you decide to experiment with your lover, modesty and shyness will disturb you.
  2. Do not be lazy to take the initiative.
  3. Never simulate orgasm, since over time, such deceptions lead to full cooling.
  4. Always offer a partner something new and discuss your actions with him.
  5. We treat the reactions manifested them, perhaps some of your suggestions can embarrass it.
  6. Do not use bed jokes as a way to ask for a choice to purchase something for yourself - it is insulting for men.

As you can see, there are quite a few options as you can surprise a guy in bed. The main recommendations in this matter are sincerity and openness of your intentions aimed at making it nice to your young man.

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