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If you are at least a little interested in a photo, then at least once in my life used a variety of filters. Some simply make the photo black and white, others - styled under the old days, others change shades. All these seemingly simple operations strongly affect the mood transmitted by the image. Of course, these filters are just a huge amount, but why not create your own?

And in Adobe Lightroom there is such an opportunity. That's just here it is worth making a reservation - in this case we are talking about the so-called "presets" or, more simply, presets. They allow you to quickly apply the same correction parameters (brightness, temperature, contrast, etc.) immediately to several photos, in order to achieve the same processing style.

Of course, there is also your own set in the editor, but you can add new ones without any problems. And here are two options.

1. Import of someone else's preset2. Creating your own presets

We will look at both of these options. So let's go!

Importing ready presets

Before downloading presets in Lightrum, they need to download somewhere in the ".lrtemplate" format. You can do it on a huge number of sites and advise something specific here, so we turn to the process itself.

1. To begin with, you need to go to the "Correction" tab ("Develop")

Presets in Lightroom 1

2. Open the sidebar, the "Presets" parameters divide and click anywhere right-click. You should choose the item "Import"

Presets in Lightroom 2

3. Select the ".lrtemplate" extension in the desired folder and click "Import"

Presets in Lightroom 3

Creating your own presets

1. Before adding your own preset, it must be configured. It is done simply - handle the exemplary snapshot to your taste, using the adjustment sliders.

Presets in Lightroom 4

2. Click on the top panel "Correction", then "New Preset"

Presets in Lightroom 5

3. Give the name preset, assign a folder and select the parameters to be saved. If everything is ready, click "Create"

Presets in Lightroom 6

Adding preset to the program folder

There is another way to establish presets in Lightrum - adding the required file directly to the program folder. To do this, you must open the "C: \ Users \ ..." folder of your username ... \ APPDATA \ Roaming \ Adobe \ Lightroom \ Develop Presets "and simply copy the .lrtemplate file to it.


Presets in Lightroom 7

If you did everything correctly, the new preset will appear in the "Presets" section in the User Presets folder. You can immediately apply it, simply by clicking once on the name.


As you can see, you can add and add ready, and save your own preset in Lightrum. It is done literally in a couple of clicks, and in several ways.

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How to install presets in Lightroom

Connector number 1

Create a new folder by right-clicking in the Presets field on the left. The example creates a folder with the name LRPREST.RU. You can not create a folder, and download presets in User Presets.


By right-clicking on the folder in which you want to download presets, select the Import item in the context menu.


Specify the location of the preset. Presets for Lightroom has the LRTEMPLATE extension. You can download several presets at once.

STEP2. Step1.

Ready, presets are loaded. It remains only to run Lightroom and check their performance.

Connector number 2 (advanced)

Address of folder presets for Laitrum. C: \ Users \ Username \ APPDATA \ ROAMING \ ADOBE \ LIGHTROOM \ DEVELOP PRESETS \ At this address, presets in the folders, the structure of which coincides with the presets structure in the program. You can create a new directory here or copy to the existing one. Restart your Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and the required presets will appear in the Presets menu on the left.

Lightroom is a program that allows you to create stunning photos with means of detailed processing. Thus, giving us the opportunity to earn on them on the photostokes. But only alone is not enough. For incredible effects in the pictures help additional settings. In the article you will learn how you can add presets in the Lightrum Editor

Features of the photo editor Lightroom

The popular graphic program Lightrum is an editor for processing digital images. It is also used to develop the negatives, creating photo catalogs and other things. The program did not appear from nowhere. It is added on the basis of existing "sketches" for a similar editor Rawshooter. . Graphic shell Adobe developers created using LUA.

The photo editor is known for which it allows you to process images without changing their main structure. The editor generates a new layout from the main copy to which the manipulation produces. Able to apply batch photo processing. You can control the processing course using presets. The program supports a large number of hot keys that greatly facilitate the user.

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How to install preset in lighter for windows

By downloading the Lightroom to your computer, you can install for it. This is a separate configuration file (or file with settings), which allows you to quickly apply any interesting effects. They can be different, from small lightening photos, to significant changes. For example, a change in color tone photo, contrast, etc. Presets are an indispensable assistant photo of designers and people of other professions, which have to work with pictures every day.

In the Lightrum editor, you can find several presets that are installed by the developer. But often they are not enough.

To apply one of the preset files:

  1. You need to choose in the left menu item " Presets. "
  2. Open one of the sets, then press one of the left-click list. Section presets
  3. Did not like the effect that changed the image - click on the right below Reset. " Button Reset.

If you want to install another preset, which is not in Light:

  1. After loading the preset, it must be unpacked, because They are usually in the zip archive;
  2. Then open the printed folder, select File and Copy it; Presets for copying

    Selection and copy of the downloaded preset for Lightrum

  3. Next, Windows needs to find the folder where the Lightroom program is installed. If you have not changed the path when installing, it will be on the next way: Users \ Username \ Library \ Application Support \ Adobe \ Lightroom \ Develop ;
  4. Find the "User Presets" folder and insert your preset. Restart the Lightroom program. Folder for presets

Also, do not forget that the filters are both complemented and replacing. That is, if you applied the selection of photos of photography, the next effect on the change in brightness can reset the clarification.

