iPhone - how to distinguish fake

Connect an iPhone to a computer / laptop, run iTunes. If the iPhone is original, then the program will see it, will determine the model and allows you to work with the phone (throw music, synchronize, etc.)

Verified methods.

The more popular Apple devices become, the more often you can see cheap Chinese fakes on original smartphones. And if a few years ago, the fake could be determined by the characteristic casing of the case or poor-quality picture on the display, now the craftsmen stamps almost perfect copies of the iPhone. So how can't get to the fishing fraudsters and not buy "Levak"?

The easiest way out is to buy an iPhone from an official dealer. The way is obvious, but it is not suited to everyone, because sometimes you want to buy a gadget, and there is enough money only on a used model. But in any case, if the situation is being tolerated, it is better to dare and take the original and legally "clean" (reminding the frequent theft of phones, I think it is not necessary) iPhone in a specialized store - here list Apple official resellers in Russia.

However, if you looked at a model on the announcement site, A la Avito, and seriously decided to purchase a model from the hands, then you need to know several distinctive features.

Checking serial number

Whether you will go buy an iPhone one or another, be sure to arm your smartphone or tablet (you can even run Android) with the possibility of accessing the Internet. This is necessary for an absolutely accurate check on the originality of the purchased device. What do you need to do?

Step 1. Go to the iPhone in the menu " Settings »→" Maintenance »→" About this device "And find item" Serial number "

Step 2. Go from your device for this link. The link leads to Apple's official website in the serial number checks section.

Applications must have an App Store store. The application is required to run and work.

Step 3. In the window under the inscription " Enter the serial number of hardware equipment »Specify the serial number of the device being checked and click" Proceed ».

Step 4. If the iPhone is not Chinese, you will see its model and other information, for example, the ability to receive support from Apple by phone. Otherwise, you will see a message " Unfortunately, this serial number is not correct. Check the available data and try again. " So it is better to get around this mount-seller side.

Be careful when entering the serial number of the device, because because of the error in one character, you can and think badly about the person, and stay without a new (or used) iPhone.

Open your eyes wider

Whatever qualitative to the iPhone replica, do everything completely like Apple the creators of clones can not technically. Therefore, even a quick glance, without resorting to checking the serial number of the device, it is possible to identify the fake. You need to pay attention to the following details:

  • No hieroglyphs, errors in writing words and other calligraphic errors in the system should not be.
  • On the back cover, the device must be inscriptions: iPhone, Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China, model number, certification marks (as in the picture).
  • The iPhone cannot be antennas.
  • The iPhone also cannot be two sims, an embedded memory card and charging from USB and Mini-USB.
  • The back cover of the iPhone of any model is not removed until you unscrew the fixing screws.

Another quick way to define fake

Very simple and easy method - taking the iPhone in your hands Go to the standard application App Store. . Anyone, even the coolest Chinese iPhone, will be forced to transfer you to Google Play, app store for Android devices.

That's how the App Store should look like:

Applications must have an App Store store. The application is required to run and work.

Here is what Google Play looks like:

Applications must have an App Store store. The application is required to run and work.

In addition, on Google Play, you will not be able to find most Apple brand applications. Try to find through the search such applications as KeyNote, IMOVIE, Pages, Numbers, Apple Store - if there is no place in the store, it means that you are fake, not the original iPhone.

Another faithful way to define Chinese iPhone

Well, to complete this article wants to another right way, which even the most sewing Chinese geniuses will reveal with losses. To do this, you will need a laptop or personal computer (if the seller came to sell the iPhone directly to your home) with iTunes installed. Download iTunes from the official Apple site.

The thing is that when you connect the iPhone to a computer and turn on iTunes, the program must define the device and try to synchronize it. If iTunes is silent as partisans, most likely you are trying to slip fake, be careful.

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Schedule: Check the availability and performance of Siri (Siri) - voice assistant. Turn on the Siri application, I spend some question voice. In the original phone, Siri will answer from the speaker.In the settings we are looking for mandatory items - serial number and phone model. On the screen we find the icon with the inscription - "Settings", click Next Click - "Basic" - "On this device". Did not find the model and serial number - 100% fake.Serial number, service where to check the serial numberEarlier, we learned to look for a serial number in the menu and compare it with a number on the box, now check it on the official Apple website. This will give us complete information about the device: a new, restored, warranty period. Go to the official website of the iphone manufacturer, find the item - "Support" - "Check the right to service for your product" and enter a number to the check window or use the link - https://checkcoverage.apple.com/ru/ru/.Click to continue and here only two options - get information about the official Apple product - you have an original phone iPhone.