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Add Effects in Lightroom through the program

The method described above is not the only one. Preset in the Lightroom can be added using the program itself.


  1. You need to select PCM one of the presets provided in the editor;
  2. In a small context window, click " Import "; Import option
  3. Windows Explorer will open, where you need to find the folder with your presets; Illustration of presets selection

    Select the preset and click the Import button.

  4. Selecting the desired one, click the "Import" window below.

After that, he will appear in the general list, from where you called it. You can immediately apply it without reloading the computer. But that is not all. In LightRoom, each user can create its own set of filters.

For this:

  1. Select any group again and click on the PCM;
  2. Click on the item " NEW FOLDER » ;Point New Folder
  3. In a new window, name the future presets; Name preset
  4. Click the " Create. "

We just created a shell with the name for a new preset. You can download downloaded files and use exactly as others. Any of the presets added to the program can be activated by default for downloaded images. To do this, press the PCM on the selected (presets, not folder) and select " Apply On Import "

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Can I add presets to a mobile application

Unlike desktop program for Windows, Lightroom for mobile devices is free. Photo editor is available for download in the online store for iOS and Android. It is not so functional as for PC, but much knows. In this regard, you are not confused in its functions.

To add a downloaded preset in a mobile device for Lightrum:

  1. It is necessary to find it in the file manager and click to open;
  2. In this case, the system will provide you with a choice of a program that can work with it. Select Lightrum; Lightrommm CC label
  3. Then you need to click on three points in the program and choose the item " Copy Settings "; Copy Settings option

    Copy the settings to apply the preset in Mobile Lightroom

  4. The presets immediately applies to the image that is open in Lightroom. If you close the program, the setting will not be saved. Therefore, select three points again;
  5. Click on the item " Create style " Now these settings are preserved in your program. Settings item for preserving presets

You can open any image and apply the saved style to each of them. Preset will not disappear and after closing the Lightroom. You will only give the name to these settings and click on the Save button. Next time, open your styles and find the name you gave effect.

Where to get effects for a graphic editor

Continuing the subject of the mobile application Lightrum, we can say that almost all users take presets in VKontakte. In this social Networks There are groups on this topic, where users and administrators lay out files in the archive. Links are straight, and the files are free. Near each link there is an image with an applied preset. Find among them the best and download it in the group:, You can open the mobile VKontakte application. After downloading, the files can be found in the DOWNLOAD folder of the device or SD card.

Presets for Lytrum

For the desktop version of Lightroom, there are both sites with free presets and entire archives of dozens and even hundreds of different settings. The famous modern Jack Davis writer, the author of numerous books about Photoshop, has created its own archive with configuration files for Lightroom. You can upload them on the official website But before downloading, you must leave your email and the name of the country in which they live. This data must be written in the form. After that click the "Download Now" button.

Button for downloading archive

The archive with presets will come to the email address that you indicated in the form. In the package you will find several groups of files for curve, white balance, editing of HSL, unusual gradients, etc. Free photographers are engaged in free effects for Lightroom. Look for their "recipes" in Telegram and Instagram. These are not ready-made files, but only the parameters for creating your presets. But when you learn them, you will just make the filter yourself. Moreover, there is nothing complicated.

Wikipedia's electronic encyclopedia also provides us with resources to search for paid and free settings:, On the first site you can find a free file package at the bottom of the list. To download and add new presets in the Lightrum Photo Edge, you will need to pass a simple registration.

Preset in Lightroom is a saved set of settings. They are used to speed up the photo processing process.

It is worth mentioning that presets can be created for other actions that are not related to processing. For example, to prescribe copywrites to your photos.

Presets can be done yourself or download from many sites. We will tell about it in another article.

How to install presets in literum

There are several ways:

1. Drag the preset file to the program.

The easiest way is to drag one or more files with presets directly to the work window of the Lightrum. After that, they can immediately use them.

2. Import

Right-click on the Presets window of the Develop Module and select Import. Select the preset file, and it will be added.


3. Working with folders

This is the most convenient, but long way to organize your presets.

In the EDIT or Lightroom menu (Mac), select Preferences.


Go to the Presets tab and click the Show Lightroom Presets Folder button.


The folder with presets opens. Select Develop Presets, inside you will find the user presets folder in which you have added presets.


In this folder you can add new presets, as well as sort them to folders. So that Lytrum saw new presets and folders, you need to restart it.

How to remove preset from Lightroom

Here again 2 options.

  1. Click right-click on an objectionable presets and select Delete. If it is randomly removed not that preset - press Ctrl + Z (Win) or Cmd + Z (Mac), and the action will cancel.
  2. Go to folders and delete everything through the file system.


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