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Each year, the products of the Cupetin company Apple conquers top places in all sorts of ratings. The iPad tablet and the iPhone smartphone from the date of release have become reference and welcome devices. Any American dreams of a new ipade and is looking forward to his official show. Despite the high price of iPhone 6, the demand for the "apple smartphone" does not fall. But the last generation of the Apple smartphone had not to taste some fans of coupertin products. An increased diagonal of the display and smoothed around the edges of the new iPhone 6 case in an unknown way influenced the growth of the previous generation of iPhone - 5S. However, Chinese companies also did not sit without affairs and since the release of the fifth generation of "Applephon" began to clone it, equipping various "hardware" and operating systems. You thought about buying a new iPhone, but do not know how to distinguish the iPhone 5S from the fake?

In fact, to distinguish the current Chinese copies of smartphones from the originals is quite difficult, as manufacturers from the Middle Kingdom have mastered all modern technologies. Chinese iPhone 5S externally can be identical to the Cupetin smartphone. Moreover, companies from the PRC also use metal and tempered glass in their products. As a result, it is as difficult to distinguish this iPhone 5S from the counterfeit as well as finding a needle in a haystack. But there are some interesting features of Chinese fakes for which you can determine whether your smartphone is original or not.

So, if you have a packaged box with iPhone 5S, then pay attention to the product marking. Apple never uses Chinese hieroglyphs when applying text on packaging and gadgets. Even those companies of the company that are going to plants in China are marked with Latin. If you found at least one hieroglyph on the box, then rest confident that you are a fake smartphone.

On the box with the "Apple City Martha" did not turn out to be Chinese "badges"? Do not hurry to rejoice, because it is quite possible, the Chinese manufacturer provided this apple chip. Carefully inspect the back side of the iPhone 5S: in its lower part of it, the serial number of the smartphone and the inscription "Designed by Apple in California" should be applied. Compare it with a number on the box. If the number did not coincide, immediately return the goods to the seller, as fraudsters often put fake smartphones in original boxes.

Apple has a special service where you can check the authenticity of the smartphone. Go to https://selfsolve.apple.com/agreementwarrantydynamic.do, enter the serial number of the hardware and click "Continue".

The service will provide you with all information about this serial number: the date of activation of the smartphone, model and other data. If there was no data on your smartphone in the database, then, unfortunately, in your hands you have a fake.

How to distinguish the original iPhone 5S from the Chinese fake, if there is no computer or tablet with the Internet at hand? Look in the iPhone menu and walk through it. As a rule, all Chinese fakes work on Android OS, less often on Windows Phone. Open the "Settings" menu, go to "Main >> about this device" section and follow the smartphone number with the number on the back of the housing. At the same time, keep in mind that the appearance of the menu should be the same as in the original iOS.

Open App Store Application Store in the menu. If you have opened Google Play Market, you can be congratulated with the acquisition of fake. In addition, when connecting a smartphone to a PC via iTunes, it must decide as "iPhone 5S" and in no way.

Want to avoid buying a fake smartphone? Do not take it on dubious Internet sites. Only official dealers can guarantee you 100% authenticity of your chosen iPhone 5S.

Interestingly and in detail about the differences of Chinese fakes from the original smartphones told in this video:

How to distinguish the fake iPhone 5S from the present

How to distinguish the fake iPhone 5S from the present
Today we will consider the methods of determining the new generation of iphone 5s fakes, which massively flooded the Russian market. Despite the appearance on sale iPhone 6 and 6s five remains the most popular iPhone in Russia.

Forget the articles where you wrote about fake iPhones based on android with a revealing plastic lid. There are no plastic in new fakes, size and weight, like a real iPhone, a box of high quality cardboard and embossed.

In essence, these are used (used) phones, after breakdown and nonofficial repairs, where almost all starting from the body and the display can be replaced by ending with the camera and cable. It may be that the battery did not change, and she has already worked for about a year. Because of these features, this type of fakes is called "transformers".
Or a mistake - meaning that this is a fake:
The iPhone 5S transformers are in the assortment of "gray" vendors who sell unattended illegally lucky telephones. More often is little-known online shopping and shops on the radio rolls. In such stores, you can buy a completely normal iPhone produced for other countries. But when selling "transformers", the seller never warns the buyer that the phone is neornel.

Here are ways to distinguish a fake iPhone 5S from this:

1. Check iPhone on the authenticity of the serial number and IMEI.

The serial number is indicated on the box. The serial number was in order, you can open the box to make sure that the serial number of the phone is the same as on the box, and then proceed to inspection and testing.

One of the most reliable methods to determine the fake - when you purchase a serial number based on Apple database https://checkcoverage.apple.com.
VideoA couple of videos from YouTube, which make a visual comparison of the original with a fake. Highly make sure which Chinese are "well-known", as externally and partly programmatically learned to fake Apple phones. Remember all small nuances.

If you see "unfortunately, this serial number corresponds to the product that has been replaced." (We're Sorry, But This Is a Serial Number for a Product That Has Been Replaced.), This means that this faulty iPhone was accepted by Apple under warranty, and then stolen from Apple. (Officially, Apple does not recognize and does not comment on mass leaks of written off phones.).

If the device is original, the system recognizes its model and displays the status of the warranty.
Although the Chinese fakes and acquired the main designer features of the original phone phones, but all the functionality, reliability, the software component in the fake is not found. Choose an official iPhone with the mind and with our instructions.

More information about the phone can be obtained on sites.

- http://sndeep.info.
Complete the right choice.
- http://www.chipmunk.nl/klantenservice/applemodel.html. You will be surprised to find out that you purchased the iPhone by 32GB, in fact there was always an iPhone on 16GB.

2. Housing

The fake iPhone 5S housing is more rough than the original, the side edges are sharp and unpleasant to the touch.

3. Stud for extracting SIM tray

The real hairpin is flat throughout the area, made of high-quality metal.

  • 4. Printing

iPhone - how to distinguish fake

  • Marking on the box. Polygraphy of the upper stickers with a barcode noticeably poor quality.
  • 5. Details of the configuration

There are many more unauthorized options for the details of the configuration that can be seen when compared with the original telephone.

iPhone: how to distinguish fake

For example, different envelopes with documents, a different quality of the cable of headphones and headsets, different trays under the phone and others.

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  • Do not confine these fake transformers with recovered phones. Restored iPhone 5S ("refurbished" or "as a new iPhone") is the official products of Apple and has a formal guarantee.
  • The term refurbished (refreshes, refs, refreshes, etc.) is not correctly used on fakes that no one officially restored.

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The Chinese have learned to make fakes of iPhones at the highest level, and the fact that it was previously determined visually (the presence of antennas, double SIM cards, a plastic case, an operating system - android) is now not to determine without certain knowledge. In addition, many buy applications used. And then the primary signs (packaging, completeness, first inclusion of iPhone) will no longer help in determining originality. In our article, we reviewed 100 percent ways to identify fake. Do you buy a new, used or recovered iPhone 5S, use our improved instruction to determine the original phone.


  • Packaging - the face of the goods that maintains the goods from damage during transport, but also carrying information about the underlying device. Packaging must be required for new and reconstructed phones. When choosing a used iPhone, see options with a box.
  • On the back of the box, the sticker with IMEI, the serial number, model, and the volume of the built-in memory is installed.

3 stars

  • The box is made of coated cardboard (smooth, matte surface) without irregularities and flaws. Printing on a coated cardboard of excellent quality, the shape of the box does not change over the years.
  • The inscription iPhone 5S, and the image of the phone on the front side is embossed.

5s iPhone was produced in two types of boxes: which went with a new device and appeared later, - for packaging recovered phones.

In the box, in addition to the phone are required to be - instructions, paper clip to extract the SIM card and accessories (headphones, charger, DATA - cable). An important factor is the presence of original accessories. They also need to be checked on authenticity, especially to pay attention to this item when buying used devices. The phone itself may be original, but the accessories are fake. That when further operation can harm the phone.


Headphones - the original holes are covered with a metal mesh, there are no cracks on the control buttons, the body is one-piece (visible recesses, discovering on the headphone housing).

  • Charger - for phones sold in our market, the charger looks like a photo below.
  • Data cable - a fake cable is made of several parts and it rushes into the eye, the original seems to be a more solid device. An inscription should be applied on the original cable - developed in California, made in China. The font is clear, printed with light gray, slightly noticeable.

4 stars

  • Full articles in charge of fake accessories iPhone read links:
  • Appearance

5 starsUnfortunately, this serial number corresponds to the product that has been replaced.

The hull is made of aluminum.

There is an inscription on the reverse side.

Unoriginal heel to extract SIM tray

Single card slot under one SIM card, Nano size, is on the right.

Rear cover is not removable.

Invalted serial iPhone

The Chinese spent enormous forces on creating a housing for fake phones. This item is difficult to check, without keeping the original in the hands. Yes, and the experienced sellers were told that in appearance now it is difficult to determine what's in your hands - a fake or original.

By - what does a software shell look like, where to watch the serial number, appstore

100 percentage method, the only minus - you need a computer to check.

Turn on the iPhone and check the software part. All iPhones work on their corporate shell - iOS.

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